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The International Brotherhood of Henchpersons, Minions, and Lackeys, Local #42 Commonly known as <IBHML> or 'The Brotherhood'

Thugs, Mooks, Igors, Lab Assistants, Stormtroopers, Trusted Lieutenants, and of course, Henchmen, Minions, and Lackeys. These are what really make the difference between a true Mad Scientist or Evil Overlord, and some fool playing with dangerous chemicals in his basement. But where do they come from? and where do they go after the, usually inevitable, downfall of their respective employers?

After all, there's a lot of skill needed to dig out a proper underground lair, not to mention properly decorating it. I mean, of course the floors should be nice, flat, and level. But what about the walls? Does the employer want bare chiseled rock? With or without dripping cave walls? Stalactites? Stone Block? How about concrete walls? If so does the employer want them painted? How? White? Institutional green? Flat black with glowing neon directional striping? In lair design alone there are thousands of issues to consider, and these issues don't generally translate well into the civilian sector. That doesn't even begin to consider the problems inherent in day-to-day maintenance, doomsday weapon construction, torture and interrogation, transportation, logistics, culinary preparation, and monitoring those damned little swirly-scopes.

Today's Mad Scientist or Evil Overlord needs a reliable source of well-trained, loyal personnel. This is the task of the <IBHML>. We locate people of intelligence and a certain moral flexibility, train them in the skills needed for truly excellent evil enterprise support, and provide them, at reasonable cost, to prospective employers. The IBHML is a union organization, but, due to the nature of the businesses we support, employee treatment rules can be fairly lax in some areas.

Recent investigation into 'The Brotherhoods' Activities shows a sudden recruitment drive, possibly linked with the nuclear meltdown of the secret base of one of their biggest customers resulting in the sudden loss of several members. Though its also Rumored that several of their members were recruited permanently by the improbability drive itself in order to form the CIA. 1)

1) when questioned on this subject CIA leaders and the improbability drive both responded with 'ARGHH!!! DIE TRAITOROUS FOOL!!!' before promptly lighting our agents on fire and stating calmly 'Move along folks nothing to see here'
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