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Basic info

Name: Leonora

Age: Somewhere between 35 and 40. She doesn't volunteer this information, but she'll admit her age when asked outright.

Height: Varies by the day. It'd be 5'5" if she were human. And wearing no shoes.


In her early days on the Island, Nora obsessively kept journals in hopes that she wouldn't lose all the fragments of her previous life. Now, she barely writes at all, though she keeps all her old memoirs. Whether or not she ever looks at them is doubtful, as she usually seems a bit vague on the details of her pre-Island life. Then again, she'll have moments of distinct clarity, recalling incidents that should easily have been erased from her memory by now.

Nora remembers a life before the EMP bombings. Once upon a time, she fell madly in love and married a man named Fred, who was several years older than her, a college professor who had a penchant for poetry and a knack for software programming. Almost immediately, the couple had a son they called Daniel. In spite of the world going to pieces around them, they were quite a happy little family. Unfortunately, Fred was not content to sit idly by and let technology destroy itself. He and some colleagues had plans, plans to redesign the Think Card, plans to make it all work this time. They kept the whole thing a secret, so of course it wasn't long before their work was leaked. A very angry, very frightened population came looking for this little band of scientists and programmers. They murdered every one, then set the building they were meeting in on fire for good measure.

But, of course, Nora only sometimes remembers all this. Or perhaps it would be better to say she no longer chooses to think about it. The one thing that has never completely left her mind is that she has an eighteen year old son left behind on the mainland.


Red hair and blue eyes, although they flash a typical Joker green whenever she's doing something improbable. Nora's build would best be described as 'medium', although the waist cincher she wears as a Joker makes her appear a bit more slender than she actually is. Her hat is a crushed velvet black Victoria-era touring hat with a shallow crown and a somewhat wide brim, with scalloped white trim around the edge of the brim and the crown; a single white ostrich feather is surrounded by several smaller spotted quail feathers and two white silk carnations, all held in place by a large amber-and-gold brooch. She wears a black-and-white pinstriped blouse with a high collar that looks grey from a distance; a black and white cameo is pinned at her throat. The skirt is long, black, and sweeping, done up in the back in a slight bustle. Her shoes don't exactly mirror the same style as the rest of her attire, but they blend in well-enough to the untrained observer: a pair of high-heeled mary janes, the front half white leather, the back half black suede, with small triangles cut out of the leather all around the top edges. White kid gloves adorn her hands. She even carries a black lace parasol with a white handle, which looks dainty enough until you learn there's a thin, razor-sharp rapier hidden in the handle.

Instead of a backpack and bandolier, she carries a large, handsome carpet bag. She may or may not have a small derringer hidden in her cleavage.

It's somewhat difficult to tell Nora's age at first glance - in spite of all the cigarettes she smokes and the stress she's been through, there's not yet a single grey hair on her head, and only when you get very close do you notice the laugh lines around her blue eyes. It's mostly her demeanor that gives away she's a touch older than the Island's average contestant. She doesn't mind telling her age, if she's asked...unless it's a day she's forgotten what age she is.


Leonora is, for the most part, a kind woman. At least, she's as kind as any Joker anyone is likely to meet. Like most Jokers, she has her moments of irrationality. She's learned to (somewhat) tamper with the threads of improbability in the air that Jokers eventually seem to understand; she's gotten fairly good at pulling objects from other places into her carpet bag. However, she can only perform such actions sans gloves (which is why she usually leaves them on - to avoid accidents) and only when she knows the location of an object. This tampering with improbability does misfire at times; she once accidentally set someone's hair on fire with what she was SURE was harmless lemonade.

Oddly enough, being a Joker for so long has actually calmed her, slightly - she no longer talks incessantly about going home, at least. She's still prone to the occasional moment of nostalgia, and of course, deep down, her heart's desire is still to get back home to her son. But she's adjusted here, for the most part. For now.

Anything else?

In spite of being a Joker, Nora doesn't particularly like to play tricks on anyone, especially rookies.

She's (usually) a very cool head in a crises, although it isn't entirely unheard of for her to have a small panic attack once said crises is over.

She collects blood-spattered copies of King Lear whenever she meets that blasted woman from the Disney Historical Accuracy Department in the jungle. In some of her stranger moments, she's been known to quote this play randomly.

While she's in a friendly mood about 95% of the time...don't mess with her if she's in a particularly Jokeresque mood. That other 5% is a doozy.

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