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Dragged off to face the Drive, and dropped onto the island naked and without money, Loriel says to the makers of the show this: "Thanks so much, Improbable Island, for these Fists and this Nudity. They'll totally be useful in my attempts to defeat the Improbability Drive!"

18 years old, Asian American, shy until she was dropped on the island, she decided to take things as they came, and portray herself as energetic and happily as she could. And Horatio made her portrayal real, wiping her memories away and giving her new forms.

But after a few times of going for tea with Horatio, Loriel remembers her life as a human, her life as a kittymorph, a zombie, a mutant; she remembers her loving parents, her caring lover, her wonderful friends, all of whom she might never see again... She has a mental breakdown after returning from Horatio, and is comforted by her clanmates Labhrs and Korrin. But now there are memories of her life as a human, and false memories floating around ...

Has married Korbel!

Fun things: An Unbeatable Monster lingers close to an unconscious General Loriel, poking her repeatedly in the cheek with its jewel-encrusted penis.

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