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The Past and Why We Never Talk About It

It all began in the blistering desert of Nevada. Far beyond the reaches of any normal situation is the compound of a cult group referred to as "Preservers of Destiny." Born to two leaders of this secretive society was a little black haired baby with wide intelligent eyes. The child seems normal enough and grew healthy and strong. At his third year, the compound waiting in eager anticipation outside of the main sanctuary where a grand ritual was taking place, The Rite of Naming, in which the great deity reveals to the parents the perfect name of the child and its meaning. After several long hours the doors were flung open and the young boy was tossed out to the throng of people. A name had indeed been chosen. Jonas. Hebrew for Destroyer.

From that day forward the child was confined to a separate building of the compound. One room. A bed. A toilet. And a shelf of books. Young Jonas spent the entire first 16 years of his life reading and re-reading all books that were presented to him. He was fed once a day through a slot in the door and was often preached at through the windows of his prison. He was told "You were named the Destroyer, boy. You alone will bring about the end of days, demon and abomination against the Lord!" Slowly,his hair began to turn white from the sheer stress of this burden. This knowledge of impending doom.

At the dawning of his 17th year Jonas made a decision, in the dead of night he used one of his prized books to smash through the window and escape into the desert. He wandered for three days before passing out a mere 14 miles from Las Vegas. When he awoke he was on a plane and bound for the island.

The Island and Learning to Trust

As soon as he came too from his fall onto the island he immediately ran into the jungle away from the perpetually busy outposts. It was there that he came across his first monsters. After all his religious brainwashing he was certain that these creatures were in fact demons. He fought with his hands when he had to and ran when he could. Finally when the fear and hunger became unbearable he made his way into the outpost for a pair of PJs and a cheeseburger. Unable to spend too much time in the too crowded New Home he ran for the jungle. After only a few more hours there he found himself on the Fail boat. Despite how miserable place seemed he enjoyed the peace and quiet to gather his thoughts.

After returning to the island he finally plucked up to the courage to enter the Common Grounds, hoping for the same kind of tranquility and peace. However, he was greeted with a throng of contestants all speaking to him at once. He drew the line and fled when a young woman had a panic attack and he was yelled at for not assisting.

He nearly never spoke again until he found a roast something sandwich in his natter from a man named Ebenezer. Refreshed by this act of kindness he decided to try speaking again. This attempt was more successful as he met a nice young girl named Wren who spoke very softly and didn't expect him to talk too much. They became fast friends and now Wren is his most trusted confidant. With his confidence restored, Jonas challenged the Pirate Queen Genevieve to a game. He lost this and was thus enslaved to the Jackalope's crew until his next drive kill though. This caused him to despise the pirates for a short while but once the threat of outpost attack became evident he saw the pirates for what they were. A well-meaning group of scallywags, with Gen becoming a sort of mentor.

Now that he had established himself slightly, he thought it time to find a decent place to sleep. After carefully looking over the clan list he chose one that seemed a good fit for him. SAVOR. He was happily accepted and among this caring family has begun to slowly come out of his shell.

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