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Lady Akitsu is the island's Resident Sex Kitten1)2)3)4). Kit has been on the island since the pilot, making her an accomplished veteran. No one quite knows what she gets up to5), since she's so introverted. Lady Akitsu has been on the Island since before The Great Reset, and seems to be one of the few with memories of it, although grainy and distorted. Not to mention rather few in number. She does, however, seem to be regaining some memories of her life before the Island, though just how she got here still isn't clear.


Kit is rather fond of taking the form of a Jokermorph, though she is known to also favor the Kittymorph form, as well. During both the Pilot and the first half of Season One, Kit sported ropes of pearls about her neck, a fedora (blue-grey with a black ribbon) and a silver-tipped walking stick, in which she stored her flute in a secret container. She also favored her knee-high Victorian boots, which had a long row of buttons down the side.

In Season 1, her home was broken into and the contents of her wardrobe stolen, including her beloved pearls, She then gave up Jokerdom in favor of being a simple Kittymorph. her new outfit consisted of a midriff-baring leather top6) and denim Daisy Duke-styled short shorts, along with black thigh-high stockings7) and a scuffed pair of military-grade boots. This new manifestaion seemed to delight in silver accessories and multiple piercings, judging from the stud below her lip, eyebrow ring, multiple earrings8), black ribbon choker with silver adornments, arm bracelet, silver cuffs which include one on her tail9), and the punk-like set of belts wrapped around or hung off her hips.

Since the beginning of Season 2, Her favorite dress has since been returned to her. It was revealed that the perpetrators were in fact the producers of the show, stating that it was in reply to viewer demands. Apparently, the majority of male viewers wished to see Kit in more revealing outfits. Her pearls, fedora, and cane are still missing, however.

Ever since then, Kit tends to dress in the fashions of the Rococo period. Petticoats, bustles, fine silks, low and lacy necklines, and plenty of feminine charm. She is currently sporting a ruby red dress with strings of pearls along her bustle, and black satin ribbon lines her bodice, complete with a bow at her bust.

Kit's hair, however, is more reminiscent of a more modest time of the late 1800's, in the Victorian age. Her waist-long dark chocolate brown curls are pinned up into loose bun, with smaller curls trailing down from the back. Her hair has also been carefully styled to hide the base of her feline ears.

Love & Lust

To call Kit "flirtatious" is an understatement. She loves affection, both giving and receiving, no matter the gender of the vic-- erm, recipient.

Kit was once married to Rosin, and it is publicly known that she had an affair with Kuroiten, whom she fell for head over heels. Unfortunately, the marriage did not last, the end being a accidental divorce. The relationship between Kit and Kuro did not last as it was either. All involved parted amicably, and they remain friends to this day.

Kit then found whom she feels is her true love, Jon. The attraction between the two was instantaneous, and they hit it off straight away. After a traditional courtship, Jon proposed, and the two were married in a small ceremony in the Chapel. After returning from their honeymoon, Kit found to her joy that she was with child, but tragedy struck before she could tell her husband. Jon had somehow found a way off the Island, but only one could leave. With her husband gone, depression sank heavily onto Kit's shoulders, causing her to lose the baby she had so Cherished.

One eventful day in the Grounds, Kit was forced to face her new reality. With her spirits crushed, and unable to rationally handle her loss, she snapped. She went mad for a little while, preferring to stay out of the public eye.

After a series of brief flings and ill-fated affairs, Kit found Malverius. There was something about this mountain of a man that so completely swept her off her feet, and she finally felt as if she could love again. They were very happy together, until one day Mal disappeared after falling asleep in Kit's arms, no trace of him left. Not even an echo. Only a lone note.

Kit was crushed once more, almost unable to withstand being abandoned for a second time, but with the help of her friends, she was able to live through it. She found comfort in the arms of a kind man named Iriri, but when Mal came back, Kit was torn, having developed feelings for Iri.

In the end, Mal left Kit once more, this time voluntarily, and Kit stayed with Iri. They are now happily engaged, and are looking forward to their wedding day.

Clan Pride

In Season 1, Lady Akitsu was a proud member of the Collateral Damage Adventuring Guild, even to the point of being appointed as an Clan Officer, complete with epaulettes. Although she was once offered a membership to the Aleatory Ensemble, she turned it down in favor of clan loyalty. She affectionately refers to clan leader Bernard as "Dear Uncle", no matter what manifestation he may be inhabiting.

Since the beginning of Season 2, Kit has chosen to follow Bernard into his newest clan General Engineering Racketeering n' Musical Guild, or GERM for short. She has since been appointed as Head of Staff, heading over clan staff, including Bruce, Mountjoy, Lilith, and Whipslaw.

The Library

Just before the deconstruction of her cottage in Improbable Central, Kit threw an absolutely magnificent party there.

Kit is currently striving to remake the Library as it was, in all it's grandeur.

1) Translated as 'tease' in English.
2) That's my *complicated family arrangement* Niece you're talking about, and I'll stand for her honour at dawn tomorrow, Sir, should you continue in your foul mouthed tirade
3) Relax, Professor. I defined it that exact way myself, remember?
4) And how on Earth am I your niece?
5) actually, measurements have been obtained, she is 38-26-38
6) The zipper of which seems to be stuck at the bottom, perpetually showing off her bra and plenty of cleavage.
7) Plenty of runs in 'em, but she prefers to refer to them as being "distressed".
8) one of which has a tiny star dangling from it
9) This has a chain attatched to it, along with a tiny crescent moon charm to match her earring.
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