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As you settle down to view Jakell's biography, a video begins to play on the screen in front of you. Pictures of Jakell in various stages of his island upbringing fade across the screen, as a Narrator's voice provides commentary:

Jakell awoke on the island several months back, though it may have been just a week; these things are hard to tell. From his humble beginnings as a rookie, he worked hard to survive his first few days in the jungle, days which seem to only stretch longer and longer as time goes on. Only the periodic challenge posited by his masters kept the tedium away. That is, until the Titans came. From the moment he first saw these behemoths walk upon the shore, he knew his life had purpose. Then and there, his goal became to rid Improbable Island of Titans. In his ever-growing quest, he has been helped along by many fine contestants, including his exhusband Maniak, a role model Carter, and many other fine folks. Lately he has retaken the lead of The Improbably Normal Clan (TINC), and hopes to form it into a rookie-helping, Titan Fighting, shpadoinkle clan!

There are certain milestones which he celebrates, and he has accomplished many small tasks. He is perhaps most famous for his never-ending quest to keep the island safe from Titans, and in doing so, has killed over five thousand of the behemoths, earning him the self-given title of TitansBane. In doing so, he has learned enough of their weak points to be able to defeat them bare-handed, sober, and without armor, hearkening back to his days when he first arrived on the Island. He has passed his hundredth DK, and is more ridiculously healthy then ever!

Additionally, he has been at times one the richest and the most charming of characters, and currently holds the responsibility of being the toughest person on the Island, a role he does not take lightly.

In his spare time, he builds and maintains a spa north of New Pittsburgh, which once served as a respite from the near constant breaches, and now provides merely a refreshing and quiet getaway for those looking to sleep off a harsh day in the jungle. Just outside of New Pittsburgh and Cyber City 404, he has dug a series of trenches to offer those fighting the breach a place to rest.

An islander happened to catch a photo of Jakell in action, you can view it here: http://tinyurl.com/IAmJakell01

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