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I Fought in the Morning, or Lord of Improbality

Sung to the tune of Lord of the Dance or Shakers Hymn

As performed here by CJCM

I fought in the morning when the isle was begun,
I fought on the beach and the plains and the swamp.
I was tossed out of heaven and I fought on the earth,
At Pleasantville I had my birth.

Fight, then, whereever you may be
I am the Lord of Improbability
And I'll lead you all, wherever you may be
And I'll lead you all in the fight said me.

I fought for the midgets and the mutants too1)
But they would not fight and they wouldn't follow me
I danced for the kittymorphs for Skidge and Xane2)
They came with me and the fight went on.


I fought every day and I fought the lame
The holy person said it was a shame3)
They slipped4) and stripped5) and they put me high6)
And they left in the jungle to die.


I fought on a Friday when they sky turned green
It's hard to fight with a demon7) on your back
They took me to the boat8) and they thought I'd gone
But I still fight, 'cos the fight goes on.


They cast me down and I lept up high
I am the life that'll frequently die
I'll live in my dwelling for as long as I can
For I am the Lord of Improbality

--- Cousjava 2010/05/08 17:38

1) why?
2) Sorry, you were the only single-syllable names I could find while I was writing this.
3) He thought they would make better mounts.
6) On a pedestal in Central
7) Maxwell's
8) Failboat, see also here
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