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The MarshMellon Incident

00:31:04: Nanotek Arodang carefully steps out of the cafe and approaches the two with small, slow steps. He carries 3 plates- two with one steak a piece, one with a small mountain of them. When he finally nears them, he offers the one-steak plates. "Here."

00:32:10: Skypirate Iriana is thrilled! Free food! "Well, thank you!" she says, beaming up at the man with the steakmountain. "That's very kind."

00:32:29: Contestant Aso says Mmmm, steak... *looks up at Nano

00:32:46: Contestant Aso says Thank ye, kind sir.

00:33:21: Nanotek Arodang nods and settles in to devour the steakmountain.

00:34:04: Contestant Aso opens his Rat Pack and pulls out the chocolate bar. He holds it over the steaming steak in an attempt to melt it slightly until it's almost edible.

00:34:21: Skypirate Iriana slides the extra slab of meat onto her plate and finishes her first steak in a few bites. Messy eater, she is.

00:36:31: Nanotek Arodang pauses in eating to stare at the chocolate-melting, but finally rolls his eyes and turns his attention back to my precious fooooood!

00:37:13: Contestant Aso says Anyone happen to have er.. whatsit... marsh...mellons? I think I may be thinking of the wrong food.

00:37:52: Contestant Aso utters under his breath "Damn humans and their crazy food inventions. Now I'm curious."

00:37:55: Skypirate Iriana rummages in her bag. "Melons. Nope, don't have any melons."

00:38:34: Contestant Aso says Eh. Might be the wrong food anyway. Don't worry too much about it.

00:39:46: Skypirate Iriana's memory is jogged. She says, "Marsh... marshmallows?"

00:41:11: MarshMellon Tamar falls from the sky and lands infront of Aso.

00:42:13: Nanotek Arodang just finishes cleaning off his plate as a marsh....melon? falls in front of him. "The hell is that?"

00:42:20: Contestant Aso says Woah.... New recruit?

00:42:43: Nanotek Arodang was obviously too busy eating to pick up that last conversation.

00:42:47: Contestant Aso says Nice... Maybe I can roast it over the fire with me chocolate.

00:43:52: Skypirate Iriana squeaks and jumps, though she somehow manages to grab her plate as she does. "What is that?!"

00:44:31: Skypirate Iriana pokes it with her fork. "It's a... A... I have no idea, actually. D'you think we can eat it?"

00:44:52: Contestant Aso says 'pears to be that marsh..er mellow... thing I was talking about.

00:47:42: Nanotek Arodang glances down at his plate, upon which not even lonely crumbs rest. Even the bones are cracked open and sucked dry. "Dunno if we can eat it, but I sure as hell will try."

00:48:41: Skypirate Iriana nods decisively. "Right, you hang on to it and I'll cut."

00:50:21: Contestant Aso says Hmmm. Doesn't seem to be putting up much of a fight. Let 'im go for a second? I've a better idea.

00:51:00: Nanotek Arodang nods to Iriana then stops with a glance at Aso. "Oh? Alright then."

00:52:42: Contestant Aso pulls out a knife.

00:53:46: Contestant Aso says No, no, I'm not gunna cut 'im. T'would be too easy.

00:56:52: Nanotek Arodang looks at Aso, then the marshmelon. "Well?"

00:57:26: Contestant Aso says Busy in thought, gimme a moment.

00:58:53: Contestant Aso says Well then. *Cuts off a chunk of his melted chocolate.*

00:59:43: Contestant Aso says Maybe it works in reverse. *mutters as he works*

01:00:31: Kitty-ifying Mia mattgr walks in, rubbing her eyes a little sleepily.

01:00:53: Contestant Aso continues to work upon the hapless marshmelon. When he's done, it appears to be encased in molten chocolate.

01:01:26: Nanotek Arodang waves to the newcomer without raising his stare from the now chocolate-covered marshmelon.

01:02:53: Skypirate Iriana watches intently, even putting aside her steak.

01:02:58: Post-Infection Fish steps back into the outpost, looking solemn, maybe even sad. She leans against the wall of the bank, thinking.

01:03:30: Kitty-ifying Mia mattgr spots Fish and waves.

01:03:43: Private Furball Trowa strolls into the outpost, rock drill hefted over his shoulder.

01:03:48: Contestant Aso continues working, cutting two eyeslots and a breathing hole.

01:03:57: Nanotek Arodang nods to Fish, not really look- "Holy SHIT!" He jumps up and sprints over to her, nearly tripping over Aso in his rush.. "The hell happened to you?!"

01:04:14: Post-Infection Fish sees Mia. She flinches slightly and waves back before sliding into the alley between the bank and the adjacent building to hide. She doesn't hear Dan.

01:05:33: Nanotek Arodang followes her into the alley, near to bellowing. "Fiiiish?!"

01:06:13: Kitty-ifying Mia mattgr frowns and walks over to Fish, looking in from the entrance of the alley curiously.

01:06:14: Private Furball Trowa raises an eyebrow at Fish as he goes running off. He catches sight of Mia and grins, waving with his free paw.

01:06:43: Post-Infection Fish looks up at him out of her one eye, startled. "W-what?" She blinks at him. "What did I do?"

01:06:52: Skypirate Iriana peers over Aso's shoulder and says, "It... it has a face?"

01:07:11: Contestant Aso says If it doesn't, it does now.

01:07:41: Nanotek Arodang sliiiiiides to a stop, almost knocking into her. He stares at her eye. "The hell happened to you?!"

01:08:11: Kitty-ifying Mia mattgr doesn't notice Trowa, staring in at Fish.

01:08:19: Private Furball Trowa peers over as he sees something interesting, his attention completely drawn away. He wanders over to see what Iriana and Aso are doing. "What's that?"

01:08:40: Contestant Aso vaguely remembers that eye-installment. Did I not see you in Improbable Central the other day?

01:08:53: Post-Infection Fish flinches and looks back up at him, tears beginning to well up in her eye. "I... I... I didn't... I wanted it, Dan, it's not his fault, I asked for it, I've learned my lesson..."

01:09:32: Skypirate Iriana looks up. "I don't know! It fell out of the sky. We're not sure if we can eat it. What do you think?"

01:10:05: Contestant Aso looks towards Trowa. "'Tis a er... marsh-melon... thing"

01:10:07: Nanotek Arodang flinches back and hugs her. "Sorry I yelled. Wh-what happened to you?"

01:11:04: Private Furball Trowa blinks, peering at the object, "A marshmellon with chocolate on it fell out of the sky? Kinda suspicious."

01:11:35: Kitty-ifying Mia mattgr looks at Fish. She wants to talk, but she'll wait for this Dan person to finish. She silently moves away from the entrance of the alley, over to Trowa. "Hi!"

01:12:01: Post-Infection Fish clings to his shirt, rattled. "I... it was a p-parasite Vince found, and he was sayin' he could see things like heartrate and stuff so I wanted it, an' I got him to give it to me, but it was killin' him..."

01:12:16: Contestant Aso says "No, no, the chocolate was my doing." *smirks*

01:12:57: Private Furball Trowa grins, "Ah. Well, chocolate makes anything edible." He turns and grins at Mia, "Mia! Hello there, how are you?"

01:12:59: Nanotek Arodang holds onto her. "It's alright. You're alright, right?"

01:14:30: Kitty-ifying Mia mattgr smiles. "I'm good. How are you?"

01:14:49: Post-Infection Fish nods slowly. "Y-yeah... minus one eye, anyway..." She's shaking a little. Being terrified out of sad thoughts seems to have freaked her out.

01:15:33: Skypirate Iriana says, "Yes, we're not really sure about it. Now I'm not sure if we can eat it after all."

01:17:18: Nanotek Arodang sighs. "I'm sure there's some way to fix it. Vince's gonna take some shit for this."

01:17:59: Private Furball Trowa smiles and pats Mia on the shoulder, "I'm okay." He peers back at the chocolate covered marshmellon and licks his lips, "I think it looks tasty. I'll take the first bite if no one else will."

01:18:35: Post-Infection Fish pulls away and glares at him. "No, he's not! He's gotten enough already, okay? He almost died, an' I almost killed him, an'... an'..." She bites her lip, trying not to cry.

01:18:59: Skypirate Iriana says to Trowa, "You're up, then! 'S probably not poisonous."

01:19:51: Kitty-ifying Mia mattgr looks down at the chocolate-covered object. "What is that?"

01:20:01: Nanotek Arodang throws his hands up in a defensive manner. "Sorry, sorry. It'll all be okay. I'm here, nothing bad is going to happen to my sister now." He pulls her back into a hug.

01:20:19: Contestant Aso says Oi, it's my work. If anyone's eating the first bite, it'll be m... *looks towards the crying female* "Would you like a slice of choco-mellon?"

01:20:23: Post-Infection Fish nods and hugs him back tightly, burying her face in his abdomen.

01:21:38: Private Furball Trowa pouts, replying to Mia, "Chocolate covered marsh-mellon that fell from the sky, apparently."

01:22:14: Post-Infection Fish pulls away and rubs irritably at her eye. She slips out of the alley and moves over to a tree to think. She climbs it and perches on a low branch, staring out at the knot of people around the weird fruit thing.

01:23:08: Nanotek Arodang follows her, taking root at the base of the tree, almost like a guard.

01:23:13: Skypirate Iriana beckons to the person perched in the tree. "It's a marshmellon! With chocolate. Come and see!"

01:23:27: Kitty-ifying Mia mattgr notices Fish walking out and waves to her again, then turns back to the others. "Marsh-mellon? What's that?"

01:24:06: Skypirate Iriana says, "We're not sure either. Aso just asked for a marshmellon and it fell from the sky."

01:24:35: Post-Infection Fish's eye flickers with pain as Mia waves to her again. She looks away.

01:24:55: Chibi Kero is rocketing towards Kittania at high speed. Those below can hear a sharp whistling eeeeEEeeEeEEeeEEEEEe growing in pitch and magnitude.

01:24:59: Private Furball Trowa narrows his eyes a the sky fruit, "That is suspicious."

01:26:46: Contestant Aso says Well, if that lady over there won't have the first slice.... guess it's mine then.

01:27:39: Post-Infection Fish hops down out of the tree and heads towards the gates.

01:28:37: Chibi Kero tastes clouds as he open his tiny mouth to speak into the green onion he uses as a head set. "Roger! Wilco! Bobert! Selecting improbable target via squinting very hard!"

01:28:47: Kitty-ifying Mia mattgr nods. "A fruit from the sky? Are you sure it's safe to eat?" She sees Fish heading out, and dashes over. "Fish! Don't leave!"

01:29:06: Post-Infection Fish turns and looks at her, surprised. "Wh-what?"

01:29:20: Nanotek Arodang starts to follow Fish towards the gate, and stops as she does.

01:29:29: Kitty-ifying Mia mattgr tilts her head. "Why are you leaving?"

01:30:06: Contestant Aso quietly nom's his tiny sliver of choco-melon.

01:30:21: Post-Infection Fish eyes her cagily. "...I dunno. W-why, you need somethin'...?"

01:30:46: Private Furball Trowa looks back and forth between Fish and Mia, and the choco-covered fruit. He then studies Aso intently. "Well....?"

01:30:49: Chibi Kero leaves an impact crater as he glomps Fish in an explosion of fluff, sparkles, and golden sheets of pure joy raining down that force giggling in those it touches.

01:31:26: Skypirate Iriana looks on. "So?" she asks. "How's it taste?"

01:31:38: Post-Infection Fish dodges the glomp expertly and leaps out of the crater.

01:31:40: Kitty-ifying Mia mattgr jumps back from the explosion, inhaling some of the dust and starting to uncontrollably giggle.

01:32:22: Contestant Aso says 'spretty good for Ration Chocolate and Sky fruit.

01:33:13: Contestant Aso says Kero, does pure joy happen to contain any sugar?

01:33:18: Post-Infection Fish smacks her on the back. "Cough it out."

01:33:27: Nanotek Arodang growls and darts between Fish and the crater. "Can you stay out of trouble for a couple days?"

01:34:15: Private Furball Trowa sneezes on the dust, and starts giggling. He stops, wide-eyed...no...not...he giggles again. "*snert!* Really?" His mouth starts to water at the thought, just staring at the rest of the marshmelon.

01:34:43: Post-Infection Fish turns to Dan. "Me?"

01:34:52: Kitty-ifying Mia mattgr gasps, still giggling. She tries to cough, though it's kinda hard.

01:34:54: Chibi Kero hops out of the crater, paws open for more hugging, making grasping motions and hopping to change direction to face everyone. He speaks into his onion, making his own staticky noises. "Rawr?"

01:35:52: Post-Infection Fish ignores the small Kittymorph. She knows what he wants, and isn't in the mood.

01:35:53: Contestant Aso wanders off to have a tongue bath after eating the choco-melon. "Anyone who wants some of the chocomelon can have some. I'll be back after a short tonguebath."

01:36:12: Nanotek Arodang blinks and steps away from the thing. "Err. What is that?"

01:36:32: Post-Infection Fish shakes her head. "It's just this one idiot. Ignore him."

01:36:41: Skypirate Iriana pats the tiny Kittymorph with the hand that isn't full of plates and steak. "Hi. Can't hug you, I don't want to drop all this lovely meat, but hi!"

01:36:48: Kitty-ifying Mia mattgr just looks at the little Kitty-thing, still giggling sporadically.

01:37:27: Nanotek Arodang glances at it and moves towards Fish. "Is it... Dangerous?"

01:37:35: Skypirate Iriana, still holding on to her plate, takes out her knife and cuts a slice of the chocomellon.

01:37:47: Post-Infection Fish swings her head around to level a flat gaze at Mia. "Do we have to take this somewhere you can calm down?" She shakes her head. "Not usually. Just annoying."

01:38:03: Chibi Kero besmushes his furry head into Mia's leg, as it is now nearest. He begins clambering up it. "The inhabitants have erected large fleshy towers! Kshhh!"

01:39:02: Private Furball Trowa glances left and right, sliding a small butter knife out of his pocket. No way he'd try to slice a fruit with a rock drill. I mean, c'mon. He waits for Iriana to finish making her slice before he makes his own.

01:40:25: Kitty-ifying Mia mattgr gahs at the little furry critter making it's way up her leg. She doesn't want to knock it off though. It's too cute...

01:41:43: Nanotek Arodang frowns at the thing. "If it ain't dangerous... I gotta go." He offers Fish a quick hug before he leaves. "Don't do anything stupid, no hanging out with strange guys, no drugs or alcohol, all that good stuff."

01:41:59: Post-Infection Fish huffs, disgruntled, and turns back towards the gates. She waves to Dan.

01:42:22: Chibi Kero swipes a paw across its tiny face. Exhausted, he rests a moment on Mia Pass, which is named because it rhymes amusingly. It pulls out a bag from nowhere and brings out a sugary snack.

01:43:37: Skypirate Iriana moves and lets Trowa at the mellon while she sits back and takes a tentative bite.

01:43:59: Kitty-ifying Mia mattgr looks at Fish leaving, then down at the critter climbing up her. "Umm, I was trying to talk to a friend..."

01:44:03: Nanotek Arodang frowns at her, then wanders out the gate, glancing over his shoulder every few steps. Overprotective? Probably.

01:44:44: Post-Infection Fish calls back over her shoulder. "Just pull him off. He'll be fine."

01:45:09: Private Furball Trowa takes a careful slice, then watches Iriana after she takes her bite. He's waiting to see any side effects.

01:46:36: Chibi Kero's eye twitches as he devours the candy. He begins to ``rdance.

01:46:45: Skypirate Iriana chews. Takes another bite. Chews more slowly. "It's... erm... well..." The taste is really indescribable. But she's not dying. Yet.

01:47:00: Kitty-ifying Mia mattgr gingerly pulls him off her, setting him down on the ground. She points him in Trowa's direction. "See the big Kitty man? Go gettem!" then walks quickly over to Fish before he can get her again.

01:47:32: Skypirate Iriana says to Trowa, "It's not so bad! It's... mellony. And chocolaty. And really not poisonous, not really."

01:48:24: Private Furball Trowa watches Iriana intently, before finally taking a bite of the chocolate covered fruit. His eyes go wide, and he stares at the piece of stuff in his hand. "Holy cow... this is the ambrosia of the gods!"

01:48:34: Post-Infection Fish is already gone.

01:49:50: Chibi Kero squeels with glee, having consumed the delicious candy flesh of the sugary snack. He pounces upon Trowa, trailing cartoonish butterflies made of sparks.

01:50:33: Kitty-ifying Mia mattgr looks for Fish, sees she's already gone and looks sad. Then looks over at Trowa and giggles at the mischief she's caused.

01:50:47: MarshMellon Tamar gives all who ate it a bad case of flatulence.

01:51:29: Skypirate Iriana is just about to cut another slice--it's quite good, really!--when there's a blatttt.

01:52:34: Skypirate Iriana squeaks. "Was that you?" she says, pointing hurriedly at Trowa. How mature.

01:52:35: Private Furball Trowa gulps as Kero jumps on him, and starts flailing his arms, "Ohmygawd, gettitowf, gettitowf!" he cries, until he stops and... ppphhhheeeert...!

01:53:31: Chibi Kero sings quite impromptly, "Teeee row row row your boat singin birds n bees! Marry me verily verily, life is full of cheese~!"

01:53:31: Kitty-ifying Mia mattgr laughs, watching Trowa flail around.

01:53:47: Skypirate Iriana tries to pull the Kero off Trowa, but then there's a bbbbpt and she jumps back.

01:54:20: Skypirate Iriana manages to pull Kero part of the way with her, producing seriously unpleasant noises all the while.

01:55:21: Private Furball Trowa is turning beet red under his fur, and still flailing, "Whatisit, whatisit, whatisit?!" he almost starts tearing up as he feels another... Bbblllaaaaaat!! He whimpers, "O lordy....I have to go!"

01:55:45: Unlucky Wanderer Earth walks into the outpost, looking around worridly.

01:56:04: Chibi Kero wabbles and flails his arms, mimicking Trowa.

01:57:09: Kitty-ifying Mia mattgr hears the noises and frowns. Is that what she thinks it is? Ewwww.....

01:58:19: Unlucky Wanderer Earth waves at Mia, not noticing the tiny kitty.

01:58:25: Private Furball Trowa's ears flatten against his head as he tries to hold in any more of the nausea he feels. He tries to reach for Kero to pluck him off, seeing as how Iriana almost has the job done. "I really have to go!"

01:58:45: Private Furball Trowa looks at Iriana pleadingly.

01:59:41: Skypirate Iriana lets loose a pppphhfft and cries, "I completely--" bbbbt "--understand!" She manges to pull Kero away and falls on her bottom.

01:59:55: Contestant Aso finishes licking himself an... Ppphhht "Oi, whatsis?"

02:00:13: Chibi Kero seeks shelter by popping into the air and huggling Irania's chest. He becomes stuck and flails, with muffled shouts of marshmellow hell.

02:00:34: Private Furball Trowa grimaces at Iriana, "I'm so sorry I can't help!" And he bolts out of the outpost to find a private tree.

02:01:33: Skypirate Iriana calls, "Byepppbbt!"

02:01:33: Unlucky Wanderer Earth twitches as he sees whats happening to Irianna. "Do you need some help, Miss?"

02:01:42: Contestant Aso locks the gates behind Trowa.

02:02:56: Kitty-ifying Mia mattgr waves bye to Trowa, turning back to Earth. "Hey Earth!"

02:03:05: MarshMellon Tamar cackles as the rest of it dissolves into the ground.

02:03:34: Unlucky Wanderer Earth blinks at Mia. "Have you seen Fish?"

02:04:15: Kitty-ifying Mia mattgr nods. "She left a while ago, though."

02:04:35: Unlucky Wanderer Earth sighs. "Oh dear."

02:04:49: Private Furball Trowa is heard banging on the gate outside, "Hello? Why is the gate locked? ... guys? ... Hello?"

02:05:01: Contestant Aso starts digging Phhhft! frantically in the ground, hoping to find the remains of the Chocomellon he worked so hard to make.

02:05:19: Skypirate Iriana writhes on the ground, and only barely sees the rest of the wonderful mellon disappear. "Yes!" she gasps to Earth. "Find the mellon!"

02:05:20: Chibi Kero wobbles in place, hopelessly stuck.

02:05:36: Unlucky Wanderer Earth blinks. "Why themellon?"

02:05:55: Chibi Kero wibbles about, stuck to Irania.

02:06:04: Skypirate Iriana is stuck to a Kero, but she's in pain. For his sake she tries to dislodge him, but to no avail.

02:06:28: Kitty-ifying Mia mattgr hears Trowa's banging and yelling, and goes over to unlock the gate for him.

02:06:36: Unlucky Wanderer Earth pulls out a small bottle from his bag, and goes over to Irianna. "Gas problem,s Miss?"

02:07:14: Contestant Aso says Earth, because the mellon is awesome. And all who ate the mellon have it. Dunno is Trowa is any better off.

02:07:40: Private Furball Trowa is let in, and smiles in relief at Mia, "Oh, thanks! How's everyone else doing?" He looks around the outpost.

02:08:00: Skypirate Iriana gasps, "Little bit..." and, predictably, lets out another bbbbbppht.

02:08:51: Unlucky Wanderer Earth quickly pours out a measure from the bottle, and holdsit where Irri can drink it. "Here, drink."

02:09:31: Contestant Aso says Well, if ye don't mind bbbblllphhhh maybe I could have some of that too?

02:10:19: Skypirate Iriana gratefully sips the offered liquid.

02:10:43: Kitty-ifying Mia mattgr looks back at the others. "Still the same..." She makes a face.

02:10:49: Unlucky Wanderer Earth blinks, and offers some to Aso.. And is walled, still holding it out.

02:11:12: Skypirate Iriana is instantly better. Her stomach relaxes and she lies limply on the ground, breathing deeply. Which, of course, is a mistake.

02:12:31: Private Furball Trowa nods at Mia, "I'll see what I can do." He goes to help Iriana to her feet, but makes a sour face.

02:12:40: Skypirate Iriana hacks and coughs and splutters. She clamps her hand over her nose and mouth, but it's better than earlier.

02:12:47: Contestant Aso grabs the cup he is offered and quaffs it in one go.

02:13:25: Skypirate Iriana takes Trowa's hand and hauls herself up. She stands, with some effort.

02:14:01: Private Furball Trowa tries to smile at Iriana, but it's clearly difficult, "Feeling better, miss?"

02:14:10: Contestant Aso falls down, due both to the drink and to the overwhelming smell of the air.

02:14:36: Kitty-ifying Mia mattgr is staying far away.

02:15:25: Skypirate Iriana breathes out. "Phew. Um. Yes, lots. And you?" she asks, looking at her fellow eater-of-foreign-objects with concern.

02:15:46: Contestant Aso flails arms hopelessly and slowly sits up. "Honestly? I don't blame you Mia."

02:17:18: Private Furball Trowa grins lopsidedly, patting his stomach, "Been better. You uh...you seem to have something stuck on your, uh, chest..." He points at Kero.

02:17:26: Contestant Aso says Did anyone see where that mellon went? I absolutely must ki... I mean cu.. I mean.. oh sod it. I need to get that mellon back.

02:22:43: Skypirate Iriana says, "Whew. Not a best day for either of us, I'm guessing?" She looks down to see Kero still clinging to her chest. "Ack!"

02:23:16: Chibi Kero stiffens and falls out of Irania's chest. His tongue lolling out the side of his mouth, and actual X's for eyes.

02:23:24: Contestant Aso says Not at all. But certainly was tasty, no?

02:24:51: Private Furball Trowa shrugs a little, "Well, it's not the first snack I've had that's better going in than going out, but definitely the sweetest!"

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