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Jasser: The Basics

Names: Jenner, Jasser, Jasner, and Caelan calls her Jass
Age: You really shouldn't ask a gal that.
Gender: Female
Skin colour: Tanned.
Height: 5'8"
Distinguishing markings: She has a scar on her right cheek
Clan: CAKE
Married to: dark knight
Important points:

Old Bio Archive

Before the Island

The man rubs his chin, silently watching the news feed on his laptop. His face is scarred and his hair is matted. He is perspiring in an alarmingly rapid manner, his pupils dilated, and his breaths come in slow, miserable rasps. He leans back in the chair, coughing a few times at the sudden movement. Or the fact that he moved at all. "Any likely candidates for possession on this.... Island?" A small figure sitting in the chair beside the man is reading through a ledger. "One... Jasser Al-Mahdi, English born to two immigrant parents, both deceased. No immediate living family members, medical conditions include nicotine addiction and an increased risk of heart cancer from his father." The man coughs a few more times, doubling over. He dabs away the blood on his lip with a quickly fetched handkerchief. "He'll do. Do we have any Parvulis in the area?" The figure shakes his head, frowning. "The field around the island prevents infiltration without consequence."

The man scoffs, and pays for it in another fit of coughs. "I'll go myself then." The figure looks sharply at the man, and the man turns to face him. The figure, in reality, is a figurine. An animate, manlike, foot-tall wooden figurine, given life for the man's purposes. Where once was a detailed face, is now worn away to nothing, and any distinguishing characteristics have long since disappeared to erosion. "And if you're changed?" The man coughs, stuttering a bit as he attempts to laugh. "I'll live." The figure turns back to the ledger. "Fine. Once you're settled and handle the... Problem with such possessions, you'll need to set up another network." The man taps on the laptop, shutting it off. "I know, Mavolas."

The figurine, now identified as Mavolas, closes the ledger. "The energy there should be useable, albeit difficult to control, and will allow you to perform your little social experiments you so desire." Again, the man laugh-coughs at Mavolas' deadpan deriding of his plans. "I know what I am doing. They are neccesary. Especially the first I plan to conduct, in order to take care of the risk involved in taking a mind into my own." The man stands, wobbly grabbing his cane and donning his hat, an old, dusty wide-brim. "I'll need my mask..." Mavolas waves idly toward the bookshelf, where said mask rested. "You'll be indistinguishable from one of their Jokers with that on, and people will be less likely to notice you. Don't die too quickly, Thane. The Death Ceremony for the Pavulis will be tomorrow." The man, now identified as Thane, dons the mask, breathing in deeply. No coughs. "Enough."

Thane starts limping toward the door, cane in hand. "Improbable Island, you said?" With a confirmation, and a nod, Thane turns, opens the door, and steps out.

Jasser's past body

As you watch this strange man wander around the outpost, you wonder where He came from. Where He is going. Why He seems to have Joker powers, yet lack their insanity. This curiosity eventually overcomes your common sense, and you decide to follow Him.

After several hours of carefully following Him, you notice something hanging out of His pack. As you begin to wonder what this object might be, it falls out. He appears not to notice, so you grab it and sit down to examine it. You discover it's a sort of odd colored book, covered in leather that has been nearly worn away. You feel a strange tugging as you hold the book, and are overcome with a sense of Deja Vu. The tugging become harder, and more insistent. You try to settle yourself by holding onto the book. It seems as if it, whatever it is, was waiting for you to do just that, and your hand is tugged back. Hard. The book opens, and the tugging becomes more fierce. Your very sense of reality begins to distort around you, and you feel like you're falling. The book pulls you toward itself, and even when you try as hard as you can to pull away, but it is all for naught. The edges of your vision begin to grow dark, and your grip on sanity seems less tangible. As you pull your head up from the book, trying to get away from it before you fall unconscious, you see Him standing over you, chuckling.
"Down, Down, Down The Rabbit Hole You Go, To See How Far It Goes." His voice seems distorted and louder than it should be. Your attempts to escape the books grip just makes him laugh harder. His cold, emotionless laughter is the last thing you hear before it all goes black.

Your consciousness begins to return, and the ringing (Laughter?) in your ears begins to subside. You look around and notice a young, male human walking through the Jungle. You attempt to get his attention but find that you are unable to move. You are helpless to do anything but watch. He's clad in nothing but a pair of frilly pink panties and wielding nothing but a spork. Your feeling of Deja Vu begins to return, but you ignore it as a loud voice begins to boom out, seemingly coming from everywhere but nowhere at the same time.
"This is my first day on Improbable Island. I've fought my first creature, a lion! I couldn't get the killing blow, but I'm sure I'll see it again and finish it off. I got some requisition from the battle, and feel stronger as well. If I keep this up, I'm sure I can become strong enough to take on the drive, and maybe even score with Emily! Man, I can't wait!" With this final thought, you feel time distort around you, as if fast forwarding itself like in the video cassette tapes from before the war.

As time begins to slow to it's normal pace, you are surprised to see the human from before, but older and more restrained. He is no longer a giddy newb fresh from his first battle. He has a chainsaw strapped to his back and an inactive invisisuit worn tightly around his body. He's staring intently at the forest, as if trying to make his mind up about something. As he takes a drag on his cigarette, the same voice from before is heard, but this time hardier and more controlled.
"It's time. I'm going into the forest to hunt for the drive. I've said my goodbyes, and kissed Emily one last time. I can't help thinking I won't return from this battle. But if I go down, I'm bring that damn thing with me. For the good of everyone here." He stands up and takes one last drag on his cigarette and throws it on the ground, crushing it as he walks into the Jungle. You feel another change in the air around you, but instead of time distorting like before, you feel a tug that becomes a pull, leading you into the Jungle after him.

As you follow the man into the Jungle toward the lab, him fighting monsters all the way, time begins to distort once more, speeding up at a startlingly fast rate. You watch as his battle with the drive, destroying the drive, and sitting down to smoke. You watch the drive begin to pull itself back together, and Jasser driving his weapon into the drive. A flash of light erupts from the smoldering remains, and Jasser is thrown hundreds of yards away, landing right outside the outpost. As people rush to give retrieve his body, you flash forward to him in a hospital room, and the Watcher by his side. You can't make out what they're saying, as time has accelerated to a speed that makes it impossible to hear them or read their lips, but you can focus on Jasser. Saying he looks unhealthy is an understatement. His skin is peeling at the sides, and you can see bits of gray matter peeking from his skull. She hands him a mirror. You watch as tears well up in his eyes, and one begins to fall to the floor. Time suddenly slows to a crawl as the tear falls, as if marking a crucial moment. When the tear hits the floor of the hospital, it makes a loud, echoing noise, as if it was a cry to the heavens. The noise does not abate, and seems to grow louder and louder. And behind the echo, you hear laughter, and your sense of Deja Vu returns. When the noise from the echo grows to much to bare, you black out.

You bolt back into consciousness, frightened by a dream you have already forgotten. You see Jasser again, this time as a zombie. He's traveling through the Jungle, and is sporting a crossbow and a leather racing suit. The voice booms once more, raspy and forced this time.
"Ah, time to buy the invisisuit. Took me two days to get this req, and by god I'm going to spend it. It's odd though, I have the most vivid case of Deja Vu. I feel like I've done all this before. But.. that's.. not possible. No. It can't be.. .. but.. .. the dreams.. .." His legs are shaking uncontrollably, and he falls to his knees and stares up into the sky.
"The dreams.. .. I was human again.. again? Why again? Was I human? I.. don't remember. Who am I? I'm Jasser. Is that all I am? I.. .. don't.. .." Time speeds up. He is suited up and sent out after the Drive. The fight proceeds exactly as before, and as he destroys the drive, you return to the same hospital bed as before. This time however, his form is even more grotesque. He sports a third arm that grows from his left shoulder blade, and has one eye.... on his chin. Once again She hands him the mirror and the tear falls. Time slows, as before, but before the tear hits the ground, time stops. You hear a voice, one different from those before.
"The Cycle Begins Again. And It Shall Continue To Repeat For As Long As You Allow It To. Don't." The voice boom inside your own head, and you once again black out.

You return to consciousness, but It's different this time. Rushed, disoriented, as seen through a stained glass window. You see the mutant known as Jasser. He is lying down in a field, looking into the sky. The voice booms, scratchy and sluggish.
"The dreams were more vivid tonight. I was visited by the Man again. He offered me a book, saying if I took it the problems would disappear. What problems? My looks? My situation? My memory.. .. I can't think straight. I remember the man at the gate greeting me.. but.. before that.. .. No. He said that he will visit again tonight, and that if I don't take it this time he won't bother me anymore. Should I?" Time distorts, and you flash forward to that night.

Is it a dream? It's seems to.. real. A Man stands in front of Jasser, and like always, you are unable to move. The Man begins to speak.
"I Offer You This Book, My Friend. If You Take It, Your Problems Will Be Over. You Will No Longer Feel The Trappings Of The Mortal Coil." The Man's voice is steady but firm, and echoes as he speaks. He extends the book toward Jasser, and gazes at him with a look that could be anything but compassion. Jasser doesn't notice.
"Will my memory return?" The Man, who was never a man, chuckles.
"In a manner of speaking." Jasser nods distractedly, and then in a more committed manner. He has made his decision. He reaches out and seizes the book, and all goes dark.
"Then We Have An Accord." The Man's voice rings out through the unnatural darkness. You hear harsh Laughter, which is soon joined by another's Laughter. The laughs of these two beings, if they could be called as such, had no warmth, no mirth, and seemed to grow louder and louder. The darkness alleviates, for a second, and you see the Man, who never was a man, and the Man, who was no longer a man, both side by side, and you could not for the life of you see the difference. You fall into the darkness.

You feel a strange tugging as you hold the book, and are overcome with a sense of Deja Vu. You feel as if this all has happened before. You sigh. Of course not. And messing with His book is a bad idea as well. You set the book down and look up to find Him standing in front of you. He chuckles and picks up the book.
"Thank You For Keeping My Book Safe. I Wish You.. . .. Luck, Of A Sort." His voice rings in your ears, and the Deja Vu returns. He laughs, and walks away, tucking the book back into the same loose straps it fell from before. You wonder what he was talking about, keeping that book safe. You had just picked it up.

Hadn't you?

The Creation of Jenner

You start to stare at this woman. Her unusual getup aside, there's just something off about her. You can't place it. As you watch her, within the space of a single blink she's turned her attention to you. As you stare into her golden eyes, something changes. Time begins to distort around you, and everyone else but you and her have stopped moving. She slowly comes to her feet, and beckons you to do the same. You do, and as you do, the edges of your eyes slowly begin to darken. She opens her mouth, and her words echo through your head.
"Do You Really Wish To Know About Me? Are You Quite Sure?" As you move to nod your head, you fall into darkness.

You slowly grow aware of your surroundings. You glance around, and find yourself locked in place. After fighting off your initial panic, you notice that you're in the middle of NewHome, with something happening in it's center. One man, leaning against a tree, is smoking a cigarette. Another is off to the side, his skin greatly pale on this bright day. The last one is next to the pale man, a Kittymorph. He seems greatly focused on what the first man, smoking the cigarette is doing. As you turn your attention back to the first man, you notice that the smoke is forming clouds, and he is manipulating them with his hands, which as fast as a conductor's, and just as intricate. He morphs these clouds into a recognizable human shape, which he continues to work. The figure in the clouds soon forms a torso, legs, and arms. He continues to work, not a bead of sweat in his eyes, as he defines it even more, giving it clothes and other defining characteristics, and you can at last see for certain that whatever it is, it is female. He manipulates it, her, even more, making more and more changes until, if you didn't know better, you'd think it was alive. The man flicks the cigarette from his mouth and grins. He reaches out and lays his hand on the smoke figure, and the hand glows green. The figure suddenly becomes defined, having a definite shape and presence. The man backs away and grins. The girl opens her blue eyes and utters a single phrase.
"Who.. Who am I?" As the two other man slowly look at one another, the man who created her laughs, and disappears from sight. You fall into darkness.

As you return to the land of the waking, you find yourself watching the girl who was created. She is locked into an argument with the two other men who were there at the creation. You can't hear what they are saying, as all you can make out is nondescript whispers and mutterings. All you can tell is that the girl is angry, the albino is incredibly scared, and the Kittymorph is just confused. A noise begins to fill the air, over the whispers, and you can hear it ringing through your head.
"I want them to tell me who he is! This "Jasser", or whoever he is, created me, and I want to know why! This guy, Leonard, I think, has to know something, I just know it. All he's told me is his name." The girl takes off in a huff, away from the two men, and lays herself several feet away, under a tree. She starts to breath evenly, and that's enough for the two men. The Leonard one turns to the Kittymorph and begins whispering to him. You can't make out what they're saying, but after they finish, you hear one, final thought permeate through the air.
"He's using me." And with that one, last, ringing thought, you fall into darkness.

You slowly return to consciousness. You glance around, finally noticing the girl again. She's arguing once more, but this time with the Leonard and a girl. Once more, you cannot make out what they're saying, but the voice echoes through your mind once more.
"I heard him say it. Jasser is using me for something, but to what means, and to what end? This girl, Quinn, knows nothing about Jasser, even less than me, but this man.." Leonard takes Quinn aside, and begins whispering to her. The girl listens in, quite absorbed. Leonard doesn't notice this, and when he turns back to the girl, he raises his eyebrows in shock. The girl takes several steps back and seems to be thinking deeply, and the voice once again echoes through your head.
"He said that Jasser is using me to.. Death? What about Death? But.. .. What other reason is there besides.. .. using me to escape Death? But how.. .." Leonard slowly begins to step back as the girl takes on a tremendous change. Her breathing slowly stops and her eyes Glow. Another voice, heard not in your head, like the other one, but above the whispers, echoes out.
"Now Death Will Come, You Fool!" A piercing drone is heard in the air, and the girl runs out of the outpost, and Leonard and Quinn. You don't black out this time however, as you are pulled along with the girl, following her to Death.

You come to a clearing, following the girl. The piercing noise you heard in the outpost is just as loud, if not louder, here.The girl comes to a stop in the clearing, northwest of Newhome, and she begins to argue with herself, both aloud, which you can't hear over the whispering and the loud noise, and in her mind, which fills your head.
"What..Do..You..Want! Why are you using me!"
"I Need You To Allow Me To Escape Death!" She begins to scream, the noise overriding the whispers and being heard over the piercing noise.
"What is your plan!"
"My Plan Is For You To Die!"
Leonard and Quinn come into the clearing, and the girl falls to the ground, still, and unbreathing. The man who created her appears over her, with a katana in hand. Leonard and Quinn rush to the girl's aid. The piercing noise suddenly stops, and Leonard and Quinn turn there heads as something appears from nowhere, just as the man had. The man reaffirms his grip on the blade, and stares down the beast as it comes forward.

The beast seems to have no definite form, changing it's body to match the viewers greatest fear. As you take a step back and wipe your eyes, trying to get the image out of your head, you look back and see a woman standing before you. The woman looks remarkably like the girl that the man had created, and begins to speak to him. The whispers grow silent, and you hear the voice well.
"Why, Jason, Why? Why did you do it? I loved you Jason." The man takes a step back, and begins to break down.
"I..I..I.. .I.. .." He mutters to himself. The beast takes this chance and turns into a large, draconian figure, and slashes the man across the chest. The man falls to the ground, multi-colored blood splashing the area around him, causing flowers to bloom where the blood lands. The blood splashes on the still frame of the girl, and she begins to move, just as the beast turns it's eyes on her.

You watch as the girl stands, her eyes wide on the man's shuddering frame. The beast begins walking toward her, shifting it's form to match the girl's fear. It changes into a man, shrouded in darkness, glaring at the girl with a fiendish snarl on it's face. The girl rushes toward the beast, screaming No again and again. The beast shifts back, and slashes the girl down the middle. She falls to the ground, and finally expires. Leonard and Quinn rush to try and save her, but it is all for naught. The man, his wounds slowly stitching together, comes to his feet, and clenches his sword. He rushes the beast, and it shifts once more, changing into the form of the young woman. The beast, in it's new disguise, begins to plea to the man. The man ignores her, and slices the beast, removing it's head from it's shoulders. The man kneels beside the head, and it voices one last sentence, one that could be heard over the whispering.
"Jason.. . ..Not again.." The man brings his sword down onto the head, and you fall into darkness.

You slowly come back into consciousness. You find yourself watching the girl, the one who was killed, sitting against a tree, staring off into nothingness. Her eyes, which had once been a clear blue, are now tinged with green. She appears aloof and uninterested in the world around her, and the voice once again echoes through your head.
"It's been nearly a week since I've woken up without a memory. My thoughts seem jumbled, and it seems nice to actually get them straight in my head. People have come up to me and acted like I should know them and some man, Leonard, I think, told me that I had died and been brought to life by someone named Jasser. I don't know what I'm going to do, but I suppose I should find out who Jasser is and what happened to my memories." Almost immediately, as if on cue, a man comes into view. He looks horribly old and wizened, his skin loose and wrinkled. He walks up to the girl, and kneels before her. He mutters a single phrase, one that you hear perfectly, over the drone.
"Do You Want To Remember?" With this, you fall into darkness.

You once again return to a scene that, for some reason, you feel is immensely important. The girl is sitting against a tree. She appears disconnected from it all, as if thinking deeply. The voice begins to echo through your mind once more, but this time, with a sense of finality to it.
"Jasser came and offered me my memories back. He was extremely vague on what exactly that entails, but I want to remember. He gave me some time to think about it but, yes. Yes."
Once more, as if on cue, Jasser comes into view, walking toward the girl, with the book in his hands. He comes to her and stands above her. The girl stands up and meets him eye to eye. His voice breaks the air, driving away the whispers and the murmuring.
"Have You Made A Decision?"
The girl glares at him.
"I have, but you already know it, don't you?"
Jasser chuckles, but his eyes are cold and emotionless.
"Of Course."
Jasser extends the book toward her and, without a moment's hesitation, the girl places her hand on the it. A flash of light erupts, blinding you. As you strain your eyes to try and see what's happening, Jasser begins to laugh, his laughter as cold and emotionless as his eyes. The laughter pierces the air, wiggling it's way into your mind. The laughter is soon joined by the girls laughter, which is just as empty. The two bursts of supposed merriment join together, and, for the life of you, you can't tell the difference between them.

You Fall Into Darkness.

You start to stare at this woman. Her unusual getup aside, there's just something off about her. You can't place it. As you watch her, within the space of a single blink she's turned her attention to you.
She grins.
"I Hope That Answered Your Question." You try to overcome your initial shock, but as you are doing so, she turns back away, absorbed in other matter. You wonder to yourself what exactly she means by that. All she did was look at you.

Hadn't She?

Visitor Comments and Other Stuff

"My character is the compilation of numerous ass pulls on top of an unoriginal premise." - Jasser's Narrator

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