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Liar is the entity that founded the first dominant Religion1)2) of Improbable Island by building the Cybercity Shrine. Very little else is known about him. If he would like to elaborate on this, it would be helpful. Some would consider it unwise to put too much trust in the words of someone called 'Liar' in a place called 'Wiki of Lies'3)4)

Alternative Meaning

A liar5) is also a musical instrument, which is a bit like a guitar. It is usually made from wood and hamstrings, and was very popular in medival times, as I'm sure most of you will remember.

1) Three Hedgehogs.
2) Now surpassed by the Abrahamic Religions
3) Though others have come to believe that the one called liar may perhaps be the only one capable of telling the truth in such a place
4) Its obvious that one cancels out the other. Like scientists. Or ninjas. Or Junkfood.
5) Also spelled 'lyre'
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