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Look, to start off, the idea for this page was kinda disliked by some and loved by others. If you want to voice your opinion on the matter, go here. If you hate this page enough to delete it all, just do it. It's public wiki and all. If not, then we're good! Yay! Anyways, enough blabbing, here we go.

Info and stuff


  • You did not make the Memento.
    • Unless you contacted the Memento's creator and they said it was totally okay.
  • It is a single made Memento. Those are special and belong to the maker and receiver, not here. 1)2)3)
  • Adding it would break any rule.

Now, after all that, we should be good. If you wanna follow this here format and keep it in alphabetical order, that'd be awesome.

** {Memento name}/{Plural}  **

** Made by: {Maker} **

** Memento Description: **{Description here.}

** Use text: **{If this is really long, maybe think about not adding it?}

** Attribute: **{Check below for list.}

** Note: **{Optional. Put whatever you want to say, here. For example, how the Memento can be obtained.}

List of Attributes, for your reference.

List of Common Mementos

Collectible Shot Glass/Collectible Shot Glasses

Made by: Jon Titania

Memento Description: A shot glass you stole. . . I mean borrowed from the Tetanus Shots Bar near Improbable Central.

Use text: You didn't steal it, you just borrowed it. . . forever.

Attribute: Innit?

Complete Guide to Humans (various chapters)

This is actually a series of mementos. Specific descriptions of each can be found here

Made by: The Shnuck

Memento Descriptions: Varies a bit by specific memento. Usually states the name of that particular chapter.

Use Text: Includes a few excerpt from that particular chapter.

Attribute: Knowledge Bank


Made by: Zoinks

Memento Description: One Cuil = One level of abstraction away from the reality of a situation.

Example: You ask me for a Hamburger.

At 1 Cuil: if you asked me for a hamburger, and I gave you a raccoon.

Use text: There used to be an search engine called Cuil, which had its own automated encyclopedia that would splice together sentences from within your search results to form a supposedly informative single article. Naturally, these articles were a jumbled mess because a search for Tom Cruise would lead to talking about Top Gun, then it starts talking about F16 Tomcats, then it starts talking about domestic cats. Suddenly it reads like "Tom Cruise is a successful american actor who once male felines are a popular breed of cat that has 15,000 lbs carrying capacity for armaments".

Attribute: Quantum Quizzler

Cute Butt

Made by: Zoinks

Memento Description: Sometimes it's just gotta be said.

Use text: You sure do have some fine clASS.

Attribute: Cute Butt

D20 "Smiley" Improbability rifle/D20 "Smiley" Improbability rifles

Made by: Jon Titania

Memento Description: A sleek steel rifle with a large hexagonally bore barrel made to launch large spinning D20 dice. The effects depend on the numbers the dice land on. Some effects are helpful some. . . not so much. Don't fire too often though, it feeds off of your energy.

Use text: You take stock of this shiny new rifle in your hands, you can't help but hold it up and take aim at the closest victim in the area, you peek through the scope and realize there is a zoom dial on the side of it. Fully zoomed you can see Cyber City from NewHome. You ask yourself for a moment if it can even fire that far.You run your hand along the stock of the gun and find that JT has been etched into the metal.

Attribute: Green Eyes

Duct Tape Roll/Rolls

Made by: Kolojang

Memento Description: A standard 48 mm, 55 meter long roll of glossy grey duct tape, aka, limitless possibilities.

Use text: You rip out a length of tape and marvel at all the different possible applications this thing has. Patching clothes, repairing weapons, decorating small children. Truly, your imagination is the limit.

Attribute: Master Builder

Ducttapery Token

Made by: Kolojang

Memento Description: A golden token of one inch in diameter. Bears an embossed imaged of a duct tape roll on both sides.

Use Text: You flip the token in your hands and fiddle with it for a while until you realize that something is written on the side. Bring this token to Ko's Ducttapery for a prize! 18, 11

(A Large Round) Hatbox

Made by: Alexander Quandle

Memento Description: The hat box is decorated with broad green and purple vertical stripes and has a large bow affixed to the top.

There is a label on the side which reads "Puzzleland Crown: (11,32)"

Use text: [REDACTED]

Attribute: Gratuitously Geeky

Note: This memento may be obtained by solving the mystery of the crossword theft in Puzzleland at (11,32)

Improbable Island Interdimensional Passport

Made by: Kolojang

Memento Description: An official document permitting passage through interdimensional borders.

Use Text: You open up the passport, and to your surprise, there is an up-to-date picture of yourself in it, even though you don't remember posing for it. But everything seems to be in order and travel ready.

Non-Newtonian Rock/Non-Newtonian Rocks

Made by: Jon Titania

Memento Description: A decent sized stone, about the size of a softball. It seems like any other rock though something in your mind is telling you it should be soft. . . at least when it isn't being affected by a force. Like a pillow.

Use text: You toss the rock up into the air and catch it again. It feels, looks, smells, tastes like a normal rock. But something tells you this one is different. This one has to be non-newtonian. Completely flaccid when stationary. But for now you have no way of testing so you just accept these feelings in you subconscious that this is a non-newtonian rock.

Attribute: Quantum Quizzler

Novelty Pig Mask

Made by: Kolojang

Memento Description: A pink novelty plastic mask depicting a pig's face.

Use text: You put the mask over your face and hold it there using the flimsy elastic band that comes with it. The interior smells of cheap tobacco and even cheaper booze.

QQQ Clan Badge

Made by: QQQ's leadership.

Memento Description: Three golden intertwined Q's against the backdrop of a green duck.

Use Text: You admire your clan badge and give it a quick polish to wipe off the smudges. The duck's eyes light up and it quacks three times.

Attribute: Cool Cat4)

Note: Only obtained when joining QQQ5).

Rubber Duck

Made by: Akogi

Memento Description: It's a nice and cuddly rubber duck similar to one that is used in a bathtub with three interlocking Qs on the front of it. It has a large and friendly smile on it.

Use text: It QUACKS really loudly as you squeeze it.

Attribute: Lovable

Note: Requires being part of QQQ to obtain

Red Scarf

Made by: Akogi

Memento Description: A wide rimmed bright red scarf that has multiple folds in it. Even if you try to re-position it, the folds just stay where they are. Three golden Q's are embroidered on the end of the scarf.

Use text: You finally manage to get the folds out of the scarf, you notice that there are bread crumbs in it. Only crazy Quackers would do something like that.

Attribute: Life of the Party

Scooby Snax box

Made by: Zoinks

Memento Description: A cyan, rectangular, box with a green front cover, which has a single slanted, also cyan, stripe across it, over which are the words SCOOBY SNAX, each letter placed around unprofessionally.

Use text: Opening the box up and shaking it results in bone shaped dog treats falling out into your hand! You really shouldn't eat these... but... maybe just a bite?

Skronky Pot Protector Society badge

Made by: (The) Skronkys

Memento Description: A badge to show that the wearer is a proud member of the Skronky Pot Protector Society.

Use text: Proudly pinning the badge to your chest, you know that this will grant you privileges in Squathole society. You're marginally less likely to be mugged, and any beer that you buy in Booz is likely to be slightly less badly watered down.

Attribute: Innit?

Note: This is given out by The Skronkys' player (Hairy Mary) for role playing a Squat in a way he particularly enjoys.

Tiny Friend Bot/Tiny Friend Bots

Made by: Jon Titania

Memento Description: A tiny little reproduction of Downbelow's Foebots but only 6 inches tall and not programmed to kill. It's a tiny, probey, little ball of stabby cuteness.

Use text: You pick up your cute little buddy and its little LED glows Red. Next thing you know it attaches itself to your hands with it's stabbing probes. OUCH! But you can't stay mad at it, it's just so damn cute.

Attribute: Ingenious Inventor

Vee's Panties

Made by: Varimbeh Phen

Memento Description: A pleasant souvenir of an illicit rendezvous with Miss Vee, nicked shortly after getting her out of them.

Use text: Yes, as a matter of fact, they do still smell like her. You panty-sniffing pervert.

Attribute: Fiery Passion

Clicky click this.

1) Unless you made the memento and want to, that is.
2) If you do plan on doing that, remember that this isn't a biggest dick contest. This is just so people who want others to enjoy their mementos can, and if maybe someone's a collector, they can use this as a reference. So, if it is a single one, just add that to your listing.
3) Anyway, I would totally win that contest.
4) Depending on the edition and serial number
5) You also get cookies when you join!
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