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The NewHome Serenade

Or: Watch who you toss dice with

This is the first stop in the II Free Summer Concert Series, in which Ebenezer was subjected to a semi-original love song1)2)

Jokerbot g_rock trudges into town, keeping to the shadows. He seems to be setting up bits and peices of metal and arcane equipment. He leaves a joker card at each spot.

Rookie Hawkeye Hanlon smiles awkwardly, "Damnit" he thought. "Fumbled that one." He sips his tea before smiling in greeting to Devon.

Binjali smiles genuinely. "Very nice to meet you, Micha. I'm Binjali."

Devon nods and sits down, taking the quiche. Her gaze locks on Micha for a bit longer than customary, but she simply nods her thanks and takes a bite.

Ebenezer hmms. Silently, he offers a tray of tea biscuits to Devon.

Jokerbot g_rock slips quietly to the top of the Diner, apparently doing something indistinct with the rest of his cards

Rookie Vertrose relaxes in the grass quietly. she heard GeThs voice, recognizing it from earlier, gives him a small wave. doubtful on whether he would notice it or not. but she waved anyw

Metalloidal Elemental GeTh watches g_rock's activities with interest, but says nothing. Starkers has exhausted his supply of tea, and pokes Ebenezer with his exceedingly cold nose.

Contestant LadyRavenSkye giggled, "Sir,"she looked to Eben, "You offered me tea, but you never gave me any? Should I pour it myself?"She wasn't going to go around touching people's stuff wit

Man of the people Comrade Lukas enters quietly through the back gate, hidding in a ally way with a clear view of newhome

Ebenezer yelps and flinches when he is poked with a cold nose. Tea sloshes from his cup onto the ground. "Augh! Shoo, dog. Shoo." He waves a hand at the creature.

Rookie Hawkeye Hanlon drops a small piece of his quiche near his seat in case Starkers feels like some, before addressing Micha and Devon, "I don't think we've met before. Hawkeye Hanlon, At

Devon takes a tea biscuit, nodding her thanks to Ebenezer. This wasn't so bad, she supposed. She wasn't all that used to things like tea parties, but hey. Change of pace is always good.

Micha takes a cup of tea and applies herself with gusto to the quiche, watching Devon with hidden concern. Good to see her eating, at least.

Spandex stands next to Binjali, and flashes the most naive smile she can muster. Judges give it about a nought-point-three. Out of 20.

Binjali looks a little hurt. She knows she's not as practiced as Eben, but she thought the cup she offered Skye would be palatable.

Metalloidal Elemental GeTh predictably fails to notice Vertrose's wave. Starkers sees it, however, and take a break from his begging ways to plod over to her.

Ebenezer ohs to Skye. "I-I'm sorry! Sorry. Help yourself to-to anything." He fills a mug with tea for her and passes it over with another "Sorry!" He shoos the dog again for good measure.

Jokerbot g_rock slips a small bag of req to a lad at the front door of Joes. Seconds later, a small troop of surly short-order cooks pile out and sit in front of upturned buckets. The speake

Rookie Bron Can anyone tell me if there is an advantage to targeted fighting other than funny one-liners?

Micha swallows a huge bite of quiche and looks over at Hanlon. She adjusts the sunglasses again, as they keep slipping down her nose. "Hello, Hawkeye. I'm Micha."

Binjali 's head shoots up, almost upsetting her teacup in her startlement. "Dex!" She says. "When did you get there? Would you like some tea?"

Devon nods at Hawkeye, thinking about how... RPG-like a name that was. Either that wasn't his original name, or he had rather creative parent(s).

Jokerbot g_rock nods once and flips a card over. The King of Hearts. The cooks start beating on their buckets to approximate decent bongos. The speakers crackle to life with tinny horn music

Ebenezer tells Bron, "If you know what to target, it can be very effective. Trial and-and error finding all that out, though."

Man of the people Comrade Lukas watches with a amused smile on his lips, but it can't been seen in the allway cause it covered with shadows

Rookie Bron loiters sadly.

Metalloidal Elemental GeTh looks toward Bron. "Sometimes attacking a critical point will deal massive damage," he explains. "Other times, it will kill you. It's trial-and-error."

Rookie Hawkeye Hanlon calls to Bron, "If you destroy one particular part, it can domore damage in one turn than a regular attack." He gestures toward Location Four, "Next time, you should as

Micha shifts in her seated position, hearing bucket bongos! What in the world? Rookie Bron asks Ebenezer what exactly he means.

Jokerbot g_rock stands, silhouetted dramatically against the sun on the rooftop. The equipment he placed reflects the sun back in a blaze of various colors, shifting in time with the music,

Rookie Vertrose shifts her gaze over to the zombie pup, she had heard someone/thing walking into the grass. she looked a little surprised at seeing the pup, but a small smile graces her l

Spandex shakes her head quickly. She stands on her tippytoes, in anticipation. Her hand reaches for Binjali's.

Rookie Bron realizes he should wait longer for a refresh, smiles happily around at the helpful people and leaves.

Man of the people Comrade Lukas climbs up a roof edge and peeks over the roof, taking a peak at jokerbot, nice color effects

Contestant LadyRavenSkye hadn't noticed the cup of tea offered to her by Binjali, as her attention is fluttering all over the place, and took the cup from Eben, nodding a thank you.

Rookie Hawkeye Hanlon sees Devon's bemusement at his introduction, and says, "I gave the name to myself. The alliteration made it sound a good name. Ahem."

Jokerbot g_rock strikes a pose, and points at Eben. History buffs will recognize the gentle strains of the classic hit, CopaCabana in the music. G winks as the musical intro ends and begins,

Contestant LadyRavenSkye sometimes has to be told something is for her, or else she wont know. She would indeed feel really bad if she knew.

Binjali realizes suddenly that Dex's attention is caught by something over- "Oh!" She shoots to her feet, staring over in g_rock's direction. "What?" she says, barely noticing Dex's hand on

Ebenezer shiftly glances around at the speakers and the bongoing and the pointing G-Rock. He frowns.

Jokerbot g_rock sings, his baritone echoed and amped by the cards "There's a man called, Ebenezer. If he was a girl, I'd wanna squeeze 'er. With those glasses on his face, and his oh so care

Metalloidal Elemental GeTh 's full attention returns to g_rock's odd escapades. Starkers, on the other hand, is preoccupied with nosepoking Vertrose into submission.

Rookie cronft wile cronft take a litle break see a litle cat and tink if that cat is one of the crazy auldrey cats

Devon nods. "It's an interesting name, at least. Better than the name I came up with, anyway.

Micha snickers into her fist as the first lyrics come wafting out of the speakers.

Jokerbot g_rock strikes a different pose "He's married to Escemfer. Sometimes, I'm so jealous...erm...ef her. If she weren't always there, I'd run my fingers through his hair!"

Spandex 's shoulders start to shake, uncontrollably. She grips Binjali's hand harder.

Man of the people Comrade Lukas starts chuckling, oh boy the fun begins

Ebenezer smacks his palm against his forehead and groans. It's going to be one of those days, apparently.

Rookie Vertrose catches the sound of teh music starting, only glancing over towards the Diner for a moment before focusing on the pup once more. holding one hand out to it she beckons it

Rookie Hawkeye Hanlon smile fades as he turns his attention towards the joker on the roof. He tenses, waiting to see what he'll do.

Devon listens to the music, twitching slightly. For a moment, she was torn between throwing a grenade onto the "stage" or dancing to it. Gah.

Jokerbot g_rock jabs an arm to punctuate ech beat. The spotlights flash flamboyantly. "He makes good tea. For. Rooks. He keeps the warehouse books! He's nervous and he stutters, But my he's

Binjali slaps the hand that Dex doesn't have over her mouth. Then she makes the mistake of looking at Eben and has to bite a knuckle. She tries to stay quiet and listen.

Contestant LadyRavenSkye giggles at the lyrics, but for Eben's humility, tries not to pay them much heed.

Spandex buries her face in Binjali's shoulder. She may be choking.

Rookie Vertrose belatedly hears Jokers line and tries unsuccessfully to stiffle a snort and a chuckle. the pups antics werent helping either, as she played with the friendly creature.

Jokerbot g_rock grins like a madman, hair flowing wildly. "In Newhome, Newbie filled Newhome! The spot all new contestants first roam. In Newhome, Newbie filled NewHome!..."

Man of the people Comrade Lukas starts chuckling louder, he wraps his scarf around his mouth to muffle the laughter

Metalloidal Elemental GeTh 's puppy Starkers trots up to Vertrose and licks her hand. Finding it nonedible, he proceeds with immediate coldnosepokery.

Jokerbot g_rock 's hips swing wildly "Nudity and flashin' are always in fashion. Down in NewHome, my love serves tea!"

Rookie Hawkeye Hanlon remains wary, but politely says to the joker, somewhat sardonically, "Can we help you at all, sir?"

Micha tries to stifle her laughter. She mostly fails. She's not sure if she's seen that level of embarrassment on a human face before, really, before Eben right now.

Rookie Vertrose wipes the slime from her hand on the grass after the Pup licked her hand. but she wouldnt deny thing was cute, and it seemed to be very good natured.

Ebenezer , utterly horrified, tries to shrink down where he sits and make himself less visible. His ears have gone very red.

Jokerbot g_rock flashes too-white teeth as the music comes 'round again. "There's a Jokerbot, He goes by G_rock. He hopes that on his door, Ebenezer will soon knock."

Rookie Vertrose for teh benefit of teh one the Jokers singing was focused on she tries her hardest not to burst out laughing. trying to stifle her giggling into the crook of her arm.

Aakil listens to the unusual song standng by one of the gates

Metalloidal Elemental GeTh snickered at the song at first, but by now he simply finds it annoying. He endeavors to turn off his ears. Starkers, meanwhile, has verified that Vertrose is not a

Jokerbot g_rock hipthrusts "And when he does, there'll be more than tea. I'll open up the door, and let Eben know the score!"

Devon finally gives up, and simply listens to the song, amusement twinkling in her eye as she taps her foot to the beat.

Metalloidal Elemental GeTh 's puppy Starkers wonders If it is not a food, is it a plaything? He tests this hypothesis by growling cutely at Vertrose.

Spandex lifts her head enough to peek at Eben, almost blushes too, and mmmpppppphsss into Binjali's shoulder again.

Sweetheart Escemfer wanders into town, following the sound of someone's catchy tune.

Ebenezer aughs in protest to this musical number! It's the best response he can form.

Jokerbot g_rock sweats with the effort. And the PASSION! "That's right, the doors will shut! Eben's got a great butt! There'll be candles and wine and romance...In G_Rock's Hut!"

Rookie Vertrose indeed, was not edible. but she did fish around in one of her pockets to bring out a small biscuit she had picked up somewhere. offerring it to the pup only after he would

Contestant LadyRavenSkye 's attempt to not giggle became futile, and becomes very happy no ones goes about singing about her.

Spandex agrees, he does have a good butt.

Micha leans over and peers at Eben's butt, attempting to verify G's most recent claim.

Rookie Hawkeye Hanlon sings along to the next beat, "Hey there, geezer! You're disturbing Ebenezer! So please desist, or else we're gonna get pi-" He is cut short as Starkers nose pokes him.

Metalloidal Elemental GeTh finally isolates the correct flavor and intensity of improbability necessary to shut down his auditory nerves for one hundred seconds.

Binjali is still trying valiantly to stifle her laughter and has stopped looking at Eben entirely. She squeezes Dex's hand, in complete accord with the mmmmpppphsssss.

Sweetheart Escemfer blinks, bewildered. That guy is singing about her husband's butt? She copies Micha.

Son of Zimmer & TreacleMoon arrives, heralded by a huge jetengine whine, and then the walls of NEWHOME come erupting inwards! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Man of the people Comrade Lukas starts laughign outload throw his scarf, hes barily audible but sounds like a long serious of mphpmphpmphpms

Devon stops tapping her foot at the last few lyrics, blinking for a moment before sighing and reaching into her bandolier for a ZAP grenade...

Binjali also does not, absolutely does not even consider how good Ebenezer's rear is. Not a thought she has. At all. Ever. Not even when people point it out.

Rookie Nightliz walks into the village, watches for a moment, and then leaves, horribly confused.

Jokerbot g_rock capers around for the refrain "In the jungle, in G_rock's dwelling, G's eyes, up will they be welling.

Contestant LadyRavenSkye waves to Nightliz, but sees her walks out, and frowns.

Metalloidal Elemental GeTh 's puppy Starkers slumps down on the ground and whimpers from the huge noise. GeTh is, of course, still functionally deaf.

Son of Zimmer & TreacleMoon scampers about investigating all the new sights and sounds and smells, he begins to prance when he smells Mrbenrd in the air.

Rookie Vertrose chuckles softly at the Pup and waves the biscuit in front of him for a moment to get his attention. telling him to sit before she would give it to him.

Ebenezer 's expression is stuck in a grimace. He sits up straighter in an attempt to give less of a view of his rear.

Devon finally finds a ZAP and pulls it out. Screw it. The party had been nice, but enough trying to be polite. The song was going a bit far, she thought.

Man of the people Comrade Lukas spots devon and gives a disapproving glare, party pooper

Rookie Vertrose is getting irritated at the lag gremlins who keep making her fall behind with the plot twists

Jokerbot g_rock winks at Esc "As our gazes meet, we'll both feel the heat. This crush will be made real, down on one knee I'll kneel. In the haaaaanger, we'll share our looooove!"

Micha shakes her head at Devon. She quietly mutters, "Don't, please. It's not worth it."

Metalloidal Elemental GeTh 's self-inflicted deafness subsides. Seeing that the song is not over, he attempts to block it out with his hands. Starkers, seeing the foodstuff, immediately forg

Rookie Hawkeye Hanlon goes over to where the Joker is gyrating, and says, "Look, uh, sir. You'd best stop this tomfoolery before Devon stops it for us. Seriously, stop it. At least when I'm

Sweetheart Escemfer notes the look in g_rock's eye and grins widely. She sidles over to the mortified tea man.

Son of Zimmer & TreacleMoon charges over to the lady with the fizzing thing! INDOOR FIREWORKS! SNUV loves indoor fireworks, ever since Mzolstist shoves a sparkler in his exhaust pipe! He snu

Spandex spots the zap and thinks of energetic audiences, girls screaming, hunk-a-roos onstage. It becomes a pair of panties. Very large ones.

Devon pauses for a moment, reconsidering. Finally, she hands the ZAP grenade to Ebenezer. He should do the honors.

Rookie Vertrose had cringed at the sudden and irritately obnoxious noise that the newcomer had made his entrance with, having attempted to cover one ear and pet the pup sympathetically.

Son of Zimmer & TreacleMoon nudges Devon, NUDGE NUDGE. HAVE YOU GOT ANY TREATS FOR SNUV LITTLE LADY?! NUDGE. Bloody enormous thing, hissing and farting out noxious exhaust fumes. GUFF!

Man of the people Comrade Lukas chuckles and gets on the roof, fully visable now, he watches happily, his scarf appears to be dancing to the song

Rookie Vertrose smiles and gives the pup the biscuit. "good boy" ruffling the dogs ears affectionately after Starkers took teh biscuit.

Devon blinks and twitches as something is snuffled up against her, letting out an oddly uncharacteristic yelp of fear as she falls back.

Man of the people Comrade Lukas chuckles as Devon hands Ebenezer a pair of large panties, dohoho Aakil thinks violence is uncalled for

Contestant LadyRavenSkye notices Lukas, and gives him a wave hello. Her other paw and covering her mouth while she giggles.

Ebenezer doesn't seem to realize that he's got a ZAP in his hands. He slumps forward and lets his forehead tap the table. Even the back of his neck is red!

Devon twitches as she looks up at the crazy fuckin thing, feeling very, very uncomfortable.

Jokerbot g_rock Launches into the last verse, he promises. "At the wedding, we'll have so much fun. We'll dance and laugh and sing, and celebrate our fling."

Ebenezer may actually have a pair of panties rather than a ZAP, since Dex has been changing things into things.

Son of Zimmer & TreacleMoon has a new friend! She is playing! ROLY POLY! WHOO! SNUV's jet engines roar into life, incinerating a council worker as he cleans up poo from the streets, and the

Son of Zimmer & TreacleMoon leaps AND ROLLS! Comes back up onto those huge nobbly tyres of his, and he begins to nudge at the prone Devon, NUDGE NUDGE! The headlamps flicker and blink!

Rookie Hawkeye Hanlon looks at the joker's routine, nonplussed. "Look, what's it gonna take for you to spare what's left of the poor guy's humility?"

Metalloidal Elemental GeTh has had enough madness for a while. He disappears with a VOIP. Starkers stays, too busy sniffing at Vertrose for signs of other foodstuffs to notice his master's d

Rookie Jaczszinszia Ravenlocke tears around NewHome in a brand-new chariot pulled by... toddlers? Her ecstatic ululation of "Woooooo!" is modulated auto-racing style courtesy of the Doppler

Spandex says, "Sometimes panties feel like the bomb. But these are harmless, if a little crusty, considering their provenance."

Man of the people Comrade Lukas thinks Hanion should chillax

Binjali is a little distracted from her stifled giggle fit by the SNUV, but luckily the speakers have been turned up to their highest point, and she can still hear the song.

Jokerbot g_rock dances in the spotlights "Eben And I, will be so happy. And all the world will know, thanks to our big wedding show! "

Contestant LadyRavenSkye twitches her tail about happily at the returned greeting.

Devon looks around frantically. Was no one noticing this thing? Seriously? Okay... calm down, woman. He may be hulking huge and touching her without permission, but hesheit didn't seem ho

Sweetheart Escemfer laughs behind her hands, ears perked and tail swishing delightedly.

Rookie Hawkeye Hanlon gives up in despair, and goes over to give poor Starkers a pat on the head.

Son of Zimmer & TreacleMoon tries to nudge Devon into coming for a ride, his tubular spaceframe clunks and whirrs open, and a naugahyde seat is displayed, COME ON BOARD MS! Come for a whizzo

Jokerbot g_rock gears up "Yes the whole world will see! how much Eben Loves me! We'll be together forever, and joyous we'll al! Ways! BEEEEE!" the music stings on the last three beats

Devon blinks. "...A... ride?" Was this suspicious? Yes. ...Would it be entertaining, though? Hell yes. Looking back at the tea party, she slowly makes her way onto the... thing.

Son of Zimmer & TreacleMoon is disappointed! Why doesn't lovely MSSPARKLEZ not want to come for a lovely ride. NUDGE NUDGE. OHPLSCOMEFORALOVELYRIDE!

Spandex releases Binjali and makes tracks for Esc, hands out. "Dance?" Aakil wonders if the singer is actually proposing

Rookie Vertrose fishes around in her poncho pocket for another biscuit. and only finding one she breaks it in half, telling the dog to sit again she holds out one hand for teh pups paw. g

Rookie Vertrose she gives Hanlon a friendly nod

Son of Zimmer & TreacleMoon spaceframe whirrs and clunks back into position, and LEDs show the way to a four point racing harness. The high pitched whine of a Pratt-Whitney jet engine roarin

Man of the people Comrade Lukas jumps off the roof and runs on all four towards skye, stopping just before her, he gets up with a smile, scarf still dancing " how do you like the song sky

Ebenezer gives an extended groan.

Jokerbot g_rock launches into the big finish, fountains of sparks and smoke pop behind him. "Because in NewHome, Newbie filled Newhome! I'll wait until my big chance does come! In NewHome, R

Sweetheart Escemfer grins and takes hold of Dex's hands. "Alright!" This is definitely an appropriate time for a dance.

Son of Zimmer & TreacleMoon will provide the ride of Devon's life. Now! If only she'll shove a sparkler up his exhaust like MZoltist does, then he'll be over the moon. Almost literally.

Rookie Alyss apparently just paid 10 req to find out that she's a bad kisser. She pouts.

Metalloidal Elemental GeTh 's puppy Starkers is patted upon the head! He suddenly remembers that people other than Vertrose exist, and gives Hanlon a thorough sniff-down.

Son of Zimmer & TreacleMoon will provide Devon with the ride of her life. Put on your harness! We're going superdrive!

Aakil concludes that the subject in the song is married, the singer is doomed to disappointment

Rookie Hawkeye Hanlon settles back down at his crate, "Sorry 'bout the drama, folks." He mutters, "Just trying to back up Ebenezer there."

Binjali cheers, and starts clapping as soon as her hand is returned to her.

Rookie Fyne looks at Miss Alyss, noticing her glum expression."Don't worry Miss Alyss. We all have off days."

Devon looks about, trying her best to harness herself in.

Jokerbot g_rock strikes a big pose for the BIGFINALE! All the spotlights hit him at once!"My love sits making, free tea for the taking. Ebeeneeeeeezer, how I loooooove YOOOUUUUUUU!" kneeslid

Contestant LadyRavenSkye giggled her response to Lukas, "For not having an ear for music, I rather enjoyed the song, I noticed your liked it though."

Spandex spins Esc and shakes her not-as-nice-as-Eb's butt, as they head back to Binjali. "Join us Binjali?"

Son of Zimmer & TreacleMoon huge knobbly tyres grip in the NewHome dirt, sending a shower over the audience, and the lag on SNUV's turbo drives Devon's head back into the padded headrest...

Man of the people Comrade Lukas smiles and nods " I have a taste for the eccentric, and insanity."

Rookie Hawkeye Hanlon begrudgingly applauds with the others. The joker certainly DID show a great talent for rhymes, at least.

Rookie Alyss sighs, managing a sheepish smile for Fyne. "It's okay, I'll get over it in about two seconds probab- ooh, look! A caterpillar!" Suddenly beaming, she kneels to pick it up.

Contestant LadyRavenSkye blinked and coughs as she finds herself covered in a shower of the dirt, "Noo, this will take forever to clean out of my fur."

Jokerbot g_rock 's arms point straight out, silhouetted by a chorus of Zaps, and the music cuts, the lights all go dark. G hops down and sits at the tea-table and takes a cup. "Hi, all."

Binjali says, "Sure, why not," still laughing.

Rookie Vertrose still snickers at the Jokers song even as Starkers finds a new focus to lavish his slobbery tongue and cold nose upon. wiping the slime off of her hands onto the grass she

Son of Zimmer & TreacleMoon rams through fruit and vegetable stalls, bins, middens, walls, doors, old women pushing pushchairs and eventually out of the South gate, heading straight into the

Rookie Fyne smiles at Miss Alyss's antics, pleased she is finding joy in something so simple and innocent.

Man of the people Comrade Lukas shakes his head and starts burshing some of the dirt out of Skye's fur, ignoring any dir on his own " well there is a hot bath at GERM castle, I can take y

Son of Zimmer & TreacleMoon has broken the sound barrier by now, and isn't really exhibiting any traction any more, having breached such a high speed.

Binjali pauses, foot still raised, about to dance. She looks a little disconcerted.

Ebenezer acts as if his face is glued to the table. He mutters something under his breath about crazy, loud Jokers and-and their songs.

Sweetheart Escemfer notices a bit of hesitation and pulls Binjali right into the dance, regardless of what's going on.

Devon 's eyes bug out as the ride begins. Holyshitmongerz. She grips onto the chair for dear life.

Son of Zimmer & TreacleMoon stops! Brakes the size of bin lids grip, carbon fibre squeals and hisses and gives off a cloud of carbon dust! Anyone not adequately strapped in is going flying!

Rookie Hawkeye Hanlon thinks back on the lyrics, and starts to chuckle for the first time.

Spandex dances with the two, high-knees and back-kicks and shaking...well, everything. She looks over her shoulder at G and winks.

Devon is shoved forward, practically being choked on the harness, but not going flying, even if it would be rather graceful-like.

Contestant LadyRavenSkye purred thankful for the help, "It'll just get dirty again when I back flip out into the jungle. Thank you for the offer though." She grinned her tail twitching about

Binjali shrugs a little and dances anyway, even though the music's off. "Hi Esc!" She grins.

Son of Zimmer & TreacleMoon feels like Jesus. He walked on water back there. Or flew over it. Wheels barely dipping! He feels totally ALIVE! OOH! IS MSSPARKLEZ ok?

Sweetheart Escemfer beams at her dance partners, wiggling and twisting. "Hi! I didn't know they were in love," she says, glancing to g_rock.

Man of the people Comrade Lukas chuckles and continues to press for his case though " come on it will be fun, have you ever been to GERM castle?"

Devon finally settles down in a slump, her eyes still wide open. After a moment to catch her breath, she finally speaks. "THAT. WAS. AWESOME."

Ebenezer bravely lifts his head and glances around, spectacles skewed on his face.

Binjali says, "Me neither! Maybe this is that guy's first courting move." She boogies.

Rookie Fyne cranks up his new Chainsaw and lets it roar alive. He is quite happy.

Carpen Tyr blinks. He comes to NewHome hoping for a cup of tea, and what does he find? A mortified Eb and a dancing Binjali. He weighs the two, and puts today firnly in the "win" column.

Rookie Nightliz follows Maximilian the Improbable Squirrel back into town. "Sounds a little crazy in here, eh?" she addresses RavenSkye

Contestant LadyRavenSkye shook her head, "No, I haven't."

Man of the people Comrade Lukas smiles and offers his hand " trust me it was built for fun, come and have an adventure."

Devon pauses for a moment, looking around. "...Think you could do that again?"

Contestant LadyRavenSkye grinned to Nightliz, "I see you've taken a liking to the glowing squrrelwhat you name him? and Yes, pretty crazy in here for now."

Rookie Hawkeye Hanlon tilts his head at Ebenezer, concerned. "You gonna be OK, buddy?"

Spandex releases a hand to wave at G, "Come dance with us, hotstuff!"

Rookie Fyne looks to Miss Skye. "Whelp. It seems my time to leave New Home has come. Think I'll head over to Kittania and other places. I'll be back though." He hugs her. "I'll be back."

Jokerbot g_rock joins in the dancing

Contestant LadyRavenSkye 's perked at the word adventure, she hugged Nightliz, "I'll actually, talk to you later my friend." Then took Lukas' hand with her paw.

Binjali also came into NewHome for a cup of tea and got quiche and was witness to Eben being fantastically serenaded. Binjali's day is also in the win column.

Rookie Alyss looks up from her caterpillar, which is inching its way down the back of her hand, and spots Tyr. "Tyr!" she calls out, grinning and waving.

Sweetheart Escemfer gives g_rock a saucy smooch in passing. "Nice song!"

Rookie Nightliz Later, LadyRaven!

Man of the people Comrade Lukas smiles when the hand is taken, he re-wraps his scraf " okay meet me at Improbable central first okay?"

Ebenezer croaks to Hawkeye, "Per-per-perfect-per-perfectly fine, than-thank you." He winces and straightens his shirt and braces in a dignified manner.

Man of the people Comrade Lukas continues " then follow me one click north and enter the bingo hall, and there we are."

Binjali hears someone call Tyr and immediately looks around, dancing in a circle to find- there he is. She grins. Yup, today is definitely a win, and she hasn't even been up for two hours. S

Carpen Tyr smiles and waves at Alyss as he walks over to Binjali. He watches her for a moment before tapping her on the shoulder. "Hello there."

Carpen Tyr has been spotted! He grins at her. "What on earth is going on?"

Contestant LadyRavenSkye nodded, "Alright."

Rookie Alyss goes back to examining her caterpillar. She whispers something to it and looks around suspiciously to make sure no one hears.

Spandex gives Tyr a HIPbump as she spins by. "Dance with us, Tyr."

Jokerbot g_rock grins at Esc "Thanks, I was...inspired." DANCEDANCEDANCE!!!

Man of the people Comrade Lukas smiels and drags skye behind him " here we go then." he leaves through the north gate

Binjali grabs Tyr's hands. "Other than dancing and a tea party, I have no idea."

Carpen Tyr laughs. "Be careful what you wish for!" He dances, keeping clear of other people's feet.

Rookie Betty strolls out of Sheila's after purchasing himself a fancy new poncho and smiles at the scene before him. Only in NewHome.

Jokerbot g_rock grins at Tyr "Just serenading a certain someone"

Ebenezer does not dance. He does not even consider dancing. He is busy trying to regain his composure and suppress recent memories.

Rookie Dragon ForLife enters newhome from the commons. He sits down by the closest tree and begins eating a muffin.

Rookie Hawkeye Hanlon waves goodbye to Skye before shuffling over to Spandex mumbling, "Um, hi. I'm Hawkeye Hanlon. May I have the honour of the next dance?" He offers a hand.

Binjali contents herself with dancing while holding Tyr's hand, staying well out of toe-stepping range. She hums a tune much like the one that just ended.

Sweetheart Escemfer claims, "I've never been serenaded. Ebenezer is so lucky." She grins pointily.

Rookie Betty sees that everyone is dancing, pulls out a harmonica from his poncho, and starts to play along.

Spandex releases Esc and Binjali and grabs hold of Hanlon's offer.

Carpen Tyr connects the dots, and sighs wistfully. "You're a lucky man, G."

Son of Zimmer & TreacleMoon snuggles Devon, giving off a contented hiss of steam.

Rookie Alyss asks the caterpillar if he would like to dance. The caterpillar does not reply.

Rookie Dragon ForLife finishes the muffin, swallows it, then he suddenly held a flute, playing along.

Ebenezer should be inviting Dragon, Alyss, and Betty over for some tea. However, he is busily re-arranging the mugs and forgetting his tea bearer's duties.

Binjali arches an eyebrow at Tyr's sigh, then shakes her head and continues dancing.

Rookie Betty Seeing Dragon's flute, Betty attempts to harmonize for a while, then remembers he is late, and quickly takes his leave.

Devon almost smiles. Whatever this thing was, something about it was... oddly endearing. Almost makes her rethink her stance on having kids. ...Okay, maybe not, but still.

Carpen Tyr winks at Binjali, then drops one hand to spin her.

Rookie Hawkeye Hanlon leads Spandex around the dance floor, twirling her around once in a while and trying hard not to trip anyone.

Jokerbot g_rock 's eyes flash at the speakers, they start playing some funsexypartydancing music

Rookie Derpderp stretches out from his spot on the ground, yawning loudly as he does. He sits up, examining his surroundings. Boards of wood and nails lay scattered about, his work unfinishe

Rookie Dragon ForLife stopped playing, putting the flute away he placed a plate full of muffins on top of a rock, and wrote free muffins on a sign that he hung on it.

Sweetheart Escemfer skips over to Ebenezer and brushes dirt off his shoulder. "hi."

Spandex is twirled and is laughing and trying hard to trip everyone within a two foot radius, namely her two feet.

Rookie Alyss watches people dance and glares at the caterpillar on her hand for not being a suitable dance partner. She puts him on a leaf and tells him it's over. He doesn't look sad.

Ebenezer flinches and sits up straight. "Engh! Esc. Erm. Hello. Erm. Did-did you, erm. Tea?" He gestures to the makeshift table. He remembers his duties and nods a hello to Derpderp and Alys

Rookie Dragon ForLife falls asleep by the tree for some time.

Spandex wonders how Eben's gonna 'splain the Giant Panties to Esc.

Sweetheart Escemfer leans in and distracts him with a good, full kiss. It's good for his blood pressure... if by "good" one means "bad."

Ebenezer has forgotten all about the Giant Panties. They are spread over his knee like a napkin.

Binjali spins under Tyr's hand, then away to the Rookie who was watching the dancing, stopping in front of her to pull her hat off with a flourish as she bows. "Hello. Dance?"

Rookie Alyss nods hello to Ebenezer but then returns to watching the dancing. It looks like fun, and after a moment she makes a decision and skips in to dance as well.

Rookie Hawkeye Hanlon smiles as he and Spandex dance. This is easily the best day he's had so far on the island.

Ebenezer mmns in surprise! He has been kissed! Immediately, he adjusts his spectacles. "Erm!" Somehow, it seemed like the thing to say.

Rookie Derpderp hears the stuttering and word-fumbling and looks towards Ebenezer and his table. He grins widely and waves, before gathering up his wood and nails. Seems he doesn't notice he

Carpen Tyr is lacking a partner. He sketches a bow at G. "Care to dance?"

Binjali has been danced right past! She dances after Alyss, putting her hat back on.

Sweetheart Escemfer smiles at him and looks around for someone to dance with. It looks like fun!

Jokerbot g_rock curtsys back to Tyr and nods. He was asked, so he lets Tyr lead.

Spandex smiles in return, and speeds things up, and HIPbumps G on his way by with Tyr.

Rookie Alyss is doing some combination of the tarantella and the funky chicken, combined with a little bit of the time warp. She appears to be enjoying herself immensely.

Carpen Tyr thinks G is probably making a big mistake, but leads him gamely around the outpost in a strange amalgamation af a waltz and foxtrot.

Jokerbot g_rock is Fwaltztrottered and hipbumped! He grins and tries not to step on anyone's feet. Including his own.

Rookie Hawkeye Hanlon twirls Spandex towards him and initiates his own version of the waltz with her for a while.

Ebenezer supposes that he doesn't really have to serve tea if everyone is occupied with dancing. He glances at Escemfer. Ahrrm hrrm hrrm.

Spandex is doing a mashup of skanking, pogoing, disco and the Trepak.

Binjali admires Alyss's form, then decides not to interfere in her fun, dancing away from her dangerous waggling elbows. She sees Tyr go by with g_rock and starts laughing again.

Sweetheart Escemfer looks at Ebenezer, furry eyebrows raised. Is he asking for another kiss?

Spandex also, waltzes. After a fashion. A desperately untrained fashion.

Ticktockman Nathaniel whistles his way into town. "Titan to be slain." He stocks up improbability bombs. "Let's have some fun."

Ebenezer offers, "Em! T-tea? Biscuit? Dance?" She had better accept at least one of the three.

Rookie Alyss spins in a desperate circle and manages to keep from losing her balance at the last second. "Dancing is exhilarating!"

Sweetheart Escemfer blinks. "Um, okay," she agrees. To... which of those items?

Rookie Derpderp returns from the fortifying the outpost walls, a few remaining wood boards over his shoulder. He holds the boards vertical against him like a stiff dance partner, and attempt

Ebenezer hesitates, then assumes that Escemfer is agreeing to all three. He fills a cup with tea, sticks a biscuit in Escemfer's mouth, then gets to his feet and takes her by the hand.

1) Editor's note: This concert quickly degenerated into a mass of dancing degenerates
2) Of course, they were degenerates whether they were dancing or not...
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