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**Physical Description**


A 6'8" tall, black skinned being, with an orange pattern covering his entire body that seems to be one big tattoo, but isn't upon closer examination. His eyes are as black as the depths of space, except for the irises which are an intense ice blue. Those brilliant arresting eyes are flanked by a pair of horns, one growing from each temple then curving around behind his ears and finally running parallel to his lower jaw and ending some six inches in front of his face. Each arm ends in a delicate but strong looking three fingered hand.


In his original Human form, Korbel was rather large for a human. He stood at approximately six feet, three inches and is broad as a house to go with it. Most people looked at him and thought he was either a wrestler, or a professional lineman in football, and a good one too. His shoulder length hair was a shade of blue-black that is dominant in his family, and his eyes were light green rimmed with red. His olive skin tone gave him the look of a farmer who spends just a little too much time in the sun. He has numerous scars all across his body from his childhood.

His second Human incarnation looked as follows:

The first impression many people have of him is that he is a mountain of a man, and if not exactly quiet, he is calm and bored. Until you reach the eyes, which are an intense shade of light blue. His eyes are constantly moving and seem to notice of everything, and as they turn their attention to you, it seems as if they could pierce your soul, or pin you to a wall. He is now most firmly Human in appearance, but he now measures in at 6'10" and 285 lbs, all of it muscle. His black hair is worn close cropped in a high and tight USMC style cut, and he keeps his face clean shaven, at least for now. He can often be seen wearing a wearing a pair of sturdy black leather gloves, a set of matching bracers on his arms. The bracer on his left arm has the words Vae Victus, which translates as Woe to the Conquered, carved elegantly onto it. The bracer on his right arm reads Misericordia Super Justicia, or Mercy Over Justice. Horatio has altered his body yet again, this time giving him an extremely sharp blade of bone on each forearm, and his eyes are now a pale, but very intense blue.

His third Human incarnation:

A tall, athletically built young man, dressed in a white coat-cloak with a deep hood which is habitually worn up, covering his face. What little you can see of his face has some vivid scars, standing out against white against his tanned, olive-toned skin. He wears a pair of tall, sturdy cavalry boots into which his grey leather pants are tucked. Atop his sleeve on his left forearm is a burnished steel bracer, the AiB emblem embossed upon it. On the right is a gilded leather bracer, matching the other one in design. At his left hip is a fine sword, plain but well made, and sheathed upon his belt, which is beautifully decorated with an eagle motif, is a matching dagger. Even though these two weapons are highly visible, you get the feeling that there is a veritable arsenal secreted upon his person. The ring on his hand and the bracelet upon his bicep are the only seemingly purely ornamental things he wears. Despite his distinctive garb, he somehow manages to fade into the crowd even as you notice him.

Korbel wears but two pieces of jewelry, a plain gold ring given to him by Serene, his first wife, and a bracelet given by his second wife, Loriel, which is worn upon his left biceps. The bracelet is a thin, rose gold band. It doesn't have a clasp or anything; one can only imagine it was forced on Korbel with improbability or it was made around his arm. A sparkle catches your eye and you notice that one side of the band contains a sapphire. It changes from dark blue to light and back as you watch.



After his first Drive Kill, Korbel became a Kittymorph, much to his liking. As a Kittymorph, he stood even taller and broader than before. He gained approximately 3 inches in height, and another 4 inches in his shoulders. If possible, it seemed that even more of his mass was pure muscle than before. Some people are intimidated by the sheer BULK of him, but next to some legendary Islanders he has encountered, Korbel looks tiny, even though he is as large or larger. Perhaps he is not as good at projecting as they are.

His fur was much like his hair, but with some differences. It was blue-black, but with red highlights in it. If you looked closely, you could still see the scars from his human form underneath all the fur. The only thing that remained almost completely unchanged about his appearance are his eyes, and the only change they underwent was to obtain pupils like cats have, since that comes with the form, just like the fur.

He has Purple Crystals imbedded in his skin, courtesy of Sheoggorath when he created them on accident. These crystals are really what destroyed the Clan Hall.


Unlike most of his fellow Midgets, Korbel was actually rather tall. For a Midget. He stood at 5'6" which was a foot shorter than when he was a KM. He kept his appearance, and his new beard, CLEAN as a whistle. He even bathed on a regular basis. Sort of. He wore a very well maintained Victorian era suit that never seemed to get ripped or torn.


He is just as massive as when he was a Kittymorph. His only oddities in form, as far as is known, are the pair of Magpie wings that have been growing each time he kills one the wings grow. In his most recent incarnation, the purple Crystals from the destruction of the AIB Clan Hall that infused with his body have become part of the wings, and pulsate in time with his heartbeat. The other oddity is that he has an pair of extra tongues, one growing from each cheek.


As big as he was in his other forms, with the glass skin typical of the robots. His eyes are purple and pupil-less. His internal components are amazingly resilient, and his memory banks and data processors seem limitless, but in truth run at near full capacity. He does not have the wings in this form, but he does not seem to mind. The Purple Crystals have merged into a single MASSIVE Gem in the center of his chest. It is a perfectly cut Gem, absolutely flawless.


Of a size with most of his previous forms, if more slender. He is as tall as he was when a Kittymorph, and while he is more slender, he is by no means slim. He wears a Victorian suit, and the wings on his back appear as the overcoat itself, until they unfold for flight. There is a single, flawless gem centered on the front of his top hat.


Korbel makes a massive gargoyle, complete with stone skin and he stands at about 9'6" at the shoulder. When slouching. If he were to stand to his full height and stretch his long, thick, and VERY muscular neck, he would be standing at something around 15'. Fortunately he normally carries his neck stretched forward, rather than straight up. His torso is, like in his other forms, massively muscular and broad in direct proportion to his height. He also has a pair of rather useless bat-like wings, being made of stone and all, that are nonetheless rather impressive. Each wing, when extended, would be about 20' wide, for a total wingspan of some 40'. They are most definitely to scale. He tends to carry them tight in on his body, as they are problematic at best to move with under normal circumstances.

Bobble Head

No, seriously. He was a Bobble Head. An honest to God bobble head. He retained his Gargoyle form, but much shrunken and ... well, bobble headed.


He has the look of the strong, silent type and that is, to an extent, true. he does tend to be silent around those he does not know, although he is not afraid to speak up if he wants something. It seems as though he has a soft spot in him for candied apples and Rookies. If you have candied apples you can bribe him to do almost anything. If you pick on a newbie too much he will step in. If you are picking on what he refers to as "Old Timers," he will simply sit back and enjoy the show. For the most part he tends to be very laid back, but you can count on him if you need something done. If, that is, you are his friend or a member of his clan.

**Special Abilities**

Korbel can clean the meat off of anything on the Island rather efficiently. He is a Class 1 Meat Shield, an outstanding Designated Driver, and a Crappy Role Model. His memory is slightly better than most people's for everyday things, but he holds grudges until they die of old age normally. He always carries something called "Duck Tape." He insists that it is different from DUCT tape, but refuses to elaborate, saying simply "If you know, you know. If you dont, you dont." He also has a rather intelligent blue hamster that works with him. How, exactly, it is that they communicate so effectively no one is sure, and they are not telling. He has been known to be able to read minds when he has had some of Neeip's homemade Improbable Rum.

**Blue Dawn**

Blue Dawn is a blue hamster that rides on Korbel's shoulder except when she is up to something. Korbel found her asleep in his hair once when he woke up after his return from the Failboat. He does not know where she came from, nor why she stays with him. Blue Dawn is an extremely intelligent hamster, and has been occasionally been observed reading a book. Despite her obviously Improbability enhanced intelligence, Dawn is NOT a member of Chimental.

Dawn is a hamster of great mystery. She was once seen bringing an exploded Gremlin back to life. Exploded as in GOO on your face one moment, brought back to life as in dancing in RAGE moments later. She does not use improbability to do so, which is the strangest part. Korbel asked Alpha of the Chimental if he knew of anything like this occurring amongst the animals of the Island, but he could not help. The Librarian Skidge was a bit more useful by revealing the fact that she too could do it with out Improbability. But she did not know how Dawn could have done it. This is one more mystery for the Books, although Korbel will continue searching for an answer.


Korbel was orphaned in the heart of a city at a very young age. For as long as he could remember, the only thing he could truly rely on was himself. While he trusts those whom he decides to make his friends, he rarely asks even them for help, although he is more than happy to give his own help.

Once he became an adult, he developed a disdain for the informal and much abbreviated English that most people used. None know why, exactly, but ever since then his English is almost always precise, polite, and proper. He even refuses to use nicknames for his fellows, although he does not mind being given one.

He was kidnapped in order to be taken to the Island as he was being fitted for a tuxedo for his own wedding.

**At the Island**


Upon his arrival on the Island, he was nothing more than the average inhabitant. He quickly grasped the basics of his new world and went out to see what he could see.

While exploring, he stumbled into Common Ground, where he was greeted by Adder Moray who gave him some much needed advice and the card of his Clan, Amity in Bedlam, or AIB. Korbel's dislike for zombies was revealed shortly after this when Giuseppe Lorenzo, wonder of wonders, a zombie, nearly ate his brains before he was called back by one of his companions. He now has no problem with Lorenzo, but he has decided to take each zombie on a one by one basis. He has made many accquaintances from the Common Grounds, but none he considers friends as of yet.

A couple of days later, he applied to Adder Moray's guild, Amity in Bedlam, and was accepted. Shortly thereafter, he came into possession of an extremely intelligent blue hamster who he takes everywhere with him. He refused to name her, saying "She shall tell me her name when she is ready." He later asked High Lady Escemfer for inspiration, and together they came up with Blue Dawn. Shortly there after it was revealed that he slips into the lingo of the streets where he spent his childhood if, and only if, he becomes pie-eyed drunk.

Not long before attempting his first Drive Kill, he began seeing Serene, a fellow Contestant who has a companion just like he does. However, instead of a Blue Hamster, she a Hawk, who has been dubbed King by Korbel. From here, you know as much as anyone does. At least until the next update.


After Korbel made his first Drive Kill, he has found himself as a Kittymorph, and he is enjoying it a lot. While in this form much has happened amongst his friends, including the Typhon Incident, in which he played a role in returning Adder to himself, Xane's Shadow problem escalating, and most amusing of all, Lorenzo being turned into a girl. He and Serene are currently both Kittymorphs, and enjoying each other's forms immensely.

AIB has grown to four members, due to Adder's recruiting efforts. Shortly after the Typhon incident, Adder promoted Korbel to an Officer within the Clan. *END UPDATE 1*


Korbel had just finished a stint as a midget, and while he enjoyed it, he preferred to be a Kittymorph, so as he killed the Drive he focused on becoming a Kittymorph again, and Improbably enough, he got it. As a midget he was promoted to Leader in AIB and the Clan grew exponentially in size. He also popped the Question to Serene, but had to do it again, and properly, before he gets a proper answer.*END UPDATE 2*


It took him a while to get everything together, but he managed to get everything set up just how he wanted it. He proposed again, and the answer was...Yes. He and Serene we married within the week, and are still happily married. The clan had grown to about 15 members by the time he killed the drive again.*END UPDATE 3*


He has been stuck as a Mutant for a quite some time, with very little physical change. He managed to destroy the AIB Clan Hall, fortunately Adder was ready to unveil the new Clan Hall. His marriage to Serene has kept them both very happy. His wings are fully grown now, and he hopes to finally change forms again after this DK. He has seemed to have adopted a song as his own, as he can often be heard humming to the bagpipes of "March of Cambreath" by Heather Alexander.


After a quick spell as a robot, Korbel was returned to his Kittymorph form, but with wings made of the same material as a robot's skin, and the purple crystals that became imbedded into his body after the destruction of the Hall at each joint of the wings. Then he became a Joker. Being a Joker seems to suit his history, if not his personality. Improbable things happen to him left and right, some of which he is the cause of, in EVERY form he takes.


The wings are gone, as is the love of his life, Serene. She left the Island and went back home. Korbel is still devastated by the loss of her company, although King Hawk still lingers on the Island to allow them to communicate. He puts up a front of being fine for his friends and companions, but if you should be lucky, or unlucky, enough to catch him off guard, you would see the sadness in him.

UPDATE 7: POST DRIVE KILL 19 Excerpt from Kor's personal journal, rarely updated

"She is gone. Serene. My Lady. I have carved her likeness into the walls of the Regnan, our new Clan hall, so that she may NEVER be forgotten. Recently, I could not remember anything. Not what day it was, I had trouble with names, everything. Now, it is all come back, but my memory is not what it was, now that she is gone. I find myself remembering generalities, but forgetting the details of any event where she was not. Names, places, everything. But, I am myself again. Life goes on, and I shall live.

"The Clan is all I have Left. I canNOT let them down. I will not. Serene would not want me to. For they are Family. And Family is everything. Without a family, one does not have purpose. And to have no purpose would be the same as death. Serene is ALIVE, I know it, and so I shall remain alive. When I find her, our married life shall continue. But by the laws of the Island she is dead, and so I am not married. But I know I am. I WILL find her again. Someday. I swear it."

Excerpt Complete


Korbel has found a purpose again, and is married to Loriel, and so far things are good. Some members of Aib who were almost never seen by anyone in the Clan resigned from the clan or left the Island entirely.


Korbel's physical form seems to be settling down to a single shape, and perhaps this is because his mind is more stable due to having having found something truly steady and constant in his life. Current speculation is that building his house, the Golden Sands, has grounded him to a degree, as well as Loriel now providing a motivation for him to steady up. It also seems that word has gotten around to a number of the Rookies that while he is one of the most MASSIVE contestants on the Island, he's more like a giant teddy bear so long as you don't cause too much trouble.

He recently got his hands on a page of the file that someone in Admin maintains on him, and seems rather amused by it. It short it says three things. First that there are only two people whose judgement and opinions he takes extremely seriously, his Wife, Loriel, and his Boss, Adder Moray. Second, that only one contestant seems to be able to intimidate him, and small wonder too, considering this contestant's reputation. Sadly, the name was blotted out with a CENSORED for some unknown reason, although Korbel himself has a pretty good idea who they mean. And the third thing is that his talents behind the bar are, quite frankly, so amazing that they seem to freak even Korbel out on occasion.


Loriel, like Serene, disappeared from the Island. Poor guy just doesnt seem to have too much luck with his wives. While he continues work on the Golden Sands, he has become a more-or-less silent partner in Cherriki Ten's Plushie Emporium, located at the source of the River. Never would have guessed he was interested in doing a business, but there you have it.


Korbel has been through much during his time on the Island, having witnessed the destruction of one Clan Hall and the Construction of another, the loss of two wives and a few friends, and having been the cause of the Improbability Drive's demise fifty times, its a wonder his mind is still more or less intact.

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