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Improbable Island's Flesh Eaters Union

IIFEU is an unofficial group of contestants1) who share a love for fancy meat, be that of rare creature or of more common species such as the lean kittymorph2) to the more juicy midget. Even the biomechanical robot and gobot species are wanted by some; those who love it cannot say enough of the taste.

They believe that any contestant is equal and have the same right to be in a plate. Preferably in theirs. Many times recipe books have been published with no success 3), but each time their authors have been called 'cannibals' and thrown into Squat Hole's body dump by the ignorants. Then the books were roasted and eaten.

The Rookie season has been opened for an undetermined amount of time.

1) and some self-conscious monsters
2) for those that prefer gamy flesh, there are zombies. In that case, some defense for the cranium is required
3) without counting sellings to the jungle inhabitants
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