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In the Veteran's Club1), PotatoPancakes constructed an improbable fridge which seems to generate new and improbable items within it each time it is opened and closed. Putting in items also does something, but it's very unclear what. The iFridge's main power source is blood, which is collected from a conveniently placed basin underneath where the Prancing Spiderkitty's often-impaled landlord and bartender normally stands. Some people have noted that various life-forms inhabit the fridge.2)3)4)5)

1) if you don't know what this is, then I have nothing to say to you
2) Such as the Moose and the Three-headed Monkey.
3) Don't forget the allimuppolasaur.
4) Oh yes, and a mechanized swarm of Spornets.
5) All recently equipped with a large amount of Fragmentation grenades.
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