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**The scene**

The entire chamber has been decorated in blue, violet, and gold, with bright silver trim.. even the lights under the dance floor shift hues seamlessly from one color to the next, providing a nice tone to the place.

At the front of the dance area is a raised platform for the live band to play, and Mecurial is here to provide the tunes. Each member of the group is nattily outfitted in a silver zoot suit, trimmed with blue, with the lead vocalist distinguishing himself with a violet suit and gold trim. It seems like the band is all ready to get the party started.

At the buffet table there is a gigantic, four-tiered wedding cake decorated in silver and violet icing with blue roses and ribbons made of clarified sugar. A polished wood sculpture sits on the top, depicting the happy couple. To either side is a guest registry and a place to set down wedding gifts for the new couple's life together. On the opposite side of the room are seven stations that guests may visit to enjoy appetizers and small meals before the reception dinner proper gets started. Every restaurant on the Promenade sent a representative chef, each applying their knowledge and skill to help make this party as well-nourished as it is entertaining.. from Chef Kobiyashi and his flashing knives over the teppanyaki grille, serving up sauteed titan and chicken katsu fresh out of the mini-fryer to Sauce Pounder Mel Carthage, who constructed a Pound-Shack just for this occasion; she keeps her hammers slamming to the rhythm of the reception band, and creates a marinara from scratch for her assistant to use in the flash-baking in miniature pepperoni and meatball calzones.

Tables are set up around the dance floor, each of them round and numbered with a centerpiece of softly-glowing purple and silver roses. A place setting made of stamped silver with blue etching commemorates the date and the names of the married pair. Two large baskets of warm rolls and sourdough baguettes are set out, along with two carved glass pitchers of chilled water. The pats of honey butter were hand-carved to resemble gryphons and ravens. The menu has no choices, and indicates ALL the meals available will be serves to those who desire them:

Freshly-Tossed Garden Greens with Herbs and Hand-Prepared Balsamic Vinaigrette Four-Clawed Lobster Bisque with Garlic and Cracked Pepper Croutons Roast Leg of Occam's Razorback in a Sweet Onion and Tomato Glaze Spice Rack Salmon with Dill and Olive Oil Clarified Butter Prime Rib of Roast Beef with Hand-Shredded Horseradish Dressing New Yukon Blue and Idaho Red Potatoes with Garlic and Basil Steamed Asparagus With Pinenuts

Desserts Include Chocolate Rainbow Wedding Cake The Venetian Table Featuring the Finest from The Princess' Dream Beverages of any sort are available, including the limited edition Darkenjasser Stout


As you watch the other guests and the lady and lord of honor file into the place, you realize that this experience is going to be both exquisite and wholly amazing! The band begins to strike up with the newlywed's favorite song and then transitions into Romance Song #20, which is one of Mecurial's biggest hits.. the scents, the sounds, and the companions all make this a top night to remember..

What Happened

Welcome Everyone

Nervous as Hell dark knight comes into the Hall holding Jasser's hand still blushing furiously.

Jenner Jasser glances at Dark and kisses her. "How's it feel to be a married woman?"

Contender Rukatin leads xan following the newly weds

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid walks in behind Jasser and Dark and then blinks as he realizes he is no longer holding Caelan's hand. He looks behind him and doesn't see her. He sighs and makes his way over to a table and sits down quietly.

Elegantly Xan walks in and smiles at the new couple.

Jenner Jasser pulls Dark over to a seat and puts her arm around her. She orders a Leg of Occams Razorback for both of them. She glances at Dark, kissing her again.

LionHeart Obsidia Black's narr grumbles as Obsidia walks into the Hall. 'Can't believe I missed the wedding, sorry Dark and Jasser."

Nervous as Hell dark knight Kisses Jasser back and blushes still "Wouldn't you know too?" she hugs Jasser "I.." She can't seem to figure out what to say.. she's still more stunned/shocked she made it through that. dark knight then grins at Obsidia "You made it here that's good!" She blushes more.

Jenner Jasser glances at Obsidia. "It's alright." She kisses Dark again.

Elegantly Xan closes her eyes as she smells the delicious foods, she opens her eyes again and smiles, the wedding was eventful and the reception was bound to be fun as well.

Contender Rukatin's heart warms at Xan's smiles

Nervous as Hell dark knight blushes more and puts something into Jassers hand and kisses her back.

Jenner Jasser ohs. "I hope you don't mind but I ordered something for us both..."

Good Food and Good Friends

LionHeart Obsidia Black rubs the back of his head. "I guess so. Oh, wedding gifts. I almost forgot." He opens his satchel, rummaging around til he produces two wrapped packages, then hands them to the married couple. "I wish you two nothing but success in your new life."

Jenner Jasser takes the gift, blushing a bit. Kissing her loved ones in front of a ton of people, some of them she doesn't even know, that's fine. Receiving a gift? Blush central. "Thanks Obsidia."

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid orders himself some Spice Rack Salmon and sits back as he sips on a glass of root beer.

Nervous as Hell dark knight is definitely yep sitting beside Jasser at the table She looks at the gifts and blushes more "Thanks.."She takes one of the two packages. She glances to Jasser "It's alright.."

Elegantly Xan turns her eyes up to looks at Ruk, smiling as she realizes he was watching her. "Sorry, I am a sucker for weddings.. and good food. Then having you here beside me.. I couldn't be much happier."

Contender Rukatin blushes lightly and presses against her. "aw shucks.."

LionHeart Obsidia Black smiles, then looks around. Finding his brother here, he takes a seat by him, ordering the Lobster Bisque. "Hey bro, how're you doing?"

Disconcertingly Decisive Disestablishmentarianism slithers in with Sun close behind her.

Jenner Jasser glances down at the gift. "Should we open them now.. .. .."

The Pink Death AliceHeart runs in giggling and carrying a giggling Magenta perched on her shoulders in a piggyback ride. She slows down to a trot and stands still once she approaches the others.

Orphan of Spades Sun skips in behind Ment, still carrying Eggbert and Sage in her arms.

Eggbert has calmed down from her recent scare and is snuggling into Sun's chest.

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid looks up at his brother and gives a half-hearted smile "I'm alright.. could be better."

Queen of Spades Magenta holds onto Alice's pigtails like handlebars, giggling softly as she rides on Alice's shoulders. Apparently their mini conflict from earlier has been resolved.

Disconcertingly Decisive Disestablishmentarianism settles by a table" What would you like to eat, Sun?"

Rory is totally here! She's just deciding who to say hi to first.

LionHeart Obsidia Black gives his brother a concerned look. "Anything I can help with?"

Kari The Rabbit twitches her nose in Rory's arms. She notes that Jasser and Dark are sitting together at a booth, then disregards the information. She's a rabbit, she doesn't care.

Orphan of Spades Sun goes to a table and sits down, setting Sage down on an empty chair beside her but still holding Eggbert. She had a bad scare, she needs cuddles! "Fish!" She chirps to Ment, giggling. Sun loves fish.

Nervous as Hell dark knight looks around and tilts her head "I don't see why not.. that or put them by the cake for later.."

Jenner Jasser nods. "Alright." She grabs Dark's present and stands working her way past her and over to the table, laying them down next to the cake. She walks back and sits down in Dark's lap, wrapping her arms around Dark's neck.

Disconcertingly Decisive Disestablishmentarianism orders the salmon for Sun, and a roast leg of razorback for herself. She remembers to order a second salmon for Sage and Eggbert to share.

The Pink Death AliceHeart huffs out a breath. That was a long run with Magenta on her shoulders. It would help if Magenta would stop hitting Joe's Diner all the time! She squirms around to let Magenta slip down before skipping over to dark and pestering. "Pssssst."

Eggbert coos happily in Sun's arms" Fish, I had a dream about fish, they were tasty."

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid sighs and shakes his head "I don't have a gift for the couple.. and Caelan disappeared."

Queen of Spades Magenta stays clung to Alice's back for a moment longer, trying to be obnoxious and making her carry her, but then she finally lets go and drops down to the floor. Looking over to Eggbert, she grins and lifts her tophat, and Elvis, who has sitting on her head, jumps down and runs over.

Nervous as Hell dark knight blushes furiously and puts her arms around Jasser. She looks around at all the people.

Eggbert coos happily in Sun's arm." Fishhies, I had a dream about fishes, they were tasty."

Nervous as Hell dark knight looks to Alice "Hey, how are you?"

Ace Of Spades Arodang slinks in, late and unhappy about the fact- a common theme for the night, apparently. Dan makes his way over to Sun, Ment, and the whole menagerie of mini-zillas.

LionHeart Obsidia Black smiles slightly. "It was a pair of charm bracelets I'd had for a while; I just hope they like them." He gets a haunted look in his eyes. "You don't mean..?"

Jenner Jasser glances at Rory and waves her over. Dark and Jasser's food arrives and she hops back beside Dark, digging into some Leg of Occam's razorback.

Orphan of Spades Sun giggles at Eggbert, purring and stroking her head. "I like fishies!"

Contender Rukatin walls for the night

The Pink Death AliceHeart leans down close to dark and grins, whispering, "Well, first of all, congratulations. I was pestering because Martin told me to send you his best regards. He apologizes for not making it, but he passed out, being too tired. He says he's happy for you.

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid shakes his head "No.. it's just that we were walking here, and when I got here, she was no longer with me.."

Disconcertingly Decisive Disestablishmentarianism picks up Elvis when he runs over to places him on the table. The servers place the two orders of salmon by Sun and the razorback leg by Ment.

Rory carries Kari over to sit with dark and jasser, saying really quietly, "I don't have a present.. .. Want a bunny?" She asks, holding up Kari with a grin.

Eggbert makes grabby hands at the second plate of Fissssh"" Fissssh."

Elvis coos at Ment as he's set on the table, then immediately pounces on one of the fish, taking a huge bite and growling as he tears off a chunk then starts chewing happily.

Jenner Jasser stares at the rabbit for a moment, and then giggles. She grabs the rabbit and smiles. "Kari Where in the 9 hells have you been?"

Kari The Rabbit twitches her nose.

Nervous as Hell dark knight nods to Alice "Thanks and it's fine, if you see him first tell him that everything went well."

Orphan of Spades Sun giggles and reaches over, grabbing the plate before Elvis can eat all of the fish. She starts dividing it into three large pieces so Elvis, Eggbert and Sage all have an equal amount, and she offers each piece to the respective 'zilla.

Nervous as Hell dark knight stares at Kari and tilts her head.

Jenner Jasser feels the rabbit's stomach and clicks her tongue. She gestures toward the seat beside her at the booth. She begins to eat the razorback leg again.

The Pink Death AliceHeart purses her lips together into a thin smile when she hears dark. She just nods quickly a few times at her and breaks into a giggling fit before skipping over back to Magenta and taking a seat.

LionHeart Obsidia Black sighs in relief. "Oh, had me worried there for a second. I'm sure she's alright, Alex." He smiles at his little brother. "I caught that Gastly you told me about earlier."

Disconcertingly Decisive Disestablishmentarianism digs into her plate of razor back happily.Eggbert happily eats her huge piece of nummy salmon, dropping small pieces into Sun's lap.

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid blinks, and his smile grows abit wider "Congratulations, Big bro."

Queen of Spades Magenta stands awkwardly for a moment, looking around for someplace to sit at, so she seems relieved when Alice skips over and sits down. She takes a seat beside her, flopping into the chair and relaxing a bit.

Elegantly Xan looks at the walled Ruk.. now she was alone again.

Ace Of Spades Arodang stands about awkwardly, not really knowing where to go or who to talk to. Dan chews on his lip, peering about.

Orphan of Spades Sun starts tearing into her own salmon once she's sure the 'zillas are fed, stuffing her face and purring out giggles as she noms loudly.

Nervous as Hell dark knight smiles back to Alice and blushed then notices the food was there and starts eating some.

Jenner Jasser waves at Dan. "You can join us, Dan!" Her, Dark, and Rory. And Kari. The Rabbit.

Rory waves excitedly to Dan, smiling, "Hi mister magic Dan!"

Queen of Spades Magenta looks towards Dan, seeing he's sharing the awkward feeling right now, so she lifts her hand and gestures for him to come sit with her.

Kari The Rabbit twitches her nose.

LionHeart Obsidia Black chuckles somewhat, rubbing the back of his head. "Yeah, he's a handful. More of a poltergeist than a ghost." He smiles at Dan, motioning him over.

Disconcertingly Decisive Disestablishmentarianism finishes off her leg rather quickly, since she had 60 different mouths eating away at it. She breaks the remain bones into pieces and offers them to the mini'zillas, so they can eat the tasty marrow inside.

Elegantly Xan finds a quiet table out of the way and just watches everyone.

Ace Of Spades Arodang blinks as he's called over in two directions. With a confused grin, Dan bounds over to hug his mommagenta then hurries to Jenner, Dark, Rory and Kari. Can't forget the rabbit! But he can't turn down the newlywed's invitation. "Congratulations!"

Eggbert happily takes a piece of the bone from Ment and begins to suck out the bone marrow inside.

Ace Of Spades Arodang rubs the back of his neck, cheeks glowing. "SorryIwaslate Iwas working on your present.. Shouldbeheresoon!"

Jenner Jasser smiles at Dan. "Thanks, Dan. And thank you for the figurines." She tilts her head. "Present?"

What do you mean it's not time for cake?

The Pink Death AliceHeart is just quite honestly, and quite obviously, helping herself to ridiculous amounts of chocolate rainbow wedding cake. As if it wasn't bad enough already, every time she takes a bite and sees the colours, she breaks into a giggling fit.

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid reaches up and slightly looses his tux's bowtie. He looks up as his salmon is delivered. He proceeds to eat it quietly.

Ace Of Spades Arodang nods, grinning widely as he hugs her. "Present! Howcould I notget you a present?"

Nervous as Hell dark knight pauses mid bite "You already did the cake topper you didn't ha- er.. Thanks.." there she goes blushing furriously again.

Jenner Jasser raises an eyebrow as Dan hops across the table, but then hugs him back, giggling. "It's just.. .. Bah. Thank you Dan."

Queen of Spades Magenta looks over at Alice, lifting her eyebrows curiously at the giggling fits the other girl keeps bursting into. "What's so funny?"

Disconcertingly Decisive Disestablishmentarianism sighs. A few staff members run over and drag Alice away from the cake.

Ace Of Spades Arodang hugs both of the newly weds, giggling. "Is a caketopper not a present! Sillies." Of course he hopped across the table! How else would he get over there? He hops back, standing about awkwardly. "Heresoon. Anymoment?"

Orphan of Spades Sun lifts her head, half of a fish currently sticking out of her mouth. What are table manners? "Cake soon?" She asks Ment, curiously, as she eyes Alice.

Kari The Rabbit twitches it's nose. It briefly wonders why Rory doesn't sit down beside Jasser, but then it remembers it's a rabbit. It doesn't care. It nuzzles Jasser.

Jenner Jasser giggles. "Well, sit down and order something to eat!"

Elegantly Xan rests her chin on her hand, a tiny smile on her lips. She is thankful to have been invited though she was feeling out of place.

The Pink Death AliceHeart pouts and flails as she's dragged away from the cake. She holds her arms out and opens and closes her fists, making grabby motions towards it. Once she's back in her seat she huffs and crosses her arms over her chest, still pouting.

Jenner Jasser scritches the rabbit with one hand, her other hand around Dark.

Nervous as Hell dark knight is still blushing she bites her lip afraid to ask "What do you mean here soon..?"

Queen of Spades Magenta notices Xan again seems to be feeling out of place, so she lifts her hand, motioning her over. She' and Alice are the only ones at their table right now, after all.

Rory finishes making her order, the one taking it wondering how the skinny thing was going to manage to eat everything she ordered..

Disconcertingly Decisive Disestablishmentarianism giggles at Alice. A staff member sets down a smaller cake, which is the same type as the wedding cake it's self. Anything to keep her away from the real one.

Elegantly Xan sees Magenta motion to her so she gets up and walks over sitting with them. "My date turned into a statue.. I should have seen it coming but.. it always catches me off guard."

Kari The Rabbit hops over toward Rory, assuming she's still at the same table as Jasser and Dark, and nuzzles her hand, hopping into her lap.

Ace Of Spades Arodang giggles and takes his seat, murmuring that he'll take whatever Rory's having, doubled. "Here shortly! Uh. The 'taters are bringing it in 'cause it was heavy and Iwasinarush." Wait, what?

Queen of Spades Magenta smiles sympathetically, reaching over and dipping her finger into the cake that was given to Alice. She sucks the frosting off of the finger then, before she tilts her head towards Xan. "Still getting used to walls?"

Disconcertingly Decisive Disestablishmentarianism smiles at Sun" Yep, we'll get cake once the newly weds cut it."

The Pink Death AliceHeart gasps in delight and starts shoveling the new offered mini cake into her mouth. She sees Xan and grins at her, teeth stained with the many different colours the cake's insides are decorated with. She also glares at Magenta for a moment.

Jenner Jasser doesn't hear Ment, or else she'd go cut it right now. "Umm.. taters?"

LionHeart Obsidia Black silently enjoys his lobster, adding a bit of spice to it now and then. Flux pokes his head out of the satchel, still pink, but the color finally fading. Smiling, the lionmorph sneaks him a few pieces.

Eggbert finishes sucking the bone marrow out of the first piece of bone and starts on the second one. Sage and

Elvis are doing the same as Eggbert, all of them enjoying the yummy bone marrow.

Nervous as Hell dark knight blinks a few times at Dan and swallows before moving to eat more of her food. "Oh.. alright."

Elegantly Xan smiles a little, "No.. just the fact he does it so often. I am guilty of them too but, I still get lonely without him." She giggles at Alice's colorful teeth.

Orphan of Spades Sun finishes her fish before she looks over to Obsidia's lobster, gasping a bit. "I want some of that.."

Queen of Spades Magenta nods a bit, before she follows Xan's gaze to Alice, letting out a giggle of her own at the colourful grin. "Why are you glaring at me like that?!" Reaching over, she pokes Alice's nose, getting remnants of frosting on it.

Rory scritches Kari, offering her a bit of her salad, the first part of her massive meal, "I wanna see Dan's present!"

LionHeart Obsidia Black chuckles at Sun, motioning for a waiter to bring the girl some of the Lobster Bisque.

Disconcertingly Decisive Disestablishmentarianism asks a passing server to bring over a serving of lobster for the table to share. The Four-Clawed Lobster Bisque is quickly set in the middle of the table.

Dan's "Present-taters!" arrive.

Ace Of Spades Arodang bobs his head excitedly, pointing to the door as a troop of potatoes march their way in with military precision and - fanfare?! That's a new addition, and by Dan's bemused expression not one he ordered. "Present-taters!" No, the taters aren't the present. They're carrying the present, a giant disc of crystalline glass shining in the light. Emblazoned on the glass is a colorful depiction of glazed stone, Jenner's hat inlaid with a phoenix wing and a particular well-worn coin.

Kari The Rabbit nibbles the lettuce.

The Pink Death AliceHeart crosses her eyes as her nose is poked and uses one finger to scoop out the frosting and eat it. She huffs at Magenta and sticks her tongue out at her, protectively cradling her cake while continuing to eat.

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid smiles at his brother "So Flux likes meat?"

Ace Of Spades Arodang's potatoes present the coat of arms to the newlyweds, giving a huphup as they shoulder the gift.

Eggbert makes grabby hands at the lobster claws.

Jenner Jasser raises her eyebrows, opening her mouth a bit. "Uhm.. .. .." She doesn't know what to say.

Orphan of Spades Sun squeals happily when the lobster is set down, and she quickly reaches over and grabs the claws. Those are handed to Eggbert, still giggling before she starts digging into the lobster bisque.

Ace Of Spades Arodang chews on his lip nervously, peering at Jenner. "S'okay miss Jenner? S-sorry ifyoudon't like it I'll make something else.."

Eggbert shares the lobster claw with Sgae and Elvis.

LionHeart Obsidia Black chuckles at his brother. "About the only thing I haven't seen him eat is the kitchen sink, and I'm not too sure about that." He blinks at Dan's present. "Kid's got style, I'll give him that. Neat."

Jenner Jasser gives Dan a hug and kiss on the cheek. "It's great Dan!" She grins, turning to examine it.

Kari The Rabbit's ear perk up at all the noise. It nuzzles Rory, curling up to take a nap.

Queen of Spades Magenta smiles over towards Dan, giving him a reassuring grin followed by a thumbs up. It's a genuinely nice present.

Ace Of Spades Arodang beams at the compliment, hugging her back and blushing at the kiss. "Isjust present congratulations wedding! You'sandDark's. Taters, fifteen minute break then marches home!" he orders. They give a brisk salute, moving off to mingle among the crowd.

Rory giggles at the taters, moving on to the soup. Mmm lobster bisque. So much delicious food! She pets Kari idly as she eats.

Jenner Jasser giggles, putting her arm back around Dark. "Thanks Dan. I think Dark walled from sheer embarrassment, she's just blushing that badly."

Ace Of Spades Arodang grins widely, bowing his head to Jenner as the waiter brings his order. The same as Rory got, except doubled. Dan's determined to out-eat her, even if she knows not the challenge.

Nervous as Hell dark knight blinks as she catches Jassers comment but she is indeed blushing really badly and staring at the gift.

Jenner Jasser finishes off her Occam's Razorback leg, then glances at Dark. She asks the server for a new one to replace the one that's gone cold. Not that it matters too badly, there's a ton of food.

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid sees Dan's gift and then sighs again. He pushes back from the table and stands up.

Elegantly Xan looks the menu over and thinks, there was SO many choices.. but.. she orders the salad.

Now it's time for cake.. well almost anyway..

A small army of artisan bakers from the Princess' Dream rush in to replace the partially destroyed wedding cake.. nodding to each other, they take the defective cake back to the shoppe..

Jenner Jasser glances at the servers as they replace the cake and ohs. She kisses Dark, getting up from the table and clapping her hands together. "Who wants CAKE?"

Queen of Spades Magenta realizes she never ordered either, but she looks over to Xan, blinking as she orders the salad. "Vegetarian?"

LionHeart Obsidia Black looks up at his brother. "Something wrong?"

Kari The Rabbit flicks her ears at the noise, nuzzling further against Rory.

Disconcertingly Decisive Disestablishmentarianism smiles and looks at Sun when cake is mentioned.

Orphan of Spades Sun's ears perk, and her eyes grow huge, lobster bisque dribbling down her chin as she squeaks. "Cake?!"

Elegantly Xan shakes head, "No.. I am trying to watch my weight.. trust me, I love meat and fish but, I figure a salad will keep me looking not like a whale." She smiles.

Jenner Jasser grabs Dark's hand and pulls her along toward the cake.

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid shakes his head and rushes out of the hall.

Eggbert throws away the empty lobster claw" CAKKKKKKKEEEE!!!!!!!" screams the over excited lizard.

Queen of Spades Magenta tuts and shakes her head, chuckling softly. "Nonsense, don't worry about watching your weight. Eat what makes you happy. There's nothing wrong with being on the larger side. It's rather pleasant

looking, really."

Rory looks at her soup then at the cake. Surely it couldn't hurt to have dessert in the middle.. ..

Elegantly Xan giggles a little, "That's what Alice keeps telling me too.."

Nervous as Hell dark knight follows to the cake and smiles. "We're doing the cake?"

Jenner Jasser giggles at the positive responses. She reaches the cake and glances around for a knife.

The Pink Death AliceHeart snaps out of a small daze and perks up when she sees the cake is about to be cut. She cups her hands over her mouth and yells out to Jenner and dark, "WAIT! WAIT WAIT WAIT!"

Jenner Jasser glances at Alice, raising an eyebrow.

LionHeart Obsidia Black frowns at Alex's sudden exit. Standing and making a few excuses, he heads out of the hall.

Queen of Spades Magenta nods, grinning. "Listen to us, we know! Order whatever makes you happy. How about I order the prime rib and we share, if you don't want to eat something all on your own?"

The Pink Death AliceHeart stands up and stumbles over towards the couple. She rummages around inside her skirt pocket until she comes out with a purple playing card, the Two of Hearts. She holds it up, pointing it at dark and Jenner. "Alright! Go ahead and cut it! when you're ready!"

Ace Of Spades Arodang noms away, trying to get past the course Rory's on. When the cake comes, he can eat that too.

Okay who has.. a Knife?

Jenner Jasser blinks. "Well, we need a knife first."

The Pink Death AliceHeart grabs one of her katanas with her free hand and unsheathes it. She offers it, grip first, to Jenner, still holding the card in her other hand. Overkill? Well, it just might work.

Marksman Boone leans on Xan, raising an eyebrow.

Flaze blinks, shaking off yet another wall. She has knives..

Nervous as Hell dark knight draws her ornamental dagger "We could use this?"

Elegantly Xan nods with a smile, "Thank you.. I don't know if I introduced myself the last time we met. I am Xan."

Marksman Boone has knives. He has lots of knives. Not all of them apperant. He leans on Xan, watching.

Jenner Jasser blinks at the Katana. "Uhm.." She glances at the dagger Dark offers, then back at Alice. "The knife is a bit easier to use.. .." She takes it and turns back to the cake, pulling Dark over to help her make the first cut.

Queen of Spades Magenta's grin broadens, and she places her order for the prime rib. Turning back to Xan, she giggles softly, offering her hand. "Nice to meet you, Xan. I'm Magenta!"

LionHeart Obsidia Black walks back into the Hall, without Alex. Seeing Alice, he makes a small wave to her.

Orphan of Spades Sun whines quietly, then blurts out, "I want cake! They should just cut it with whatever!" She's talking to Ment, of course, in a loud whisper.

Marksman Boone blinks slowly at Magenta. "I'm Boone. If you'd care to know."

The Pink Death AliceHeart nods and puts her katana away. She seems highly concentrated on keeping the card steady on Jenner and dark... She peeks over and gives Obsidia a quick wave before turning her attention at the pair.

Disconcertingly Decisive Disestablishmentarianism giggles at Sun" I'll be sure to ask for an extra large piece of cake for you Sun, so just wait abit longer. Okay?"

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid walks back in after awhile with an azure-colored present box, with green ribbon. He walks over to dark and Jasser and sets the present at their table. "congratulations.." He says rather meekly.

Ace Of Spades Arodang finishes his plate of food, standing to face the cake and newlyweds, smiling.

Nervous as Hell dark knight goes with Jasser using the dagger she makes the first cut into the cake with Jasser's help. She moves the blade to make the second cut for the first piece.. of the new cake.

Elegantly Xan shakes Magenta's hand and then looks up at Boone, "Good to see you are awake."

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid realizes that dark and Jasser aren't at their table, and sighs. He leaves it there and walks back to his table and sits back down.

Marksman Boone is good like that. His attention is already back on the cake and the lovers, before it returns to Xan. "I.. yeah. Talla'll be along shortly. Gotta take it slow with that dress and whatnot."

Feeding each other cake.. no one gets to wear it?

Jenner Jasser giggles, grabbing a plate and placing the slice on it. She grabs a fork and feeds the piece to Dark.

Nervous as Hell dark knight smiles to Alex and nods with a blushing "Thanks."

The Pink Death AliceHeart's card lets out a bright FLASH as soon as dark cuts into the cake. Alice grins happily to herself and skips over to Jenner, offering her the card whenever she's ready to take it. A little Memento to commemorate the moment.

LionHeart Obsidia Black takes his seat back by Alex, ruffling his hair.

Ace Of Spades Arodang disappears to drive home. Byelaters! Dan poofs in congratulatory confetti, gone.

Rory watches the cake being cut as she munches on the leg o' razorback. Too busy eating to talk apparently!

Disconcertingly Decisive Disestablishmentarianism smiles at Sun" Lets go over and get our slices of cake now."

Elegantly Xan smiles and nods, "Well I had to take it slow in these heels. I am not use to wearing shoes anymore."

Nervous as Hell dark knight eats the piece with a laugh trying not to make a mess..

Nervous as Hell dark knight takes another fork as he chews and gets a bit for Jasser to feed her her bite.

Jenner Jasser giggles, taking Alice's card and examining it. "What's this for?"

Marksman Boone silently tries something. He raises his hands, thumb to forefinger in a box, and quietly says, "Click." He mimes waving something, like a Polaroid photo. The edges fill in first. Then a photo fills in his waving hand. He blinks slowly, then smiles.

Iron Chef Albert W. Carter pads into the Hall, dressed in his signature Chef's Jacket and smiling at the procedings as two large tubs of Madagascar Vanilla Bean Gelato are wheeled in to compliment the multi-chocolaty goodness of the wedding cake.

Iron Chef Albert W. Carter walks over to the newlywed and clasp his hands together. "Is everything doing well here, Mrs. Jasser and Mrs. Knight?"

Marksman Boone promptly holds the photo to Xan. "Merry Christmas."

Elegantly Xan blinks and looks at Boone, that was different.

LionHeart Obsidia Black takes a seat back by his little brother, ruffling his hair.

Orphan of Spades Sun gasps excitedly, climbing to her feet and staying close to Ment as they go to get their slices of cake.

Elegantly Xan looks at the photo with a smile.

Jenner Jasser glances at Carter and smiles. "It's going great, Carter. Just cut the cake."

Kari The Rabbit wakes up, hungry again. She is eating for.. .. 6. She sniffs around, then nips at Rory.

Nervous as Hell dark knight nods to Carter still holding Jasser's bite on the fork. "Ya it's going great I think.."

Marksman Boone's photo is.. very realistic. If you looked closely, you'd swear it was moving. "Well?"

The Pink Death AliceHeart explains to Jenner, "It's a card that imprints a moment on its face! To remember the moment!" Yes it's

The Pink Death AliceHeart| basically a card with a camera effect.

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid lowers his head as his hair is ruffled. "They look nice together..."

Deadly Little Talla walks in and looks at Boone before smiling.

Disconcertingly Decisive Disestablishmentarianism smiles and moves over toe the cake with Sun. She grabs a nearby knife and looks at Jenser" May I cut a piece?"

Marksman Boone feels like he just ripped off Alice. >_> He swears he didn't mean it.

Jenner Jasser takes her bite of the cake, smiling. She giggles as she finishes it, and kisses Dark, icing still on her lips.

Elegantly Xan smiles at Boone, "Thank you... I love it."

Jenner Jasser glances at Alice and giggles. "Thanks Alice!" She glances at the Card, then shows it to Dark. She glances at Ment. "Of course!"

LionHeart Obsidia Black smiles. "Indeed. And one day it might be you up there, or me, or Clayton." Absently, he hopes Felix is alright.

Just a bit of mischif

Nervous as Hell dark knight kisses Jasser back blushing but after the kiss it she takes a bit of icing with a finger and tries to get Jasser's nose with it.

Marksman Boone staaaaaares for a moment, then tucks it into her dress. Then he moves to Talla, holding up his hands again. "Hold still."

Nervous as Hell dark knight looks at the card and smiles. "Thanks Alice."

Disconcertingly Decisive Disestablishmentarianism cuts out a piece about half the size of an average cake and places it on a large plate for Sun. Then cuts out three smaller pieces for Sage, Eggbert and Elvis.

Elegantly Xan notices Talla walk in. The Elf looked like she fought monsters the whole way.

Deadly Little Talla stands still, looking at her husband.

Jenner Jasser giggles at Dark, licking at the icing, but she can't touch her nose with her tongue. She takes a bite of icing from the cake and wipes it on Dark's cheek, giggling as she makes her way back to the table, card in hand.

Rory glances back at Kari and motions at the remains of her salad. She left plenty for the rabbit to eat!

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid nods slightly and watches the two return to their table.

The Pink Death AliceHeart giggles at the couple and nods before skipping back over to the table with Xan and Magenta and plopping down on her seat.

Orphan of Spades Sun squeals, dancing around and holding her plate as she chirps excitedly, "Thank you, miss!" And she more or less smooshes her face into the cake, taking several bites from it this way and getting frosting all over her mouth and cheeks.

Queen of Spades Magenta grins over at Alice as she plops down beside her again, playfully sticking her tongue out at the other girl, just staying silent for now and resting her chin on her hand.

Disconcertingly Decisive Disestablishmentarianism places the three smaller slices of cake on a nearby table.

Marksman Boone stares for a moment. "Click." He starts waving his hand. Nothing happens. A low swear emanates from him. "Uh.. Nevermind." He takes her in his arms and distracts her with a kiss.

Kari The Rabbit twitches her nose, and hops over to the salad. It idly begins nomming on the food, ignoring the ranch covered bits. It's tried it before, in it's wanderings. Tastes horrible.

Eggbert and the other mini'zillas rip into the cake slices, nomming happily and eating just like Sun is.

Iron Chef Albert W. Carter smiles and bows. "I'm glad to hear it! Well, The Cottage's facilities are at your disposal should you wish to have anything else; my staff will see to it." He grins and pads over to his two sons, and sits on his haunches next to them.

Animus Fractus Clayton walks in, finally finding everyone. He hovers by the door for a while...lots of people here.

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid looks up at his dad and gives him a half-hearted smile "Hey, Dad."

Deadly Little Talla kisses Boone back, giggling softly.

LionHeart Obsidia Black smiles, giving his father a hug, then sees Clayton. He waves, then points over to Rory's general direction.

Jenner Jasser slides into the booth beside Rory, then glances at the door. "Clayton's here!" She waves at him, beckoning him over.

Nervous as Hell dark knight laughs and follows after Jasser back to the table she sits down blushing again.

Iron Chef Albert W. Carter looks to Alex and frowns a bit. "Something wrong, son?" He hugs his lionmorph son happily, too."

Animus Fractus Clayton sees Obsidia, then gives a little wave back as he looks to where he pointed. He then sees Jasser. He smiles then walks over to them.

Nervous as Hell dark knight waves to Clayton and blinks at the gift Alex set by their plates earlier.

Elegantly Xan looks at the Photo of herself, the image shifting from her Red haired 'perfect' form to her true self with the vibrant pink hair and softer body. She smiles and tucks it away again.

Opening Gifts!

Jenner Jasser glances at the gift, then smiles. "I guess we should open those gifts from Obsidia too." She stands up to go retrieve them, setting them beside Alex's.

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid shakes his head and shrugs "Nothing really.. I just wish Caelan was here. she disappeared when we got here. I found her.. she passed out in the receptory..

Marksman Boone took a photo of Dark and Jasser at the cake, but it's only natural that it'd shift to reflect it's new owner. Next time Xan looks, it'll be different.

LionHeart Obsidia Black sighs. "I'm sorry to hear that, Alex." Flux hops out of his satchel, curling up on Alex's lap, fur streaked with pink dye.

Clue bounds into the Hall, grinning and cackling.

Nervous as Hell dark knight blushes still and eats some of her food. She looks up to Clayton "Hey!" She looks to Jasser "I suppose so..which do we open first..?"

Animus Fractus Clayton waves at Dark as he walks over. He walks up to the table, smiling. "Hi Dark, hi Jasser. Sorry I couldn't make it until now."

Rory waves to Clayton, grinning and still munching on razorback.

Jenner Jasser picks up Dark's present from Obsidia and hands it to her, then pulls over her's. "Well, Obsidia gave his first." She glances at Clayton and smiles. "No problem."

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid says "; nods and sighs again. "Yeah.. I'm glad she's alright, but I still wish she was here. I wanted to dance with her.. don't feel much like dancing now.""

Flaze stares at Clue.

Clue grins back at Flaze, cackling more "Queen Of Stars! Do You Require My Services?"

Kari The Rabbit finishes off the salad and hops back into Rory's lap. She glances at Clayton and twitches her nose, before curling back up in the fold of Rory's dress.

LionHeart Obsidia Black's gifts to Dark and Jenser are a pair of matching charm bracelets, one with a small golden feather charm attached to it, with the other having a golden top hat charm. Both have a matching charm, two interlocking wedding rings.

Deadly Little Talla smiles at Boone, "Sorry it took me so long to get here.. these heels are not easy to travel in.. then damn Fanboys horded me.. then Reporters.. I don't look that good, do I?"

Eggbert pokes the seemingly walled Sun.

Queen of Spades Magenta stifles a yawn and lays her head on the table she's sitting at, closing her eyes.

Marksman Boone smirks. "Of course, Ered. You look.. dazzling."

Nervous as Hell dark knight nods takeing the gifts and slowly opening it and finding the.. charm bracelet that was mentioned before. She turns it over in her hand looking it over.

Disconcertingly Decisive Disestablishmentarianism glances over at Talla" I can show you to the bath house if you want to clean up?!"

Jenner Jasser smiles as she opens the gift. She pulls her bracelet on, then glances at Obsidia, waving at him. "Thanks Obsidia!" She glances at Dark, smiling. She's still standing by the table. She pulls over Alex's next.

Deadly Little Talla smiles and blushes a little. She looks at Ms. Ment and nods. "Thank you.. nothing worse than being at a wedding and have blood all over you."

Orphan of Spades Sun unwalls and finishes stuffing her cake in her mouth, eyes wide from the sugar rush and frosting smeared all over her face.

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid looks up as Jasser pulls over his gift. he begins to fidget, not sure if they'll like it. He's not sure that he'd like it, but it's the best he could manage.

Disconcertingly Decisive Disestablishmentarianism smiles and gives Sun a few scritches" Can I count on you to keep these three under control well I head out for abit?" points at the eating mini'zillas.

Jenner Jasser begins to open it, wondering what it is.

Orphan of Spades Sun purrs and nuzzles Ment's hand, nodding happily. "Yes ma'am!"

Disconcertingly Decisive Disestablishmentarianism smiles then motions for Talla to follow her as she slithers out of the hall.

LionHeart Obsidia Black blushes somewhat at the praise over his gift, then looks over to Alex. "I'm sure they'll love it, Al. Stop worrying so much."

Marksman Boone looks to Talla. "I'll be here, I suppose. Unless you'd like me to help you clean up?" He smirks.

Nervous as Hell dark knight looks up from her bracelet and slips it on she looks up and waves to Obsidia as well "Ya Thanks!" She watches Jasser "You open it."

Eggbert waves bye to Ment" Bye bye Mama!!"

The Pink Death AliceHeart finishes her cake and pats her stomach in delight a few times. She notes that Magenta is out for the count pretty much and that everyone else is quite busy. Alice grins, giving the couple one last glance before quietly sneaking out of the room.

Deadly Little Talla blushes, she wishes he could but that wouldn't be polite. She follows Ment.

Marksman Boone silently and finally finds somewhere to sit, watching the party silently. Boone's present was there when he leaned on Xan. A small, green box with no name. It should be obvious who it is once it's opened.

Nervous as Hell dark knight blinks as she was distracted and her timeing was off, like useual. she watches Jasser open Alex's gift and moves to open Boone's that he must have ninja'd over to the table at some point she smiles at the gift with a tilt of her head and waves to Boone and says "Thanks!"

Clue bounds over to Flaze "Lovely, Where Is The Other Lovely? I See Her Not!"

Marksman Boone nods to Dark, a slight tilt of the beret. "Like I said. I can always get something else."

Jenner Jasser opens the box, and stares at an egg. She raises an eyebrow, lifting the egg up and to the light. "What's this?"

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid isn't walled. He waiting anxiously to see what they think upon hearing the question, he speaks out "It's.. that last egg that Eggbert and Larvitar had."

Flaze frowns. "Asleep."

Kari The Rabbit hops over to Clayton and curls up next to him, his fur a little more warm then Rory's dress.

Jenner Jasser glances at Alex, then down at the egg. "I.. .. thank you Alex." She stares down at the egg, Then wraps her arms around it, holding it close. "When will it hatch?"

Nervous as Hell dark knight looks over to Boone an amiles shakeing her her, She would not ask for anything else, really.. She looks curriously to the egg.

Animus Fractus Clayton shakes off a little wall, then looks to see whats going on. He looks at Rory , thinking. He then looks at Dark, "Dark, you do look lovely in that dress."Then looks at Jasser, "Wow..your just as lovely. You make a wonderful couple."

Marksman Boone silently nods and pushes his sunglasses back up his nose, watching.

Kari The Rabbit rabbit snuggles further up against Clayton.

Jenner Jasser glances at Clayton and smiles. "Thanks Clayton. No red paint today?"

Clue frowns, then cackles a bit "Ah, Shame!"

Nervous as Hell dark knight blushes as she hears Clayton and carefully puts the engraved ammunition caseing back in the small green box and on the table. She aqwardly says "Thanks."

You better take care of that Egg!

Eggbert peers at the egg" You take care of my hatchling, or I will bite your toes off!!" She does love her hatchling, she will do it..

Iron Chef Albert W. Carter unwalls and shakes his head.."Whoa.."

Jenner Jasser glances at Eggbert. "Bite my toes and I'll bite your wings off!" She doesn't mean it, of course. Eggbert doesn't knowit.

Animus Fractus Clayton notices Kari, then picks up the benneh and cuddles it in his arms. He looks at Jasser with a grin."No..no pranks on anyone today. I wouldnt want anything to interfere with this day."He scritches Kari, remembering his wedding day.

Jenner Jasser gnashes her teeth for effect, still holding the egg close under her bosom so it's nice and warm.

Eggbert sticks her tongue out at Jenser" Then I'll bite your fingers off."

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid sighs at the sound of hesitation in Jasser's voice. He hangs his head slightly "Soon.. a few days probably.."

Flaze sighs, pulling a package from her bag. She looks at Dark and Jenser.

Jenner Jasser sticks her tongue out too. "Then I'll bite your teeth out!"

Rory looks up from her eating to smile at Clayton. Seems she's moved onto the fish now.

Eggbert grins at Jenser and finishes off the last of her cake slice.

Jenner Jasser glances at Alex. "Oh. Is something wrong?"

Still eating cake and gifts..

Nervous as Hell dark knight looks to Alex then to the currious egg then to Alex again.. and tries to quiet thoughts of pulling a prank on Jasser right now.. she also glances briefly to Flaze and blushes again.

LionHeart Obsidia Black unwalls himself, blinking a few times. "Trippy.."

Jenner Jasser glances at Flaze and nods at her, still holding the egg with both hands.

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid shakes his head "No.. it's just.. do you like it? You've seemed so enthusiastic about the others things.. but.. not about that..I can try to look for something else if you don't like it.."

Kari The Rabbit twitches her ears. She nibbles a little on Clayton's fur, hungry again.

Animus Fractus Clayton smiles back at Rory."Ill find a place to sit."He looks around for an empty seat at a table.

Young Trainer Caelan walks in slowly, looking around to make sure she isn't interrupting. She puls her gift out of her pocket, while Sionn perches on her shoulder and whispers encouragement.

Jenner Jasser ohs. She walks on over to Alex and leans over, kissing him on the top of the head. "It's a wonderful gift Alex, thank you."

Ace Of Spades Arodang sneaks back in, glancing around. Sorryhedisappeared!

Queen of Spades Magenta seems to have fallen asleep sitting at the table, her head still laying down on it as she lets out a soft noise that appears to be a mixture of a purr and a snore.

Eggbert climbs onto Sun's head.

Clue peers at Flaze, watching intently, giggling just a bit.

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid nods and smiles slightly "Okay.. you're welcome." He sees Caelan out of the corner of his eyes and does a double take. his expression immediately brightens and he smiles brightly at her.

Rory scoots over a little, making room, pulls Clayton down with a tug, "Sit here, silly!"

Disconcertingly Decisive Disestablishmentarianism returns, having shown Talla to the bath house.

Young Trainer Caelan blushes a bit and smiles back at Alex, then makes her way over to him.

Jenner Jasser steps back. She has a brief flash of inspiration and places the egg on her head, and then places her hat on top of it. She glances at Caelan and waves, her hand finally free.

Marksman Boone looks up at Ment, then behind her, waiting for Talla.

Disconcertingly Decisive Disestablishmentarianism looks at Boone" Talla is still at the bath house."

Elegantly Xan is daydreaming, not really paying attention to anything. She was in a moment of happiness.

Iron Chef Albert W. Carter grins as his wife returns, opening a bottle of Phizz..

Nervous as Hell dark knight watches Jasser and conciteres following, She looks around and smiles at the other guests.

LionHeart Obsidia Black chuckles, enjoying watching his brother with his girlfriend. Leaning back against his father, he whispers, "Looks like he's finally starting to move on, isn't he?"

Marksman Boone nods to Ment, then looks back at the new couple. He smiles slightly.

Animus Fractus Clayton sits with a thump. He smiles at her, looking at her dress..then seeing how well the necklace matches. "Dear, you look very nice."he says earnestly. He scritches Kari behind the ears.

Flaze steps towards dark, offering the package for the couple and a small smile.

Young Trainer Caelan steps up beside Alex, smiling brightly at him. She then turns to face Jass and Dark, holding her present to them at her side. She'll wait till Flaze is done to actually give it to them.

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid smiles at Caelan and stands beside her. He unconsciously leans slightly against her.

Flaze offers the present to Dark.

Nervous as Hell dark knight is still where they were though she takes the package and blushing says "Thanks"

Flaze. I'll wait till Jasser gets back over here to open it.."

Young Trainer Caelan offers Jass the two presents, seeing as she doesn't feel like giving her only half of it.

Jenner Jasser glances at Caelan and takes the presents. "Thanks, Caelan." She sticks the presents under one arm and pulls her into a one armed hug.

Young Trainer Caelan hugs her back, smiling brightly. "One is yours, the other is for Dark. They match, so I figured you guys might like them."

Nervous as Hell dark knight glances over seeing Jasser get a pair of gifts over there too. "Or I could open it here."She laughs still rather beat red. "Unless you want me to wait?"

Flaze smiles. "Took me some time to find the stone for yours.. Go ahead, open it."

Jenner Jasser giggles. She releases Caelan and starts heading back toward Dark, the egg on her head remaining nice and warm under the hat. The hat doesn't budge. She notices another gift on the cake table, still some there for people, by the way, and heads for it.

Iron Chef Albert W. Carter sipping on his Phizz..looking particularly impressed. "Abigail you've truly outdone yourself this time," he purrs..

Nervous as Hell dark knight nods, she glances to Jasser before she starts to open the gift slowly and carefully.

Disconcertingly Decisive Disestablishmentarianism smiles and nuzzles Albert" Since when do your staff members not outdo themself? Even Prudence's pranks are huge ones."

Jenner Jasser lifts the other gift, now having three, and carries it over to Dark's table.

Young Trainer Caelan turns back to Alex and gives him a hug, Sionn climbing onto her trainer's head to avoid getting tossed off.

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid blushes and hugs Caelan back. "I'm glad you could make it." He whispers to her.

Queen of Spades Magenta stirs finally, lifting her head from the table and rubbing her eyes, colour rising to her face as she looks around to see what she might have missed.

LionHeart Obsidia Black chuckles at his parents. "And payback on Prudence is always sweet. I think she's still trying to get all the soap out of her hair after Geist got a hold of her."

Young Trainer Caelan blushes as well, then peeks up at him. "I'm glad you could make it too." She looks down again. "I missed you.."

Jenner Jasser lays the gifts on the table, glancing at Dark and the gift she's opening.

Eggbert is still trying to poke Sun awake.

Orphan of Spades Sun blinks, unwalling as she looks at Eggbert curiously. "Yes?"

Disconcertingly Decisive Disestablishmentarianism smiles at Obsidia" Too bad it was only soap."

Eggbert grins at Sun" You were sleepies!"

Ace Of Spades Arodang finally unwalls, eyes popping open. Whuh?

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid looks at Caelan's downward gaze and tilts his head "I missed you too.." He blinks as the band begins to strike up and begin playing. "Are you hungry?"

LionHeart Obsidia Black chuckles. "I'm sure he'll get more creative as he goes."

Eggbert grins at Sun" You were a sleepies."

Young Trainer Caelan considers this, then steps back a bit so she can hold his hand. "A little bit. Can we talk to Obsidia on the way? I have something for him."

Jenner Jasser glances at Dan, and then his gift. Still there, probably.

Orphan of Spades Sun pouts, hugging Eggbert. "Sorries! I got tired.. it's been a long long day!"

Nervous as Hell dark knight has opened the gift and is peering inside, not sure what yet..

Eggbert nuzzles Sun" I can show you nice place to sleepie in bed, if you want?"

Rory leans against Clayton with a little yawn, "m'sorry I'm sleepy.. right when you get up.." She's mostly done with the last of her meal, having had everything on the menu but the desserts.

Marksman Boone folds his arms silently. He wants Talla back so he can try again.

Ace Of Spades Arodang shuffles about, eyes searching. He smiles at Jenner, head bowing, and pockets his hands, not sure where he should go now after his exploding-disappearing-sneakingbackin stunt.

Orphan of Spades Sun yawns again, nuzzling Eggbert back. "That would be nice.. I'm sleepies. I need to bring Sage with me too! I told Mama I'd watch him.."

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid nods and smiles. he holds Caelan's hand and leads her over to Obsidia.

Clue starts tembling a bit, he wanders over to a chair and eases himself into it, slumping onto the table.

Queen of Spades Magenta stands up from her seat at the table, looking around the room. She's back to feeling awkward now that Alice is gone, not sure where to go or who to talk to.

Young Trainer Caelan walks along side, smiling brightly at him.

LionHeart Obsidia Black smiles as the two lovebirds approach. "Hey there you two, how goes it?"

Jenner Jasser smiles at Dan, looking back at the gift.

Eggbert climbs up and sits on Sun's head." First we head back to the entrance roomy."

Young Trainer Caelan smiles at Obsidia now, then pulls a Pokeball from her belt. "Now's as good a time as any, so here." She holds the capture device out to him. "It's my Ariados, to help you out."

Orphan of Spades Sun nods, scooping up Sage and letting Eggbert ride on her head as she starts off to the entrance room.

Ace Of Spades Arodang chuckles quietly as he sees his mother in much the same state as himself, slipping across the room to hug her. "Hi Magenta." He grins at Jenner, wondering why she keeps looking at the gift. Did he do something wrong?

Queen of Spades Magenta blinks as Dan comes over and hugs her, returning the embrace with a warm smile. "Hello, dear." She ruffles his hair, then rubs her eyes, still recovering from falling asleep.

Clue glaces up from his slumped possition and waves wearily at Magenta "Queen of Spaces.. A Good Day.."

Jenner Jasser thought Dan was going to have the taters carry it out. Guess she thought wrong. Shilly Jasser.

Clue notices that Magenta is now busy, and slumps back onto his table, arm flopping down.

Flaze's gift is a pair of wedding knives, similar to her own, though one has Dark's name etched on the blade, the other JennerJassers. "Do you like them?"

Deadly Little Talla comes back, her hair wet and hanging in loose curls. She slips her shoes back on and walks to Boone, "Sorry I took so long.."

Jenner Jasser grins at the knives. "Of course Dark likes them. They're pointy and you can kill things with them."

Ace Of Spades Arodang nuzzles into Magenta's side, purring softly as he scratches at her ears. "Hi mom." He could call the taters to carry it out, should Jenner ask him to. It'd be no problem at all. Of course, he could carry it himself. "Himisser table-sleepies."

Nervous as Hell dark knight smiles at the knives and looks up to Flaze and nods "Yes they are very nice." She lifts the one with her name out to check the balance, old habbi and all..

LionHeart Obsidia Black smiles. "I appreciate the gesture, but I think I'm going to pass, Cae. I want to able to stand on my own two feet.. Plus I have Geist to train right now too. I'll be fine, don't worry about me."

Elegantly Xan shakes off her daze.

Marksman Boone promptly raises his hands again. "Click. It's fine." He smiles, miming a wave again. "Don't mind me. I'm just being silly." A photo slowly takes form in his hand. Boone is too busy staring at Talla to notice.

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid blinks at Caelan and smiles at her.

Nervous as Hell dark knight smirks at Jasser and sticks her tongue out at her.

Deadly Little Talla smiles and sits beside him, she looks at the photo that appears in his hands, "What's that?"

Young Trainer Caelan nods, looking a bit relieved. She doesn't know if she could handle parting with one of her partners. "Okay. The offer stands if you ever want it." She smiles brightly, then looks at Alex. "Okay, all done."

Jenner Jasser picks up the knife, smiling. "Now I just need a sheathe.. .."

Queen of Spades Magenta purrs quietly as her ears are scratched, eyes closing as she reaches up with both hands, starting to rub and scritch at Dan's ears affectionately.

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid smiles at Caelan and pulls out a chair at the family table for her, and slides a menu nearby for her to look over.

Marksman Boone blinks. "Oh.. Just.. a gift from an old friend." His face becomes that of a man that not so long ago confessed his love for her, troubled and dark, before it regains it's stotic mask. "Would you like to see?"

Ace Of Spades Arodang fights back the urge to curl up right there at the scratches, instead looking down at Clue. "Misser seepies?" Must. Hold on. MisserSeepies. Needs. Talkto.

Young Trainer Caelan blinks and takes a seat, smiling at Alex again as she glances at the menu. She asks for the soup and a glass of water, then sets the menu aside.

Deadly Little Talla nods as she looks at him. "Yes."

Jenner Jasser lays the knife down on the table and picks up Caelan's gifts. She hands Dark's to her. "Now let's see what Caelan got us.

Flaze grins. "Great. Was a bit nervous.."

Marksman Boone shows her. Right now, it's just the view from his fingers. Soon enough, it'll shift to reflect the moment Boone and Talla share, not just at this party, but through their entire relationship, from the first moment they laid eyes apon each other.

Nervous as Hell dark knight looks to Jasser and sets her knife back in the box "I think I should have a few spare at the Oasis. I think these are ment for.. on the arm?" She looks to Flaze for confermation, She hasn't double checked the box to see if there are shethes there.

Queen of Spades Magenta looks over to Clue when Dan speaks to him, tilting her head as she keeps scritching at Dan's ears, staying close to him.

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid mimes the order to a waiter and then sits down and orders the same. He then smiles and grabs the bottle of Darkenjasser Phizz that was on the table and pours himself and Caelan a glass.

Young Trainer Caelan's gifts are a pair of matched chain necklaces. Little charms of pointed crystal and delicately carved bone dangle at the bottom. The centerpiece appears to be a Joker coin.

Elegantly Xan takes out her sketchpad from her bag and starts drawing. She keeps looking at Dark and Jasser, trying to capture their likeness.

LionHeart Obsidia Black yawns. Heck of a party. Getting out his violin, he leans against a wall, playing a slow, swaying sort of tune.

Clue reamins quite slimped over, but raises a hand again in the direction of Dan

Jenner Jasser opens Caelan's gift and grins. She pulls the necklace on, now having both a charm bracelet, a necklace and two wedding rings. She glances at Caelan and waves at her. "Thanks!" She glances down at the coin and fiddles with it, frowning a bit.

Young Trainer Caelan accepts the glass with a quiet "Thank you," and takes a sip. She gasps lightly, then smiles. It's delicious and quite bubbly!

Ace Of Spades Arodang giggles and nuzzles Magenta, then takes Clue's hand and draws his face closer for inspection. Fingers get tugged on, the palm sniffed, a general inspection of the entire unit. What's he supposed to do with this? Hmm. Dan bites onto a finger, testing.

As Mecurial continues to play, the lead vocalist spots Obsidia and motions for him to join them for a few songs..

Marksman Boone is getting really pissed off by Story's apparent appetite for his posts. He shows it to her. The view right now is just that through his fingers, her with her hair down and wet. Soon it'll change to reflect something else.

Jenner Jasser feels a certain amount of.. improbability on the coin. "Hmm." She glances at Dark. "You going to open yours?"

Elegantly Xan sighs softly as she draws.

Marksman Boone's photo will reflect everything about their relationship, given enough time, from the first moment they laid eyes on each other to the here and now.

Flaze frowns. "I forgot to put the sheathes in?" She grumbles and digs through her bag, producing the matching sheathes, offering them with an apologetic grin. "On the forearm, the hilt rests under the wrist."

Clue wiggles his finger in Dan's mouth "Agh stoppit."

LionHeart Obsidia Black looks up, grinning at the band. Hopping up on the stage, he takes a seat and joins in with the band.

Animus Fractus Clayton scoots a little closer to Rory, thinking she has walled. He scritches Kari's ears more, then gives her some lettuce from a plate close to him.

Jenner Jasser takes hers, wrapping it around her left Forearm. She smiles, pulling Flaze into a hug too. "Thanks Flaze."

Deadly Little Talla cuddles up beside him looking at the images, it was a neat thing he could do. She looks at the images and smiles, the images making her remember everything. "Wow.."

Nervous as Hell dark knight takes the second box that was from Caelan and opns it. "Alright alright.. "She looks up at Obsidia joining with the music. and then down at the gift and the neckless. She tilts her had slightly and smiles laughing slightly to herself.

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid sips on the bubbly drink and grins slightly It was quite good, and had hardly any bite to it. His and Caelan's food is then brought out to them. He smiles at her as the delicious aromas waft over them.

Elegantly Xan says "mmm there.. now.. color.. .."

Ace Of Spades Arodang blinks in confusion, mouth opening to let the squirming digit go. "Hm. Is not for noms, well.. Why'dju givit to me?" Or is he doing this wrong? Dan just lets out another mad giggle, snuggling with Magenta.

Clue murmurs as his hand flops back down "Fer waving.. Greeting.."

Kari The Rabbit noms on the lettuce, being a fat little pregnant rabbit.

Queen of Spades Magenta bites her lip, stifling a giggle at Dan's antics as she nuzzles her cheek against his, grabbing his face in her palms and kissing his forehead. "You're a silly little thing, you know that?"

Flaze hugs back. "No problem."

Nervous as Hell dark knight smiles at Flaze and nods "Thanks!" She puts the neckless on before she moves to attach the sheathe and put the knife in it as directed.

Elegantly Xan takes out some stubby paint pencils and licks the tip, turning the dry lead into paint again. She colors silently, working with a serious look on her face.

A toast!

Young Trainer Caelan hums in delight at the smell, then raises her glass to Alex. "To Jasser and Dark. May they have a long and happy marriage."

Marksman Boone watches silently, still holding the picture. The Ship.. The Bunk.. Ohmygoodness. He quickly presses it against his leg. "Uh.. yeah."

Jenner Jasser smiles. She places the knife in the sheathe after letting go of Flaze and flexes her arm. She reaches for Ment's gift now.

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid grins and raises his glass as well "Yes! I toast to Dark and Jasser! "

Ace Of Spades Arodang ohs, mouth open to retort with some nonsense when his face is stolen! Cheeks burning bright, Dan nuzzles Magenta as she kisses his forehead. "I's jus' me not sillies! Well. Maybe a littlebit? Morejustconfused." Quick, someone stop her before Magenta steals away with his face!

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid's nar notes that Alex meant to say "a toast" not "I toast"

Young Trainer Caelan clinks her drink lightly against Alex's, then brings it back to take a sip.

Jenner Jasser glances over to Alex and smiles. She walks over to the cake, getting herself a big slice on one plate and a smaller slice on another. She grabs some forks and walks back over to Dark, handing the big slice to her and then glancing at Ment's gift.

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid clinks his drink against Caelan's and also takes a sip. He then sets it down and starts in on his soup."

Queen of Spades Magenta smooshes Dan's cheeks between her palms, clearly not intending to let go anytime soon. "You are silly. But it's cute." She nuzzles him again, and finally lets go of his cheeks to start ruffling his hair and stroking his ears.

Nervous as Hell dark knight blushes deep red as she hears Caelan and Alex. She shifts her weight and fidgets a bit as she watches Jasser with Ment's gift. She takes a deep breath. really not used to being in a dress, this.. unarmed.. and wearing jewelery now.. this was new..

Animus Fractus Clayton finds some other veggies, carrot slices, and feeds them to Kari..he looks around and watches the others.

Young Trainer Caelan smiles and sets her glass down as well, picking up her spoon and taking a sip. Sionn fusses up on Caelan's head, so she takes the Zorua down before taking a bite and pours a bit out for the Pokemon to eat. Once Sionn is satisfied, she begins to eat.

Jenner Jasser pushes Ment's gift over to Dark. "It's probably not really for me. I hardly know Ment."

Ace Of Spades Arodang mumbles something about not being cute as he snuggles up against her, peering at Clue. "He waves and says I'm not allowed to eat his hand, then stops talking. Why'shedothat?"

Kari The Rabbit twitches her nose, eating all of the food headed her way.

Clue peers up from the table, and straightens, he coughs, and snaps his fingers, and a die appears in his hand, his eyes and the die glow, and he rolls the die.. He peers at the result, and snaps his fingers again, the die glows brightly and transforms into a 5" tall Obsidia plushie. Clue takes the plushie in his hands, eyes still glowing he concentrates on it for a few moments, a slight wisp of smoke emits from it and then stops as Clue sets it down and inspects it.

Marksman Boone holds the photo up again when he thinks it's safe. More pictures pass by.

Nervous as Hell dark knight takes the cake, and as long as no one gets dark into a bit of a mischivious mood no one will end up wearing it. She sets it down on the tale and peeks at Ments gift looking over the Phoenix figurine she smiles "This was from Ment.. wow.."

Clue nods to Dan and Magenta, and wanders over to Dark with the plushie, waiting to one side.

Queen of Spades Magenta wrinkles her nose, laughing again, softly, at Dan as she looks towards Clue. "He's just silly, I think, dear. Remember how he acted at the wedding?"

Nervous as Hell dark knight blushes "I don't know her that well either.. bah.. "She blushes deeply thinking about all the gifts.. She moves to eat some of the cake. Mmm cake..

Ace Of Spades Arodang shakes his head slightly, brows furrowing at the other joker. He was too busy watching the wedding to notice. "Silly. That's.. That's a good idea," Dan murmurs thoughtfully, watching Clue retreat. Not the silly, Dan's silly enough already.

Queen of Spades Magenta gives Dan's ears another stroke before she sighs gently, fighting off yawning once more. "Are you ready to leave, darling?"

Jenner Jasser glances at Clue, raising an eyebrow.

Deadly Little Talla giggles and nuzzles his shoulder.

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid sighs happily as he finishes his soup and wipes his mouth clean with a napkin. "That was great."

Ace Of Spades Arodang hugs her close, purring at the ear rubs as he reaches up to scratch around hers. "Yeah, if you're ready to go."

Young Trainer Caelan reaches out and grabs a smallish roll, breaking it into bits and feeding it to her Pokemon. She takes another sip of the Phizz.

Queen of Spades Magenta nods, her eyes slinking shut as she rumbles out another low purr from the scritches. "Mmhmm. Where would you like to go?"

Jenner Jasser nibbles at her own cake.

Marksman Boone lets out a soft sigh, then looks to the rest of the party. "I don't think I'll be telling that story anytime soon.."

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid leans back in his chair, sipping on the phizz and blushing slightly from the warmth it was spreading through him. He watches Caelan and smiles

Ace Of Spades Arodang laughs gently as she loses herself to the scratches, increasing the ear rubbing. "I never got to see your house, and you've not seen mine. Or we could just relax in town."

Clue grins at Jasser, grinning, he presents the 5" Obsidia plushie (unburnt despite the green smoke) to Jasser and Dark "My Gift! Simply Think At It, And It Shall Sing Whatever You Want!"

Queen of Spades Magenta giggles quietly despite her purring, poking Dan's cheek playfully when she hears him laugh. "Show me your house. I still want to give you a room in mine.."

Young Trainer Caelan's Zorua wags her tail, making happy noises as her trainer effectively spoils her. Unlike a certain other Pokemon on Caelan's team, she doesn't let it go to her head.

LionHeart Obsidia Black chuckles at Clue's gift. He approves. He yawns, shaking the band's hands and thanking them for the fun, but he needs to head to bed.


Nervous as Hell dark knight eats through most of her cake. She whispers to Jasser "so.. should we dance any.." She blushes more at that thought.

Young Trainer Caelan turns to smile at Alex, reaching her hand out timidly to hold his.

Ace Of Spades Arodang snorts softly at the poke, eyes rolling. "Alright. Let's go give our congratulations again, then, and I'll show you my place." Dan drags Magenta to Dark and Jenner, hurrying at the mention of dancing.

Clue is obviously still a little mad, so it wouldn't be too strange for there to be irregularities like forgetting to wrap something he had just plucked from another place and infused with improbability.

Jenner Jasser glances at Dark and giggles. "If you want." She takes the plushie from Clue, turning it over in her hand. "Thanks.. .." She doesn't know his name.

Queen of Spades Magenta eeps when she's dragged, following behind him closely as they approach the newlyweds.

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid overhears talk of dancing, and blushes also at that thought. He reaches out, taking

Caelan's hand and squeezing it lightly.

Nervous as Hell dark knight looks to Clue and laughs a bit. "It sings?'

Animus Fractus Clayton sits Kari on the seat, then stands and walks over to Jasser and Dark. "Congrats you two, I have to go Im afraid..you both look lovely."he gives them both a hug, then heads to the door.

Clue grins and nods to Dark "Will It! And Obey It Will!"

Nervous as Hell dark knight hugs Clayton back "Take care!"

Jenner Jasser sets the doll besides the other gifts, nodding at Clue, and then grabbing Dark by her hand, pulling her up.

Jenner Jasser obviously hugged Clayton as well.

Young Trainer Caelan blushes darkly, then squeezes back.

Ace Of Spades Arodang grins slightly, slipping into the commotion to hug both Dark and Jenner. "Congratulations you two." Seeing them about to start their dance, Dan quickly hurries out of the way.

Clue grins, nodding to Dark and Jasser, and goes back to his table, slumping right back over, not quite passed out but nearly there.

Queen of Spades Magenta stays close to Dan as he approaches the couple, lifting her hand and waggling her fingers before she chirps, "Congrats, you both look beautiful."

Jenner Jasser hugs Dan back too, obviously. Thank's Dan." She pulls Dark over to the Dance floor. She holds her close, dancing to the song. Hopefully some people join, or else they'll look kind of silly.

LionHeart Obsidia Black smiles at the newlywed couple, silently wishing them the best of luck. That done, he heads out.

Jenner Jasser obviously said "Thanks you two!" Before. Her narrator is tired.

Nervous as Hell dark knight is pulled up and then hugged by Dan again. She seems just a tad bit more relaxed about it this time. It may be that that more warriorish tomboyish part of her is in utter shock right now since she sudgested danceing "Thanks!"

Kari The Rabbit hops over to the walled Rory and curls up in the fold of her dress again.

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid turns slightly, seeing dark and jasser about to begin dancing. He then looks back to

Caelan and smiles at her "Would you.. care to dance with me?"

Marksman Boone looks up at the new couple, then to Talla. "Should we join them?"

Ace Of Spades Arodang grins and whistles at the dancing couple, then wraps his arm around Magenta and heads out. "TotheLodgehome. 10,12, just Northwest-west-west of Central. Issa nice spot, right?" he asks as he disappears out the door.

Nervous as Hell dark knight would have also said thanks to Magenta too and Obsidia.. her narr is behind and trying hard to catch up. She dances with Jasser.

Young Trainer Caelan looks to Jass and dark as well, then nods. She gives Sionn the order to stay put, then stands up, still holding Alex's hand.

Jenner Jasser giggles, dancing with Dark. She smiles at her, performing a modest, easy to follow dance. "How do you feel now?"

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid rises with her, blushing brightly as he holds her hand, leading her off towards the dance floor.

Nervous as Hell dark knight looks to Jasser and smiles "At this point it almost feels like I'm dreaming.."

Marksman Boone pokes the Talla.

Young Trainer Caelan follows after Alex, trying not to trip and look silly.

Rory shakes her head slightly, looking around blearily.

Jenner Jasser giggles, contemplating a "Of course your dreaming!" exclamation but deciding that was rather mean. She continues to Dance, getting into progressively more complex moves. "How's that? Cause I'm so Beautiful?"

Kari The Rabbit nuzzles Rory. It would note that everyone has taken to dancing with his or her partner, and that Clayton has decided to step out from being so tired, but, again, she's a rabbit. She doesn't care.

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid turns to face Caelan, smiling and blushing. He places a hand on her waist and a hand on her shoulder and begins to gently sway side to side. a simple and safe dance.

Young Trainer Caelan places both hands on Alex's shoulders, watching their feet to make sure she doesn't accidentally step on him. She's never actually danced before..

Kari The Rabbit would note that neither has Dark for that matter. But. Again. Rabbit. Don't. Care.

Nervous as Hell dark knight kisses Jasser tring to match the danceing right, she never really danced before and was mostly trying to trust her more warrior instints to keep her from steping on toes or something. "Well there's that.. and gifts and hugs and everything so nice.."

The Sly Opportunist Seethe leans against the wall, watching the newlyweds dance.

Jenner Jasser kisses Dark as well. "You look great to, Dark."

Rory leans back in the seat, scritching at Kari, eyes half closed still.

Iron Chef Albert W. Carter grins as he finally sits down to enjoy some of the menu he actually designed for the occasion..nods, relieved and happy everything turned out well..and watches as the Princess' Dream bakers go to prep the top teir of the wedding cake..

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid's narr thinks that both dark and jasser, and alex and caelan's dancing reminds him of the first attempt between Squall and Rinoa to dance in the FMV in Final Fantasy VIII

Jenner Jasser's narrator giggles.

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid's face is rather beat red as he looks into Caelan's eyes. He's not the best dancer, but he's not really worried about that right now as he looks into Caelan's face and smiles gently at her, still swaying side to side.

Young Trainer Caelan smiles at Alex, flushing in embarrassment. "I'm sorry, I've never danced before.." She trails off glancing over at Jass and Dark to see what they're doing. No way is she going to ever be able to dance like they are.

Kari The Rabbit snuggles up against Rory, but then realizes that it's about to need somewhere a little more private for the next few hours. It hops out of Rory's lap and bounds away, right out of the Cottage.

Iron Chef Albert W. Carter waves to the draconic and motions for the staff to bring Seethe a platter.

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid shakes his head as he pulls her slightly closer to himself as they dance "You're doing fine.. besides.. it's the time together that matters..I'm enjoying dancing with you."

The Sly Opportunist Seethe merely holds up his hand, as if content to watch everything unfold before him. He keeps silent, but smiles at Carter, as if trying to relay something to him.

Deadly Little Talla shakes off her wall.

Clue evaporates into a puff of green smoke which forms into something like an arrow and flies out of the Cottage, to the southeast.

Marksman Boone tugs the Talla out of her chair and towards the dance floor. "Come on, then!"

Nervous as Hell dark knight smiles and blushes some more. Hoping she didn't accedentally bump into someone from behind as Alex's imagry makes her narr think of. "Thanks.. How do you feel?"

Deadly Little Talla gets pulls up and goes with her husband, giggling. "You can dance?"

Young Trainer Caelan flushes incredibly dark, even her ears red. "Me, too.."

Iron Chef Albert W. Carter stands up and trots over to the youngblood. "What's going on, my friend?"

Jenner Jasser grins. "Like the happiest person in the world, when I'm with you." She tries to make Dark twirl. The sound of dice rolling in the background could be heard, if listening closely. Natural 20. She executes the twirl superbly, then pulls Dark-close into a deep kiss.

Marksman Boone snirks. "Nope! You?"

The Sly Opportunist Seethe laughs to himself. "Oh you know, out and about, this and that..I didn't want temptation to get the best of me. I can always settle things later, but this.." he gestures to the dancers. "This is theirs."

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid stops swaying and looks at Caelan, a deep flush on his face as he leans in to kiss her, pausing though, to let her come the rest of the way to the kiss.

Young Trainer Caelan's eyes widen, and she glances down. Closing her eyes, she leans in and kisses Alex.

Marksman Boone hears dice. He looks around suspiciously.

Nervous as Hell dark knight is twirled and kissed deeply even before she can manage to focus back on Jasser but she kisses back just as deeply.

Deadly Little Talla does know how but shakes her head no with a smile. " We will just have to step on each other."

Jenner Jasser pulls back from the kiss, smiling. "Wanna grab our gifts and head home?"

Marksman Boone nods sagely. "Good thing I didn't shine my shoes!" He tugs her onto the dance floor. "C'mon!"

Iron Chef Albert W. Carter pats Seethe on the shoulder. "I did find out the source of your..rabbit problems..and I can say safely it wasn't anyone here..Horatio was simply being a bastard to you..but I see you beat him nicely."

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid smiles as their lips part from eachother. He looks into her face, his own deeply crimson. He doesn't resume dancing, instead opting to just stare into Caelan's face.

Deadly Little Talla smiles and goes onto the dance floor with him.

The Sly Opportunist Seethe continues. "Course, if I had tried to say anything about 'personal' problems during the wedding, I would've painted a target on my back. I don't wanna my last F-U until I know my escape plan."

Young Trainer Caelan stares back, then hugs Alex. She's too embarrassed, just being stared at.

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid wraps his arms around Caelan and hugs her, holding her close.

Elegantly Xan finishes the art and walks to Dark and hands her the art. It's of Jasser and Dark having their first kiss as wives, flower petals floating around them. She smiles at Dark. "Sorry it's not a better gift.."

Marksman Boone promptly takes her into a skillful waltz. What a liar.

Young Trainer Caelan buries her face in Alex's shoulder, face radiating heat.

Deadly Little Talla matches him step for step, dancing gracefully and with the poise expected of a princess. She smiles at him, "You lie.. you can dance as good as I can.."

Marksman Boone shrugs. "Not that well. I bet you could smoke me."

Jenner Jasser glances at Xan, taking the oppurtunity since Dark walled for the moment, and reaches out, taking the art. She smiles. "It's great, Xan." She pulls her into a hug with Dark.

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid sighs lightly and his face into Caelan's shoulder and neck. He takes a deep breath, smelling her. "I didn't.. think I'd be able to feel this way again."

Iron Chef Albert W. Carter frowns a bit. "Still thinking about the escape plan, huh?" He seems worried. "You're going to drive yourself crazy, kiddo.." He sits on his haunches next to the draconic. "..it need not be that way, my young friend..you're gaining much here

Deadly Little Talla keeps the blush from reaching her cheeks as her mind went to the wrong place, she shakes her head, "I am only as good as my dance partner.."

The Sly Opportunist Seethe frowns a little. "You say it was only...Horatio, it was? Thank you, but, I prefer chasing down all leads on my own. No offense, but you aren't exactly..fully invested in my state of being. That is, to NOT be on this island, Mr. Carter."

Young Trainer Caelan shivers a bit, then peeks at Alex. "I'm glad you do.."

Elegantly Xan hug Jasser and Dark. "I am glad you like it.. I feel bad that I don't have it framed but I was given such short notice of when the wedding would be, I had to do it just now."

Marksman Boone raises an eyebrow. "So this dance is crap, right?" He twirls her gracefully, then dips her, smirking down at her.

Jenner Jasser smiles. "Sorry about that.. .. it was now or never. I was pretty sure if we didn't do it ASAP Dark would find something to agonize over." She smiles and kisses Dark.

Deadly Little Talla giggles as she is twirled and dipped, she smiles lovingly up at him. "No.. this is the best dance I ever had."

Elegantly Xan says "Do not worry, I can do a proper painting in time."

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid sighs lightly and looks into her eyes again "I.." he swallows a lump in his throat, unsure of if he should finish what he was thinking of saying.

Marksman Boone winks as he brings her back up. "You're just saying that because it's me."

The Sly Opportunist Seethe stares ahead. "I can't let any of this get to me. I can't let myseld be tainted by this place. You say I'm gaining, but all I've done is make debts to pay. No."

Young Trainer Caelan pulls back a bit, glancing down, then back at Alex's face. "I.. I really like you."

Nervous as Hell dark knight is still a bit dazed from the twirl and kiss she kisses back when kissed again and manages a "Hmmm?"

Marksman Boone winks as he brings her back up. "You're just saying that because it's me."

Elegantly Xan steps away from the couple, bowing and returns to her table.

Iron Chef Albert W. Carter shakes his head. "I understand your desire to leave this place..but trust me..you'll gain more by making the best of it here..and you're not making debts to me, anyway..I'll help you get used to things here, however I can.."

Jenner Jasser giggles. She shows Dark the picture Xan drew of their wedding kiss, complete with flower petals floating around them. "I said we should gather our gifts and head on out."

Deadly Little Talla stands on her toes after being brought back up and kisses Boone, "No.. well.. partly. My teacher never loved me so dancing with someone I love.. makes anything much better."

Young Trainer Caelan hides her face again, embarrassed. She meant what she said. She just doesn't want to see a negative reaction.

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid's face grows more red "I.. feel the same.. even more so.."

The Sly Opportunist Seethe closes his eyes, almost whispering. "I can feel it. This place, this moment, these people, even you. I can feel it. Tainted. Off. Not the same. I know what that's like, and I don't want to be back there again."

Time for the couple to gather things up and head out!

Nervous as Hell dark knight looks over the painting and blushes with a smile. She looks about her eyes lngering on the rather heavy looking gift from Dan, and the other packages. She bites her lip "Ya know how are we going to get this stuff back?"

Jenner Jasser hmms. She walks over to Dan's gift, holding Dark's hand, then glances at her. She lifts her hat off her head and grabs the egg. She then places the egg on Dark's head, and lays the hat on top of it. "There we are.. Don't lift that hat up."

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid reaches out slightly, to turn Caelan's face towards his, not forcefully though. "I feel the same..Caelan.. even more than that even.."

Marksman Boone sighs softly. "I see. Of course, that's true for everything." He nuzzles under her neck, moving into more of a slow dance.

Young Trainer Caelan stares at Alex, eyes wide and hopeful. "Really..?"

Jenner Jasser glances back at Dan's gift, then pull out her die. She smirks, rolling it onto the gift.

Iron Chef Albert W. Carter frowns. "You sound exactly like I did when I first lost my human form..you're right, it isn't the same, it's scary..but once you face the changes and learn to use them, it gets far more comfortable..and you realize what you truly have."

Nervous as Hell dark knight she blinks and nods carefully. "Alright. I'll get the stuff at the table.." She moves to go do that as Jasser would have had to have let go of her hand to do the egg thing, She picks up the various boxes. even the ones that were empty.

Deadly Little Talla nuzzles into Boone's neck, smiling softly as their bodies sway to the music.

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid nods once as he looks into Caelan's eyes. his own azure eyes were glowing gently with a matching light "I.." He swallows another lump in his throat. "I.. I love you.."

Jenner Jasser smiles. "A five." She grabs the gift, hurrring from the effort, and lifts it up into the air, laying it on her head to balance it. She glances over at Alex and Caelan, about to go say goodbye, but decides not to rune the moment.

Young Trainer Caelan's eyes widen again as she blushes, this time happily, and she presses a kiss to Alex's cheek.

The Sly Opportunist Seethe closes his eyes. "No. NO. I can't let anything change what I already am. If I die now, I die forever. I can't have the island messing around with me more. I can't let it reach back in-" He grows quiet.

Jenner Jasser walks after Dark, holding the stone above her head and walking toward the exit. She glances back at Dark.

Nervous as Hell dark knight moves to go back to Jasser her arms full of boxes and things. she blushes again. But pauses and looks to Rory and Kari.

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid's face is once again crimson after her kiss to his cheek. He looks into her eyes still and then draws her into a tight, but not too tight, hug.

Young Trainer Caelan returns the gesture. She's really happy now..

Iron Chef Albert W. Carter places a hand on his shoulder. "You are changing, Seethe..but what you don't realize is that you're doing it on your own terms..even though it appears that you aren't..that's one lesson that takes a long time to learn here.."

Marksman Boone twirls with her, watching her and the others at the same time. He supresses a little yawn.

Jenner Jasser heads on out, stone on her head. She hopes Rory makes it back to Clayton's all right.

Deadly Little Talla whispers softly to him, "Thank you for loving me, Ered.. I never thought I could truly know love again."

Nervous as Hell dark knight shakes her head deciding she was seeing thins or something she turns to everyone "Thanks for coming everyone take care and have fun!" She blushes and ducks out.

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid is also very happy. As they hold eachother, he once again begins to gently sway with her, nuzzling his face into her neck again.

Young Trainer Caelan closes her eyes and sways as well, just enjoying the music and the slow swaying motion.

Marksman Boone smiles softly. "I never thought I could feel again.. I was so numb.. but you proved me wrong.. I think.. we pulled each other from the brink." He kisses her just above her high collar.

Iron Chef Albert W. Carter smiles to Dark and Jasser. "I'll keep this up for another few days, then send you the memory."

The Sly Opportunist Seethe tries to ignore the feeling in his back, just above his wings. "Ah what the fuck, if won't matter anyways.." He stares down Carter, his yellow eyes..different somehow. "I'm stayin in this body, and Whore-atio ISN'T kicking me out. Got it?"

Rory seems to have been lulled to sleep by the music.

Deadly Little Talla shivers at the kiss to her neck. "Ered bea, min Sheldin."

Iron Chef Albert W. Carter smiles a bit. "That's the way to go about things..you control your destiny here, and it's less likely for it to be taken away from you."

Marksman Boone kisses her again, slowly moving them both towards the exit. "Ered bea vhu, min Sheldere.."

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid sighs lightly and mutters softly to her "You smell nice.."

Young Trainer Caelan blushes again, chuckling slightly. "Thank you, you do too."

The Sly Opportunist Seethe scoffs. "Yeah, but YOU said I gotta use this place. I want to control my destiny to get OUT, not..not make myself surrounded in happy-fairy-land. This place has already affected me too much." His claws are extending on their own.

Disconcertingly Decisive Disestablishmentarianism would so be taking pictures of Alex and Caelan right now, but she lacks a camera, but she figures Alex is blushing enough anyway.

Young Trainer Caelan's Narr knows Ment will be doing it anyways. She must have hidden cameras.

Deadly Little Talla waves bye to Xan as she and Boone take their leave. "Let's go home.. I had a lovely time.."

Elegantly Xan waves bye to Talla and Boone.

Marksman Boone nods. "Sorry I didn't tell you the rest of the story.." He stops dancing, simply walking her out.

Disconcertingly Decisive Disestablishmentarianism lacks a camera, but thats what bribeable staff are for. There is one currently behind the large wedding cake, snapping pictures of Alex and Caelan from his hiding spot.

Deadly Little Talla smiles, she will hear it eventually.

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid is blushing quite enough, thankyou. He pulls back slightly to look into her face and then moves to kiss her again.

Young Trainer Caelan returns the gesture, blushing even darker than before.If that's even possible.

Iron Chef Albert W. Carter frowns a bit at the dragon's claws. "You'll find out eventually that 'escape' is not possible here..myself and many others have tried..this is why people have formed lives here, using this place to improve their lot.."

Disconcertingly Decisive Disestablishmentarianism grins abit as Prudence suddenly runs into the hall, covered in all the black crow feathers Eggbert has been collecting. Totally worth it. Prudence runs around with a bucket stuck to her head, then hits a wall and falls over. She flails on the ground.

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid sighs as he breaks the kiss again, looking into her eyes. He swallows another lump, totally not noticing Prudence, as he whispers to her "I love you Caelan."

The Sly Opportunist Seethe vaguely raises his hand at the room. "And this, all this here, all this..useless happiness, like a drug that everyone seems to take but no one seems to notice..why am I the only one who can see these things..why does no one else care.. Why are they content with just accepting what there is instead of trying to get more, better, improved? Why does no one want to back to the way things were?"

Young Trainer Caelan smiles tenderly at Alex, pressing another kiss to his cheek. "I love you, too." She jumps a bit and looks around at the crash of someone falling down.

Disconcertingly Decisive Disestablishmentarianism holds in a laugh when Prudence falls over. Prudence can be heard swearing up the usual midget storm of swears through the bucket.

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid still doesn't notice Prudence, but he does hear Seethe. he frowns and looks at Caelan. "Could you.. excuse me for a moment?"

Young Trainer Caelan nods quietly, then goes over to see if Prudence is okay.

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid sighs and walks over to Seethe. He didn't look too pleased. "what about those who's only life has been on this island? What about those that were created on this island? What would you say for them?"

Iron Chef Albert W. Carter answers Seethe's question very simply. "Because they have improved themselves in ways they never thought possible..as you will over time..you're already gaining influence and friendships..and with that comes a form of power most useful."

Iron Chef Albert W. Carter nods to his younger son. "Alexander is right, too..for some, this island is where they were born."

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid sighs "It's more than that... there are some even that have been created by the drive itself.. what place is there for them in the outside world?"

Young Trainer Caelan's Sionn perks her ears at Alex, whining softly. She was created by the Drive..

The Sly Opportunist Seethe stays silent for the longest time. "..If you are suggesting what I think you are, you have given me a glimmer of hope. One, long, dark glimmer. Thank you, Reid."

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid's face flashes with anger "Don't call me Reid! I am Alexander Carter!"

Contender Rukatin unwalls shaking his head

Elegantly Xan catches snippets of the impassioned speech. She walks a little closer. "I was nothing before I came here.. I was short, useless, ugly.. I came here and became something."

Disconcertingly Decisive Disestablishmentarianism watches Seethe. Prudence flails her midget limbs around and begins to roll on the floor, still swearing up a mega storm.

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid is glaring at Seethe now "And I'm one of those that I mentioned, I was created by the drive. I have no place in the outside world, so don't you dare say there is no point in this happiness I have found, with my mom, and my dad, and with Caelan!"

Young Trainer Caelan flinches and draws back, moving to where Sionn sits at the table. She scoops up the Zorua and holds it close.

The Sly Opportunist Seethe merely laughs, his eyes shifting slightly. "One last desperate hope...just like old times..just like old times.." He's completely ignored Alex..

Mecurial's playing becomes a bit off as they begin to snicker and then laugh at the hapless midget..they even

begin to play a CRASHE BANGEE! song that goes perfectly with the situation: "The Bitch With The Bucket"..

Contender Rukatin listens in trying to figure out how long was he out

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid turns his back from Seethe, tears of anger in his eyes.

Disconcertingly Decisive Disestablishmentarianism lies a hand on Alex's shoulder" Don't let him get to you Sweetie."

Elegantly Xan looks at Ruk, seeing him awake and goes to him. "You missed almost all the party.. well.. you did miss the whole party."

Iron Chef Albert W. Carter looks at Seethe, visibly worried, but places a hand on Alex's shoulders. "He doesn't understand quite yet, son..I don't think any offense was meant.."

Young Trainer Caelan looks over at Alex, worried. "Are you okay?" She hurries over while saying this, stretching a hand out to the other Trainer. Sion places a paw against Alex's arm once she gets close enough, looking at him with understanding.

Contender Rukatin blinks. "crap. sorry if i made you lonely"

The Sly Opportunist Seethe laughs, good and long and loud. "You have no idea what you just said, do you? In any case..I shouldn't worry if I were you. The lucky end their lives painlesly."

Elegantly Xan smiles and shrugs, "I.. am use to it. You can not help that a wall tooke you away."

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid hangs his head, his body trembling "I'm.. I'm okay.." He quite suddenly turns and lunges at Seethe, his eyes flashing with rage.

Young Trainer Caelan yelps as Alex lunges at Seethe, jumping back as her eyes widens in fear.

Contender Rukatin looks between alex and seethe. when alex lunges his arm shoots out and grabs his collor

Disconcertingly Decisive Disestablishmentarianism glances over at Prudence. Prudence is rolling around, flailing, swearing, covered in black feathers, has a bucket on her head, and is fliping the whole room the bird. Its pretty much an average day for her.

Iron Chef Albert W. Carter rears and roars a bit in surprise. "The bloody Hell?!?"

The Sly Opportunist Seethe just stand there, letting himself become caught in Alex's grip, laughing.

Disconcertingly Decisive Disestablishmentarianism makes a grab at Alex but misses, she swears.

Young Trainer Caelan shivers, then reaches out to lay a hand on Alex's shoulders. "Alex, stop.." she says softly, hoping he'll listen.

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid, being physically frail, doesn't really have that strong a grip on Seethe, and when he punches Seethe, it really isn't all that powerful of a punch, but hit him he does, over and over again.

Contender Rukatin stand up at the punch and forcefully picks alex up off of seethe

Young Trainer Caelan flinches at each hit, then squeezes his shoulder gently. "Alex..! You have to stop..!"

The Sly Opportunist Seethe laughs again, staring Alex down. "Please, continue, if it'll make you feel better. Let some steam off. Release and restate your presence. Show you are ALIVE."

Elegantly Xan looks at Seethe, her scales taking over her features as her eyes narrow, the things he has been saying.. to Carter.. about everyone.. it was getting on her nerves. "This was supposed to be a celebration and I find your attitude repugnant.."

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid shakes his head and lets go of Seethe. He turns from him again and clutches to Caelan, crying.

The Sly Opportunist Seethe closes his eyes again. "The main guests have already left, and everything will fade away again..just like it always does."

Disconcertingly Decisive Disestablishmentarianism| Prudence, having finished her freak out, is draged out of the hall.

Iron Chef Albert W. Carter frowns at Seethe.."You need to watch what you're saying..and what you do around here, you're making enemies around here..you do not want that."

Young Trainer Caelan looks up at Seethe, flushing in anger now. She allows Alex to hold onto her, then rears back and slaps Seethe. "How dare you.." She is not as frail as she looks it would seem, as that was quite an impact.

Contender Rukatin stands up as the punches are thrown. he walks over to the scuffle and stares at seethe

Elegantly Xan hisses as her talons dig into her hands, she wasn't going to fight in Ment and Carter's house no matter how much this young dragon needs a lesson in etiquette.

Disconcertingly Decisive Disestablishmentarianism glares at Seethe. In another time she would have killed him for half of the things hes done and said. But shes changed now. She very much wants to smash him into a bloody mess, but she can't.

The Sly Opportunist Seethe lets his head roll back into its normal position. "You people have no idea..no idea what this place has done. You want your drugs? You wanna huh-huh-feel-good? Go ahead. Take your happy pills, make believe everything is fine and dandy."

Young Trainer Caelan shakes in indignation, then leads Alex away. She will not even dignify the idiot with a response. Repulsive though he may be, she will be the better person and walk away.

Contender Rukatin says "hey, who do you think you are? you have no right to be treating people this way"

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid allows himself to be led away, still trembling.

Elegantly Xan hisses, "Life isn't fine and dandy but it's better than my world was. I love this Island.. so much I fight to protect it and it's people.. To protect the family I made here.. I have died twice on this Island."

Young Trainer Caelan sits down with Alex, petting his hair and pressing a gentle kiss to his forehead. "Shhh, it's okay. I'm here.."

Iron Chef Albert W. Carter glares at Seethe. "You simply don't get it..you DON'T leave this place, youngblood..you're stuck here..all of us here realize that and we've made new lives, for some of us, our ONLY lives..and if you look around, life CAN be good here.."

Contender Rukatin says "and it IS good i have a family here"

Iron Chef Albert W. Carter looks to Ment and his departing son. "I've been given something I never could get where I came from, a loving family, a measure of genuine respect, and a place in the world where I can make a bloody difference."

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid nods and looks at Caelan "S-sorry..I.. didn't mean to.. do that.."

The Sly Opportunist Seethe holds a hand out. "If you really think that being all emotional is going to make me feel better-"

Iron Chef Albert W. Carter stands to his full height and stares down the draconic. "So, reach down inside, pluch The Asshole Gene out of yourself, and get some brains, and some bloody common sense!"

Young Trainer Caelan presses another getnle kiss to his forehead, then leans her forehead against his. "It's okay. I understand. That fellow is rather abrasive."

Elegantly Xan is soon standing as a full dragon as she is shaking with anger. "Then leave if you hate it so much.. TRY and leave even.. Better than berating those of us who are more than happy to be here. You are wasting your lungs."

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid nods and shivers as he rests his forehead against hers "I have.. alot of patience.. but not much tolerance.."

The Sly Opportunist Seethe's face falls as he lowers his hand, as if he expected something to happen. His eyes revert to fully yellow.

Contender Rukatin leans foreward at the draconic. "if you don't want to feel better, i can make you feel a whole lot worse"

Elegantly Xan extends an arm and pushes Ruk back gently, being mindful of her talons.

The Sly Opportunist Seethe murmurs "I..I.." before holding his head in both his hands. "No..nononono, now is now, now is NOW, then was then, then was THEN!"

Young Trainer Caelan stares into his eyes. "It's okay, Alex. Just.. ignore him. He's jealous because he can't be as happy."

Contender Rukatin raises an eyebrow at seethe

Young Trainer Caelan rubs her nose against Alex's, then gives him a faint smile. "He's just jealous."

Iron Chef Albert W. Carter looks to Rukatin and then to Seethe, a bit puzzled. "What is wrong, Seethe? Did you

MEAN to say what you were just saying?" He glances around.."Is something mind-borking you?" He looks to Ment and Alex..

Elegantly Xan's golden eyes look at Seethe, she still wearing an angry.. cautious.. look. "Calm down, anger is natural.. but calm.. Blind rage is unhealthy."

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid sighs again and forces a smile on his face. It's an obviously forced smile, but it makes Alex feel alittle better to wear it. "Probably.."

The Sly Opportunist Seethe takes a few deeps breaths before replying. "I..was..not fully myself..exactly. I am sorry." he replys, totally emotionlessly.

Contender Rukatin leans back "we're not the one you should be apoligising to"

Young Trainer Caelan's Sionn forces her way between the two, looking up at Alex. "Hey, I am from wherever you are from. Momma doesn't care, she loves us both. I know, I can tell. It'll be okay.." Trust a silly fox to do something like that.

Rory peers over the table in worry, wondering what all was going on. PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid looks down at Sionn and nods to her. He rubs her ears for a moment "Thankyou, little sister." He looks back up at Caelan and kisses her cheek.

The Sly Opportunist Seethe slowly nods his head. "Yes. Yes. I am sorry. I should not have said what I said." He keeps his head down.

Young Trainer Caelan taps her forehead against Alex's again, affectionately, then yawns. She's abit sleepy from staying up al night to celebrate the wedding.

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid notices the yawn "Where are you staying, Caelan?"

Elegantly Xan slowly shifts back to her half form, her horns and crimson mane remaining but most of her scales are gone, just the ones on her shoulders and cheeks remain.. giving her the look of wearing a mask.

Young Trainer Caelan blinks sleepily, then shrugs. "Um, wherever's closest I s'pose. I don't want to go all the way to Dan's and tonight's Jass and Dark's honeymoon. So.. here I think."

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid smiles to her, then reaches out to take her hand "Do you mind if I show you something?"

Iron Chef Albert W. Carter looks to Seethe. "Maybe you should be saying this to my son..not just to thin air."

Young Trainer Caelan nods tiredly, taking Alex's hand. "Sure.."

The Sly Opportunist Seethe keeps looking down. "..I'm sure he heard me." he says, a twinge of his old self coming back. He slowly shuffles out to try and sort his head out in the Loft..

Disconcertingly Decisive Disestablishmentarianism's narr also points out Caelan can't enter the snug just by saying HOME, unless Albert sends hera crest.

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid rises up, holding Caelan's hand as he leads her out, not so much as glancing at seethe. He leads Caelan towards the Snug.

Elegantly Xan looks at Rukatin, offering a weak smile.

Contender Rukatin looks backat xan. he looks at the scales and realizes she must of came close

Disconcertingly Decisive Disestablishmentarianism smiles over to Xan "Xan, how about I show you around the cottage for abit, show you some of the new sights?"

Iron Chef Albert W. Carter watches Seethe leave, frowning. "Best learn to hold your tongue next time," He mutters..and looks up to the rest, sighing. "I am sorry about what happened, everyone.."

Disconcertingly Decisive Disestablishmentarianism is of course, offer to help Xan calm down abit from the recent drama.

Elegantly Xan sighs as she was able to control her temper enough. She looks at her taloned hands and nods. "Yes Ment.. I think I need some fresh air." She kisses Ruk's cheek, whispering a sorry for her holding him back and her almost losing her temper again.

Disconcertingly Decisive Disestablishmentarianism smiles and slithers over to Xan. She waits for her to finish with Rukatin then slithers out of the Hall, into Nom Central.

Elegantly Xan follows after Ment.

Contender Rukatin sits back and sighs. somewhere he gets a bottle of alcahol and begins to sip at it

Flaze sits up, looks around and vanishes.

Rory sleepily wanders out, heading home.

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