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In September of 2014, the island was graced with a pop star the likes of which have never been seen before (and probably never will be seen again!). Said pop star, of course, had to tour the island with her musical stylings and sweet moves. And, at the hands of a particular weaponsmith/pyrotechnician, the lights and pyrotechnics that make any show a hundred times more awesome!

Saturday, September 13th, 2014 was the date of her first show. She and her group took over Newhome for a captivating endeavour that will not soon be forgotten. However, in case you did forget, we recorded it for you.


The entirety of the show has been recorded and placed below. If you, at any time, have trouble reading it, we have a document with different colours that should help it be easier to read: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1i0kFRkgS-gzfHQ6SwmbqDz2E6G3-3otcMRe6by7ubbs/edit

The Music!

This playlist goes along with the concert: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6FPJOgfCkc&list=PLHQ-UeMmYgJKSZor9QJlkNs3nyGoo0Gat This song goes along with the encore performance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4R6tcNqlQFA

Newhome Kick-off Show!

Okay, I lied. The show was about 21 pages on a google doc (seen above) and my editing skills are lame. And I was certainly not going to go through and manually edit 21 pages worth of lines of dialogue and narrative. Seriously. That's too much work for even the most patient of coders.

I mean, if you really wanna read it, it's this block of text below. I'd just read the google doc, myself.

Not-So-Scaredy Cat Laura Packard frowns as she looks around, heading towards Sorrel, the only person she reocognizes. "...a lot of people here tonight. What's up? There gonna be a flash mob or something?" Sally Slivel does something wrong, and ends up hanging over the back of the bench, laughing. Geminus, Mrs. Sorrell waves to Laura. "You're close! 'S gonnabe a concert." Not-So-Scaredy Cat Laura Packard ooohs. "...wait. It's n0t going to be a zombified Tupac or something, is it? Granted, that would be kind of awesome..." Lunael chuckles, turning her attention to Sally. "You ok?" Seraphim smiles. New perrrsooon Whump, she's next to Laura. "S'concert! A pop concert. I have to work security. I'm Seraphim!" Geminus, Mrs. Sorrell climbs down from the roof in more normal fashion. Photographer wipes hair away from his face, blinking at how many people are in Newhome. That doesn't happen every day. Walking in the outpost, a few familiar faces are noticed. "Well, this is new." The man only states the truth. Caveat Emptor! Xela makes his way into the outpost, carrying a large bag over one shoulder. He looks around for Will. Sally Slivel's laugh turns to a smile. "Yep! I fall a lot!" She doesn't seem to want to move from this position. Torrie appears to have snuck in and climbed the building that Will is on standing beside him "Just in time." The Chained Kastril unwalls. She clutches her head, blinking off the after affects of her wall induced state. "Did I miss anything?" Are there people still on the roof with her? Lunael smiles softly. "Used to be the same here haha." The Chained Kastril is all alone on her roof it seems. Very Foxy Willow Luck is sleeping on a bench. Photographer frowns, heading somewhere higher than the to-be giant moshpit. Not-So-Scaredy Cat Laura Packard looks at Seraphim. "Laura. Haven't we met already?" Seraphim shrugs. "Kinda! Just very briefly and I figured it warranted doing again." The Chained Kastril's eyes latch onto Willow. Her eyes brighten, and she snaps down from the roof, leaning on the back of Willow's bench. Sweetened Anew WolvenKnight Accalia hurries into the outpost. This is it! She heard it, saw the posters.. now time to live it. Not-So-Scaredy Cat Laura Packard shrugs and looks around. "...so, who exactly is playing? It's probably not the ghost of Lady Gaga or Tupac's Zombie." She frowns. "...though, that last one would make one kick-ass band name." Seraphim giggles. "Endarr is a pop star now apparently." Lunael thinks it's time to take her spot. No point in waiting for everyone to arrive first. Photographer enjoys the view, sitting where Kastril used to be. Observing everyone. Like, batman. T'was cool. Is cool. Quieter than down there. Caveat Emptor! Xela shrugs, he's just going to wing it for now, he makes his way up and onto the walls behind the Staging area. Fireworks, lasers and a few glitter cannons are set up in his wake. Professor Lain slips on the concert t-shirt she picked up on the way in. Should be a fun night! Not-So-Scaredy Cat Laura Packard snickers. "A dragon who's a popstar. This I need to see." The Chained Kastril brushes Willow's cheek softly with her hand. "Wake up darling... there's going to be a concernt soon." Seraphim walks between the stage and the crowd barrier. She pushes a button on her collar and a sleek helmet folds out around her head. "Right then. Time to do work." Sally Slivel eats the rest of her cheese, still not moving. Very Foxy Willow Luck shifts uncomfortably, still asleep. Sweetened Anew WolvenKnight Accalia is right at the edge of the stage. Time to prove she's the best fangirl ever! The Chained Kastril will just wait until the music starts, leaning over the bench Willow was on and watching the chaos occur. Seraphim takes a air-burst rifle out off of her back. Lunael moves up to slightly higher ground than she had taken before. She reached back to her quiver and checked to make sure she had brought her blunt bolts with her. The lights in the outpost lower and a spotlight rises up to the darkened sky. A sparkling figure drops through the shafts of light, landing on the stage in a pose, her pink tails dancing behind her. She signals to Xela. It's time for glitter! Sally Slivel pulls herself up, so she is now sitting on the top edge of the bench, watching. The Chained Kastril figures Willow will wake up soon enough. Caveat Emptor! Xela grins and starts hitting buttons, Glitter goes everywhere! Very Foxy Willow Luck grabs one of Kasi's wings in her sleep, nuzzing it into a hug. Popstar Endarr grins as she throws a hand up along with the burst of glitter. "HELLO, NEWHOME!" Professor Lain cheers! Very Foxy Willow Luck jumps in her sleep. "Huh?! Wha?!" The Chained Kastril figures, Oh! Her wing is grabbed. And now they're both glittery. Photographer lays a hand on his cheek, smiling. Who would have thought he'd end up here. Oh! It's that girl! Not-So-Scaredy Cat Laura Packard chuckles softly. This would be interesting fro the viewers at home, at least. And she might get a kick out of it, too. What to call this genre, though? "Furry Rock"? ...that just sounds nasty. Seraphim grins behind her visor. This should be fun. The Chained Kastril wing is now longer grabbed hopefully. "Hey Willow." She leans over and puts both her wings over Willow's chest. "There's a concert happening!" She hugs Willow under the wings from behind. Very Foxy Willow Luck says "C-concert... Right... ungh..." Sally Slivel, covered in glitter, grins, watching. Popstar Endarr puts her hands on her hips. "Before I get started, I want to thank all of you for coming out here tonight! You're wonderful people! Now that that's out of the way, it's time to get started!" Lunael casts a glance over her shoulder, smiling a bit before going back to full attention Torrie watchs grinning. Geminus, Mrs. Sorrell sits by Sally and watches the singer with huge eyes. So... much.. glitter... The Chained Kastril moves to sit beside Willow putting a wing around her shoulder and an arm around her waist. "Was going to watch from the roof, but since you're here." She snuggles into Willow. Popstar Endarr waves a hand out to one side. Four foxfires drift out in a line. She waves a hand to the other side and another four foxfires drift out. She grins, raises her hands and snaps and the orbs coalesce into humanoid forms, similar to her own. Not-So-Scaredy Cat Laura Packard wonders if getting out a lighter and waving it around would be appropriate here. Those thoughts vanish at the sight of the glitter, and her eyes go wide. She barely resist the temptation to chase the light patterns it creates around. Very Foxy Willow Luck snuggles into Kasi, to watch together. Even if she was just sleeping... Popstar Endarr gets right into the first song, the words in some sort of foreign language. It's like she's singing in a mixture of English, Korean and Japanese. For those with any understanding of languages, it seems to be... well basically "we're number 1". The humanoid spirt flames dance along with Endarr, singing harmony to her melody. Not-So-Scaredy Cat Laura Packard has no knowledge of Korean, but wiggles to the song happily. So, it's K-Pop. She's cool with that. Sally Slivel has a look of both complete confusion and great amusement. She tries clapping to any beat she can hear. Seraphim looks away from the crowd a moment and watches Endarr's light show. Caveat Emptor! Xela's lasers float up and start pulsing to the beat, creating patterns behind Endarr and the backup. Photographer didn't expect this, for some reason or another. He still listened and paid attention to the on stage, but looked at the entrance every now and then, expecting someone. Maybe. Lunael hums along as best as she can to the song. Torrie watchs with wide excited eyes. She never got to go to a concert as a kid. Popstar Endarr swivels her hips along with the beat from diembodied drum machines. Eventually the song slows to a quieter portion before picking up once more and ending in a pose and a burst of sound, leaving the silence afterward heavy. Sally Slivel sticks both her arms up. "Woo!" The Chained Kastril isn't really sure what she was expecting. But she can settle for this, not her usual type of music. But still enjoyable. Plus there was a Willow, she could probably listen to Death Metal if it was with Willow. Not-So-Scaredy Cat Laura Packard has never been to a concert before, so she's unsure of the ettiquite. Does she 'mosh'? Would 'grinding' be appropriate? Should she 'raise da roof'? The answer to all three of those is 'God No'. Well, maybe yes on the last one. Very Foxy Willow Luck wasnt partial to this genre of music either, but the performer did it well, and she was able to relax with her girlfriend. So all was well. Geminus, Mrs. Sorrell claps and whistles. Wooo! Not-So-Scaredy Cat Laura Packard knows that cheering for the artist is at least appropriate, so she does that. Seraphim turns back to the crowd and taps her foot. Lunael claps quietly looking between the stage and crowd. The Chained Kastril might've whistled, if she could count on something that loud not coming out sounding like a Roc was having a heart attack. Better not. She'll just watch. Watching is good. Popstar Endarr's ears twitch. Oh yes, that's what she likes to hear! She gives the crowd a moment before starting into the next song. A bit more peppy, but hiding a darker meaning. Oh, but the horrible things that those who cheat in a relationship deserve. Sally Slivel looks around at the large lack of cheering. Wasn't that supposed to be loud? Louder at least? Ah well, new song. Yay! Popstar Endarr's dance moves are all close to her body as if she is being conspiriatorial... save for waves and pushing motions. Torrie cheered. Didn't you hear it? Not-So-Scaredy Cat Laura Packard wiggles about awkwardly, eventually arriving next to what appears to be the only man in the outpost who isn't working the concert, the Photographer. "Ya like the concert?" She asks, barely audible over the music. Caveat Emptor! Xela starts setting off the fireworks, the booms and bursts of light, some how harmonizing with the music. Popstar Endarr ends this song with a little wave, her back-up all taking a seat around her.' Photographer has a more blank expression. This guy is so. What's the word? Undramatic. At everything he does. Awhile ago he crawled down from the rooftop, and now talking to a particular kittymorph. "Yeah," He manages to get across, "Albiet not what I expected Geminus, Mrs. Sorrell wooos and cheers as expected. The msic was kinda fun! Very Foxy Willow Luck wishes she could properly clap or whistle at this point... But alas, she is watching. Its somthing, right? Photographer shrugs, talking while the songs are inbetween. "I'm sticking around anyway. Make new friends. Stuff like that." Lunael spots more than one person on a rooftop and casually glances through her crossbow's scope to see what they're doing before putting it on her back again. Sally Slivel decides to start the cheering. Loudly! (Ahrgh Sorrel) She jumps up into a standing position on the bench, clapping loudly over her head and shouting: "Woo! Yeah! Yay!" Sweetened Anew WolvenKnight Accalia is at a loss. She likes the music, the show. But not the crowds. She's gives a big grin and claps though. Maybe fan girl not for her? A treacherous thought. Not-So-Scaredy Cat Laura Packard frowns, booping Photo on the nose. "Ach, yer being a party pooper." In her hammiest voice, she does a spin, asking/declaring "Dance with me!" Seraphim looks up at the sky. S'clear now! She cuts the energy to her spell circle and the barrier drops, letting the night air in. Popstar Endarr waves a hand out to one side, then the other, the foxfire dancers, rising, moving fluidly as they do, spreading out. She grins. Oh, she loves this next song. It's far more bouncy than the last one. And has more English, though the words seem to be about Popstar Endarr|... taxis? No, no... The taxi driver! Because the song is about leading a lifestyle where one travels a lot. It's exciting! Like this music! Sally Slivel sits down again. Torrie cheers more beaming. She is fangirling right now. Caveat Emptor! Xela drops a few smoke bombs over the wall, creating a screen for the lasers to make patters on. The green Kitsune Drifts into NH to find a concert in effect. Is that the popstar!?!?! Photographer raises his eyebrows, wondering why people want to talk to him. Before he could say something witty, she smiled, carrying him to a spot clear enough for some dancing space. "I don't really dance, that often." Like that excuse would work. Shoulder / Equird he kinda just caaaaausaly slides over to photo " "hey hey you photogaphic motherfucker" Photographer figures shoulder swaying will work for now. Popstar Endarr is singing a song that she was singing the other day in the outpost, and dancing just the same. But this time she's got Xela's lasers and her back-up dancers... And the sound is in stereo! The Chained Kastril eventually decides to go with something more native to her. Quite suddenly she lets out a loud, Caw! of appreciation. Hey, because why not. Photographer blinks, looking at Equird. "Oh, hey." Motherfucker is something he isn't surprised to be addressed as, but what for? Very Foxy Willow Luck decides to just snuggle her love dove. The green Kitsune Begins to dance to the musics and giggling. She is off to the side though so likely unnoticed. Equird sways to the beat of the song " looks like someones haveing a goooood time" Geminus, Mrs. Sorrell jumps up and starts dancig. Who with? No one! Who says she needs a partner? Popstar Endarr finishes this song, belting out "wa ikanai no yo!" And throwing up an obligatory peace sign! She beams at the audience, hands going to her hips as she turns away. She'll need a moment after that song. It's quite the rush for her. The Chained Kastril starts Cooing, not loud enough for anyone but Willow to hear her. Caveat Emptor! Xela shoots off more glitter with the peace sign. Sally Slivel begins her excessive cheering again, then sits down. She looks around at the people who were dancing, then down at her feet. Lunael dances in place, trying not to get too absorbed in the music to do her job. Photographer wasn't wearing a smile. He usually doesn't. Not even when laughing. But the kittymorph seemed fun, so. "A little." Very Foxy Willow Luck had been up for quite a while... and reguardless of the high-energy performance... seemed exausted, and slowly drifted back to sleep, snuggling Kasi. Seraphim retracts her helmet. She taps her earpiece and two similarly armored people approach to stand in for her. Another moves to stand in for Lunael for a while. Equird Glances at the kittymorph photos danceing with "Sup" Lunael thanks the armored person and climbs down from her spot on a roof and went into the crowd. Seraphim walks around a bit and spots Kit. She walks up to the dryad and nudges her with an elbow. "Having fun, Kit!?" The Chained Kastril brings Willow down so she's laying on her lap. "Sleep well my fox." She says quietly. Popstar Endarr keeps her back to the crowd as she starts this next song, popping her hip out once, twice, thrice before turning and starting. Ah, this one seems to be about being one to fulfil your fantasies. Well, you referring to whoever the song was written for. Geminus, Mrs. Sorrell glances over at him as her hips sway to the beat. "Oh? Hi!" Seraphim walks over to Sorrell next. "Heeeey! Having fun!?" Geminus, Mrs. Sorrell grins. Yesdancewithme!" Seraphim nods and starts to dance. Caveat Emptor! Xela starts throwing glowsticks into the crowd, fireworks burst behind the smoke along with the laser show. Popstar Endarr stops singing at one point, simply dancing along to the disembodied music before the lights and music simply go off. The lights rise back up and she says "DJ, put it back on." And the music starts up again with the back-up singing the normal words. Popstar Endarr, herself, is singing separate words over the harmony. Geminus, Mrs. Sorrell reaches for Seraphim to dance with her, smiling and happy. This is fun! Equird just dances next to photo and waggles his eyebrows at him "i see your still missing a shirt" Not-So-Scaredy Cat Laura Packard frowns as she comes back to her senses, having frozen in place, evidently stunned by the glitter. Yes, let's go with that. Photographer looks over to Laura. "This is Equird, Equird this is." They haven't even talked long enough for names. She'll probably fill in the blanks. Lunael jumps up and catches a couple glowsticks and starts to wave them in rhythm with the music. Photographer shrugs. "I'm still not taking off my pants, if that's what you're getting at. And being shirtless isn't quite because I want to." Equird waves to laura Popstar Endarr, as she finishes this song, waves to a tech off-stage who runs on with a stool, setting it down by her. She takes a seat and her back-up dancers drape themselves around her. She closes her eyes. "... now... I'm sure we've all lost someone..." Equird Pouts and nudges him in the side with his elbow "aw your no fun" Not-So-Scaredy Cat Laura Packard shrugs, and quickly resumes dancing, giddy from the music. Is she actually being... confident? "I'm Laura! I didn't cacth your name!" She says to Photo. Sally Slivel taps her feet to any beat that she can hear. She still looks at the people dancing. Sleeping Ugly Fish follows the sound of singing, somewhat bewildered by the sheer volume of it, into the outpost. There goes the song, slowing down to a stop, giving her a moment to try and figure out what's going on. Goodness, there's a lot of people. Popstar Endarr sighs. "And maybe if we had a time machine, we could go back and not have that loss..." Her ears droop as she starts singing, seated as she is. This one is almost a ballad, rather than a peppy pop tune. The Chained Kastril cradles Willow in her arms, gently swaying with the music on the bench. Caveat Emptor! Xela's effects go out and a pair of lights shine on Endarr for the song. Equird Pouts and nudges him in the side with his elbow "aw your no fun" Photographer fakes a smile, hoping Equird isn't still hitting on him. The photographer don't swing that way. "James!" He yelled over the crowd. "Most call me the photographer, but refer to whichever!" Geminus, Mrs. Sorrell spots white hair in the crowd, though it's kind of hard to make out in the crowd. Without really seeing the person's face she threads through the crowd, saying, "Elf, you shrunk!" Not-So-Scaredy Cat Laura Packard swings both ways! Wait no she doesn't. Her hips are swinging both ways, though, so that counts? "James it is!" Wigglewaggle. This kitty be dancin'! The Chained Kastril shoves thoughts of Luck from her mind. She would be quite glad she couldn't remember pre-island if she remembered enough to know she should be glad. As it is, her thoughts turn to a good friend she hadn't seen in ages. Aesen. Kariah pops in, glances around, then makes to lea- "No wait, I think I need a rest first." She sits instead on a neatly crafted bench. Professor Lain lights the end of her finger with a green flame and sways to the music. Equird Smiles back. his smile muuuch more genuine then photos one Lunael shed a single tear, but she hadn't lost anyone personally, at least no one that she knew well. Sleeping Ugly Fish twists. That's a voice she recognizes, there, and another. She's not yet protecting her ears, but she'll get there soon, probably. Sorrell, if she gets close enough, gets a confused look and a prick of ear. Wat. Kariah leaps from her bench, suddenly remembwering why she travelled all the way to this Korforsaken town. Seraphim stops dancing and walks back to her post for the post-show crowd. Helm back on, rifle back out. Geminus, Mrs. Sorrell reaches Fish and blinks at her. Slowly she flushes under her fur. "Oh, s-sorry! I saw the hair and thought - ack! Sorry MissFish!" Popstar Endarr sings this song mostly alone, though the back-up joins in on the chorus. The general gist being that something bad happened in the past, themes of mistakes and regrets with the chorus saying how much a time machine would help fix those problems. Kariah stands stock still for a moment, fighting to reremember what she is here for. It's a difficult fight to be sure. Photographer sways a little more confidently than when he first began, starting to get into. K-pop. Whatever the hell. "Nice to meet you then, Laura!" The Chained Kastril just snuggles Willow. I have you, and it'll take more than the Twins to take you away. She looks up. Fish... Fish gets a look, not hostile, just like a this is why I did it. Still holding Willow. Sally Slivel looks a bit bored during this song, as she is looking at her feet. Lunael puts the glowsticks in her bag and heads back to her post quickly. Then she resumes ehr watch. Sweetened Anew WolvenKnight Accalia flattens her ears. This song is very painful to listen too, good as it is. She moves to the back of the crowd, intent on slipping out before the song can affect her too much. Not-So-Scaredy Cat Laura Packard would take K-pop over A-Pop any day. Seriously, American Pop music in the early 21st century kind of sucked. Sleeping Ugly Fish has to raise her voice, probably, to cut through the crowd. "It's okay! Not many people like that! What's going on!" Because she hasn't figured it out yet, despite stumbling across bright pink tee shirts on her way here. Photographer is not genuine. He is a sociopath that doesn't know it yet. Maybe he'll never go back to that, but faking smiles was never anything new. Kariah's head jerks up with a force of rememberence, then just as quickly forgets as she hears a familiar voice amidst the crwod. Kariah says "Fish!?" Popstar Endarr doesn't even let this song sit as she finishes it, hopping to her feet, her outfit going black, studded with spikes. Oh, this one's about being a bad girl. The kind who rides motorcycles and smokes. Oh man, how edgy. Captain Jack Smythe grumbles quietly as he stumbles out of an alley, looking around. "...the hell..." He rubs his head, eyes dim. Runic Kitsuneko sits atop one of the buildings looks down on the stage, legs crossed as shi smiles, tails swaying to the music. Caveat Emptor! Xela tosses out more smoke grenades and sets the spotlights and lasers to train over the crowd. Kariah searches amidst the crowd for a glimpse of the tiny, kind hearted woman that she has been led to call and remember as "Fish" Equird causally bumps photo on the side with his booty "woops" Geminus, Mrs. Sorrell kneels down to better talk to her. Or yell, rather. "It's a concert! Some lady called Endarr!" Sleeping Ugly Fish's ears flick slightly, pressing back a sliver of a second before coming forward again. Maybe she's listening for something; maybe the sudden voice in her face was too much; maybe it's a reaction to something else entirely. But it passes. "Oh okay!" Can you keep up with this bad girl? Oh no, she's too much for you. Can't you tell by crossed-arm pose she ends the song with? Photographer ignores the booty bump. Not dealing with that. "Just yesterday I was drinking with the girl upstage! He told Laura, finally dancing dancing. Geminus, Mrs. Sorrell blinks at Fish. "I don't think you had green ears last time I saw you!" Caveat Emptor! Xela lets off a burst of bright fireworks just behind the posing. Not-So-Scaredy Cat Laura Packard chuckles. "You mean Endarr? I've had drinks with her and her wife a couple of times. She's nice!" Kariah sits down as a thought slowly returns to the fore of her mind. She remembers! Seraphim whumps next to Photo. "Hello, James. How you enjoying the concert?" Seraphim is still in her faceless armor, of course. Sally Slivel seems to have mostly lost interest in the current songs. She taps her feet (not to any rhythm) and looks around at the other people. Torrie cheers more for her smiling. Enjoying herself. Yessir she is. Kariah's eyes fall half open. A whisper. "dojo" Captain Jack Smythe blinks slowly, sniffing the air. He shrugs vaguely, humming as he looks around. Popstar Endarr blows a kiss to Xela. This is even better than she thought it'd be! And then it's time for the next song. Her clothes meld back into their normal pink for this more peppy song. If a cheerleader were a song, it'd sound like this. Professor Lain might be wriggling her butt. A bit. This is much catchier than the NewHome song. Popstar Endarr sings about how she's different now, and how the boy who left her is simply silly for leaving. Sleeping Ugly Fish tosses her arms up in the air, hopefully not smacking anyone in the face. "I know right!" she all but screeches, grinning, then wincing at the volume of her own voice. Whoopsadaisy. The Chained Kastril sighs, rubbing her cheeck on Willow's before extracting herself from her now sleeping girlfriend. "Later my love." She whispers. Photographer nods, starting to sweat from the sheer collective body heat. "Yeah, I was surprised to see her onstage-" Oh hey another Sera jump scare! He jumped up from shock, making a new dance move. "It's pretty good!" He informed to the Dhampir. Caveat Emptor! Xela throws out more glowsticks, Fish and Jack both get one aimed towards the forehead. Seraphim nods, then blinks back to her position. Sadie returns triumphant from a visit to the illustrious establishment known as Soup and Pants. She found jeans there, and a t-shirt that kind of fits. Sort of. It's a little short on her tall frame. Still, gone are the overalls, banished evermore. Sadie stops and stares at NewHome as she enters. What. Geminus, Mrs. Sorrell ducks and then grins back. "I like them!" The Chained Kastril's eyes lock onto her roof, and she snaps up onto it, near the edge and peering down at the crowd and the singer. Equird He looks at seraphim and grins "Hey vampo" Lunael settles watching over the others and just tapping to the beat of the current song. Sadie is hit by a glowstick as she walks in. Captain Jack Smythe twitches, grabbing the glowstick out of the air. He grumbles quietly, waving at Xela. He sniffs the air, working his way towards Fish. Not-So-Scaredy Cat Laura Packard catches a glowstick... in her teeth. Laura, you are not a dog, you are not a raver, and you are not a raving dog. Stop that. Popstar Endarr's song seems to slowly meld into the next song, a bit slower and darker. But that's what happens when a woman is scorned. Hell hath no fury. That boy was the devil, and he better run from her revenge. Photographer giggles at how she caught it, amused with how a kittymorph can act. "Nice catch!" Sadie rubs her head, then stoops to pick up the glowstick. What. Runic Kitsuneko bobs along with the changing of the music with each song, tails flairing out as shi sways and dances from hir seated perch. Caveat Emptor! Xela dances along with the music, hitting buttons, lighting fireworks, throwing glowsticks and making the lasers dance with him. Seraphim snorts at the theme of the current song. She's a monster, and she wouldn't do this shit. Sleeping Ugly Fish is about to speak when-- awp. That was a projectile, wasn't it? She stares dumbly at the thing, now that her forehead helped her catch it. What is this? Popstar Endarr sings as she mimes running "You better run, run, run, run, run." Man, whoever this guy is better run. Seriously. There's a song about it, that's how bad it is! Sadie straightens and looks around the outpost-turned-concert-venue. She's never seen such a high concentration of clothed persons in this place. Not-So-Scaredy Cat Laura Packard twirls her glowstick as she dances around. She eventualy dances away from Photo, eventually coming towards another fox person who has a few less tails then Endarr. She looks at Kitsu. "You related to the singer?" Captain Jack Smythe chuckles quietly at the song, humming quietly as he slips up behind Fish, rapping her on the shoulder with his glowstick. Kariah tops it into the town, fresh blood dripping from her thighs, a feral grin on her smooth cheeks, butterfly pajamas immaculate. "... yes ... Yes. meeeat..." Sleeping Ugly Fish turns, probably stumbling into Sorrell if she's not careful-- and she's not-- to stare up at Jack. Huh. She shows him the glowstick and shouts-- probably unnecessarily-- "What is this?" Photographer somehow managed to get a glow stick, looking around at all the heads of people. A familiar voice, but can't quite make it out where it comes from. Or who. Oh well. Popstar Endarr finishes this song with a "Run, devil, run run." One arm across her waist, the other folded behind her head. The tech takes the sign to run back out with the stool, her back-up dancers melting back into foxfire orbs and fading away. Geminus, Mrs. Sorrell reaches out to steady Fish. Sadie's eyes slide over to the other new arrival. Yeah no. She's just gonna shove herself into the crowd, now. Caveat Emptor! Xela turns the spotlights back onto Endarr. Lunael watches the stage curious. Captain Jack Smythe raises an eyebrow. "...glowstick...tube...chemicals ...make light in various colors...look pretty..." He shrugs, humming. Sleeping Ugly Fish ohs and nods. A moment's thought, and she reaches up with both arms, demanding...well, something. Up. Popstar Endarr takes a seat as another tech brings out a guitar. She smiles to him as she takes it, strumming once. "... I have one more for you all tonight... all things come to an end. And so must my time for tonight." She starts playing slowly. Tabitha Corrnell and Stephanie Calle both step into the outpost and Tabbie pretty much already regrets coming here. But as for Steph...she smiles wide, giggling. "C-Cool...S-S-So cool!" Photographer eventually breaks from the crowd, getting back on the rooftop. Too loud and sweaty. He's a natural loner anyways. Two pure white eyes are still visible through the night; some things never change. Captain Jack Smythe chuckles, picking Fish up and setting her on his shoulders. "...no hitting this time, a'ight?..." Seraphim smells ghosties. Whump. she's by Tabbie and Steph and her helmet is folding back. "You made it!" Lunael looks back to the crowd and sees a few new comers. She looks through her scope at them. Two she's seen before and one she's not quite sure about. The Chained Kastril is sitting on the edge of Photo's roof if he's on the same one as before. her eyes gleam as she spots someone she knows. "Stephanie!" Like Steph can hear her. She drops, and snaps to standing besides Steph. "Hey Steph!" Caveat Emptor! Xela makes the smoke pool and swirl around the stage and crowd. Sleeping Ugly Fish nods, but by then she's already up up up and staring up over the crowd, arms balancing on Jack's head. She watches the stage a while, but eventually the brightness gets to her too; she turns away, searching the crowd for familiar faces. And above. Sadie's hair always sticks out in a crowd, but she doesn't think the bloodied maniac noticed her in the first place. For her, the crowd is still a safe place. Anonymity among strangers. She throws the glowstick in the air, watching it flip over itself. Photographer is rather standing out with the red glowstick in his lap, one leg dangling. But it's the eyes that always stick out the most. Tabitha Corrnell and Stephanie Calle/Steph reacts how you'd think she would react. By letting out a small eep, body shuddering lightly...but when she it sees that it's Kasi, she smiles softly. "K-Kasi...d-don't scare me l-like that..." Not-So-Scaredy Cat Laura Packard decides now would be an appropriate time to wave a lighter around. *flick* Popstar Endarr eventually stops singing, simply playing her guitar in the outro. Finally, with a strum, she even stops with the guitar. A tech comes to take it from her and she stands, eyes closed, head bowed. Captain Jack Smythe hums quietly, watching the crowd. His eyes glimmer dimly as he sniffs the air, sighing. "...bloody hate crowds..." Caveat Emptor! Xela kills all the lights. Tabitha Corrnell and Stephanie Calle/Tabbie, meanwhile chuckles and gives Sera a small hug. "Seems like we 'ave, sweet lass." Lunael begins to applaud. The Chained Kastril giggles. "Sorry!" And suddenly the lights are out Kasi's eyes shining in the darkness. Sadie catches the stick and stuffs it in a pocket to clap. Pop music isn't her thing, but it's still kind of neat to have a live concert here. Ratings must be good right now. Not-So-Scaredy Cat Laura Packard claps as well, giving a small cheer. Sally Slivel starts clapping. "Woo!" She has sorta focused on the concert again. Photographer even claps, wondering what the after parties would look like. Oh the calamity. Seraphim gives Tabbie a sudden hug and kisses her. "Even if you missed everything, at least you came." Geminus, Mrs. Sorrell cheers and woos and yays! When the lights rise again, the pop star is no longer on stage, though the stool remains where she once stood. And she didn't even bow to the crowd! What is this!? The Chained Kastril decides now is the time to start clapping. So she does. Sadie supposes this is when the mass exodus happens, so she braces herself to navigate the tide of people. Tabitha Corrnell and Stephanie Calle/Steph oooos softly, looking up at Kasi's eyes. "C-Cool trick...A-Actually..." She places her hand right in front of her face, plam toward Kasi. Quickly enough, her hand starts to produce a faint, but light enough flame of blue. Captain Jack Smythe flickers up to the rooftops, hands reaching to steady Fish as he warily watches the stage, humming quietly. Caveat Emptor! Xela waves over at Fish and Jack. Sleeping Ugly Fish claps, mostly because everyone else is, and then goes back to clinging to Jack's head. Maybe he should get a hat. And then they're up on the roof by Photo, and she twists, dangling from one shoulder to peer down at him. "Yo." The Chained Kastril Hmms? looking slightly confused as the lights came up. "What trick?" Then her eyes latch onto the flame. "Ooh!" Not-So-Scaredy Cat Laura Packard continues clapping and cheering. "That was awesome!" She realizes she still has the glowstic in her mouth. She looks around and tucks it in her backpack. It'll make a good light for tonight in the jungle. Tabitha Corrnell and Stephanie Calle/Tabbie chuckles and kisses her back. "Just be thankful for...stuff. Aye, stuff. "Like narr's work. Popstar Endarr does reappear on stage in a burst of glitter and bows. "Thank you all for coming! I had a wonderful time and hope you all enjoyed!" Photographer does not enjoy all these 'let's scare the shit out of James' moments. "H-hey?" Blotchy memory cannot connect all deez dots yet. She only looks familiar. Seraphim raises a fist and lets forth a loud. "Wooooooooooooo!" Professor Lain claps enthusiastically! "Encore!" Pretty Maid Annabel wanders into the outpost. Caveat Emptor! Xela hmmms...should he take the leftovers home or shoot them all off at once..... Captain Jack Smythe grunts, nodding vaguely. "...allo Photo..." He hums quietly, one hand drifting to idly rummage in his pockets. Tabitha Corrnell and Stephanie Calle/follows Sera and attempts to let out the loudest woo...which is quite loud! "WOOOOOO!" Popstar Endarr's ears twitch. Oh? Did she hear that. "Well, I do have something left in my bag of tricks, if you really want it." She grins, waiting for the response. Sadie is glittered. That's what she gets for standing so close. She shakes her head, watching a cloud of sparkle emerge from her hair. Sigh. Professor Lain claps harder. Sally Slivel finally seems to realize that she had been covered in glitter. She quickly looks around, but doesn't see anything that could wash her off. She quickly looks back toward Endarr. Something. Oooh. Runic Kitsuneko whistles down at Endarr encouragingly, giving a playful cheer. Lunael shouts, "Wooooo!" Then she jumped back down from her post. Not-So-Scaredy Cat Laura Packard starts up a chant. "En-Core. En-Core. En-Core. En-Core. En-Core." The Chained Kastril will not be undone by these people around her . CaCaaaaaawwwwwww! Because bird. Sally Slivel throws up both her arms. "Woo!" Seraphim whumps up to the edge of the stage. "Do it ma'am! Show em watcha got!" Pretty Maid Annabel looks toward the stage curiously, wandering towards it. Sleeping Ugly Fish grins down at Photo. "Long time no see, James. You're back to normal, I see..." Why he's wearing that though, she's not terribly sure. That's not a piece of news she's been told. Last she heard, it was around another neck. "Nice, uh, chest thing." Tabitha Corrnell and Stephanie Calle/Tabbie does not dare say or yell or chant, but she does smile at the going-ons, bringing Steph in close. Popstar Endarr grins and raises her hands. Foxfire people rise along with instruments and she is brouth out a mic stand that she holds with both hands. She sings "Hello~" She sways, smiling "Hello~" Sleeping Ugly Fish probably means the gash. Or does she mean the amulet? It's not exactly clear, even with the glowstick-aided gesturing. Caveat Emptor! Xela shines the lights and lasers down around Endarr, spiraling out into the crowd. Geminus, Mrs. Sorrell spots Annabel in the crowd and slips toward her. Sadie squints at the Foxfire people behind the singer. That's interesting. How's that done, holograms? Holograms seem likely. Torrie peers Excitedly at Endarr. Where can she buy endarr t shirts. Photographer shines a glowstick on his chest, noticing the gash got a little bigger. See through now. Uh, shit. That'll be explained when his writer has a logical theory for that. "Yeah, the amulet is useless on this new body, but the symbolism makes me keep it." Pretty Maid Annabel watches the stage, not noticing Sorrell yet. Seraphim blinks back to Tabbie and wraps an arm around her waist. "This might be cool." Popstar Endarr sings along with the ethereal accompaniment "How many koishiteru no? I can see sugu ni wakaru wa Makka na JERASHII kakaete Chigau jibun ni kidzuiteiru Kiken na yume, furetaku naru Douka shiteru?" Sleeping Ugly Fish isn't certain either. "How's that, then?" she asks, un-leaning and curling against the back of Jack's head again, resting her cheek on his crown with a smile. Geminus, Mrs. Sorrell slips up to Annabel and wraps her arms around the girl from behind, being very careful and gently. "Hi, Annabel!" Tabitha Corrnell and Stephanie Calle/Tabbie chuckles, bringing Sera in close now. "Heh. Per'aps it will. An' oooooo, Nipponese." The music picks up along with End's singing Ah rakuen no saki ni Akogareteiru Demo ne chotto Tobikomenai wa Konna atashi no koto Anata kitto warau desho? Madowaseru yasashii akuma." And it slows again for her to sing "Hello... hello..." Captain Jack Smythe hums, idly withdrawing a length of chain from his pocket, studying the links and humming quietly. "...no...nothing yet..." He shrugs, watching the concert. The Chained Kastril just stands next to Steph. "Shoulda been here earlier! Not really my normal genre." She doesn't have one really, "But it's a good concert, least you get to hear one song!" Photographer knows that voice. Right. Fish. Haven't seen her since. Before he got stabbed. Leah must have informed her what happened. "I dunno. It's just easier to remember if I look at it. Still haven't figured out what it is or where it came from." Pretty Maid Annabel straightens up a moment, looking back at Sorrell before relaxing. "Oh! H-hello, miss Sorrell. How are you? How was your honeymoon?" Photographer might actually..no? Has he forgetton the single detail about him? Is the island really one person safer? Caveat Emptor! Xela shoots off more fireworks behind End, the lasers make patterns out of the smoke. Lunael kind of appears over by the group of Sera, Tabbi, and Steph. "Hey." Popstar Endarr sings "Don't stop ki no nai furi shite Anytime machi kogareru Jounetsu sore wa tegowai hitomi no oku utsuru kage ni Kanawanai ki ga suru kara wasuretai wa." Sadie often has trouble understanding song lyrics when singers mumble, but she's reasonably sure this is actually another language. Hello... Mostly. Geminus, Mrs. Sorrell nuzzles Annabel's head. "The honeymoon was wonderful, and I'm a kitty again!" She purrs, nuzzling more. There might be an affectionate kiss in there. Also I saw Fox today!" Seraphim looks over at Lunael. "Eyyyy! Having fun, Lun?" Popstar Endarr continues into the chorus. "Demo rakuen no saki ni Akogareteiru Yorisoeba me wo tojiru dake Sonna atashi dattara anata kitto kirau desho? Madowaseru tsumetai akuma." Tabitha Corrnell and Stephanie Calle/Steph looks back to Kasi, nodding sadly. "Y-Yeah...I-I wish we came e-e-earlier..." Lunael says "More or less. Haven't really been too social tonight." The music slows again "Isso deawanakattara yokatta no ni Say hello say goodbye Hajimari no yokan tomerarenai Kuyashii kedo suki ni naru. Sono ushiro sugata ni Naketekuru kara Tabun sou kitto modorenai ne." Sunnyshine Lady Alexandra presses lightly back against the nuzzles. "That's wonderful. D-did the two of you like your presents?`*" Caveat Emptor! Xela starts setting off the roman candles, fireballs dance across the skies. Tabitha Corrnell and Stephanie Calle/Tabbie waves back at Luneal, smling. "'Ullo again, Luneal." Geminus, Mrs. Sorrell assumes she's still holding Annabel, and nods. "Very much, thank you." Popstar Endarr picks up once more, belting out the final lines "Itsuka atashi datte Anata muchuu ni saseru Hohoemu no kawaii akuma." And then it trails off with her repeating "Hello~" until it's over. Sleeping Ugly Fish opens her mouth, then shuts it. Yeah, probably better off that way. "Well, that's good to hear!" she calls down over the music. "You been doin' alright so far, bein' back?" A pause, and then "An'... does that hurt?" Seraphim gaps in mock surprise. "You? The solitary hunter? Antisocial?" Lunael smiles at her. "Hey Tabbie. 'Tis been a while." The Chained Kastril sighs slightly, "Ah well, I think that's it." Caveat Emptor! Xela sets everything off, New Home can probably be seen from space by now. Pretty Maid Annabel is still the one there. She twists to look towards Sorrell. "I'm glad you're back." Sadie turns her chin up to watch the fireworks, even if she flinches at the sound of them going off. Lunael would've said something back to that but she was beat. Popstar Endarr winces a bit at the arsenal set off, and is panting from the energy she spilled forth, but is wearing the biggest grin of her life as she bows. Her ethereal bandmates do the same as they fade. When she straightens, she gestures to Xela. Professor Lain's eyes reflect the burning skies. As a Joker, she appreciates fireworks. Caveat Emptor! Xela gives the crowd a bow. Geminus, Mrs. Sorrell's eyes light up and her smile is goofy. "Really?" Sally Slivel yawns, and drops into a normal sitting position. She tilts her head back over the bench to watch the fireworks. Tabitha Corrnell and Stephanie Calle/Steph was about to respond to Kasi, but booming crap and the suddering and the argh! Popstar Endarr blows a kiss to the crowd, then hops off the back of the stage. For all intents and purposes, it looks like she is gone. But she's really plopped down on a bench hidden by the stage back there, exhausted from the show. At this point, a set of screaming fans swarm the stage. Among them are a chameleonmorph, a kittymorph, a guy wearing a crudload of bandages, and a sharkmorph. Huh. "ENDARR! Ohemgee!" "Sign my shirt!" "Sign my face!" "$Sign my chest!" Caveat Emptor! Xela gathers the smoking remains of his effects and slides down the walls to make his way over to the stage to get his lasers. Seraphim whumps behind the stage. Her entourage follows. With riot shields. Photographer shrugs, making iffy signals with his hand. "It's going okay so far. Regenerated yesterday, regained most of my memory making out with someone the same day" Classic Jamees- Wait no it's not. The same, but so different. "What hurts?" Pretty Maid Annabel nods meekly. "Y-yes, of course." Popstar Endarr blink blinks, then laughs and pulls out her marker. She smiles to Phi. "You can let them through. One at a time, though. I'm a bit beat, y'know?" Geminus, Mrs. Sorrell grins and snuggles Annabel close. "I'm glad I'm back too! It was a lot of fun but we missed everybody." She kisses Annabel's chin. Too Hot Caelan slinks into the Outpost, stopping smack dab in the middle of the path as his ears and eyes are assaulted by the flashing lights and screaming fans of... whatever is going on. Thank god he's at the back of the crowd..! The Chained Kastril is still looking up as the firework fade. "Ooh!" Caveat Emptor! Xela collects his things, most of them get pocketed and he finds a somewhat clear area to put things way in his coat. Lunael ran and climbed up a building by a stage and aimed her crossbow at the crowd that was rushing the stage. Sadie gets run into quite a lot by the swarming fans, which doesn't abate until she's able get herself out of the crowd. She's going to have a bruise on that arm where she got hit with a shark fin. ...A shark fin. Sleeping Ugly Fish points again with her glowstick, wincing and hiding one ear against the side of Jack's head, pinching the other with her shoulder. Ow too loud. She's pointing straight at James' chest though. Seraphim nods. She and her troops let each through one at a time. She even hands out paper to the ones who want body parts signed. The shark comes first, offering her shirt to be signed. "Danke, Frau Endarr!" She grins a toothy grin. Sadie finds a quiet-ish spot against a building to sink down to ground and sit. It's far enough from the commotion to be safe, but close enough for her to watch. She's curious if nothing else. Tabitha Corrnell and Stephanie Calle/Tabbie pretty much cackles as she watches the fireworks go off, head flinging back. Man, the lady loves her pyrotecnics! Photographer doesn't quite notice his surroundings, or is ignoring the yelling. With his own glowstick, he sticks it through the hole. "Oh, shit." Popstar Endarr signs it in her flowing script and silver ink, taking her time with each person. Caveat Emptor! Xela looks over at Sadie, she must have had the same idea "You like the show?" Pretty Maid Annabel tips her head back to give Sorrell access to her chin without having to crouch. "We m-missed you too." Too Hot Caelan begins sidling along the back of the crowd, keeping his head down and hands over his ears to deaden the screaming. Geminus, Mrs. Sorrell snuggles the smaller woman close. "Did you ever get that new tattoo?" Sadie turns at the close voice, then rubs at her hair to demonstrate her dilemma: glitter flies out in a puff and floats in the air for a moment before falling to the ground. "Not my scene, really, but the effects were tight." Caveat Emptor! Xela chuckles quietly and tosses Sadie a small plastic jar "That should get just about anything out." Macy Wolff walks into the outpost, looking around and smiling as she spots Photo, skipping over to him. Photographer is on a roof, but seeing how a glowstick is in his chest, still noticeable from such a distance. Eventually, the fans are satisifed. Some of them talk about getting the signatures tattooed. A couple of them have left distraction IDs of all things for Endarr, the Island equivalent of phone numbers. She's married guys. Sorry. Runic Kitsuneko waits for a few moments from hir perch before giving a mischevious grin and hopping off hir elevated perch, appearing behind Endarr as shi lands on the popstar's back weighing little more than a feather. "Heeeeeeeyouweresoawesomegreatfun." The Chained Kastril finally stops watching the fireworks. "So how you doing Steph?" Popstar Endarr, when she is finally through with the crowd of autograph hungry fans, finally takes a moment to lean back in her seat. "... a lot more tiring than I th-Ack!" She falls off her bench as Kitsu appears behind her. Sleeping Ugly Fish is on the roof, atop Jack's shoulders-- piggyback!-- and next to Photo, who apparently also has a glow-stick in his chest. maybe it doesn't hurt. Sadie snaps to attention with the jar flying toward her and catches it, startled, then turns it over in her hands. "What is it?" Macy Wolff frowns a bit as she reaches the bottom of the wall, looking up at Photo and crossing her arms. "Hey Jaaaames~" Pretty Maid Annabel shakes her head. "N-not yet, I just haven't had a time to." Popstar Endarr slowly rights herself and dusts herself off, smiling to the fox-girl. "Well, hello, and thanks!" Caveat Emptor! Xela says "Soap, I made it for when I was a Kittymorph." Sleeping Ugly Fish peers down from Jack's shoulder at the woman at the base of the building they're on. What's that one want from James? Tabitha Corrnell and Stephanie Calle/Tabbie blinks as she suddenly realizes something. "Uhhh...Girly? I think we should go..." Steph looks up at Steph, raising a eyebrow, but does not go against her. Looking back at Kasi, she smiles. "I-I guess I'm leaving...S-Sorry..." Sally Slivel looks around at the outpost, realizing that she hasn't been paying attention to anything. She jumps up, and decides to head into a nearby building. Sheila's Shack. Professor Lain throws a pair of frilly pink panties onto the stage. Don't worry; they're not hers. Captain Jack Smythe slips the chain back into a pouch, humming quietly as he sniffs the air. Sadie furrows her eyebrows at the jar, then at the man, who is very clearly not one of those weird cat-people. "You're not a cat person," she observes. Runic Kitsuneko giggles, hugging hirself to the taller girl. "Hehehe, very welcome!" The Chained Kastril waves. "Oh... bye then, see you later Steph!" Caveat Emptor! Xela blinks at Sadie "How long have you been here?" Geminus, Mrs. Sorrell squeezes her and starts to fall asleep. Whoops! She sinks to a bench, holding Annabel like a teddy bear. "Y'should... come by... s'mti'..... zzzz." Photographer hears a pleasantly familiar voice, looking below to her. "Hey Macy! There's a few boxes in the back stacked up if you want to climb up." The way he said it implied she's more than just 'that one'. James is very different than Fish remembers. Popstar Endarr blinks as she is hugged. "Ah... yes... er..." She hesitantly returns the hug... and pats Kitsu on the head. "Well... I... do I know you?" Sleeping Ugly Fish's eyes definitely widen. That's quite friendly. Oh my. Maybe he's just... Sadie's eyebrows only furrow further as she considers the question. "I... three weeks, maybe?" The fact that she's not actually sure anymore disturbs her more than anything else at the moment. Macy Wolff smiles and starts toward the back of the building, uncrossing her arms. "Be up in a sec!" Pretty Maid Annabel eeps, dropping down to make sure Sorrell ends up safe on the bench. "I w-will, miss." She kisses her on the forehead. Geminus, Mrs. Sorrell nuzzles Annabel and slides into deep sleep. Caveat Emptor! Xela nods "The soap will still get the glitter out." Tabitha Corrnell and Stephanie Calle/Tabbie has already started for the gates, dragging Steph with her as Steph waves back to Kasi, smiling wide. "B-Bye!" Too Hot Caelan slinks toward the cafe, looking suspiciously skulky and strange as he avoids the gathered crowd. Runic Kitsuneko just giggles and wags hir five tails, each one patterned with a different color. "Hmmm, maybe!? I know a very pretty girl by the name of Endarr. Maybe I know two." Photographer is actually smiling when she arrived. Not a fake one, either. His fake ones are pretty fake. This one actually has feelings. Sadie nods, but pauses before putting the jar away. "What do you want for it?" Very little is free here, she's discovered. There have been a few genuinely helpful people, but most have had an angle. Popstar Endarr smiles and ndos, taking a step back. "I met a woman who had a daughter by that name. Though it's just my stage name, you see?" Seraphim approaches Endarr. "That went excellently, ma'am. And just remember, this was televised worldwide! Odds are you're famous!" Macy Wolff climbs the boxes in back of the building as carefully as she can, crawling across the roof toward James and his friend. Caveat Emptor! Xela shakes his head "I'm too tired to make a deal, it's free." Sleeping Ugly Fish grins down at Photo, hope blooming. "Ya makin' friends, then?" she asks, instead of shouting, on account of she doesn't have to scream over anything anymore. Which is nice. "Hello miss, I'm Fish an' this here's Jack!" The guy she's perched on. Popstar Endarr smiles and nods to Phi. "Oh man, I hope so. That was a lot of work! And thank you for your help." Macy Wolff looks up at Fish and smiles a bit, waving. "I'm Macy, it's nice to meet you two." Too Hot Caelan ducks into the suspiciously quiet humidity of the Cafe, relaxing noticeably. It's so nice and calm in here. The Chained Kastril is left standing there, friends gone, girlfriend asleep, and Fish on her rooftop. Her rooftop. Sadie eyes the man for a long moment, then accepts the small gift, stuffing it haphazardly into her backpack. "...Thanks." She'll try it next time she finds a shower. Seraphim nods. That was freakin' textbook. "You're very welcome, ma'am." Captain Jack Smythe nods vaguely at the woman, rapping a knuckle against his forehead. "...pleasure..." He hums quietly, rolling his shoulders. Caveat Emptor! Xela grins "No problem." Photographer explains. "I met Macy yesterday, shortly after that drive kill." Speaking of yesterday, "And you missed the concert. The flashy catgirl we were drinking with sang." Popstar Endarr is so not a catgirl! She smiles to Phi and flops down on her hidden bench again. "Well... I think I'll rest here for a bit, until I decide to get up and find a bed." Sleeping Ugly Fish grins. "Oh I know!" It's pretty rare that she doesn't know. And then she figures it out. Sometimes, anyway. "Pleased t'meet a friend'a James'." Runic Kitsuneko hmmms and nods, "Well, you're still very pretty!" Shi giggles and just keeps snuggling the taller Kitsune. "After all, Endarr-one isn't a fox." Shi wavewaves to the others. Sadie leans back against the wall and watches the crowd milling about in the aftermath of the show. "This kinda thing happen a lot?" she asks, gesturing vaguely at the stage and dispersing crowds. Caveat Emptor! Xela says "Less often then I'd like, these things are fun." Macy Wolff sighs a bit, looking down to Endarr and Seraphim andd leaning on James. "Yeah, I was doing some hunting and couldn't make it. You know, had to get my strength up." She glances at Fish again and flashes a smile. Popstar Endarr pokes at Kitsu a bit. "Er... right, yes... can... can you stop with the touching? I'm... kinda in a relationship... even if I haven't seen her since I started practicing for this tour..." The Chained Kastril's eyes lock onto a roof opposite Photo and Fish and Jack, and she snaps to it. Watching below, eyes gleaming as always. Eyeball makes its way into the outpost. Not rolling today it seems, but that might be because of what it's carrying. A tiny easel, a brush, a painter's palette and a tiny thing of paint. Pausing a tick, it glances around before heading to the fountain. Seraphim nods. "Very good, ma'am. I can disperse the crowd if you like." Photographer slowly plays operatin with getting that glowstick out of the hole in his chest. Somehow that doesn't mess with his lung, but whatever. "I didn't actually know there was a concert, but stayed anyways. It was rather fun." So very different, he is. / PhotographerII Who knows how long it'll last? "What have you been up to, Fish?" Eyeball also happens to be wearing a tiny maroon beret. Worth mentioning, it goes with the whole painting thing. Runic Kitsuneko blinks and tilts her head a bit confused. "What's wrong with hugs? Nothing wrong with hugging lots of people. Hugs just mean hugs." Sadie's response to that is, "Mm," which could be an agreement or a disagreement. It's hard to say for sure. Macy Wolff looks up at James again and smiles a bit, just kind of snuggling into his shoulder. She really likes being able to do that. Popstar Endarr nods. "Well... yes... that's true... but I have kinda a thing about touching... you see?" She waves a hand at Phi. "Let them stay, if they like. It's a public place, after all, yes?" Too Hot Caelan settles himself at a table just inside the Cafe, allowing himself a good view of the goings on outside and preventing himself from being surprised by people rushing in. Sleeping Ugly Fish shakes her head. "I've been" trapped in a nightmare "away for a while. It's good to hear you're doing alright." And getting friendly, and stuff. Goodness yes that's a relief. Caveat Emptor! Xela stretches and pulls a table and sign out of a pocket, the sign says Supplies, weapons, ammo, clothing, armor, other!! All For Sale!!! Lunael sits down and scratches the back of her head wondering what she should do now. Seraphim nods. "I'm off to mingle, then. Have a nice evening, ma'am. Move the funds when you get a chance." Popstar Endarr nods. "Consider it done. Go have fun." Runic Kitsuneko pouts and lets go of the popstar, flopping to the ground beside her in a seated position, tails limp on the floor as her shoulders, back, and ears all droop... even her color seems muted. Photographer brushes more hair out of his face for the third time today. Like barbers exist here. "I'm doing better than I imagined, and got most memories back faster than expected." Most. Eyeball eventually makes it to the fountain, setting down its art supplies before wiping just above its pupil with its tail. Carrying stuff is hard work.. but do eyeballs sweat? No, they don't. Aww, it's acting like it's people. Seraphim is suddenly on the roof with Photo, Macy, and co. Popstar Endarr blinks at the smaller fox girl. "Er... sorry. Is... that a bad thing? I've just... never really liked touching, y'know..." She fidgets, biting her lip. "... I've never actually met another fox-person..." The Chained Kastril sits back on the roof, now watching Fish. Because that's not creept at all. Eyes glowing. Thinking, debating. Macy Wolff jumps slightly and turns to Seraphim as she comes into view. "Gosh, you and that teleporting shit." Sleeping Ugly Fish twists from staring at Kasi to staring at Seraphim, bristling briefly before she settles back down again. "Hello, miss," she says slowly, politely, and offers her a smile. The Magical Mr. Mistofelees crunches through the outpost wall in his locomotive, the Cast's train following through. Skimbleshank's at the wheel, or lever, as it were, as the train crunches through several benches, coming to a stop beside Xela's table. Photographer has made a roof party! Yay! "So I'm not the only one that hates that." Seraphim smiles. "It's fast tho! Hallo! Caveat Emptor! Xela says "Can I help you or are you just in the way?" Eyeball sets up its little impromptu art studio after a brief rest, a two inch tall easel with a very miniature scrap of canvas. Woohoo. That done, it breaks out the paint, brush and palette before glancing around to see what it should artify. Lunael is startled by the train. "What the...?!?" Where did that thing come from? And why couldn't it just go through the door like everyone else? Captain Jack Smythe nods at Seraphim. "...allo..." He hums, eyes flickering as he sniffs the air, turning to stare across at Kastril, humming quietly. Macy Wolff nudges James' side discreetly before leaning back on him. "So Seraphim, how did you like the concert?" Runic Kitsuneko just sits there crosslegged silently, drawing random squiggles on the stage floor as shi gazes into nothingness below herself... Seraphim retracts her helmet and stretches. "I was security, but yes. My girlfriend and her sister showed up for a little while near the end. It was nice. The Magical Mr. Mistofelees's compartment door opens, and Skimbleshanks helps the Mute Magician out as he takes his cane and leans heavily on it to peruse Xela's table. He moves a hand in a circle, as if to say show me your wares. Popstar Endarr pouts. "... it's nothing against you! I'm sure you're a lovely person! There's just... only one person I'm really comfortable with touching me... and that took years." Macy Wolff smiles and shrugs a bit. "Sounds like fun. Sorry I had to miss it." Too Hot Caelan appears to have fallen asleep at his table. He's going to have a hell of a crick in his neck when he wakes. Caveat Emptor! Xela raises an eyebrow "So? What circles? You want a hoola hoop or something?" Photographer leans a little on Macy as well, starting to actually think about the hole. Where did it come from? Sleeping Ugly Fish quirks an eyebrow. "Really? Sister?" That's unusual, to have blood relatives show up. The Magical Mr. Mistofelees looks to Skimbleshanks, who clears his voice. "The gentleman wants to know what you have in terms of incendiaries and explosives. Basic components only; we make our own adjustments." Seraphim shrugs. "I think Tabbie and Steph are sisters. They certainly act like it." Macy Wolff turns to James and snuggles up to his shoulder again, happy to be with him. Eyeball finds many people that it could bring to life in canvas and paint form. Hrm, spoiled for choice... Oh hey, there's one it recognizes! Mostly due to the ears and llily. And so, it sets brush to canvas. Let the arts begin! The Chained Kastril had a brother show up. Not too uncommon. She isn't really looking at Fish anymore, just thinking in that direction, so it may look like staring. Caveat Emptor! Xela blinks and starts putting grenades, gun powder, c4, semtex, nitro glycerin and a few other less obvious components on the table. Sleeping Ugly Fish nods, keeping an eye on Photo and Macy, though she's trying not to marvel openly. "Ah, those two, yes. I'm not sure. They might be a shattermind in two bodies or something." Runic Kitsuneko doesn't seem to really respond as hir finger continues to drag along the floor, leaving an unending trail of everchanging color in it's wake, curling and twisting in and over itself into a 9 petaled flower; five small and four PINK. The Magical Mr. Mistofelees peruses it, inevitably distracted when the wallguard staff bring him the bill for punching a hole through the outpost wall with his transportation yet again. He signs the ticket and hands it back, leaving a confused wallguard standing there. Photographer is zoned out. Completely. His head rested on hers, but his eyes were on the skies. Human contact was another unexplainablely unfamiliar feeling, like the breeze and warm blood. Maybe something's just wrong with him. Seraphim nods. "Also an option, but I prefer to not be dating someone's evil half, neh?" Popstar Endarr tilts her head to one side, examining the drawing. "That's a very nice drawing." Then she realizes something. "Are you... doing that without any ink or paint?" Macy Wolff quickly kisses his cheek and slowly reaches toward his hand. Captain Jack Smythe grunts, raising an eyebrow at Seraphim. "...you do realize tha's only a minority of shatterminds, right?...lot more than jus' good an' evil...and those are more like tulpas anyway...lot more variety of personality flaws that ye can be split on..." Sleeping Ugly Fish bares her teeth in a grin, eyes dancing and playful. She kicks her feet a bit, bumping gently into Jack's chest. "Aye... an' c'mon, if the evil side is the one you like better, what's wrong with it? Are you afraid?" Runic Kitsuneko pauses, finally showing a reaction to the other fox as shi lifts hir hand palm towards the singer. Hir indext claw was a vibrant Pink with a line running down the pad of her finger before spintering out across hir palm like a celtic ribbon Runic Kitsuneko| that continued down hir wrist and out of view around hir elbow. It almost looked like a tattoo except that the colors shifted even as they were seen Photographer breaks the thoughts, smiling to Macy from the kiss. It didn't matter now. Well, it did, or that hole would be gone, but that'smetaandyoudontneedtoknowaboutit. Yet. Seraphim smiles, showing long crimson fangs. "I'm not concerned with evil so much as having too much of it in one place." Popstar Endarr stares at the shifting tattoo, eyes wide. "Woah.... that's... that's kinda... woah." She hops up and grins. "Come on! What's say you and I go get a drink?" Lunael slides off roof and rolls. There were a lot of people around and she wouldn't do too well so... where to go now. Sally Slivel returns from the shack, looking around. Sleeping Ugly Fish snorts softly. "You don't have to worry about that, darlin'. Really. Trust me on that one." This one isn't half bad enough. Besides, the worse thing around here is annoying, not evil, especially since evil is so very subjective. The Magical Mr. Mistofelees begins walking down the length of the train, leaving Skimbleshanks to deal with Xela. The cane reaches up to tap against the window panes every now and then, various replies echoing out. "Showering!""Busy!""Yes, you're an ass!" Caveat Emptor! Xela taps the table "Are you going to take anything or just look at it?" The Chained Kastril sighs, laying back on the roof, wings spread out. Macy Wolff smiles back at James and gently grabs his hand, wondering exactly what happened last night and if she could ever do it again. Captain Jack Smythe shrugs. "...eh, wha's it matter?...evil's nae sommat you can point at with a stick...world be a damned lot easier place if'n it t'was..." He hums quietly, smile never reaching his eyes. Runic Kitsuneko beams and is suddenly on Endarr's back again, hugging the tall vixen's neck! Oops XD Shi quickly lets go and is standing beside Endarr again, hands clasped behind hir back as hir tails wag very slowly. The Magical Mr. Mistofelees continues shuffling down the length of the train, tapping on windows until such a time as one of the Cast actually hurtles through one, tackling him down, causing a consterned Magician to flail. As The Magical Mr. Mistofelees is dealing with this, Skimbleshanks taps his foot as he looks the wares over. "You're not very good at customer service, jolly now." Popstar Endarr blinks, then chuckles and shakes her head. "Come on, I've been meaning to try this bar here, anyway." She gestures to the Nest, then heads inside. The Chained Kastril calls out, "Fish seemed pretty confident about it for something you can't point out." Not shouted, but the voice carried. Caveat Emptor! Xela grins at the kittyperson "Time is money and all." Seraphim shrugs. "I'm kidding. Just doing the standard Dhampir thing. I like Tabbie, simple as that." Photographer plays with her palm with his thumb again, taking in her features. It'd be interesting to see how Fish would be reacting now- Great. Unfamiliar thoughts as well. Sally Slivel wanders over to Xela's... What? ArmoryInATable? Whatever it is, she looks over whatever is there. Sleeping Ugly Fish twists, peering at Kasi sidelong from across the space between their building perches. Mm. "I'm not one to call something evil," she says, though not pitching her voice to make it back across. "I just know what often draws complaints." Caveat Emptor! Xela smiles at Sally "Can I help you with anything?" Runic Kitsuneko nods and follows behind, dancing slightly as shi mentally replays one of the recent songs.

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