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A short song invented by a drunk Full Metal Lion in the Vigour Mortis. No zombie can resist singing along to the chorus.

Sung to Whatever Tune Your Inebriated Mind Deems Suitable

Do! Do do! DodoDodoDoDO!

(Chorus) Here comes the chorus! BRAINS brains brains BRAIHEYAINS! BRAINS brains brains BRAIAIAIAINS! (Chorus)

I do, indeed, I like them/ they have such a dainty squish/ they're nice 'n' pink 'n' wobbly/ And absolute delish!


So when I met a lady/ with an abundance of gray cells/ my mouth started a wat'ring/ and I started hearing bells!


And when I met that lady/ I knew we had no issue/ For she loved me for my smarts/ and I loved her for her tissue!


I grew to like the lady/ I grew to know her well./ She had a huge Cranium/ And I thought that was swell!


There was a misunderstanding!/ She wanted sexy rumpus/ Meanwhile, I just wanted/ a taste of her hippocampus![Pronounced like "Hippocompass", but, hey, what do zombies care? -Ed.]


The moral of the story/ besides a large Cerebrum/ You also have to think your wife/ has an attractive bum.

Alt ending: The moral of the story/ is relatively clear/ You must not love only for brains/ but also for her rear.

[Ed. note: FML, after some thought, proposed the alternative ending because he felt that two reach-rhymes was pushing it. However, some people might enjoy butchering the word "attractive", so we'll leave it up to you.]

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