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  • Name: Korbinian (Kor-bee-nee-Ahn) Krause (K-Rous).
  • Age: 31.
  • Height: 6'2" tall.
  • Religion: N/A - Private.
  • Marriage: N/A - No marriage.
  • Clan Association: N/A - No Clan.
  • Work Status: Self-employed - "Escort Services."
  • Piercings: None, as yet.
  • Tattoos: Rose flower just above the tailbone, sepia-coloured vines flowing up the curvature of his spine. Jasmine flowers, white and sepia, sprinkled into the vines.

`6Ja`3smi`#ne Fl`3owe`6rs `6Ko`3r`#bin`3i`6an

A tall man wrapped in tanned skin, green eyes and blonde curls. Old scars and bruises mar bare skin. A flowering tattoo wraps up the curvature of his spine.

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