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Pre-Island History... A Life That Was Probable

The Early Years And A Bit About Her

Jessica, born July 28th 20XX, lived in a high middle class neighbourhood with her heritage, a mix of half Portuguese and half Canadian.

She was the only child to her parents, which is strange in itself as she has may aunt and uncles along with dozens of cousins. Being an only child had its perks since her parents gave her pretty much anything she would ask for. The good thing though is that it never completely went to her head.

She was a shy child who did not like talking to people much and must rather immerse herself in books and music and other things away from people.

Her favourite colours are Purple and Blue and if Black and White were colours, and not shades, they would be on that list too.

Schooling Years

When she was schooling age she broke out of her shell and did a complete 180, personality wise. She was outgoing and talked to girls and boys (even if the boys had cooties). Jess was comfortable with them, but people grow up and succumb to changes, making them act like other people.

By the time she was in the 6th grade she was back in her shell and only talking to a select number of people but mostly just sticking to books. It was in 5th grade that she met her BFF, due to the Teacher's mistake of thinking that she would not talk to anyone. Boy was she wrong. It was not a month after the initial move before they needed to be moved again due to talking.

The girls did everything together and were nigh inseparable. People thought them to be sisters and at times, lovers. You could say they were, but in a platonic way.

As she grew older, she found herself to be attracted to many people of both genders. She has come to terms with that fact.

An Adult? Her?

After High School, Jess still did not know what she wanted to do with her like but she had a vague idea. She loved books and the Library had many. So why not become a librarian?

Before doing this though, she decided to take a year off to let her brain melt or cool off as she put it. She was reading a lot again and hanging out with her BFF. Things were looking good until...

Abduction! And Why It Is Not Cool To Do.

The day before her mothers birthday, the 19 year old Jessica had decided she was going to go out and buy a cake, instead of making one this year.

Sadly, she never made it to the store but instead was chloroformed from behind, sack-napped and dropped out of a plane to land on this strange place called Improbable Island. While she fell through the field around the island she ended up losing everything that was on her. The items in question were her: iPod, keys, wallet, and her favourite outfit.

If You Meet Her As A _____ She Will Look Like:

Human... Who Is This Sexy Lady?

Has deep, dark brown eyes and fine, straight, chestnut brown hair. Style varies. Jess is short, standing at only 5 foot 4 inches and has a slender build. Her skin is a pale colour that seems to darken her hair and eye colour.

Kittymorph... LOLWUT?

She is covered in light brown fur with her tattoos all becoming patches of fur that match the tattoos colours and shapes. Her body figure is still the same as if she were human, just her face would look more kittenish and her pupils became slits.

Zombie... GRAAAINS!

With only a few patches of rotting flesh and her skin a bit paler than when she was a human, Jess made for a pretty okay looking Zombie. As with her hair colour and eye colour, it stayed the same along with her body and tattoos. To overcome the Zombie stereotype she shouted GRAAINS instead of BRAAINS, but is was mostly because she finds them gross

Robot... Domo Arigato, Ms. Roboto.

As a Robot, Jess is more like a humanoid android all thanks to Asa. He used one something new that he was working on and gave her outer appearance back. So as a description she looks like her human self.

Joker... Now You See Her, Now You Don't.

12 Drive Kills might have finally caused her to snap. Her top hat seems to be way too big for her head and around her neck, along with the rune, she has two d20s, one purple and one blue and a little jar filled with liquid and Agelmar's left eyeball. Her hair had changed in to a sharp angled bob that changes colours depending on how the light hits it. Her normally dark brown eyes, are now a lime green and glowing.

Tattoos a. k. a. Body Art

During her stay on the island, Jessica has acquired three tattoos with each having a special meaning to her.

Her first is a long, rusty red coloured snake tattoo that starts from her right shoulder and twisted along her back, finally ending with its tail on her left side on the collar bone. This represents her Mother, since she was born the year of the snake.

The second is an Asian styled dragon, blue and purple in colour with hints of red, twisting, and winding itself down from her left shoulder and down to wrist with its tail in the palm of her hand. This represents her Father, since he was born in the year of the dragon.

Her third and last tattoo is of an orange and black tiger, which looks like it is clawing its way up her right arm. This tattoo represents her best friend because her favourite animals were tigers.


Besides when she is a Joker and has Joker Powers, she had gotten in to an incident with an improbability bomb. The ending results made it possible for her to manipulate the size of herself, others and objects.

Precious Items

  1. Her Pre-Island Home (From: Walker)
  2. Journal (Made Herself)
  3. Improbable Music Box (From: Asa)[Returned]
  4. A Necklace with a Rune to make her voice louder. (From: Not) [Returned]
  5. iPod Touch (From: Marc) [Returned]
  6. A Lamp that shows Lucky Charms (From: Jay) [Returned, but Jay gave it back]
  7. Agelmar's left eye (Won in a Joker Game) [Returned]
  8. Fishing Rod (From: G)
  9. Dress (From: Kuro)[Returned and received a new one in return]
  10. Parasol (From Asa) [Returned]
  11. Plushie Marc (From: Marc) [Returned]
  12. Jay's soul, or something of equal value (Won in a Joker Game)
  13. Silver necklace, with a silver spade pendant (From: Marc)
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