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WARNING: This page's writer doesn't actually know English AND is dyslexical, so it may be completely incomprehensible. 1)

John Wolfgang Keats a.k.a. Jay Chaos

Jay is a short for John. Chaos is pretty much what's inside his head. No, he'll never tell you his name used to be John Wolfgang Keats. Never.2)


Common child, common childhood. His parents were rich enough to live nice and free from all the post-EMP confusion. Yeah, he was a well-born momma's boy.
His mother was a brazilian famous romance writer3), his father was a classic musician. Their last name was Keats already, they only had to name the kid John to make him into a sissy. Not fully pleased with that, they made his middle name Wolfgang, as in Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. They wanted him to be an Artist.

He was home-educated, and had no friends. The kids from the neighbourhood liked to mock and throw things at him better. He found no problem with that since he had books. Lots and lots of books. Since childhood John was bound to be a nerd.
Always very curious, always with his nose stuck on a new book. Never caring much about the music his father tried so hard to teach him, nor about his mother romances actually, he liked academics books better.
He never had a dog.

He was nineteen when his parents died. They went to an opera concert, wich John refused effusively to go, and on their way back they suffered a car accident.
John didn't mourned much their death. There was nothing he could do to change it, so he just accepted that. Actually, without his parents pressure about their beloved Arts, John could focus better on his science. And cheese, he finally got to eat lots and lots of cheese.

John managed to get into a good college, since he had time and a lot of money. Even though everything was harder without electronics, there were still some institutions concerned about teaching kids. They would be the future after all, uh? Anyway, he applied to Physics and did fine at it. His interests were mainly about the Quantum Physics though.
Since in a education institution full of MORE books, and also full of geeky, nerdy kids just like him, John was able to research all the things he read before.
Apart from the stars, chemistry and mangas4), John found his true love there: video-games.

Using salvaged pieces and months of research, John and his group of geeks were able to recreate the most advanced consoles. And, of course, they passed way more months locked up on their rooms playing then.
Since it was very hard to find new games, and you can only play through them a number of times before it gets boring, John eventually got out of his room to see some daylight. He also bumped with the college new valved TV on his way there.

"Uh, shiny..", said John. Yes, it indeed was shiny, and a pretty good thing to watch while gulping down some booze. So, he sat in front of the shiny little box and watched it happily.
There was a show that John liked a lot. Some stupid, silly reality show where people were trapped into an island and forced to fight for their lives against something called "Improbability Drive" and it's army of improbable creatures.
Well, everybody thought that everything there was fake, all schemed. I mean, the contenders just kept dying and coming back, and then there was all that weird monsters, and suddenly people turned into cats. Yeah, right..

John liked the idea of the island though, and thought that this Doktor Improbable work was really awesome. But pfft, it couldn't possibly be true, right? Right?!
He woke up there the next morning.

Improbable Island

It didn't take him much time to get used to the island. Not really having anyone to go back to surely helped it, but there was so much new information on the island, so many new ways to do everything, he just couldn't help himself from even liking it. He also didn't stood back from the jungle killing, it reminded him of video-games.

Almost all of his physics knowledge were useless on the new place, but with time he was able to fit the rules and understand it's variations. And being a place full of robots and improbably advanced technology, the island gave Jay's electronics knowledge a real booster. Currently he has already made several electronic gadgets and is able to fix then and robots quite fairly.

Anyway, he's a scientist, no matter what, and is always gathering information, resources and such. But he's also just a common young man, and likes having fun, singing, walking around, collecting old anime posters.. Well, maybe it's better to call him a nerdy otaku5) than a 'common young man'.

He's not really improving his social skills but, at least he talk to people now, sometimes. Or, don't. But he did get married with a certain Jess, against all probabilities of course.


Hat: His hat is a black short top hat with a seven leaf clover clipped on the hat band.

Body Art: Currently has three tattoos, one seems to be a square full of letters, all in black, and it's on his right forearm. No one else besides him knows what it means.
Other is a Jackalope skull, on the left shoulder.
The last is a simple black star on the right shoulder.
He also has both ears pierced, having three hoops on the top of the left ear and two on the right earlobe. They're all plain surgical steel small hoops, so they don't attract the attetion of magpies.

Jewellery: One golden ring with an incrusted emerald, hanged on a simple necklace. Engraved on the inside of the ring is the phrase "Veritas vos Liberabit".
And one plain silver ring.


Usually, Jay is very rational and logical. Also very shy, but he's kind and well-mannered. Sometimes hard to read, sometimes unpredictable, sometimes plain strange.
He tends not to take side on other people matters, but when he does he's very straight and passionate about it.
He's a book worm and a avid information collector, if he see something he doesn't understand he'll not stay still untill find everything he can about it.
Jay has a good heart, he will help anyone in need, even if this can be dangerous to him. He doesn't measure or care for the risks he takes when helping or protecting someone.


Navy6) - Was a Communications Officer on Marly's side in the great 'Capture The Flag!" game.

The Jackalope's Crew - Yes, he's a pirate! He's the Carpenter7) of the crew.

That Other Thing - We don't talk about That Other Thing.


Jay would never call then sidekicks in front of then, of course, because the little creatures would just try to kill him, again. Instead he refers to then as companions or partners when in their presence.
For some unknow reason Jay seems to be able to communicate with his 'pets'. Well, at least it looks like it since he talks to then and they seem to reply accordingly. It could be that Jay is just crazy, especially in the tree case.


A big, pitch-black rat. He found Jay as a Zombie sleeping in the jungle, and than decided that his spleen looked quite tasty and ate it, making a hole in Jay's belly. When Zombie-Jay woke up the rat was calmly sleeping on his new body cavity.
The rat proved to be incredibly mischievous and even a tad mean, also a very coward one. It actually tried to kill Jay sometimes and was always the first one to direct him in a bad way at all opportunities. And that earned him his name: Backstabber. And even with all that the rat was really close to Jay, they were surely friends.

Backstabber have the power to teleport himself along with some load. The capacity of what he can take with him is based on the volume not weight. He was even able to teleport with Jay once.
The rat got this power when Zombie-Jay fought the drive while he was hidden on that hole he made is Jay's belly. He was infused with improbability and believed himself to be a Joker-rat8).

One they got into a big fight and the rat disappeared for a while. When he came back he seemed to have acquired the ability to take a powerful wererat form.
At that time he attacked Jay quite fiercely and only thanks to Ochris Jay wasn't killed. Edward however took a hit and wasn't able to survive.

Since then Jay looks for Backstabber, trying to understand what happened and what the rat wants. However, the rat only alllow to be found from time to time and only to escape rather quickly after a small talk or fight.
Backstabber seems to have a plan, but for now all he does is confuse Jay even more.


Edward was a siamese9) spiderkitty that decided to follow Jay around. He had long cream fur with black ears, paws, tail and snout, and had sky-blue eyes.
Edward was very laid back at times, and extremely playful at others, but all around he seemed to be a calm, affectionate spiderkitty. He seemed to be intelligent to some degree.
Unfortunately he was killed in a fight against Backstabber. Now he's buried at Carl's roots.


On his first months on the island Jay used to sleep under a little oak tree in NewHome. Someday he started talking with the tree and the tree apparently talked back10). That way this tree became his first friend on the island, and for a long time it keeped Jay's old lost memories to him.
With a help from g_rock, Jay moved Carl from NewHome to the Common Grounds. That way Jay can see Carl everyday without having to travel around.
Carl now has a big red tie with a gerbera daisy pinned on it tied around him, so it's quite easy to spot him11). He also has a purple balloon tied on one of his branches.


Jay is a scientist, a researcher if you like to put this way, but he's also a inventor. Since he can't stop thinking, sometimes he has to put some of the things that are on his mind out; Those are the products of said imagination12)13):

The Wigbly Transbulator14)

It looks like a 7.55 feet tall metal cylinder with a hermetic seal door of the same material. Thick wires come from it's top to a wooden box with buttons, a panel and a lever. It's interior is completely plain and glows in a faint green when the door is closed 15).
The metal that coats the inside of the cylindrical chamber came from a shard of the Prototype of the Improbability Drive, being the most important part of this device. Conducting the correct voltage and amperage trough the improbable metal makes the interior of the chamber impenetrable to Improbability.

Looks weirdly like the Improbability Drive itself.

The Buzzer Ring

A big and weird metal gauntlet with a electronic panel. It has a geared engine that creates a huge eletrical current as it spins. Can fire eletrical bolts or give a mighty jolt to someone that decides to shake the hand with the gauntlet. Needs to be connected on a car battery to work.
Even if it can be used as a weapon, Jay created it as a sort of "machine defibrillator" or a powerful charger.

Megane Multiple Optic Enhancer16)

Googles with metal boxes on each side. Controlled remotely, multiple lenses can come out of the boxes the overlap the google lenses, possibiliting several light specter filterings and combinations. Complete with magnifier option and improbability vision.
Jay made the lenses of several materials found on the island, thus achieving multiple effects such as thermal vision, night vision, telescopic vision and the infamous improbability vision, wich allows to see the improbability around as a green glow17)18).

Weird Music Box19)

A music box that uses a memory card Jay got in CyberCity 404. Basically an mp3 player with most of the musics that Jay likes. He got most of the musics from Robots, in exchange for fixing and tweaking then.

Iron Hand

Not much iron in it actually, it looks more like a glove made of wires and little steel plates. A panel with a screen and some buttons on the top and another panel with a screen on the bottom. Basically a remote control for all others devices.

The Oak Tree A.K.A. The Beast

"The Oak Tree" is a code for where Jay should look for his memories. Before this invention, Jay buried several notes about his life and times under his Oak Tree on NewHome before going to have tea with Horatio. So, when he came back with no memories, he would look there and find the notes. That's why Jay named this big, frankesteinian Computer with a typewritter for a keyboard as "The Oak Tree". It's a way, way primitive computer that runs on floppy disks and DOS, but it's enough to store .txt files where Jay's memories can be better organized. Recent improvents made the computer capable of running simple design programs, such as AutoCad, and a solitaire game.

The Mighty Umbrella Of Sunlight Capturing20)

Basically an umbrella made of solar panels attached to a car battery with a recharging station for several types of batteries. Jay first real Invention while on the island.


It's a violin merged with some circuitboards, the bow is connected to it by a wire. It's kept safe and hidden on Jay's Lab. Possibly the most dangerous thing he ever did.

That Thing

You know, it's that thing. The one with the pointy point and the handle. It opens up, and you can spin that little wheel. The little LED lights up, remember?21)22)

The Valvomatic Gangster

A tall metallic rectangular box. The Valvomatic Gangster has the capacity to hold up to one thousand req tokens, which it flips, takes a picture and spits out one-by-one. The chamber where the flipping occurs is highly reinforced for the case of improbably dangerous results.

The StarGazer Series

More a project than a invention, the StarGazer is a series of rockets meant to fly up and out of the improbability field that surrounds the island so it can take pictures of the night sky. At the moment, the rocket runs on a bipropellant liquid engine and none yet managed to get far enough to reach out of the field.

1) This points might partly apply to editors as well..
2) Never!
3) no, you can't smack her
4) japanese comic books
5) a fan of anime and manga, and of japanese culture in general.
6) what?!
7) he learned carpentry AFTER being promoted though.
8) Jay never agreed with this Joker-rat thing.
9) more accurately Balinese
10) no one seems to hear it besides him though.
11) yep, he's that little oak tree with a red tie by the pound, can't miss him, uh?
12) note: we don't talk about that flying chainsaw incident.
13) Never.
14) forgot to tell that he's horrible with names.
15) you would have to be inside of it to see.
16) Megane MOE.
17) good to see how much people and things are affected by improbability.
18) never eat mushrooms without checking with it first.
19) yes, it's really called Weird Music Box.
20) remember what i said about Jay and names before judging.
21) Okay, he simply does not know what the heck is that, but he made it and it works!
22) Whatever it does..
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