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An Explanation for Invisible Zombie Cats

  1. According to Schrodinger, his cat-in-a-box is theoretically both alive and dead, as long as you don't check.
  2. Both alive and dead = Undead = Zombie. It's simple maths.
  3. Cats are innately magic, demostrated by the fact that in HARD SCIENCE a cat can be a zombie.
  4. Dr Immprobable's cat was only invisible when people could observe it.
  5. Since Schroodingers cat1) was a thought experiment it stands to reason that observation includes thinking about the cat.
  6. We live on Improbable island, not Schrooodinger Island.2)

Therefore, as long as you are aware of the cat, its invisible and planning to gnaw your brains out. Even the zombies brains.


2) Or Wonderland.
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