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The Scene

dark knight's Oasis: By the Lake After traveling a long while, through odd-palm trees, you find a clearing with a crystal blue lake to your right.

The water seems to be cooler then you would expect for the location within a desert Oasis.

Ahead there is a large house sized boulder, with a door size opening that leads down to the cave system below.

A few berry and nut bushes are not to far away to the left of the cave.

Small boulders are strewn about here and there. One of the odd palm-like trees has a target caved into it's side and it shows clear signs of use for target practice.

A fire pit is located not too far from a hammock strung between a pair of trees.

Within this clearing you can see more plants rather then just the odd-palms. The plants are well cared for and appear to have been transplanted here for the Oasis. There are ferns, euonymus plants, grasses, and a raspberry bush that never seems to have many berries. The black raven, Nightshade, may well be the reason for this. She caws on occation and seems to watch any visitors to the Oasis from a tree nearby. Raspberries are her favorite food..

As you notice the raven, the other signs of life here start coming to your attention. There are birds in the trees and a few critters about. Nothing seems to be dangerous though.

Overall the Oasis seems healthy and vibrant calm and quiet. And rather hot, but not uncomfortably hot, durring the day and comfortably cool at night.

There are benches set up facing the lake and a few planks of wood set up in a makeshift stage-like area just by the beach.

What Happened

Everyone getting settled

Young Trainer Caelan sits idly by herself, unsure of what to do.

Deadly Little Talla looks for somewhere to sit.

Jenner Jasser exits outside from the cave.

Marksman Boone lets Talla decide where to sit. He's just happy to be here with her, though his mask of a face may not show it.

Justice of the Peace Albert W. Carter strolls in, wearing a dark blue blazer top with silver pinstripes. His paws are wrapped in soft black leather with azure blue trim. His eyes glow softly as he smiles, regarding the witnesses and guests to his occasion most joyous..

Queen of Spades Magenta steps outside, finding someplace to sit where she won't bother anyone.

Contender Rukatin leads Xan once again.

Crazy Suvarestin follows Jasser out. He takes a seat on a bench.

Deadly Little Talla tugs Boone over to a bench and sits down.

Orphan of Spades Sun skips outside, holding Eggbert in her arms. "Where do you wanna sit?"

Cheshire Cat Val Shiro condenses out of thin air, his tail flicking idly and an overall lazy, mischievous expression on his face, grinning from ear to ear.

Elegantly Xan looks at the benches, "Find us a seat, sweetheart."

Marksman Boone sits with Talla, nibbling at her jaw for a moment before watching the crowd filter in.

Disconcertingly Decisive Disestablishmentarianism slithers in after Albert,smiling Happily. Morning, the Morning star grumbles when Ment places him against the bench, so monster blood still dripping off of him.

Eggbert makes grabby hands at Ment "By Mama."

Nervous as Hell dark knight shifts her weight nervously and leans on Jasser sort of just staying out of the way for the moment. She's likely blushing about as bad as is physically possible for her.

Contender Rukatin sits on a bench with Xan next to him

Orphan of Spades Sun nods and pads over to Ment, giving a shy smile as she holds Eggbert out to her.

Jenner Jasser releases Dark's hand. "I think the wife is supposed to arrive last. You should head up and join Carter up front, since you're the one with a Best Man."

Deadly Little Talla giggles softly when he nibbles her jaw, she wasn't going to be all stoic, she was in a girly mode since she is dressed up and beside her sexy husband.

Elegantly Xan looks at Ruk and kisses his cheek.

Marksman Boone should hope not. But Boone is Boone, and Boone is stoic by nature.

Disconcertingly Decisive Disestablishmentarianism smiles and tickles Eggbert" How did you get here you little terror?"" Eggbert grins nuzzling Ment, but staying in Sun's arms" Sun's head kidnapped me. Its evil."

Contender Rukatin hugs Xan and kisses her cheek back

Queen of Spades Magenta crosses her legs, sitting quietly and folding her arms across her chest.

Nervous as Hell dark knight nods and rubs her neck before she starts for the front she looks towards Ruk and tilts her head "You still want to be up here or not..?"

Jenner Jasser glances around for Rory.

Orphan of Spades Sun giggles a little, smiling shyly. "We were in the playroom, then I ran here 'cause I remembered I had to be at the wedding, and I forgot Eggbert was asleep on my head. So when I got here, she was here too!"

Cheshire Cat Val Shiro floats lazily right over dark, grinning down at her wickedly.

Young Trainer Caelan sits in the second row in an aisle seat. Excellent seat.

Contender Rukatin gets up and walks over to dark.

Jenner Jasser glances up at Val and smiles. She hangs back near the entrance, wondering when she should head on up.

Disconcertingly Decisive Disestablishmentarianism smiles at Sun, then scratches her ears a little" Well then, next time try to keep this little head of yours from kidnaping anymore small animals." Eggbert nuzzles Sun's cheek, rumbling happily.

Subject 1 Cage Oukami trots out of the cave after shaking off his wall. He looks around, hoping he isn't late.

Justice of the Peace Albert W. Carter watches as the guests assemble and smiles to his wife. He thumbs through the Book of Ceremonies he brought with him and then shrugs, deciding to go with what feels right.

Queen of Spades Magenta notices Cage and waves to him, giving a slight smile his way.

Orphan of Spades Sun giggles when her ears are scratched, nuzzling Ment's hand and hugging Eggbert when the Godzilla nuzzles her cheek. "Can I sit with you please?"

Nervous as Hell dark knight looks to Val then to Ruk and smiles before looking around to see if when everyone settles.. Standing by Carter nervously She looks to Val and smiles "Glad you could make it."

Subject 1 Cage Oukami notices Magenta's wave, and he walks over to her, glad to see someone he knows. Hello, Magenta. He sits beside her canine style and watches all the others.

Queen of Spades Magenta seems equally relieved to have spotted a familiar face, as she pats Cage on the head and settles down some with him beside her, keeping her eyes trained on the rest of the guests to observe the crowd.

Disconcertingly Decisive Disestablishmentarianism nods" Sure, go ahead." Not that MEnt really sits down anymore, or can really even use chairs. As such she'll be settled beside one of the benches.

Cheshire Cat Val Shiro grins wickedly at her "Since I wasn't invited properly, I hope you don't mind if I wedding crash."

Orphan of Spades Sun climbs up on the bench Ment is settled beside, holding Eggbert on her lap and giving the mini 'zilla a tummy rub.

Crazy Suvarestin is already dressed as snazzy as he feels necessary. He takes a six-sided die out from his hat and rolls it. It lands a few feet in the air on four. What he rolled for, well that's a secret.

Nervous as Hell dark knight blushes back "I was going too, I thought you'd just come.. " She blushes thoroughly and takes a deep breath and looks to Carter "Thanks again for doing this.."

Justice of the Peace Albert W. Carter smiles to Dark Knight and nods. "Pleasure's all mine, Miss Knight, and that' Albert W. Carter coughs and blushes. "As I was saying, that's probably the last time I will be able to call you that."

Jenner Jasser hangs out toward the entrance of the cave, nervous and wondering where Rory is.

ElementalArtist Kitsuneko wanders in, having heard rumors of a wedding and settles out of the way to watch.. weddings are always lovely.

Subject 1 Cage Oukami looks at Magenta and smiles. How are you today?

Rory slips out of the caves.. when'd she get here? She's in the purple dress from Jasser with a matching amethyst heart around her neck. She tugs on Jasser's dress a little, smiling. "I'm not late, am I?"

Cheshire Cat Val Shiro floats down from above dark and takes his rightful place on her side, beside Ruk. Dark had two best men? Val didn't seem as though he was going to be anything less.

Young Trainer Caelan shifts uncomfortably in her seat, then releases Sionn from her Pokeball. The Zorua immediately settles on her trainer's shoulder, complimenting the tuxedo rather well.

Jenner Jasser glances at Rory and gives her a quick hug and kiss on the cheek, then giggles. "I thought you wouldn't make it."

Queen of Spades Magenta gives Cage another faint smile, shrugging her thin shoulders a bit. "I'm well, I suppose. How are you, dear?"

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid strolls into the area, his eyes looking wide and curious. He was dressed up in a tuxedo and his hair was carefully groomed.

Young Trainer Caelan's Zorua peeks over her trainer's shoulder, then yips at Alex.

Subject 1 Cage Oukami returns Mag's smile and lowers his head in a shrug. As well as I can be, considering. I'm looking forward to what's going on today, though.

Elegantly Xan sits alone, looking at Ruk with a warm smile, he looks so good.

Rory smiles brightly, hugging her back, "You look amazing!"

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid notices Sionn and smiles. He walks over to where Sionn and Caelan were sitting, and slips in to sit next to them.

So.. how do we start this..?

Nervous as Hell dark knight blinks a bit and nods "I suppose so." She turns to look at the gathered group, to see if everyone was comfortable on the benches. She smirks ruefully at Val and sticks her tongue out at him. She looks towards Jasser and says quietly "We ready..?"

Young Trainer Caelan blinks and looks over at Alex, then blushes slightly and smiles. "Hi.."

Natural Predator, Trex pads into the Oasis, a smile on his face. He wanted to be here, even if the threat of walls might take him at any moment. He silently pads to the benches and settles down.

Jenner Jasser giggles. "Not as amazing as Dark.. .." Jasser's well out of earshot of Dark, especially with everyone talking amongst themselves.

Queen of Spades Magenta nods, the smile still on her face as she once again sweeps the room with her gaze. "Weddings are.. interesting."

Justice of the Peace Albert W. Carter smiles as his younger son walks in, and then looks to Jasser and Knight..nodding.

Subject 1 Cage Oukami chuckles. It brings so many people together.

Warrant Officer Ianthespy There a poof from outside as he appears and strolls through the doors. He sighs to himself "Never miss a chance for merrymaking."

Nervous as Hell dark knight is likely half talking to herself She Glances to Carter. "I think, everyone is here that will make it.."

Improbably Erratic Quinn pops in from somewhere, right behind Magenta and Cage, "I'm not late, am I?"

Disconcertingly Decisive Disestablishmentarianism smiles at Alex and waves, giving Sun's ears some more scritches well shes at it.

Natural Predator, Trex is here. Even if gremlins try to eat his posts whole. He settles down next to Quinn, Cage and Magenta.

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid smiles back to Caelan, blushing slightly as well "Hi.." He turns his eyes to his dad and waves slightly before settling in and being quiet.

Jenner Jasser's standing beside her Maid of Honor near the entrance to the caves, waiting for some kind of signal.

Queen of Spades Magenta agrees quietly, "It does." Looks over at Quinn when she arrives, smiling and patting the other side of her, which is currently empty. "Nope, just in time."

Warrant Officer Ianthespy takes a seat next to Trex. He tips his hat and stretches.

Rory has no idea what to do, so she's just following Jasser's lead.

Elegantly Xan sits alone, smiling as she looks up at Rukatin.

Orphan of Spades Sun purrs at the scritching, giving Ment another nuzzle, before she looks over and notices Quinn. Gasping, she starts making grabby hands and quietly calls out, "Mama!"

Young Trainer Caelan's Sionn moves to where she can lay across both Trainers' laps and dozes off. She's not interested in the ceremony anyways. Caelan begins rubbing the Pokemon's ears for something to keep herself distracted.

Subject 1 Cage Oukami smiles at Trex and Quinn and shakes his head. No, you're not late. He beams down at Trex, then smiles at Quinn and Mags happily.

Contender Rukatin smiles back down at Xan.

Cheshire Cat Val Shiro sticks his tongue out at dark, then evaporates, leaving only his grin.

Marksman Boone may or may not have sneaked some chips in. Nom nom nom.

Improbably Erratic Quinn motions to Magenta that she'll sit in a moment and slips over to pull Sun into a hug, "Sorry Ment! I haven't seen her in a while."

Crazy Suvarestin poofs away, leaving a stuffed replica of himself behind. It has button eyes and a stitched mouth.

Queen of Spades Magenta smiles at Trex and reaches over to give Cage a scritch, nodding towards Quinn.

Orphan of Spades Sun beams when Quinn hugs her, returning the embrace tightly and nuzzling against her.

Deadly Little Talla giggles and steals a few chips for herself. She looks at Xan sitting by her lonesome but knows that's how the woman prefers thing rather than being around people she doesn't know.

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid quietly slips an arm around Caelan's shoulders and begins to pet Sionn as well.

Disconcertingly Decisive Disestablishmentarianism says "No problem Quinn." Eggbert flials abit, having been on Sun's lap, and now finds herself being smushed between Sun and Quinn."

One of the Carter's Cottage bands files in, and discreetly clear out an area....Mecurial is their name, and once they set up, they begin to play a very soft rendition of a tune called The Two Star-Crossed Maidens....

Young Trainer Caelan blushes a bit brighter and leans toward Alex a little. Sionn hums delightedly at the pets.

Improbably Erratic Quinn nuzzles Sun back, then sets Eggbert on her head and steals Sun back to her seat by Magenta. She's pretty sure they're close by anyways.

Justice of the Peace Albert W. Carter stands up and looks to Knight and Jasser as the band plays.

Orphan of Spades Sun stays clung to Quinn, sitting on her lap when she returns to the seat, purring and nuzzling against her once more. "Hi mummy."

Eggbert huffs abit and begins to scritch Quinn's ear" You should come to the Snugy more often. we have a playroom that Sage can play in."

Jenner Jasser glances at Carter, still hanging near the entrance to the cave. She wonders when she should start heading up to join him and Dark.

Cheshire Cat Val Shiro condenses again, trying his absolute best to look serious, his grin isn't even as wide as it might normally be!

Subject 1 Cage Oukami smiles at Sun, recognizing her presence, then looks over towards Carter as he stands.

Nervous as Hell dark knight bites her lip nervously at the music and shifts her weight slightly fidgeting with something in her hand as she nods to Jasser yep still nervous as hell.

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid leans back against Caelan slightly as he quietly watches what was going on.

Improbably Erratic Quinn smiles brightly, even her eyes glowing faintly, "Hello, Sun dear.. Time to be quiet I think.." She grins up at Eggbert as well.

Orphan of Spades Sun nods and zips her lips, laying her head on Quinn's shoulder while she watches to see what happens.

Young Trainer Caelan begins smoothing the tuft of fur on Sionn's head, waiting for the ceremony to start.

Here comes the.. other bride

As Mecurial plays into the chorus of the song, the lead singer croons very softly: "Rush up to me, but patter very slowly..we will never be apart as our hearts star-cross.." The tall kittymorph nods to Jasser, as if cuing her..

Jenner Jasser starts heading up toward the front, pushing Rory to follow beside her as the Maid of Honor.

Young Trainer Caelan looks up and back, watching Jass advance down the aisle. She beams, since the Jokerlady looks fabulous in her dress.

Cheshire Cat Val Shiro twitches, fighting an very strong urge to do something totally mad.

Rory follows, grinning and doing.. whatever a Maid of Honor should. Making the bride look good?

Justice of the Peace Albert W. Carter stifles a small chuckle as he watches Jasser make her way up to the front of the stage-like area..

Jenner Jasser takes her place across from Dark, Rory taking her place beside her and to the back.

Crazy Suvarestin poofs back in his place.

Nervous as Hell dark knight tries desperately to keep herself from blushing too badly as Jasser makes her way up she looks to Albert.. maybe they should have done a rehearsal or something.. maybe that was what she was forgetting..

Mercurial finishes their instrumental shortly after Jasser joins Dark Knight in front of the panther-taur...each member puts down their instrument and stands respectfully, watching the proceedings...

The Pink Death AliceHeart slips in quietly and makes her way somewhere she won't interrupt anything. She's late! Any more and you'd swear she was following a rabbit with a pocket watch.

Rory fidgets only a little as she takes her place.

Jenner Jasser smiles at Dark Knight. She glances at Carter.

Jenner Jasser pretends Caelan is still aware.

The Ceremony Proper

Justice of the Peace Albert W. Carter takes a deep breath and smiles. "Ladies and gentlemen of all sorts, we are gathered her tonight to join two lovers in matrimony: Miss Jenner Jasser and Miss Dark Knight." He closes his eyes. "Marriage is a very special bond shared between two individuals who have realized that their lives are complete not with conquests, or land, nor wealth or prestige.. ..they are completed by one another.. it's a union that all humane beings recognize regardless of social status or upbringing."

Jenner Jasser returns to watching Dark, a smile on her face.

Elegantly Xan smiles softly as the wedding was actually starting.

Queen of Spades Magenta notices Alice and waves her over, staying quiet so as not to interrupt.

Marksman Boone hides his chips. Not proper at all.

Improbably Erratic Quinn cuddles Sun close, getting an even warmer smile on her face, nodding to Alice and spinning the ring on her finger.

Cheshire Cat Val Shiro notices Alice slip in and his grin widens again.

Deadly Little Talla laughs softly and tries to act all proper.

Eggbert continues to scritch Quinn's and Sun's ears, well watching the wedding on Quinn's head.

Orphan of Spades Sun purrs quietly from the scritches and cuddles, biting her lower lip to try and hold back a happy giggle.

Nervous as Hell dark knight bites her lip and looks to Jasser still fidgeting with something in her hand.

The Pink Death AliceHeart spots Magenta and quietly skips her way over to her. She grins her and Quinn a greeting and watches the ceremony.

Young Trainer Caelan's Sionn yawns quietly, moving her head to a more comfortable position. Caelan sneaks a peek at Alex, then forces her attention to the front again.

Subject 1 Cage Oukami nods to Alice as she joins their group and he looks back up to the ceremony.

Justice of the Peace Albert W. Carter takes a deep breath. "In many cultures, it was originally believed that such unions were only made between one man and one woman..but as we are about to witness tonight, and as we all probably know already, this notion is simply not true.."

Marksman Boone acts proper with his Talla. Very, very proper. His hands are even in his lap.

Crazy Suvarestin taps his gloved fingers against the bench impatiently.Too much tradition and rules, not enough improbability.

Deadly Little Talla smiles as she gives Boone a quick look, she slips her arm around his arm and kisses his shoulder. "I am so glad we practically eloped," She whispers. She can see why Xan was their only guest.

Justice of the Peace Albert W. Carter"..for marriage is a special and sacred union simply between to lovers..it is special and infinitely important between those lovers." He opens his eyes and looks to Jasser and Knight. "Now, forgive me for this is my first same-gender union.."

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid's azure eyes glaze over as a massive wall comes over him.

Improbably Erratic Quinn purrs softly at the scritches and totally discreetly waves to Xan as well.

Elegantly Xan notices a few of her friends are in a group together and she gets up, creeping to them with a smile.

Jenner Jasser takes the chance to glance out at the crowd, the green specks in her off-white eyes beginning to spin and take on a new pattern.

Nervous as Hell dark knight glances to Carter and smirks just slightly before looking back to Jasser.

Queen of Spades Magenta glances towards Xan as she approaches and offers a vague smile, lifting her hand in greeting.

Marksman Boone smirks. "There's a reason I did. Too much drama and talking. I've never been much for either."

Ancient Schulyardians Rituals

Justice of the Peace Albert W. Carter continues "..that I have resided over..traditionally the male professes their love first..so I will have to start a new tradition.." He smiles to the couple. "This is actually a old rite from the.. ..um. ..ancient Schulyardians.." He flips a coin..

Jenner Jasser glances at Dark, smiling, before glancing at Carter. She suppresses a giggle at the coin flip.

Elegantly Xan waves a little, she had seen Magenta a couple times but never talked to her. She turns her attention to the Wedding itself again.

Natural Predator, Trex nuzzles Xan as she sits and then returns his attention of the Wedding and the coin flip. He smiles.

Justice of the Peace Albert W. Carter and looks at it in his padded hands..and turns to Knight. "Miss Dark Knight..please profess your love to your soon-to-be wife." He waits for her response.

Contender Rukatin is looks at Xan smiling.

Nervous as Hell dark knight blushes again and watches the coin trying not to giggle or laugh herself.

Deadly Little Talla smiles, she was much the same way as her husband. She did love her wedding gown though.

Improbably Erratic Quinn grins at the coin flip, briefly leaning to hug Xan in greeting, then she's back to cuddling Sun and watching.

Crazy Suvarestin drools. Coin flip.

Kari The Rabbit hops in from the tree, making her way toward the benches. She's dragging two carrots behind her, and her stomach nearly touches the ground. She stops about 10 yards from the large group of people and begins to nom the carrots, making short work of them

Orphan of Spades Sun eeps quietly, as she associates coin flips with Jokers, but she cuddles close to Quinn and smiles.

Elegantly Xan smiles at Ruk, a faint blush on her cheeks. She gives Quinn a hug back, it was good to see her dear friend.

Marksman Boone is wearing his wedding suit. Even though he made a few.. changes.

Eggbert slides off Quinn's head and lands in Sun's lap.

The Pink Death AliceHeart suppresses a hnnng when she sees Sun. Too cute.

Dark chokes..

Nervous as Hell dark knight blushes and looks to Carter then to Jasser "Err.." She mutters something like oh jeeze what do I say. "I Umm.. never thought I'd be here in this position before... I Love you and I always will.." She blushes beat red hoping that was good.

Cheshire Cat Val Shiro lifts a brow and looks at dark, then leans in to whisper something to her from behind.

Contender Rukatin gives dark a quick poke. and a frown.

Crazy Suvarestin applauds Dark's words. He wipes a fake tear from his eye. So moving.

Marksman Boone raises an eyebrow silently.

Kari The Rabbit finishes off a carrot and proceeds to the next one.

Crazy Suvarestin applauds DK's words.

Deadly Little Talla takes notice of Boone's raised eyebrow and wonders what it is that caused it.

Nervous as Hell dark knight glances to Val sort of thankful for the prompt and takes a deep breath trying again. "And I want to spend the rest of time with you, however long that turns out to be." She is now very very red and she swallows hard.

Marksman Boone is raising his eyebrow at Dark. Hell, they practically eloped and they said more than that.

Crazy Suvarestin stops applauding and silently sulks.

Deadly Little Talla thinks of how Boone proposed and blinks back the tears, it was the happiest moment of her life.. and beautiful.

Cheshire Cat Val Shiro leans in and whispers to dark again, urging her to finish what he told her.

Jasser doesn't..

Justice of the Peace Albert W. Carter smiles and nods. "Very well said, Miss Knight." He turns to Jasser. "And you, Miss Jasser, please profess your love to your soon-to-be wife." He waits for her, expectantly.

Jenner Jasser grins at Dark, then proceeds to her bit. "Dark, I love you with all my heart. I love you I love all of the seas, the lands, the world itself. I love you enough that no matter what trouble you're in, no matter what is wrong, know that I'll be there."

Rory smiles at the two of them.

Crazy Suvarestin pulls a sign out of his hat. It's a square shaped white sign with a giant 8 in black ink on it. He holds it up in the air.

Improbably Erratic Quinn chuckles quietly at Suv's sign, shaking her head just a little.

Cheshire Cat Val Shiro eyes Jasser for a moment, his grin completely fading and his expression unreadable.

Orphan of Spades Sun giggles softly at Suv, then goes back to cuddling Quinn, nuzzling their cheeks together.

Eggbert is still on Sun's lap, seemingly having fallen asleep again. Silly lizard.

Is someone going to run?

Justice of the Peace Albert W. Carter nods and smiles at the couple. "This is the point where if you wish to let panic take over and run off across the island screaming, you now have the chance." His smirk indicates that it was a slight bit of teasing.

Jenner Jasser smiles. "I'll resist the urge. For now, at least."

Reluctantly Tentacled Fish slips in, a bit late, but still there all the same, and watches the wedding silently. She seems excited.

Contender Rukatin grins

Subject 1 Cage Oukami chuckles softly at Carter's brand of humor.

Crazy Suvarestin stuffs his sign back into his hat and sits relatively still.

Kari The Rabbit finishes off the last carrot and hops over to crash the wedding. No one has noticed her, apparently. She hops over to Rory and nips at her ankle, not hard, just to get her attention.

The Pink Death AliceHeart chuckles lightly and folds her arms over her chest, watching with a grin. She'd always figured her getting married would be nervewracking for her, but watching others' weddings is nice enough... Maybe it's because others nerves are wracked?

Nervous as Hell dark knight looks to Carter and bites her lip "I'm not running.. nope.. not at all.." She takes a deep breath trying to calm her nerves a bit.


Justice of the Peace Albert W. Carter chuckles softly. "Well, you made it this far, so there's something to be said there." His expression goes more serious. "If there is anyone present here tonight that objects to this marriage that is about to be conducted.. ..speak now or forever hold your peace."

Subject 1 Cage Oukami definitely holds his peace with a smile.

Elegantly Xan keeps silent, she was happy for the couple.

Reluctantly Tentacled Fish puts her hands over her mouth just to make sure she doesn't say anything.

Eggbert mumbles in her sleep" Tasty fishies" Then rolls abit in Sun's lap.

Crazy Suvarestin waves his hands. "I object!" Gasp!

Nervous as Hell dark knight looks out at the group of people and arches a brow slightly.

Cheshire Cat Val Shiro slowly lifts his paw. "I object."

Reluctantly Tentacled Fish blinks, slightly surprised. Not just one, but two...?

Contender Rukatin is silent

Not just one but two?

Justice of the Peace Albert W. Carter looks to Suvarestin, his expression grave. "Please step forward, and explain why you object to this union."

Jenner Jasser glances at Val, relatively certain that Suv is just being a Joker.

Justice of the Peace Albert W. Carter looks to Val Shiro as well. "You, also..."

Elegantly Xan looks at the two who objected, growling a little.

Rory holds Kari carefully, blinking at the ones objecting and wondering why.

Nervous as Hell dark knight turns and looks to Val and tilts her head.

Reluctantly Tentacled Fish shuffles over to Xan and puts a hand on her arm, smiling softly. Let it sort itself out...

Kari The Rabbit twitches her nose.

Crazy Suvarestin steps forward, grinning like a Joker. "I've always wanted to object to a marriage is all. Listen to Val." He bows and poofs back into his seat.

Subject 1 Cage Oukami's smile fades, but he remains silent.

Elegantly Xan nods at Fish and calms herself, her scales melting most of the way back into skin, just the glittery freckle ones remain.

Reluctantly Tentacled Fish's smile widens slightly, relieved, and she turns to watch.

Improbably Erratic Quinn frowns, but holds her tongue, wondering where this will lead. This is the first time she's seen something like this happen. She has to roll her eyes at Suv, muttering about silly Jokers.

Justice of the Peace Albert W. Carter nods, and smiles a little. "Well, I suppose you can cross that off your Bucket List..." He looks to Val Shiro now...

Mad Jack of Clubs Clueless appears in a flash of green smoke on top of a boulder, cackling quietly for once. Still grinning like a madman.

Orphan of Spades Sun blinks a few times, confused, looking towards Quinn as if expecting an explanation from her as to what is going on.

Cheshire Cat Val Shiro rolls his eyes at Suvarestin. He doesn't step forward, but remains where he stands, behind Dark. "I object, because I have not been given the chance to give away dark. She and I have been through many things together. I will withdraw my objection if I am given this opportunity."

Eggbert grabs at Sun's shirt , still sleeping. Mumbles" Come back tasty fishes."

Improbably Erratic Quinn gives a little shrug, but smiles reassuringly once Val starts speaking.

Reluctantly Tentacled Fish chuckles softly. She figured it was something like that..

Young Trainer Caelan shrinks down in her seat.

Elegantly Xan relaxes the rest of the way. She rubs at her temple, she was getting riled up for no reason.

Justice of the Peace Albert W. Carter looks to Dark Knight. "What do you say to this, Miss Knight?"

Kari The Rabbit nuzzles Rory. She's a rabbit, she doesn't know what is happening.

Contender Rukatin looks at val, wondering what he meant by giving her away

Improbably Erratic Quinn smiles over at Xan, saying quietly, "At least he had a good reason?"

Ace Of Spades Arodang chews on his lip as he slips in, upset that he's late. He takes up a place where he'll be out of the way, wondering what he's missed.

Rory smiles again, snuggling Kari now. Everything was good again.

Eggbert, still asleep crawls onto Quinn's lap, still grabbing at the tasty fishies in her sleep" Fishieeeeeess."

Reluctantly Tentacled Fish gives her brother a little wave and a reassuring smile.

Elegantly Xan shakes her head, "Maybe..." She smiles as she whispers.

Young Trainer Caelan wonders if maybe the second row was a bad idea as she pulls Sionn closer. The sleepy Zorua mumbles and snuggles closer.

Nervous as Hell dark knight furrows her brow she mouths the term given away But smiles and takes a deep breath "It sounds alright.. I think.. ya."

Cheshire Cat Val Shiro looks to Jasser to see if she agrees with his terms.

Orphan of Spades Sun stifles a giggle at Eggbert, rubbing her tummy and once again nuzzling her face into Quinn's shoulder happily.

Jenner Jasser glances at Val and nods.

The Pink Death AliceHeart giggles quietly when she hears dark and gives Magenta a little poke on her side. She whispers, "That had me going for a moment.. All's well that ends well right?"

Val gives away dark

h Cheshire Cat Val Shiro nods and then moves from his spot behind Dark, and reaches out to take Dark's hand.

Queen of Spades Magenta lifts a brow and nods, leaning closer to Alice and giving a quick nod of her head before she pokes the other girl back, in her chest. "It got interesting, at least.."

Ace Of Spades Arodang slips into an available seat with a smile to watch the wedding.

Nervous as Hell dark knight lets him take her hand looking to him rather perplexed a moment. She bites her lip and nods slightly.

Justice of the Peace Albert W. Carter smiles. "It seems like you will be given the oppurtunity.. Val Shiro, please give your blessing on this marriage and give your loved one away to the bride..um..other bride, rather."

Orphan of Spades Sun notices Dan and starts waving to him, beaming.

Cheshire Cat Val Shiro nods to her then reaches out to take Jasser's hand in his other paw.

Elegantly Xan nods, agreeing with Magenta's assessment.

Eggbert begins to chew on Quinn's shirt" Fissshes. Nummmy"

Improbably Erratic Quinn scritches behind one of Sun's ears, shifting the girl in her lap so she could lean back and still comfortably hold Sun and Eggbert.

Jenner Jasser stands silently, still smiling. She takes Val's paw, a little perplexed but alright. She glances at Dark and smiles.

Eggbert is of course still asleep.

Young Trainer Caelan uncringes a bit to focus on the wedding again.

Reluctantly Tentacled Fish shuffles over to Quinn and carefully pries Eggbert off of her shirt. Eating shirts is not good, even for a minizilla..

Contender Rukatin silently watches Val

Kari The Rabbit glances out at the gathered contestants, sniffing the air.

Ace Of Spades Arodang glances around, then switches seats to sit near Sun and Quinn. Alright, that's enough chair-hopping. He hugs both, murmuring a quiet "Hello," before going back to watching.

Reluctantly Tentacled Fish smiles at Dan, picking up Eggbert and holding her so she doesn't go back to nomming.

Eggbert flails in her sleep" Fishies, noooo."

The Pink Death AliceHeart frowns lightly as she's poked in the chest. She turns her frown at Magenta and pokes her side again, this time a bit hard.

Queen of Spades Magenta leans over when she sees Dan, smiling warmly and ruffling his hair affectionately. Then she winces and sits upright again as Alice pokes her, turning around again to jab her finger against Alice's chest, harder in well. Retaliation!

Subject 1 Cage Oukami smirks at Alice an Magenta's poking match, then looks towards Val to listen.

Cheshire Cat Val Shiro nods to them then looks out at the congregation for a moment "Dark, you and I have been through lifetimes together. For thousands of years, we have always been there for each other, at each other's side when we've needed it. Protecting and safeguarding each other, fighting against the odds in our neverending quest towards balance. We have been closer than friends, closer than family. We have been comrades. I have always considered it my duty, to come to your aid whenever you need me.."

Ace Of Spades Arodang hugs Fish too, grinning. Both his sisters and miss Quinn. And mommagenta! too, hugging her and grinning at Alice and.. that's enough. He just turns back to the wedding. Greetings can come later.

Crazy Suvarestin's saving his last act for the end. He watches patiently.

The Pink Death AliceHeart flinches while she's poked again while hearing Dan. She straightens herself out, fists clenched at her sides. Alice lets out a little huff towards Magenta and uses both hands to poke both her sides at the same time. Hard.

Queen of Spades Magenta leans over to Dan again, giving him a kiss on the forehead in a motherly fashion, before she goes back to childish mode and turns around to Alice. Reaching out, she jabs both of her fingers into Alice's chest, quite hard as well. You can guess where.

Cheshire Cat Val Shiro turns his gaze from dark, to Jasser. "It is now to you that this responsibility, this privilege and honor falls to. I charge you with being at her side and protecting her always. You must be closer even than lovers in this, do you accept this?"

Jenner Jasser glances at Val, then nods.

Reluctantly Tentacled Fish chuckles at Dan, Alice, and Magenta, but continues watching the wedding.

Eggbert tries to chew on Fish's cloth" I found you tasty fishies."

Cheshire Cat Val Shiro nods and then pulls Jasser's and Dark's hands together. "So be it. I hand Dark over to you Jasser." He releases both of their hands and quietly walks back behind Dark.

Rory watches quietly, still scritching behind Kari's ear, smiling brightly. This was a good wedding!

Mad Jack of Clubs Clueless flips a coin- Tails, snaps his fingers, a die appears in his hands and he rolls it, it glows then rams into the boulder he is standing on, causing a rather large crack to appear. Clue cackles over the whole thing.

Reluctantly Tentacled Fish has no clothes. Her shoulder is nommed instead; she twitches, but otherwise doesn't react. At least she's not made of fiber like a shirt is..

Jenner Jasser finds herself holding Dark's hand, staring after Val. She glances at Dark and smiles, then glances at Carter.

Subject 1 Cage Oukami smiles at Val and Dark, watching intently.

The Pink Death AliceHeart gapes. Really trying to keep herself quiet and discreet, but Magenta keeps prodding! Alice straightens her top out and retaliates by outright swatting at the back of Magenta's head.

Eggbert blahs abit and wakes up. She peers at Fish" Your notta fishy."

Improbably Erratic Quinn sighs wistfully at the proceedings. Now she really wanted to get things finalized.

Elegantly Xan is trying to pay attention but the Lady Jokers beside her were making her giggle with their antics.

Young Trainer Caelan leans forward a bit, staring eagerly at the wedding. Sionn, meanwhile, climbs onto Caelan's shoulder and the Walled Alex's arm, glaring at Magenta and Alice. She whispers, "Shut up!" before dropping back into Caelan's lap.

Nervous as Hell dark knight holds Jassers hand and smiles at her, really really beat red again. She bites her lip and looks to Carter.

Queen of Spades Magenta oofs when her head is swatted, and she retaliates once more as she reaches out and grabs Alice's long pigtails, giving them both a rather hard yank.

Crazy Suvarestin watches Alice and Magenta, clapping his hands. I didn't know there was going to be a fight too~

Justice of the Peace Albert W. Carter nods to Val Shiro and then smiles. "Thank you, Var Shiro." He looks back to Jasser and Dark and nods. "You have your rings, the symbols of love without end?"

Reluctantly Tentacled Fish boops Eggbert on the snout and smiles, but then turns to Magenta and Alice. She stares, hard, then shoves herself between the two of them and goes back to watching. If they reach over her, at least she can swat their hands.

Jenner Jasser nods to Carter, pulling out a black banded ring with a purple stone inset in the stone. An inner light glows from inside it.

Justice of the Peace Albert W. Carter glances to Magenta and Alice, his eyes flash icy blue just briefly as his smile fades just barely.

Kari The Rabbit nuzzles Rory, her nose twitching.

Nervous as Hell dark knight nods, she knew about that part she had the ring in her hand even.

Cheshire Cat Val Shiro evaporates into thin air, and condenses again, floating above Magenta and Alice "Behave.." his voice is icy. He evaporates again and condenses behind Dark once again.

Rory scritches a little more, trying not to giggle at the nuzzles.

The Pink Death AliceHeart was about to reach out to tug on one of Magenta's pigtails, but she catches eye of a certain little flash and stops. Well, he is performing the ceremony after all. Alice crosses her arms over her chest and sticks her tongue out at Magenta.

Reluctantly Tentacled Fish watches Alice and Magenta out of the corners of her eyes, but doesn't do anything else. At least they stopped.

Crazy Suvarestin pulls another sign, this one has a 2 on it. He holds it up in Alice and Magenta's direction.

More Ancient Schulyardians and the "I do's"

Justice of the Peace Albert W. Carter nods. "Very well, then...again I have to resort to the tradition of the ancient Shculyardians.." He flips his coin again and then turns to Jasser. "Miss Jenner Jasser, do you take Miss Dark Knight to be your wife, for all time.."

Queen of Spades Magenta rolls her eyes at Alice and turns back to the wedding, folding her arms across her chest.

Jenner Jasser nods. "I do."

Flaze pads in as a wolf and blinks. Late, much? She looks around... And stops, staring at Clue.

Justice of the Peace Albert W. Carter"..through good times and bad, through sickness and health..and stand beside her through all the adventures-" He looks to Jasser, amused. "Thankfully, this is no Jeopardy! you will not get penalized for answering before I finish the question"

Eggbert hoofs at the lack of tasty fishes "Dreams are lairs, there no tasty fishies."

The Pink Death AliceHeart huffs lightly and squints her eyes at Magenta for brief instant before turning back to watch the ceremony.

Mad Jack of Clubs Clueless does a handstand on his boulder, and begins to squeeze it, his eyes glow his body begins to tremble, and then the boulder is there no more, Clue lands in a roll grinning and shaking a bit.

Nervous as Hell dark knight fidgets with the Black banded ring decorated with gold and a clear stone that seemd duller as she held it. She takes a deep breath still rather highstrungly nervous.

Flaze sighs, keeping one eye on Clue, the other on the ceremony.

Justice of the Peace Albert W. Carter he turns to Dark Knight, grinning, "And Miss Dark Knight, do you take Miss Jenner Jasser to be your wife, through good times and bad, and to stand beside her through all your adventures together?"

Improbably Erratic Quinn raises an eyebrow in clues direction, eyes flashing for a brief second as she catches his eye and shakes her head.

Eggbert climbs off of Fish and goes over to Quinn, poking her side alittle.

Mad Jack of Clubs Clueless giggles, and leaps straight up into the air, snapping his fingers- Suddenly the boulder is back, right where it was, but upside down, he lands back on top of it and begins to dance, and sing quietly "Facing the storm, battered and torn, Fighting for our Glorious Land! Come take our hand, together we stand Defending our Glorious Land!

Nervous as Hell dark knight nods slightly "I do."

Subject 1 Cage Oukami ignores the distractions around him with a sigh, focusing on Dark and Jasser and Carter.

Jenner Jasser decides to ignore Clue.

Flaze growls and tackles Clue off the rock. Of all the times to interrupt!

Elegantly Xan gets distracted by the insane Joker dancing and singing. She shakes her head and watched the couple again.

Elegantly Xan looks at Rukatin briefly, hoping he wasn't getting tired from standing up there this whole time.

I pronounce you Wife and Wife!

Justice of the Peace Albert W. Carter keeps his cool despite the distractions..and smiles. "Then with the powers vested in me, you are now Wife and Wife..you may wear your rings as a married couple, and..this is considered 'The Good Part', you may now kiss!"

Mad Jack of Clubs Clueless cackles and scratches Flaze on the neck. He then concentrates and vanished, reappearing in a flash of green smoke back on top of the boulder.

Crazy Suvarestin is too busy holding onto the die he rolled earlier tightly. His hand is glowing green.

Jenner Jasser puts her ring on to Dark.

Ace Of Spades Arodang sighs. So many distractions, so many other crazy people. This is a wedding, isn't it? Of course.. What is a wedding wtihout that insane person to ruin it? Dan leans against Quinn, scratching Sun's ears and grinning as Carter speaks.

Contender Rukatin glances back at Xan with a smile.

Orphan of Spades Sun purrs quietly when she's scritched, staying on Quinn's lap but leaning over to Dan to lay her head against her brother. She's started sucking her thumb, idly, as she watches the wedding, unaware she's doing it.

Flaze glares at Clue, then shakes her head and watches the ceremony.

Eggbert climbs back into Sun's lap and peers up her.

Elegantly Xan smiles back at him, mouthing I love you before watching the couple with tears in her eyes.

Natural Predator, Trex having ignored all the distractions starts to purr as Dark and Jasser are pronounced married.

Subject 1 Cage Oukami grins down at Trex as he hears the purring, then turns his smiling attention back to Dark and Jasser.

Justice of the Peace Albert W. Carter presents the couple: "Ladies and Gentlemen, YOUR married couple!" He smiles broadly as Mecurial Begins to play The Beginning of the Journey.

Nervous as Hell dark knight puts her ring on Jasser's left hand.

Contender Rukatin nods and continues to watch the couple

The Kiss

Jenner Jasser pulls Dark into a deep kiss.

Improbably Erratic Quinn scoots closer to Dan to make things more comfortable, and grins, saving her applause for the actual kiss.

Crazy Suvarestin disappears. Four green fireworks shoot off into the sky and explode into a brilliant message. "Happy Marriage Darky Duck."

Disconcertingly Decisive Disestablishmentarianism smiles happily and begins to clap when they kiss.

Young Trainer Caelan applauds politely, Sionn yipping once before dozing back off. She peeks at Alex, a bit crestfallen that he is still under the influence of a wall.

Nervous as Hell dark knight kisses Jasser back just as deeply, blushing very furiously.

Justice of the Peace Albert W. Carter grins. "Mrs. Jasser and Mrs. Knight hereby invite you to join them at their reception that will take place as Enchantment Hall at Carter's Cottage...food, drinks, and mementos will be provided...and music shall also be provided for your entertainment.

Flower petals float down around Jasser and Dark as they kiss.

Subject 1 Cage Oukami's tail starts thumping against the ground happily at the kiss and he starts to applaud with Caelan after sitting back on his ankles. He grins at Dark's blush.

Jenner Jasser kisses Dark for several more moments, before releasing Dark. She grins, putting her arm around Dark and smiling at the crowd.

Young Trainer Caelan giggles at Dark's blush. How sweet!

Kari The Rabbit twitches her nose.

Cheshire Cat Val Shiro smiles and claps a few times before evaporating into thin air.

Rory shifts Kari in her arms so she can applaud, then quickly hugs Dark and Jasser, "Congrats!"

Elegantly Xan claps softly, trying to not cry from joy.

Queen of Spades Magenta starts to quietly clap, giggling a little at Cage's tail thumping the ground.

Jenner Jasser giggles and pulls all three of them, Rory, her, and Dark, into a hug, and gives Dark another kiss.

Improbably Erratic Quinn scritches Cage, then after a second of hesitation, Trex, "I always love a good wedding..."

Mad Jack of Clubs Clueless giggles "Time! About Time! A Long Time Coming!"

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid blinks wall out of his eyes and looks up in confusion.

Justice of the Peace Albert W. Carter smiles. "The Teleport Beacon has been moved to Nom Central Station and Enchantment Hall is right off there, through the Eastern sliding doors." He nods to Jasser and Knight. "Congratulations, you two."

Nervous as Hell dark knight puts her arm around Jasser as well after the kiss and looks out at the crowd, oh what a crowd, she grins and leans on Jasser laughing nervously a bit at the applause. She hasn't noticed the message Suv left, Lydia has.

Natural Predator, Trex would be clapping had he the hands. So instead he continues to purr vigorously. He stands and nuzzles close to Quinn, Cage and Magenta, plus any others who are close.

Ace Of Spades Arodang grins widely, leaning against Quinn and resting his head on Sun's as he applauds the newly married couple.

Elegantly Xan nuzzles Trex for a moment.

Queen of Spades Magenta nods to Quinn, smiling a little. They are rather nice.." She reaches out, scritching Trex as he nuzzles her.

The Pink Death AliceHeart grins lightly and claps as well.

Young Trainer Caelan stands up, shifting Sionn into her arms. The Zorua doesn't do anything but murmur sleepily as she walks over to give Dark and Jass a hug.

Eggbert climbs back onto Sun's head.

Subject 1 Cage Oukami smiles as Quinn scritches him and he places a hand on Trex.

Improbably Erratic Quinn laughs, since by nuzzling her, Trex got Dan and Sun in there too. "Yes.. yes they are." Is that a glint in her eyes asshe says that? Surely not...

Orphan of Spades Sun giggles, taking her thumb out of her mouth and clapping as she snuggles against Dan.

Kari The Rabbit twitches her nose.

Jenner Jasser stretches her arms and gives Dark, Rory, and Caelan a hug. "Thanks everyone."

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid blinks again then gets up and walks confusedly over with Caelan. When not knowing what's going on, just follow someone else's lead.

Queen of Spades Magenta notices the glint in Quinn's eye and gives her a playful smirk, reaching over and nudging her playfully.

Flaze sighs and pads over near Cage, Trex and Quinn. She shifts to wolfmorph, and starts clapping.

Elegantly Xan moves away from the group and looks at Boone and Talla, they fell asleep during the speech it seems.

Natural Predator, Trex looks at Quinn and smiles gently. He leans into all the scritches and nuzzles at Cage's hand. His golden eyes seek to catch Quinn's.

Rory snuggles into the hug, waving just a little to Alex since she recognizes him.

Young Trainer Caelan giggles, then takes off Jass' hat to set it on her head. "Here's your hat back, congratulations." She takes a step back, almost bumping into Alex. She doesn't seem to have noticed that he was unwalled yet.

Jenner Jasser giggles, touching her hat. "Thanks Caelan. You can keep those shoes, if you want."

Subject 1 Cage Oukami beams up at Jasser, then at Dark, and sighs contentedly.

Contender Rukatin gives dark a hug before hopping down and making his way to Xan

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid reaches out and takes Caelan's hand "Did I miss it...?"

Improbably Erratic Quinn grins at Magenta, nodding just a little at Trex, "Sun, did you want to play with Sage at the reception? I have to take care of things, but I know Eggbert wants to show him around."

Nervous as Hell dark knight finds herself hugging people she grins and nods to people trying not to break and run.. they were married now it was safe to do right? no? she Swallows hard still blushing furiously.

Jenner Jasser glances at Carter, smiling. "Thanks Carter." She glances at Cage and waves at him. She's ready to work up another scream when it's time to head to the Reception.

Young Trainer Caelan grins, then reaches in her pocket to ensure that the presents for the married couple are still there, which they are. She turns to smile at Alex softly, squeezing his hand. "Yeah. You missed an objection as well. But it was okay."

The Pink Death AliceHeart leans in close to Magenta and whispers, "Pssst it's over? Everyone's going to Carter's now?"

Queen of Spades Magenta looks over to Alice and nods her head, laughing softly. "Yes, I believe where they said the reception is.."

Eggbert flies over to Mag, and hovers in front of her" If you bring Elvis I can show him the playroom."

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid sighs slightly "Sorry..."

Queen of Spades Magenta looks up at Eggbert, nodding a second time. "Sure, Eggbert!"

The Pink Death AliceHeart asks Magenta, still whispering, "Is it okay to tell something to the bride? Err... Well, to dark? Or is she still busy?"

Eggbert then flies over and clings to Alice's face.

Orphan of Spades Sun looks up at Quinn and nods, smiling happily and giving her another tight squeeze of a hug. "Okay, mummy!"

The Pink Death AliceHeart pauses for a moment, unmoving, when Eggbert latches onto her face. She reaches up and pries her off her face, dangling her in front of her by her tail. "Nice to see you too."

Citizen Xela quietly sneaks in

Lets all head to the Reception!

Jenner Jasser grabs Dark's hand, starting to get ready to leave. She begins to work up another yell once she starts leaving. The reception is at Carter's Cottage, in Nom Central, in the Enchantment Hall. Free Foooooooood.

Disconcertingly Decisive Disestablishmentarianism slithers over and kisses Albert happily" You did a great job as always Sweetie."

Natural Predator, Trex nods slightly back to Quinn and nuzzles into those still giving him scritches before slowly slinking away. He quickly slinks out of the Oasis.

Kari The Rabbit twitches her nose, glancing up at Rory.

Queen of Spades Magenta shrugs her shoulders at Alice, biting her lip to suppress a giggle when Eggbert attacks Alice's face. "I guess you can?"

Mad Jack of Clubs Clueless leaps off of his boulder, cackling, he bounds around patting random people on the head, at least those who don't recoil from the sight of a cackling bounding joker in a green skinsuit.

Young Trainer Caelan's eyes widen slightly as she steps closer. "No, it's okay. You're here now, so it's fine."

Eggbert peers at Alice" I took a ball from your house and its eviiiiil!"

Subject 1 Cage Oukami watches as Trex slinks away, and he turns to follow.

Jenner Jasser would also like to note that there is a teleporter beacon up.

Citizen Xela quietly sneaks in

Justice of the Peace Albert W. Carter looks to Jasser and Dark. "Everything's in order..you have the Promenade Chefs at your request, and the entire Cottage welcomes you, as do I." He slings his arms around his wife and kisses her back. "Thank you, My Miracle." He purrs happily.

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid nods and manages a smile "I guess.. I still wish i hadn't missed it.."

Improbably Erratic Quinn kisses Sun's cheek with a smile, the still mostly asleep Sage crawling into Sun's lap. "I'll try and make it, but eat some extra chocolate for me. Just in case."

Elegantly Xan sighs with a smile. She makes her way closer to Rukatin.

The Pink Death AliceHeart skips over to dark quickly, Eggbert still dangling from her hand, she'll ask about balls in a moment. For now, she asks dark, "Dark dark! Can I tell you something quickly?"

Nervous as Hell dark knight holds Jasser's hand as they start to go "Ya Reception party thing.. at Carter's yep.."

Young Trainer Caelan grins. "There's still the reception. Don't worry too much."

Rory follows behind Jasser and Dark. Mister Kitty Man's food! Yay!

Contender Rukatin was already by xan. so she ends up pressing against him

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid's azure eyes glow gently "Alright then, do you want to head there now?"

Eggbert waves at Alex as ALice carries her past him.

Young Trainer Caelan nods, blushing a little bit as she moves to walk beside Alex.

Elegantly Xan smiles up at him, "Sorry.. I just wanted to be closer to you for a moment. Shall we make our way to Carter's?"

Jenner Jasser works up a scream, sticking her fingers in Dark's ears. "THE RECEPTION IS AT CARTER'S COTTAGE IN THE ENCHANTMENT HALL. THERE'S FOOD. MMM FOOD." She heads on out.

PKMN Trainer Alexander Reid smiles, blushing lightly also as he holds Caelan's hand and begins to walk with her towards home.

The Pink Death AliceHeart huffs lightly, she was too late. Alice instead wheels around and points an accusing finger at Magenta while yelling out, "You!". This makes Eggbert dangle around in her hand. Alice breaks into a run and dives towards Magenta to tackle her.

Disconcertingly Decisive Disestablishmentarianism rolls her eyes abit" And for anyone that doesn't already know, The Carter Cottage can be found right outside of Kittania!"

Contender Rukatin nods and takes her hand again.

Eggbert flails" Helllllllp!!!" She begins to whine, being dangled around by your tail hurts!

Queen of Spades Magenta looks up when she hears Alice's yell, giving her a confused look before pointing at herself in a who, me? manner. When the other girl dive's over and tackles her, though, she lets out a quiet squeak, falling out of her chair and to the floor.

Elegantly Xan walks with Ruk, feeling happy beside him.

Mad Jack of Clubs Clueless bounds over to the entangled Alice and Magenta "The Queen Of Hearts And The Queen Of Spades! Good Day!" He then leaps onto another boulder. It doesn't really look like he expects a response.

Justice of the Peace Albert W. Carter quickly hurries over and saves Eggbert before AliceHeart can damage the famly pet...

Eggbert clings to Albert, whining still.

Queen of Spades Magenta wraps her arms around Alice once they're both on the floor, clinging to her and simply rolling out. It seems they're just going to leave together that way.

The Pink Death AliceHeart's shrieks and giggles can be heard dying out into the distance. Hopefully they'll both make it to Carter's.

Disconcertingly Decisive Disestablishmentarianism slithers over and takes Eggbert from Albert. She strokes the little lizard softly and holds her carefull" Its okay Eggy, your safe."

Justice of the Peace Albert W. Carter huggles Eggbert and purrs softly. "It's okay, little one...you're safe..."

Justice of the Peace Albert W. Carter THEN he hands her off to Ment.

Improbably Erratic Quinn kisses Sun's cheek, letter her take the still mostly asleep Sage who just decided to leave her bag and stands. Sun gets one last hug and she waves to everyone, "I'm heading off, guys."

Mad Jack of Clubs Clueless bows from his boulder over to Quinn "Good Day My Queen!"

Orphan of Spades Sun purrs and gives Quinn another snuggle, before she hugs Sage to her chest. "Should I go to the Cottage now?"

Justice of the Peace Albert W. Carter continues his duties as the Justice of the Peace...letting the procession of witnesses to the marriage collect themselves to head to the reception.

Disconcertingly Decisive Disestablishmentarianism continues stroking Eggbert as she smiles at Sun" You're wlecome to head over to the cottage with me, Sun."

Improbably Erratic Quinn smiles down at Sun, "Yes, and you have a good time, okay?" She glances at the bowing Clue, "And you, do try to behave."

Flaze stirs, shaking off a wall. She grumbles to herself...

Mad Jack of Clubs Clueless cackles, leaping off of his boulder and standing besides Quinn "As My Queen Demands! I Shall Try, The Dice And Die Shall Not!"

Orphan of Spades Sun perks up, smiling at Miss Ment and nodding. "Okay! I'd like that." She looks up to Quinn then, reaching for her hand and giving it a squeeze. "See you soon, Mummy?"

Disconcertingly Decisive Disestablishmentarianism's Eggbert sniffles abit, then peers at Sun and makes grabby hands at her.

Orphan of Spades Sun shifts Sage to one arm and reaches over, scooping Eggbert up with the other, holding both 'zillas close to her.

Disconcertingly Decisive Disestablishmentarianism smiles at Sun" Well then, shall we be going?"

Improbably Erratic Quinn sighs just a little, but that was likely the best she'd get, "I'll try to make it there, but you all have fun no matter what!"

Orphan of Spades Sun nods again, smiling up at Ment again as she hugs the Godzillas. "Yes'm!" Then she looks to Quinn and pouts some, but it's followed by another smile. "Okay, and I'll take good care of Sage!"

Ace Of Spades Arodang unwalls, standing up and blinking in the confusion. How long was he out?

Disconcertingly Decisive Disestablishmentarianism smiles at Quinn" See you soon Quinn." She begins to head for the door, going slowly then usual so Sun can easily follow.

Improbably Erratic Quinn leans down to whisper as she notices Dan, "And make sure Dan plays with you too!

Orphan of Spades Sun giggles a bit and nods, grinning at Quinn now. "I will! Come on, Dan!" She starts off in a skip, then, following Ment.

Ace Of Spades Arodang blinks, trudging after Sun and giving Quinn a hug as he passes by. "You'renotgoing?" he asks as he trots backwards after Sun.

Improbably Erratic Quinn hugs Dan back shaking her head, Other things, gotta do first."

Ace Of Spades Arodang ohs. "Havaniceotherthings!" before running out.

Mad Jack of Clubs Clueless bounds over to Flaze, his tail warpping around her as he cackles, and concentrates..

Justice of the Peace Albert W. Carter smiles and then heads on out..his work here is done..

Mad Jack of Clubs Clueless vanishes.

Improbably Erratic Quinn heads out as well, in a flash of green light, the used OST thudding to the ground behind her.

Flaze sighs and vanishes.

Reluctantly Tentacled Fish unwalls with a start and wanders out, looking a little startled. She leaves a small jeweled box behind with a note indicating it's a wedding gift in a corner.

Deadly Little Talla heads on to the reception.

What Happened next...

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