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1) We now present the bonus B-side alternative version of Running Down a Beast, now with new lyrics, still based on "Running Down a Dream" by Tom Petty.

It was a muggy day, the Jungle stank.
Gripped my weapon tight, armor was blessed.
My masters beat, Had my chainsaw humming.
Improbability, I would test.

I'm hunting down some Tea.
Horatio come to me.
Check the comms' forbidden screen.
Figures he's in CC.
Huntin' down some Tea

It felt so close, the Drive I would destroy soon.
Packed my Bandolier, checked my 'nade stack.
The last three 'posts, the labs were just empty rooms.
Tripped on wires once, found a few req.


I rolled up, the lab was dark.
Pushed some webs away, stepped inside.
Horatio is waiting in this place.
I'll take him down for good this time


Another silly song brought to you by your friendly neighborhood Accomplice.

1) I really should be working right now. . .
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