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International Brotherhood of Henchpersons, Minions, and Lackeys.

The International Brotherhood of Henchpersons, Minions, and Lackeys, Local #42, (Improbable Island chapter) (R) has re-opened its doors, and is welcoming new members.

How do you know if you should be a member? Have any of these questions ever occurred to you?:

  • Where do you expect me to come up with a viable brain at this time of night?
  • Shouldn't we put some torpedo shields around that reactor cooling vent?
  • What do we need that big, shiny, red, clearly marked Self-Destruct switch for, anyway? And, if we must have it, do we have to leave it out where any passing moron can get to it?

If these all seem like reasonable questions, then membership in the International Brotherhood of Henchmen, Minions, and Lackeys, local #42 (Improbable Island chapter) (R) may be for you!

Benefits of membership include:

  1. Union representation in all contract dealings with Mad Scientists, Evil Overlords, Psychotic Dictators, and Cult Leaders (or similar) Contracts normally cover salaries and benefits, Overtime pay, Sick/Convalescent/Transmutation leave, and employer-paid Life, Unlife and Health insurance.
  2. Access to our extensive archives of virtually all Mad Science, Dark Magic, and Things Man Was Not Meant To Know, published and unpublished, since the Brotherhood's creation.
  3. A limitless supply of expendable labor.
  4. Our Multiverse-famous Dental Plan!


This is the current clan membership : Founder : DeadMeat

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