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No one asked but I thought that Op and Mn deserved to have their story told. At least as much as I know it. I had just landed on the island. I mean I didn't even have an implant yet. I was just heading over to that old mans hut to get started when this gremlyn carrying two little bundles comes running toward me screaming "Heeeeelllllloooooo!" I had, seen the typo gremlyns on TV before but never face to face. You can't watch the island long before you see quite a few and I was a bit of a fan. Naturally I answered with "Uuuhhh, Hi?".She stopped in front of me panting and panicked. I then realized that what she was actually screaming was Help but she had typo-ed herself. " I know I am new but I may be able to help you. I always thought you guys got a bad deal." My bleeding freaking heart. She then thrust the tiny bundles into my hand. They both fit in one. "This is Op and this is Mn. They deserve so much more than I can give them in this life. Please protect them. I don't think I will be able to escape this time. If I survive I will find you." She then kissed her babies went running at a 90 angle to what she was before. She was just ahead of a mob of contestants and Newspaper editors howling for her blood. That was the last we saw of her. Her name was Rd. I later learned she was the one who caused the Large Hardon Collider. I tied them up in my hair and went to see the old man. Luckily he is so blind and I don't think the implant guys cared.

Later: Loin looks into the camera. She is just a little to close for comfort. The small amount you can see around her lets you know that it the middle of a dark, quiet night. She starts to tell her story in a rush, "Ok I think they are asleep. I feel a little odd talking about my guys behind there back but I don't want to make them relive this. A little south east of Kittania there is a dwelling but that is not important. What is important is what is under the basement. The Leath. Birthplace of many a gremlyn Rd, Op and Mn included. We were exploring and they started to get very excited. They thought they recognized the place. Turns out they did. They were born there! (Wait I already mentioned that) Anyway, I got to meet Spell who was Rd's mother. She told me that my guys are considered mixed breeds because their father was a wild gremlyn. I don't know. She told me Rd was out looking for him when our encounter happened. Yeah. She is probably dead. We stayed there a little while but then my guys started to get bullied because they are a LOT smaller than the other kids. I mean seriously small. Anyway, we left and continued exploring. We were somewhere on the north half of the island when we encountered Him. Oh gotta go! They are waking up!"

Later again: Loin has once again placed herself a little to close to the camera. Behind her you can almost make out an outpost, though it could be just a densely populated patch of jungle. "OK I have finally convinced them that my head may be good for a lot of things but a garden is not one of them. Since they are sulking in my hat I will continue my story from before. We were exploring the north shore or heading back from 404. I don't remember. What i remember was that we encountered and beat a deranged typo gremlyn. I mean seriously off his nut.And huge! He had to be the largest Gremlyn I have ever seen and I used to really enjoying watching the island! Still nothing to odd about that right? It was when we went to clean the corpse that we found it. A locket. In the locket was an inscription. It had been rendered nonsense and a piece of paper was glued over the picture. On the paper were the words 'Tell we meat agun. Rd'" Unbeknownst to Loin Op and Mn have come out of her hat to listen. When Loin gets to the part about the locket Mn crawls back into the hat and emerges with the locket in question. Loin has a very sad look on her face and continues."Yeah. I am pretty sure that was there dad. Mn has his ears. Uses them as a pillow I think. sigh He was crazed. Kept going on about conkers or something. Then attacked me! I really wish we hadn't had to beat him but I will not go to the boat if I can avoid it! But yeah. Now they are true orphans of a sort. Not really though. They have me and we get along OK. We are even thinking to buy a plot if we can get enough ciggies together. That way they can have their dang garden. Trying to grow flowers on my head, what are they thinking?"While Loin finishes her story Mn returns the locket to it's hiding place and emerges with a piece of paper. Op holds one end while Mn holds the other end of the small banner that reads 'We >3 pur new monmy'

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