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Kell AKA That guy who used to stutter all the time...

The Basics

  • Name: Kell 1) 2)
  • Given Name: Kelseir Renolds 3)
  • Age: 23 4)
  • Gender: Usually Male 5)
  • Marital Status: Married to cage_oukami 6) 7)
  • Height: Holding at 5'4", but it's varied in the past 8)
  • Eyes: Some shade of green. Sometimes a teal-like color though.
  • Hair: Ranges from black to brown to red.

More Coming Soon!

1) Usually says it's short for Kelvin
2) But it really isn't. Get to know and he might tell you!
3) No that is not misspelled!
4) If you ignore any years on the Island...
5) But he's adorable as a girl!
6) And couldn't be happier about it.
7) Originally married to Val Shiro, but things got complicated
8) He's cute when he's only around 3' tall!
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