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You can call me 'Junior'

Because he will not speak his given name. Sharp, greyish-blue eyes leering, messily-strewn short black hair, a thin and boney body under 4 foot tall, and a seemingly endless wave of mouth-mounted knives in white are the things that make up the young boy of a tender 8 years called 'Junior.' You might even see some sickly black wings that can't decide if they're avian, or bat-like, if he lets you.

If any body's close details are inspected, it speaks an in depth story of pictoglyphs. This body is no different. The circular dent of scar tissue shown proudly off his right shoulder marks the entry of a bullet. Blessings are written on each of his shoulders in the form of two symbols; a purple 9 on the right, a fire-colored feather on the left. The top of the left hand is the resting place of a rune. It depicts a long, white, spiked dragon, looping about itself in the symbol of infinity.

Formal Bio

This is Junior's full bio written for his Character Biography page:

Physical Age: 8

Height: 3'8"

Weight: Estimated 45lbs.

Ethnicity: Japanese-American

Race: Half Human, 1/4 Siren, 1/4 Batmorph

Origin: Alternate reality based on Earth circa 2010's, 'imaginary' world

Noticable Traits: 3 Tattoo/Rune/Markings, purple 9 bellow right shoulder, orangish-red phoenix feather bellow left shoulder and white spiked dragon in the shape of an infinity symbol on left hand. Bullet wound scar in right shoulder. Scraggly mutant wings sometimes visible. Aura of unnaturally strong life energy from white tattoo on hand, otherwise you can sense inner turmoil from him. Something less probable radiates from his right arm tattoo on occation..

Personality1): Mean, childish, selfish, disturbing and horrifically logical at times. Has an interesting sense of honor, loyalty and limited 'morality' which fool people into believing he's cute, safe, or at least salvagable. He will admit he is a monster of a person. Do not be fooled by temporary subtlties. He is cruel.

Abilities: Voice mimicry, incredibly powerful hearing, wind elemental control, minor regeneration/healing powers in left hand, minor shapeshifting to change physical age.

Typical Hangouts: Acehigh and New Pittsburgh are some of his favorite outposts. Lives close to Kittania and is often in his home or stopping by Kitt. He makes appearances in Newhome and CC404 when visiting friends.


Q: What's a siren? Like the Greek myths? Yes, like the Greek myths, or similar. A race of pale, white-haired, blue-eyed birdlike people who live in caves in a complex society. Their voices far outreach the realms of human hearing, and often try to lure humans close with it, to tear them apart with vicious teeth and claws and devour them. Hybrids like Junior tend to retain only part of the vocal qualities, making them excellent mimics.

Q: He's from what? Imaginary alternate reality? Well, monsters are usually things pulled from contestant's collective unconscious, right? One contetant worked with the Drive's power to pull things from minds, instead of against it. When she was in danger, she summoned Junior from her imagination, which is an alternate reality. It's best not to ponder it so long.

Q: Why's there a kid on the Island!? Nyeh! Junior's not the only child on the Island, and his state of mind isn't completely that of a child's due to his strange aging. He's not involved in drinking, drugs, or sex, so just don't have a heart attack over it.

Mount: Crimson the Zombie Donkey originally belonged to Junior's Boss, a former contestant who brought Junior to the Island. The donkey is extremely well cared for, bandaged in many places and incredibly well preserved. Flowers to improve his smell are often braided into his long mane. He is extremely beautiful and beloved. Junior even created war armor to keep his intimidation high. When out to fight, he has a blood colored horned helmet and spikey flank armor that gives him the impression of a true war beast.

Meatwater's MANLY Status Points:

Manly Compassion - Bravery +1

Manly Buff Curse - Stat-Keeping Stress +1

Photo Album

I love drawing Junior, and I love art of him. If you're even inspired to draw him, I encourage you to do so and let me see and add you to my list2)!

Teddy's Artwork

sugar-hi_unicorn's Artwork

The Evil's Bunny's Artwork

The Begining of the Saga

Junior began life as we understand it, the day an Improbable Island contestant called Teddy Phoenix was in mortal danger. This particular young woman, before the Island, fancied herself an ammateur sci-fi writer, and had a whole world and civillizations of characters living out their lives in the reaches of her imagination and subconscious.

Improbablity is a funny thing. As evidenced by the monsters lurking in the endless jungle, it has a way of tapping into the human mind and collective unconscious. Memories, ideas, feeling, the abstract from the depth of the mind, all have life breathed in them in this jungle. When Teddy was cornered by enemies dragged from her own mind by the jungle, her mind fought back. Adrenline shot through her body as she screamed and something else was dragged from the more beloved part of her imagination, thrown into the fray to save her very life and comfort her. It was immidiately recognized as one of her writing characters, the boy called Junior.

Much later, a day finally came where Teddy's emotional state and existence collapsed in on themselves. The woman disappeared under mysterious circumstances. She left behind the ruin of her home, a mysterious book, and Junior3).

The young being who had served as Teddy's guardian and confidant since the moment he was born into the 'real' world, took Teddy's place as a contestant on the Island from that moment on.

Comrades from the Imaginary Worlds

Junior is not the only being from the reality inside Teddy's mind4) to spend time on the Island. Other people from those other worlds have been known to spend time on the Island. His own aunt and cousin5) live in a house not far from Kittania with Junior, another contestant who is part of their family, and the other occasional visitors from their own reality.

The Knox Triplets

Some of the most well-known Havenite visitors on the Island are Alvin, Birne, and Merlia Knox. These three are triplets in the their late teens6), and all non-human warriors who've already lived through their share of trials and adversity. They frequently squabble, and barely can seem to stand being together in the same room, but they are actually an amazing team and love each other greatly.

All three are known for being very quick, and sometimes described as having 'cat-like' qualities because of their lithe bodies and some mannerisms. Despite their intense bickering and seeming unreliability caused by these antics, most people who get to know them well trust them deeply when things get serious.

  • Alvin - Probably the most recognized on the Island, he is the social butterfly of the three. He pulls the 'annoying brother' role off really well, not only to his own siblings, but to anyone with the misfortune of giving him the opportunity. Flirtacious, mischievous, and free-spirited Alvin can actually be a very caring friend. If one can get him to focus, he is also bright and reliable when needed.

Alvin stands at 5'8" and is usually seen clad in earthy brown leather hunting armor from the neck down. His hair is dark brown, medium length, and lays sort of unevenly around his head and face. Two long, thin, feathery braids extend from the base of his head to his ankles, and move gracefully at his every motion. His bright green eyes sparkle with the inner fire of his personality, and his grin is full of trouble. He is skilled with the long katana sheathed to his back.

  • Birne7) - The secretive, quiet, and suprisingly shy boy of the trio is hard to place on first impressions. He seems to be a contradiction, both gentle and extremly volitile all at once. Butterflies will land comfortably on his shoudlers as he stands in eerie silence, scanning those around him the the mechanical gaze of an assassin. Birne is actually an honorable and intelligent young man, who occasionally can be broken from his shell of distance to reveal a sensitive and kind ally.

Birne is the smallest of the siblings, only reaching 5'5" but he is not to be underestimated. He shares his brother's vivacious green eyes, though they are often framed in a killer's gaze. Though short and blonde, his hair remsebles Alvin's in type. He can be seen either in his demonic, jagged, black metal full-body armor complete with clawed fingers as weapons and demon's grin face mask; or alternately in his casuals which are usually a large shirt or tunic over black jeans, and a black leather jacket with a red dragon's face acrossed the back.

Bonus Content: Epic Brawl! Rogers Vs Knox, Round 3!

  • Merlia - Standing at 5'10 with long, heavily thick green hair flowing past deep red eyes and a healthy body type as opposed to thin and stringy, Merlia officially does not look related to the Knox boys. She has a very graceful form, and fights with two machetes at her hips and powerful footwork and kicks. She is usually clad in thick black leather armor and layers of cloth below that. Knee-high black buckled boots with shins guards aid her kicks, and a black tasset around her waist holsters her swords.

The differences between Merlia and her brothers don't stop there, she's often interpreted as the 'eldest' sibling thanks to her aggressive, stubborn, and semi-controlling personality. However, when seperated from her brothers8) she can be suprisingly rational, gentle, and loving. She is also a fabulous and devoted chef. All three siblings cook, but they will also agree Merlia is the best.

1) TVTropes.org is AMAZING for defining characters. Here's a few articles that give you an idea of Junior's personality: Yandere, psycho manchild, and especially maddened into misanthropy.
2) Or any of my chars for that matter. There's nothing better than art of your chars by someone else. My art is crappy.
3) Plus his equally imaginary-turned-real relatives who were visiting from the world in Teddy's mind. Whoops.
4) People from Teddy's world refer to themselves as 'Havenites.'
5) Kimiko and Minami Hanasaki
6) Age estimated 18, though the boys can be mistaken for younger, and Merlia mistaken for her 20's.
7) Pronounced 'burn,' only relatives and close friends usually call him 'Birnie.'
8) Mostly just Alvin, she's not so hard on Birne. There is a legitimate reason for that, though.
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