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Johnny Dangerous

Some basic information

  • Full Name: Johnny D.1) Dangerous
  • Age: Classified
  • Gender: Classified
  • Race: Classified
  • Occupation: Cashier at a local grocery store2)

More information

  • Although his name contains the word "Danger" twice, Johnny Dangerous appears anything but. He has been known to run screaming from any opponent strong than him, whether he stands a good chance of winning or not.
  • Is currently the only known possessor of an anti-gravity device, which he brought to the island with him in his anal cavity, and is used solely for party tricks.
  • Prefers to be called Johnny Dangerous, rather than just Johnny or John.
  • Is allegedly Ex Special Forces3).
  • Knows where you sleep at night.
  • Definitely isn't working for the Government4)5)
1) The 'D' stands for danger
2) Which one, specifically, is classified
3) Allegedly
4) Like, not even a little bit.
5) No, seriously.
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