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One day, cartoonish things were happening on the Island. There was chaos...and where there is chaos, who better to make her way onto the scene than Carmen Sandiego?

And where there is Carmen Sandiego, there are inevitably capers.

The CG.

<SUGAR> Rainbow Prince PCee looks at the hand on his shoulder before looking back up at Xane smiling. "I like you Xane...you are the only thing on this island other than my bag and mint tea that reminds me of home."

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe chuckles, "Well Thanks. I think...anyway, don't worry. I'm not gonna let anyone get hurt by this. I'm just making a point." as evidenced by another "I HAVE FURY!!!" and explosion.

<SUGAR> Rainbow Prince PCee winces at the explosion before smiling again. "I have half a mind to try and catch that jellybean myself."

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe chuckles, "I'd suggest against that. He can be quite problematic if he tries. Especially for a *snrk* Jellybean." wonders absently why Fawful has FURY for random landscaping then shrugs.

Rookie Carmen Sandiego leans on the bar behind Xane, frowning thoughtfully with her red lips. `"

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe is finally able to read the paper! He reads it and sighs. He says "Gen? I dunno where you are, but it doesn't matter. In this case, I can do something to fix my mess, and I will."

Rookie Carmen Sandiego waves a gremlin away. If she's going to have minions, they will NOT get in her way.

<SPICE> Cocoa Bot Tyr walks in, notices Sil holding a tome of Arthurian legends, and sneaks back out.

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe cracks his knuckles. "Alright, sitting here doing nothing is clearly not conveying the point I was trying to make. Not much point in letting this lie as is. PC? Stand back for a moment please."

<ROGUE> Genevieve appears beside him, she puts a hand on his shoulder and says "do you understand, though, what I mean?"

<SUGAR> Rainbow Prince PCee nods and bounds for a low tree branch catching it and pulling himself up onto it.

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe sighs, "Yes Gen, and I never disagreed with that point, however, this is a different situation. I don't know why you were giving me trouble about that anyway."

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe stretches and says, "Can anybody whip of a strong wind of breeze? I need a gust."

<AIB> Sergeant Silcatra abruptly absconds with Xane's hat and cane. Where did she go? Where in the WORLD did she go?

Returning Contestant Amerithe blows at Xane, pathetic as the result may be.

Rookie Carmen Sandiego has evidently gained powers of possession. Most excellent. She disappears.

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe gives Sil and Carmen a look as he's hit with the wind. He breaks up into countless little particles that quickly spread over the grounds.

<ROGUE> Genevieve looks down and says "I felt threatened.. I worried you would try to take me away from a world that I had grown to love, and fall in love in.. A world where I was happy for the first time... "

<AIB> Sergeant Silcatra wanders back into the Grounds, a little dazed and lacking said hat and cane. What...just happened...?

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe 's particles quickly head for the characters infusing the grounds. They begin coughing violently and flee.

<SPICE> Cocoa Bot Tyr strides back into the grounds, wearing a chainmail vest and gauntlets, and carrying a mace. Apparently he's been to Sheila's.

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe reappears after a few minutes, the grounds finally peaceful as they should be. "Well, I still ought to chase them down, but that should do for now."

<ROGUE> Genevieve looks back at him and says, very quietly " I am sorry, I was possessed by my anger and fear... Can you forgive me?"

<SUGAR> Rainbow Prince PCee eyes widen and turn purple again as he grips the branch.

<SUGAR> Rainbow Prince PCee eyes return to normal as he drops from the branch.

<AIB> Sergeant Silcatra looks over at Tyr and grins. "Now I have a knight of my very own!" But there's also a redcoat messing with things...not good...not good at all...

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe looks to Gen, "Well I wasn't. I said that several times. I brought it up badly, but you refused to accept reality, and chose to paint me as a villain instead."

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe begins walking towards PC, "I don't appreciate that Gen. It was unfair, and it hurt me. I wont forget this for a while, although I may forgive." he stands over PC, "You okay?"

<AIB> Sergeant Silcatra looks over at Xane, then at her hands. "I'm sorry....I...don't know what came over me..."

<ROGUE> Genevieve looks away again, " I know, I know... I was overwhelmed and threatened... I was not thinking straight... That's why I wrote it down this time, I knew I would just freak out and yell otherwise.."

<SUGAR> Rainbow Prince PCee looks up from his fallen position "I'm fine...that was quite an intersting trick."

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe sighs, "Its fine Sil, but I do expect them back you know. They probably shouldn't be in a person like Carmen's hands..."

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe nods to Gen, "Fine. Just don't do it again." he offers PC a hand up, "Yes, well I saw it as the fastest way to clear the grounds of unwanted guests."

<SPICE> Cocoa Bot Tyr grins at Sil. "Other than your unnatural attraction to hats?"

<AIB> Sergeant Silcatra blinks, then pats her pockets and comes up with a piece of paper. "She gave me this. It's...smeared with something grayish."

<SUGAR> Rainbow Prince PCee grabs Xane's hand and pulls himself up before dusting himself off.

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe raises and eyebrow and takes the paper, reading it curiously.

<AIB> Sergeant Silcatra glares at her husband and takes her hat back from his head, returning his to him. "It's YOUR hat that I steal, my love. I barely even know Xane."

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe Knows Sil in a so-so fashion. They never really had a chance to talk. But one day, who knows?

<SPICE> Cocoa Bot Tyr raises an eyebrow. "You tried to steal Xane's hat once before. You told me so."

Rookie Carmen Sandiego reappears, sitting on the bar with a satisfied smirk. "You'll never find them."

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe sighs and tucks the note into a pocket and says, "Well I ought to try and send a few of those guys back, especially Fawful. He's feeling a little...FURYful?" he chuckles.

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe blinks, "Ah, I beg to differ ma'am. I don't suppose you'd be willing to simply tell me where they are?"

<AIB> Sergeant Silcatra scowls at the red coated woman, who ignores her, then looks at her husband. "You left at precisely the wrong moment. I was aiming for yours."

<SUGAR> Rainbow Prince PCee smiles brightly ears perking "A jelly bean hunt then?"

<SPICE> Cocoa Bot Tyr just grins at her. "So what you're saying is any hat will do in a pinch?"

Rookie Carmen Sandiego smiles. "Oh, you of all people should know that the game doesn't work like that. I'm a sporting woman, though...you have your clue in your hand."

<AIB> Sergeant Silcatra is really not in the mood for this right now, so she walks back out into Pleasantville.

<SPICE> Cocoa Bot Tyr watches her leave, and sighs. He walks back out into New Pitts.

Returning Contestant Amerithe whispers, "Well, THAT was fun."

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe snaps back to reality and looks at the thing in his hand. "Uh...what is it?"

<SUGAR> Rainbow Prince PCee looks around a bit confused "I think I zoned out for a minute there..."

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe did as well, no fault of his. Probably due to his little show of improbability.

Rookie Carmen Sandiego smirks. "Something gray." She ducks back out.

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe looks at the gray. "Gray matter? New Pittsburgh maybe? Well it cant hurt to look..."

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe turns to PC before he goes, "Care to come with me? Get a tour of the island a la Xane?"

<SUGAR> Rainbow Prince PCee smirks eyes flashing with excitement. "Sound fun"

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe nods and says, "Take my hand, and please don't throw up on my suit." he offers his hand.

Returning Contestant Amerithe is going off on her own quest shortly, if it's gonna be dead here. "Good luck!"

<SUGAR> Rainbow Prince PCee takes his hand and holds on tight.

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe and PCee Fade

New Pittsburgh

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe appears with PCee, "Well, here we are. I wonder if my guess was right...could have been pleasantville or 404..."

<SUGAR> Rainbow Prince PCee shakes head at the quickness of the trip "I suppose we'll find out in a moment..."

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe nods, "Well, if not, its just a quick jaunt to either of those places. Sorry about the turbulence, I was in a bit of a rush."

Rookie Carmen Sandiego pulls her fedora down over her eye. He's fast, this one. Something harder, mayhap...no...that one's obvious...so is that...h'mm...oh! She tosses a little toy down, a posing...person.

<SUGAR> Rainbow Prince PCee calls from a nearby tree-mounted speaker, "It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be actually."

Rookie Carmen Sandiego would have to wonder if it was a human...or a robot...or a statue. But of course she knows.

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe blinks and looks at the toy. Hmm...he taps into that little bit of him that remembers being a robot...toy, posing, possible word corrilations: ACEHIGH, PLEASANTVILLE, KITTANIA.

Rookie Carmen Sandiego grins, waves to the Joker and kitty, and disappears once more.

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe wonders when PC became a ventriloquist. And what it is matters, but the fact that it's posing matters more. It eliminates Newhome and Squat hole. Likely Kittania as well.

<SUGAR> Rainbow Prince PCee narrows eyes at the toy "Suppose it would be much fun if it was easy"

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe smiles, "No, probably not. Although I think I know where this one is, probably AceHigh. Its a posing toy, where else?"

<SUGAR> Rainbow Prince PCee nods and holds out hand for another trip "Can't really picture a robot posing so Ace High is where it makes the most sense."

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe tilts his head, "What do you think? It could also be 404 or pleasantville. But its probably AceHigh."

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe thinks for a moment, "Hmmm...well, give me one moment, I've had another thought..."

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe reaches his arm out, it disappearing up to the elbow. A look of concentration crosses his face, "Nope, she's not there. None of the other Jokers have seen her. But where..."

Rookie Carmen Sandiego purposefully picked a toy that is posing triumphantly.

<SUGAR> Rainbow Prince PCee examines the toy carefully "Maybe it's the way it's posed that's important..."

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe smiles, "Its Newhome. The statue is too human and cocky to not be. Shall we?"

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe blinks, re-examining the pose

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe sighs, "No, not new home. I dunno now...gotta think about this one..."

<SUGAR> Rainbow Prince PCee smiles slightly "Cocky and triumphant...NewHome or Improbable Central maybe...a human town."

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe throws up his hands and says, "Only two places left are Squat hole and the Commons. I'd say squat, but I really don't know any more...this woman is diabolical."

Rookie Carmen Sandiego would agree, if she were here. This woman IS diabolical. That's part of the charm.

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe facepalms, "Central. I forgot about central. Thats gotta be it, this is the statue in the town center. Now I'm sure, we can get out of this down now." he grins, "Glad you came."

<SUGAR> Rainbow Prince PCee looks at Xane "Seems like being diabolical is her point...but Squat Hole makes sense."

<SUGAR> Rainbow Prince PCee shakes head remembering his earlier suggestion "Ah glad i could help!"

<SUGAR> Rainbow Prince PCee chuckles "I forgot I even mentioned that..."

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe smiles, "Yeah, well either way, you remembered it, I didn't. Good catch there. Shall we be on our way?" he offers his hand again.

<SUGAR> Rainbow Prince PCee smiles and grabs Xane's hand "Off we go!"

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe chuckles at the enthusiasm as they go. Yes he's figured out how She gets around, he loves it!

Improbable Central

Rookie Carmen Sandiego stands in the square, watching the statue being built and torn down, built and torn down.

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe appears with PCee and tries to catch Carmen by the coat, "You're clever!"

<SUGAR> Rainbow Prince PCee places hand to the side of his head calming the dizzy feeling before reaching out for the coat as well to grab and hold her in place.

Rookie Carmen Sandiego sneezes, then bats Xane's hand away. "Paws off, you tie-dyed clown." For good measure, she sneezes and puts the tissue into Xane's hand, vanishing once more.

Rookie Killain looks curiously at spot where Carmen once stood.

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe has been tissued! Ew! He flings it off his hand and winces. "Oh ew, worst way to direct someone to Pleasantville ever...maybe squat hole..."

<SUGAR> Rainbow Prince PCee wrinkles nose at the tissue "That's disgusting..."

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe shudders, "Actually, she might be allergic to cats, could be Kittania too...." he looks around for something to wipe his hand on.

<SUGAR> Rainbow Prince PCee opens pouch pulling out a hanky holding it out to Xane.

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe thinks, bat, paws off, "Yep, Kittainia. I was almost wrong there."

<SUGAR> Rainbow Prince PCee thinks "Squat Hole makes more sense what with the skronky pot..."

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe takes the Hanky thankfully and wipes the Carmen-snot off. Ew. "Well, on the bright side, that one was easier."

<GOLD> Rookie BlueWolf says, "Has she been giving you clues?"

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe thinks, "Well, true...and she was being rude...Darn, I read too much into things, don't I?"

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe nods, "Yes, she stole my hat and cane. I think PC is right about this one, she might be in Squat Hole."

<GOLD> Rookie BlueWolf says, "I think I've heard of that one before. Red hat, leaves clues."

<SUGAR> Rainbow Prince PCee thinks for a minute "We should probably take the obvious meaning first."

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe nods, "Yeah, you're probably right PC, we'll try Squat Hole first. You ready or do you want to pick something up here first?" he chuckles.

<SUGAR> Rainbow Prince PCee smiles"Let's just get going...she's starting to get irritating."

<GOLD> Rookie BlueWolf says, "I was actually on my way to Kittania. Why are you tracking her?"

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe chuckles, "Sure. And she took my hat Blue. Keep an eye on her, she's tricky." he grabs PC and goes. He's actually enjoying this a little, but he wont admit it!

<SUGAR> Rainbow Prince PCee looks at the rookie. "She stole Xane's hat and cane and now to get them back we have to play her game."

Squat Hole

Rookie Carmen Sandiego plays cat's cradle with a ball of yarn she stole from that girl she possessed.

Rookie Carmen Sandiego tucks the yarn away and starts playing with a jar of glitter.

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe appears and jumps for Carmen, "Gotcha!"

<SUGAR> Rainbow Prince PCee pounces having gotten used to the travel by this point.

Rookie Carmen Sandiego pours the glitter into her hand and blows it at Xane, making a sparkly, shiny smoke screen. Once again, she narrowly evades capture!

Rookie Carmen Sandiego accidentally lets something round bounce out of her pocket when she disappears...something that starts to unravel.

<SUGAR> Rainbow Prince PCee scoops up the yarn carefully forcing down the urge to play with it. Damn cat tendancies.

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe coughs, having been distracted by the glitter.

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe chuckles, still coughing a little, "I...I think this one's obvious. Kittania?"

<SUGAR> Rainbow Prince PCee waves away the glitter before holding up the ball of yarn "Kittania..."

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe laughs, same thought, same time. "Now this one was easy. Lets see if we can catch her, shall we?"

<SUGAR> Rainbow Prince PCee nods and holds out hand smirking "Oh this time we'll get her!"

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe chuckles and grabs PC. They both disappear quickly.


Rookie Carmen Sandiego sits in the grass, holding a plastic flower in one hand. This is a nice little place.

<GOLD> Rookie BlueWolf looks around for Carmen Sandiego. He has a mission.

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe tries a more subtle approach. He sneaks up behind Carmen and reaches quietly for her hat! See how she likes it...

<GOLD> Rookie BlueWolf says, "Wait! I recognize that hat and cane."

Rookie Carmen Sandiego turns and squeezes the flower, securing her hat over one eye. It squirts Xane in the face, and she vanishes again, leaving the flower behind.

<SUGAR> Rainbow Prince PCee carefully hushes the rookie so he doesn't alert Carmen to Xane's approach.

<GOLD> Rookie BlueWolf says, "Well, you were right. Where do you thinnk she's off to now?"

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe is squirted. He stands there dripping for a moment. "Of course. I deserved that one...At least I know its AceHigh..."

Rookie Carmen Sandiego would note that, improbably, Xane was NOT squirted with water, but with something sweet.

<SUGAR> Rainbow Prince PCee sighs and moves over to the flower.

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe tastes the sweet stuff carefully. "If this is from that poisonous stream, I swear to god..."

<GOLD> Rookie BlueWolf says, "Aha! A 99% chance of cake, I believe."

Rookie Carmen Sandiego is NOT the sort of girl who would cause someone direct harm just to get her kicks. She would resent that remark HIGHLY if she were here to hear it.

<SUGAR> Rainbow Prince PCee sniffs smelling the sweet scent in the air. "Are you sure that is water...smells sweet..."

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe nods, "I don't think it is...I dunno what it is really...Punch maybe?"

<GOLD> Rookie BlueWolf wonders how an unarmed Rookie travels so easily.

Rookie Carmen Sandiego travels so easily because she is CARMEN SANDIEGO.

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe decides, "I think its just Sugar-water. I bet she's in AceHigh either way. The flower gag? Classic Joker Culture. A little old fashioned, but still..."

<SUGAR> Rainbow Prince PCee examines the flower carefully "AceHigh I think..."

<GOLD> Rookie BlueWolf takes a cookie from the machine and sets off in pursuit.

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe chuckles, they did it again. "Well then, we'll be off. Have fun here in Kittania Mr...well I don't think I caught your name."

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe blinks, there he goes. Ah well, there'll always be another chance. He looks to PC, "It shouldn't be long now, she's running out of outposts."

<SUGAR> Rainbow Prince PCee holds out hand smiling "I hate to admit it but this is getting fun..."

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe grins, "Yeah, not the worst chase I've been on, at least its just my hat and cane. Lets go." he grabs PC's arm and they go.

Ace High

Rookie Carmen Sandiego has a book of jargon, and she riffles through it before setting it somewhere that it will be found. Then she goes and gets some cake before scooting on out.

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe Fades into sight and sees the book. Huh. He looks inside curiously.

<SUGAR> Rainbow Prince PCee peeks at the book squinting eyes "What's it say?"

<GOLD> Rookie BlueWolf picks up the jargon.

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe shrugs, "I dunno. But If its what I think it is, I think I know where we're going next..."

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe blinks, woah! How did Blue get here? He's quick...

<SUGAR> Rainbow Prince PCee looks up at Xane "Cyber City?"

<GOLD> Rookie BlueWolf shrugs. "Chainsaws make travel easier."

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe nods, "I'd be willing to bet. But I have to make sure its technojargon, and not poeticjargon. Then it would be Pleasantville."

Rookie Carmen Sandiego hates being so obvious... but they had so much trouble with some of her earlier clues that she's giving them a break.

<GOLD> Rookie BlueWolf groans with the memory of Mutant poetry. He'd prefer 404 any day.

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe resists the urge to fiddle with spacetime in order to smack Carmen. That wouldn't be sporting. He'll do it when he catches her fair and square.

<SUGAR> Rainbow Prince PCee nods. "If it was Pleasentville I think she would have just left a book of poems. The clues thus far haven't been too difficult."

<GOLD> Rookie BlueWolf ponders the possibility of setting a trap.

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe shrugs, "I guess. Well, lets check 404 first, its probably there anyway." he reaches out for PC, already fading...

Rookie Carmen Sandiego thinks that if Xane fiddled, Imp Central would burn...

<SUGAR> Rainbow Prince PCee grabs Xane so he'll fade with him.

Cyber City 404

Rookie Carmen Sandiego stands in the center of the cold gray streets, letting the mountain wind stir her hair and ruffle her coat. She's holding a small box, waiting.

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe fades in quickly, hoping to catch Carmen ahead of the game. Assuming their guess was right...

Rookie Carmen Sandiego tosses Xane the box, steps behind a building, and is gone.

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe snaps his fingers, she's already here. He walks up to her, "So, we done? Already? It was just getting to be fun!"

<GOLD> Rookie BlueWolf braces for something improbable in that box.

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe catches it carefully, so much for that. He opens it and takes a look inside...

<SUGAR> Rainbow Prince PCee appears behind Xane ready to pounce at he woman.

<SUGAR> Rainbow Prince PCee sighs "Alright...what's next..."

<GOLD> Rookie BlueWolf decides to take... initiative. He disappears with purpose.

Rookie Carmen Sandiego has left, inside the box, a silver necklace. Or rather, what once was a silver necklace. Time and neglect have tarnished it so badly that it breaks and crumbles at a breath of fresh air.

Rookie Carmen Sandiego thinks it's sad, it really is, that something once so beautiful should have been transformed into something no one would ever want again.

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe thinks. Hmmm. "Taking a wild guess, I'd say Pleasantville. Although its only that and NewHome left, so..."

<SUGAR> Rainbow Prince PCee looks at the tarnished necklace "Pleasentville maybe?"

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe nods, "Pleasantville. Definitely. Its perfect symbolism."

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe nods, "Well, that was fast. You want to keep this thing? It'll probably be broken soon though..." he gestures to the crumbling thing.

<SUGAR> Rainbow Prince PCee takes the box and necklace tucking it into his pouch. "Might come in handy some day...now shall we?" Holds out hand.

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe nods and snags the 'morph, fading fast.


Rookie Carmen Sandiego breaks walls of reality to set a CD on a table. It's by an artist called Enya, and the Disc is titled The Memory of Trees. The songs on it are "Anywhere Is" and "On My Way Home."

Rookie Carmen Sandiego then vanishes to her final destination. The game has been fun...but all games have to end some time.

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe Smiles as he fades in, this one is simple enough. "The only place left is Newhome Anyway, so thats what this clue has got to mean. Sort of poetic, really?" he muses.

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe blinks, "Ebenezer, is that you? Is Harvey still around?"

<SUGAR> Rainbow Prince PCee nods and smiles at Xane. "Off to Newhome then..."

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe shrugs, maybe not, "Yes, but one moment. I want to see if Eben's still here. Perhaps he'd like to come as well." the more the merrier!

<DICE> Ebenezer says, "Yes. Erm...and yes." He frowns, "Sort of. He's taken to wandering off. Gets bored of me, he says."

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe nods solemnly, "Not surprising. Now then, me and PC don't have long. Saw that woman in red? She's a 5-er. Took my hat and cane. We've chased her all over the island, now to NewHome."

<DICE> Ebenezer seems concerned. "What? Where-where are you going? NewHome? Why?"

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe sighs and repeats what he just said, "So, care to come with us? It'll be fun!" he offers his hand.

<DICE> Ebenezer grimaces. That sounds bad. He glances to the colourful fellow who must be PC. They haven't met, but there's no time for an introduction now.

<DICE> Ebenezer hesitates and says, "Oh...well... alright, yes."

<SUGAR> Rainbow Prince PCee smiles "It's been a game and we'd love to have you along for the finale"

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe thinks it isn't that bad. He's having fun, he doesn't get to see enough of the island anyway.

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe smiles and snags Eben's hand before he can say no. He scoops up PC and they fade.

<DICE> Ebenezer yelps as he's stolen away. It's too late to not be part of the adventure now!

New Home

Rookie Nikolai waits for the new day, amusing himself by tossing scraps of meat to the children pulling his chariot, gotta keep them just a little hungry or they wont attack the monsters...

Rookie Carmen Sandiego sets Xane's cane on the ground, balancing it so it stands, and then sets his hat on top of it. She concedes. And besides...she has other things to think about.

Rookie Carmen Sandiego steps behind the grease pit known as Joe's Diner and leans against the back wall. What is there for her now? This place seems like boundless fun...but...should she go back where she came from?

Rookie Carmen Sandiego wonders...would there be things to steal, clues to leave, capers to run like there were at home with all the gumshoes? Would she be able to find allies and adversaries?

Rookie Carmen Sandiego's window to go or stay, go or stay, return to the familiar or have a new playground, is closing rapidly. She only has another day to decide...what choice should she make?

Rookie Nikolai looks curiously at Carmen, realizing she looks quite familiar..

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe appears, now with Ebenezer in tow as well and a grin on his face. He sees his Hat and Cane and snags them quickly. He smiles and says, "Well this has been fun..."

<DICE> Ebenezer anghs and brushes himself off. He swats Xane and spouts, "Warn me next time! That's very alarming!"

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe notes Carmen behind Joes and walks over to her, twirling his cane. He gives her shoulder a little shove, "That was fun. Now then, about your home...will you be returning?"

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe chuckles at Eben, "Oh please, you big baby. Its not that bad." Rookie Carmen Sandiego taps her fingers against her arm, mouth turning into a thoughtful frown. Maybe the Island's too small for her...maybe she'd just fall into a routine, a trap. Maybe she'd become stale.

<GOLD> Rookie BlueWolf appears, glad Xane has racovered his fancy accoutrements.

<SUGAR> Rainbow Prince PCee smiles fading into Newhome "That's the best mode of transportation ever!"

Rookie Nikolai waves to Eben as he heads for the jungle

Rookie Carmen Sandiego thinks that stagnation would be worse than death. It would be like imprisonment. Maybe here is not where she should be, even if it has been fun.

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe thinks Carmen could certainly have, and be a part of a good deal of fun. Hence the offer to stay.

Rookie Carmen Sandiego looks at Xane with one blue eye, keeping the other hidden beneath the brim of her hat. "I have not decided yet."

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe grins at PC, he agrees. He tilts his head at Carmen, "So? Stay or go?"

<DICE> Ebenezer waves to Nik.

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe nods, "Well, in that case, I suppose you have some time to think. I'll be here if you do decide to go home." he walks back to his two companions. "Well then, thats done! That was fun!"

<GOLD> Rookie BlueWolf says, "Carmen, the Island needs people like you. After all, the viewers love it."

<DICE> Ebenezer stays back, keeping a careful eye on Carmen. He glances quickly to PC, but then back to Carmen at once. The situation makes him a bit tense.

Rookie Carmen Sandiego heads into the jungle, she needs to think and make her choice. These gumshoes were about as fun as Zack and Ivy....but here she doesn't have her own cool theme song by Rockapella.

<SUGAR> Rainbow Prince PCee smiles at Xane "We need more games like that!"

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe gives Eben a grin, "Sorry you weren't there for more of it, I probably could have used your help in New Pittsburgh. Ah well, PC was a great help anyway."

Rookie Nikolai chuckles "I thought so, Carmen SanDiego, I really must say the time you hijacked the Eiffel Tower was really spectacular, one of my favorites really.

<DICE> Ebenezer frowns at Xane. "What-what was in New Pittsburgh?" He looks to PC and asks, "PC?"

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe smiles, "Yeah, I kind of hope she stays. Odd really for me to hope a villain stays here for a while longer, but I suppose you learn something every day.

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe smiles, "A toy. Posed triumphantly. I couldn't figgure out where it represented for a good long while. What would you have guessed?" he shushes PC, let him guess!

<SUGAR> Rainbow Prince PCee turns toward Ebenezer and nods "That's me and you must be Ebenezer"

<GOLD> Rookie BlueWolf says, "Ah, that's where I joined up. Posed triumphantly..."

<DICE> Ebenezer says to PC, "Yes. Ebenezer. Good to meet you." He raises an eyebrow at Xane, "Erm... I have no idea."

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe chuckles, ah Eben. Its so much fun to upset him, but Xane has no idea why...probably cause its so easy...

<GOLD> Rookie BlueWolf says, " Here's a hint. If I'd done it, it would have been a noob in the stocks."

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe pouts, "Oh really Eben? Don't give up so easily, try!"

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe blinks, that makes it awfully easy.

<DICE> Ebenezer folds his arms across his chest. He hates guessing games. Frowning to BlueWolf, he says, "You call that a hint?" He tries anyway, "Erm... Imp Central?"

<GOLD> Rookie BlueWolf asks Xane,"Do you think Carmen might be part Joker? She seems to fit the bill."

<SUGAR> Rainbow Prince PCee shakes his head and looks to Blue "No she's human...just a clever one."

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe shrugs, "Yeah, she just always seems to know how to get from here to there. Which is Joker-like in its own way...and you're right by the way Eben."

<GOLD> Rookie BlueWolf says, "Not to mention the defiance of the fourth wall and excellent dress sense."

<SUGAR> XeNoMoRpH XaNe shrugs, "Well, if she isn't I want to make her an Honorary one. She sure earned it!" he chuckles, this really was a nice way to spend his afternoon.

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