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The Improbable Angels

'The Angels' as they are fondly generally known are the most feared biker gang on the whole damn Island. Not content with racketeering and thus treading all over the toes of the General Engineering, Racketeering and Musical Guild, they're involved in kidnap, MORDOR, fart-gags and dutch ovens.

Recently, under the tutelage of Big Keith (or whatever his name was) their activity has stepped up a notch, and they've nobbled the GERM clan chef, Bruce, which has caused major ramifications on Bernard's diet. This has led Bernard, Skidge and a number of other GERMans to try and winkle out the Angels, or to infiltrate them, or even to bash them repeatedly with bike chains - to no avail. At least Big Keith will make trouble no more. . .

Perhaps it is politic to mention here that the entire gang is made up of pre-school children? BUT THEY'RE FU "language! You horrid little boy!" SCARY!

Oh, and watch out for Teacher

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