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List of Things You Can Do to Gremlins

Because they're everybody's1) most hated creature! List every single horrible2) act that is socially acceptable3) to do to a gremlin here!

  • Gremlin Punting!
  • Gremlin Burning!
  • Gremlin Slapping!
  • Gremlin Bitchslapping!
  • Gremlin Torture!
  • Gremlin Shooting!
  • Gremlin Drowning!
  • Gremlin Kicking!
  • Gremlin Slashing!
  • Cutting a Tree Down, with only an unwilling Gremlin.
  • Gremlin Punching!
  • Gremlin Ignoring.
  • Gremlin Hugging?!
1) Except the person who has one as a pet
2) Or loving
3) Or unacceptable
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