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A delightful fellow who believes in family togetherness, recycling of essential biological materials, and taking good care of tourists and travelers. His rare appearances on the island are joy-filled frolics that result in people just going to pieces 1).

Some misguided individuals claim that the occasional chainsaw is contaminated with Im that turns contestants into crazed, homicidal maniacs 2).

Rumours that Crazy Audrey and Leatherface once dated have neither been proven or disproven 3).

Leatherface does seem to follow a modified form of Rule #37, where 'Reload' is replaced by 'Refuel' and 'Open Fire' is replaced by a mechanical revving noise and cries of Yee-Haw!.

1) Lots of pieces, which may resurface in the lifecycle of the Magical Mystery Meat Mount.
2) Of course, that describes most everyone on the Island, so there's no real way to tell.
3) One journalist who claimed to have a photo from a senior prom disappeared without explanation.
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