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Main Entry: kestrel

Pronunciation: [KES-truhl]

Word origin: Ultimately derived from the French word 'crecelle', meaning 'rattle' and referring to its cry.

Definition: Any of numerous small birds of the genus Falco -- falcons -- all of which hover whilst hunting.

Contestant #21528

Introduced: Season Two, Year One

Name: Kestrel

Alias(es): Kes, Staniel, Kay Arbuthnot-Jenkins

Gender: NB

Age: unknown

Height: 5'7"

Eyes: grey-blue

Hair: brown

Previous clan membership: Quack Quack Quack; General Engineering Racketeering n' Musical Guild
----Note: contestant was listed as a member of the 'Sanctum of Dirt' for little over three months, but no application forms were ever filed.

Current clan membership: General Engineering Racketeering n' Musical Guild (officer)

Known residence(s): The Aerie, (8,21); The Bingo Hall, (13,12)

----Note: contestant is sometimes accompanied by a small creature nicknamed 'Kagero', similar in appearance to the mythical western dragon. Its presence during the detonation of an Improbability Bomb triggered the creation of a new type of fauna now living at the explosion site. The jungle creatures commonly referred to as 'Tiny Dragons', first sighted some years later, are believed to be unrelated.

----Note: contestant is known to have some control over Improbability in keeping with other Jokers, including instinctive use of teleportation and 'air'.

----Note: contestant has displayed a reluctance to comply with some Network procedures. Any necessary contact should be made through the Watcher or the contestant's former 'Project Formspring' handler.

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