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Not to be confused with Ashtu's many lions.1)2)3)4)5)

Lions are known for their intelligence, playfulness, and noisy barking. Their color ranges from chocolate brown in males to a lighter, golden brown in females. Males reach 850 pounds (390 kg) and seven feet (2.1 m) in length. Females grow to 220 pounds (110 kg) and up to six feet (1.8 m) in length. They have a "dog-like" face, and at around five years of age, males develop a bony bump on top of their skull called a sagittal crest. The top of a male's head often gets lighter in color with age.

A shy6)7) and retiring creature. It is extremely rare to encounter a lion in the jungle. Any supposed sighting was probably just a figment of your imagination.8) 9)10)11)It is certainly impossible to kill it.12) It is also a vegetarian. 13)14)15)

Lions are likewise known to love karaoke.16) Anyone who loves karaoke, is of course, a personage of discerning taste in South Korea.17)

Curious contestants have asked, but have yet to know; There are gentlemanly Lions18), yes. We all know this. But where are the Ladylike Lionesses?19) Researchers continue to hotly debate this topic to this day.20)

They have been sighted at all levels 15 and below.21) 22)23)24)25)26)27)28)


1) Or Lyrons. Can't forget about those.
2) Oh, just read between the lions!
3) Ashtu doesn't have any lions.
4) He has cats dressed up as lions.
5) They are not Sneaky Bastards, they are False Bastards.
6) Skidge is a Lion?
7) She's a painted cheetah.
8) Like that three headed monkey you thought you saw earlier
9) That's just Jeff. He, unlike a lion, is actually pretty dangerous. All those teeth.
10) At least Jeff isn't a lover of karaoke like our resident island Lion.
11) Lions love karaoke?!
12) Or maybe make it known how much of a pushover this lion really is.
13) And enjoys charity work.
14) I must say, I really have to love this gentle feline.
15) Lions are fiercely committed to several causes, including animal rights and women's suffrage.
16) Just like it is also known that Lions love to be friends.
17) The majestic prides of Korean Lions racing across the Gangnam province in pursuit of their favorite 20 oz. kill are a majestic, but endangered breed, ever since their hides became prized for their stylishness.
18) These Lions take it to the breaking though. They add unflappable good manners on top of the friendliness. Truly delightful.
19) One popular theory is that being the hunters of the species, lionesses remain most efficient in their skill, and have simply hired the island's moose to do their dirty work for them.
20) Arguing in pubs is so much less dangerous than going out into the jungle, after all.
21) Oh, God of fruitcake. There are Level 1 Lions? Beware. Beware.
22) Of course. Newbie Lions.
23) Just never go below level one- the basement lion is a beast best left undisturbed.
24) And don't even mention the Parking Lion!
25) Wait! You just mentioned him!
26) Don't be silly. It's not like Bloody Mary, or Hairy Mary, or anything.
28) Yes, Hairy Mary-OH SHI-
29) Oh, fine. For the truth about our lions go here. Mind the Spoilers!
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