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A chain1) of training areas found quite conveniently in your home town, wherever that might be2). You can train at the Dojo for free, but the trainers will only see you if you meet their stringent standards. In fact, you'll only ever get a fair fight if you meet those standards. If you try without meeting them, they will gladly hand your underachieving posterior to you, wasting your time and beating you senseless to boot.3)4) So always approach Joe's Dojo with caution and your favourite blunt object/projectile launcher and protective gear!

1) Much like almost every other business establishment on the island.
2) This all depends on your race.
3) Even if you meet the requirements, they'll beat you senseless.
4) However, in a stroke of kindness, they won't kill you. The embarrassment of receiving this kindness will keep you from ever visiting the Dojo again. Loser.
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