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A vital ingredient for making improbability. Mix it with probability, and that's it! Im is our last stand to prevent a possible Great Batman-Joker War. We must mix every ounce of Im that we have with every bit of probability, or a thing worse than the Drive1) will appear!2)3)

Note: as you can see by all the red links on this page, there is no more probability left. We have mixed all of it with the im. Good job everyone!

1) Yes. Such thing is called a fangirl attack. But some people has other names for it
2) This fearsome machine is known as the Probability Drive. If we allow it to find the Improbability Drive, the mixing of its probability and the Improbability Drive's improbability will envelop the world, turning every newbie into Full Metal Lion, causing the government to fall into massive disarray, thereby leading to a new world order!
3) In other words, if we don't completely destroy probability, then we're screwed.
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