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The Koan Project

I've decided to undertake a little personal mission. I'm going to leave a koan in every chat space that I have access to.

In order to make it a little more interstesting, and less serious, the guidelines I've set myself are to tamper with most of the koans, but not all of them, and to varying degrees.

The challenge to the reader is to try to assess which ones have been tampered with, and to what extent. This is not as straightforward as it might seem, as some of the classic koans were written, and or have been translated, by people with .. 'different' views on what constitutes wisdom. I'll only provide one example here, as it has already been put up in The Grassy Field, and many wont get to see it anyway.

When walking - walk. When sitting - sit. But don't wobble!

This classic koan has not been tampered with. I kid you not, it has been published in just this wording. (I suspect this one has translation issues, the original sense being closer to 'be steadfast' or 'resolved', but it's come out as 'don't wobble', which I find refreshingly unpretentious.)

I'm keeping a copy of each one, and will put them all up here when I'm done.


So .. it's done. Here they are:

In Squat Hole:

If a tree falls in the forest, and no one hears it, the sound muffling properties of the moss covering the ground and other trees are probably the best explanation.

In Improbability Central:

"Without words, without silence, can you tell me the truth? No, but I can write a bill for it just the same."

In Pleasantville:

If you cannot see the temple behind the tree, consider putting a sign up.

At New Home:

Water heats gradually and boils suddenly. Keep your tea at hand.

In The Grassy Field:

When walking - walk. When sitting - sit. But don't wobble!

Common ground:

The wise don't strive to arrive. This explains why they are late so often.

In Kittania:

"I have heard the sound of one hand clapping, and it sounds like "Swish .. swish .. swish"

In Bluerock Chapel:

Don't search for the Truth, simply stop having opinions.

At Ace High:

"Before the lotus blossom has emerged from the water, what is it?" um.. Wet?

In Cyber City:

The Buddha called to Manjusri:"Why do you not enter?" Manjusri replied, "I do not see myself as outside. Why enter?"

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