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Dossier; For Your Eyes Only

007-Bond, James.

  • Height: 5'9''
  • Age: 37
  • Weight: 170 lbs.
  • Death Toll: 584 kills
    • Persons to Note: Le Chifre, Hugo Drax, the "Spangled" brothers, Rosa Klebb, Dr. No, Auric Goldfinger, Ernst Stravo Blofeld, Francisco Scaramanga.
  • Personal Note: Confident and Competant, he's yet to be defeated in combat. Perhaps his one weakness is his looks; can be a bit narcassitic at times, he believes that no woman can resist his charms; which, from time to time, is true. He is an excellent shot with his Walter PPK, and rarely, if ever, misses a shot. Is to be considered for any and all missions of dire importance.
  • End Dossier

. . . is what M (The latest M, not the one from the 60's that Bond new) read in 007's files.

After his latest mission, Bond had succefully gotten rid of all of the evil-doers in the world. So, M (Bond's original M, that is), did what any employer would do to an employee who had fufilled his purpose; he cryogenically froze Bond until he would be needed again.

That time was now, M (the current M, not Bond's M.) had decided. Bond was woken from his cryogenic sleep, and (after it was proven to him that the new M was, in fact, the leader of the MI6), informed of his newest, latest mission. A mission that would have caused any number of experienced agents to weep, to beg to diffuse an atomic bomb with 5 seconds left instead... the mission was to Destroy the Drive.

Where other men would have wept, beginning for their deaths instead, Bond just shrugged, asking "When do I start?"

Life on the Island

Season One

Albeit, this mission wasn't exactly like what his other ones had been, but in some ways it was much better; James quickly made numberous friends and allies with people who had already defeated the Drive numerous times before him (this confused him at first: If it had been defeated, why had he been sent to do something already done?), including (the then) Resident Sex Kitten Lady Akitsu, her lovely wife Lady Rosin, the dashing Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen, the mysterious Obsidian Cain, and the constantly drunken TheMuffinMan.


Bond was quickly recruited into the CIA (MI6 having missed out on the race to get a Clan on the Island), finding within a veritable source of Tips, donations, and friends. Bond quickly rose through the ranks (unbeknownst to him, as he was having a jolly old time Defeating the Drive numerous times over), until he eventually found himself as the Leader of the Clan.

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