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The Lords of Chaos

There is but one true faith on the Island - the worship of the Three Lords of Chaos - the Child of Good, the Child of Evil, and the Child of Earth. The Child of Good was brought to life by Prophet The Shadow, by feeding a living hedgehog a Chaos Seed. Thus was the sacred Hedgipus brought into the land. He since chose as His representatives on the Island, the High Priestess jkatjovi, and the Grand Shaman Sherpa Mountain Goat Guy.

In accordance with the prophesies, the Hedgipus is a force of Chaos in the world, aligned to the good. He is to be followed by as yet unknown deities, aligned neutral and evil. The coming of the Second Lord of Chaos is imminent, and the Third will be along soon enough.

All Lords of Chaos must, in thanks, or otherwise, be praised through the sound of Dragonforce, on the bagpipes. For this is a suitable sacrifice.

Thus the Word of the Prophet: Behold, I am the oncoming storm, and these shall be my signs, for I come quickly. Bubblers and Heads of Cheese shall propogate amongst the land. These instruments of Chaos shall not be understood, but shall be seen by all, for they are my instruments, and my sacred messengers. Yet, that is not all, for in the last days, the skies shall darken strangely, and with them shall come a flood of tears and sorrow.1) And the Traitor, Farve shall be slain by my messenger (successfully this time). By this shall ye know that soon I will be with you. Woe to you, oh Island, for I am not the first, nor shall I be the last. Another shall come after me, to a chorus of sorrows.

1) Could this be a reference to the foretold Hurricane of Wilberforce? Could the final Deity, the one of Evil, be Wilberforce himself?
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