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Dearest Binjali,

I am sorry I haven't written or spoken to you in so long, but I believe I am on the verge of unraveling the mystery that has plagued me for so long. I had tracked Mandelbrot to the volcano near CC404, when there was an avalanche. The avalanche revealed the entrance to a cave!

I followed the cave for a good mile, seeing nothing more than what you would typically expect to find in a cave, when I came across an elevator! I spent a week figuring out the code required to operate the elevator, and now I have returned to Pleasantville for supplies. I am going down! Into the bowels of the volcano and most likely underneath CC404 itself.

I am determined to see this thing through, even if it takes me a month! I long to be in your arms once this is all over.

My Deepest Love,

Your Pinche

Week Three


2009-12-29 05:54:15: <DICE> Binjali strides in from the jungle, claws and teeth bloody. As usual, she stops in the Hospital Tent to wash up before coming into town proper. She likes to be clean, and it's more polite that way, anyway.

2009-12-29 05:56:18: <DICE> Binjali says politely to the attendant, "Good morning." She recieves a grunt in reply, which is how the conversation routinely goes. This time, though, she hesitates before leaving the tent.

2009-12-29 05:57:55: <DICE> Binjali says, "Have you seen a man named Pinche Cabron lately?" The attendant shakes his head without looking up from his tattered, outdated copy of the Enquirer.

2009-12-29 05:58:56: <DICE> Binjali frowns, tight-lipped, but doesn't pursue further conversation. She continues into town, disappearing into Maiko's Cookery Academy.

2009-12-29 06:10:05: <DICE> Binjali stalks out of the Academy. She's wasting her money, today. She's clumsy because she can't focus. She decides to take a walk to clear her head and leaves, heading in a roughly southwest direction.


2009-12-29 06:57:48: <DICE> Binjali strides in from the jungle and heads straight for the Hospital Tent, although there doesn't seem to be a scratch on her.

2009-12-29 06:59:08: <DICE> Binjali says, "Excuse me, have you seen a contestant named Pinche Cabron lately?" The attendant looks up from his macrame and shakes his head. "They don't always give us names," he says.

2009-12-29 07:00:47: <DICE> Binjali says, "Well,he's about this tall-"-she holds a hand above her head and to the side-"and he was a kittymorph,the last time I saw him. He had a black patch of fur over his left eye and cheekbone."

2009-12-29 07:04:42: The attendant just shakes his head again and looks back down at the tangle of string in his lap. She says politely, "Thank you."

2009-12-29 07:06:53: <DICE> Binjali leaves town without another word, disappearing into the jungle to the northwest. The look on her face is of someone who is hoping they misheard bad news.

New Pittsburgh

2009-12-29 07:28:45: <DICE> Binjali walks into town and stops a moment to look around. "This place is always dead," she mutters, then frowns.

2009-12-29 07:29:46: <DICE> Binjali needs to find him so she can stop saying his lines. With that thought, she trots over to the Hospital tent. The attendant there is scribbling furiously on a piece of paper.

2009-12-29 07:32:20: She immediately turns it over and puts her hand on it as Binjali's shadow falls in through the tent entrance. She looks up. "Can I help you?"

2009-12-29 07:41:21: <DICE> Binjali says, "Excuse me, but have you treated a Pinche Cabron lately?" "I'm not sure. . ." "He's wearing a really impressive hat, and, um, might have been making an absurd number of jokes?"

2009-12-29 07:53:11: <DICE> Binjali continues, "He's very charming, you probably would have noticed him." The woman shakes her head. "I'm sorry, no." Binjali bares her teeth in frustration for a split second before recovering.

2009-12-29 07:55:31: <DICE> Binjali says,"Excuse me. Thank you." With a nod, she leaves. The woman shrugs and goes back to her writing. Binjali disappears back into the jungle.

Squat Hole

2009-12-29 08:15:13: <DICE> Binjali tiptoes into the Hospital tent at the edge of town. Even though it was months ago, she still remembers being run out of here by a mob of angry midgets and would rather not repeat the experience.

2009-12-29 08:16:27: <DICE> Binjali mutters to the attendant, something about Pinche Cabron. The attendant shakes his head. "Not at all lately, no," he says. Binjali nods her thanks and sneaks away again.


2009-12-29 08:31:04: <DICE> Binjali strides into the Hospital tent at the edge of town and stops in front of the attendant.

2009-12-29 08:32:20: <DICE> Binjali stands still, watching him, until he lowers his book. He assesses her. "You don't need sewin' up. What do ya want?"

2009-12-29 08:36:13: <DICE> Binjali says, "Information." "Well, out with it, I'm a busy man," he replies, accompanied by a scream from further inside the tent.

2009-12-29 08:38:23: <DICE> Binjali speaks up to be heard over the sudden agitated conversation between the work-experience lads as the screaming continues. "Have you seen a man named Pinche Cabron lately?"

2009-12-29 08:41:19: <DICE> Binjali looks haggard, ready to drop. She doesn't, even though he says, "No. Haven't seen that one in quite a long while. Sorry." She nods, tight-lipped, and leaves.

2009-12-29 08:42:52: <DICE> Binjali stops for a few minutes to eat a steak standing up, eating without tasting, before heading out, northward.

Ace High

2009-12-29 11:29:02: <DICE> Binjali lopes into town with the measured speed of an animal that has covered many miles and may cover many more. She stops at the Hospital Tent at the edge of town.

2009-12-29 11:30:37: <DICE> Binjali interrupts the Hospital attendant's conversation with another contestant with a short "Excuse me." The attendant stares at her.

2009-12-29 11:31:59: <DICE> Binjali says, "Pinche Cabron. Have you seen him. Has he been here?" There is a thin note of desperation in her speech as she stands, round-shouldered, staring intently, ignoring the irritated contestant.

2009-12-29 11:34:02: The attendant shakes her head disapprovingly, but turns away to flip through a ledger.

2009-12-29 11:37:31: <DICE> Binjali slumps a little lower as the attendant says, "There's no record of a Pinche Cabron for the past two months. Now if you'll excuse me-" She turns back to the contestant she was speaking to before.

2009-12-29 11:39:22: <DICE> Binjali trudges towards the mountains as the contestant starts complaining about people who interrupt, instead of the blisters he was talking about previously.

2009-12-29 18:00:44: <DICE> Skirling Skidge dances past the attendant and stares at him hard. His belt suddenly doesn't work right anymore, prompting his pants to respond to the compelling call of gravity.

2009-12-29 18:03:13: <DICE> Skirling Skidge tilts a grin at the complaining contestant, and he discovers abruptly that his blisters have started complaining back. She skips away as he shouts, "Bloody JOKERS!"

2009-12-29 18:05:51: <DICE> Skirling Skidge turns back and beams as a blister shouts, "Oy! What chu still standin' on me for, man? Gettoff me, gettoff me. . ." "Shouldn't be rude to people, is all," she says.

Cyber City 404

2009-12-29 11:42:57: <DICE> Binjali drags her feet as she reaches the plateau CC 404 is built on. She is out of options. She is out of strength. She walks deliberately into the Hospital Tent at the edge of town.

2009-12-29 11:44:44: <DICE> Binjali says, "Excuse me. Has Pinche Cabron been seen here any time in the past two months?" The attendant eyes her suscpiciously. "Why should I tell you?"

2009-12-29 11:46:31: <DICE> Binjali says,"Because I want to know," through clenched, fanged teeth. She remains still for a long moment in a staring contest with the attendant, lips pulled back in a threatening snarl.

2009-12-29 11:48:16: <DICE> Binjali has left to her anger and patience, although it seems she may soon run out of the latter. The attendant seems to realize she's dealing with an animal at the end of its endurance and looks away.

2009-12-29 11:50:01: She taps a few keys attached to a tiny screen."No. No Pinche Cabron. Sorry." She watches Binjali nervously.

2009-12-29 11:53:26: <DICE> Binjali , however, seems to simply fold in on herself. "Thank you," she says wearily, and trudges away again. She will make a mistake when she's this tired, but where else is there to go but down?


2009-12-29 09:18:49: <DICE> Binjali is dropped onto deck with the customary lack of respect and gentleness. She stares into space, every line of her body communicating exhaustion. After a long pause, she draws herself to her feet.

2009-12-29 09:21:03: <DICE> Binjali , with a determined step, gets to her deck chair- covered in boxes, ropes, and the like. She methodically removes each obstacle and drops into the dusty, comfortable spot with a quiet "Oof."

2009-12-29 09:34:54: <DICE> Ebenezer is dumped onto the deck of the FailBoat. He lands with an "ooft!" Sitting up and straightening his specs, he spots Binjali. He nods a hello to his clansib.

2009-12-29 09:37:44: <DICE> Binjali's face, which looks like an anthropomorphic storm cloud, lightens briefly as she waves weakly to Ebenezer before she goes back to glaring at a randomly chosen board on the deck.

2009-12-29 09:40:54: <DICE> Ebenezer hesitates, then cautiously approaches. "Erm. Alright there?" He sticks his hands in his pockets.

2009-12-29 09:44:51: <DICE> Binjali says, in a rather less lively voice than usual, "Oh, I'm fine. Except for the part where I've been all over the Island and haven't slept in too long."

2009-12-29 09:46:45: <DICE> Ebenezer repeats, "All over the-all over the Island? Whatever for?" He looks Binjali over carefully.

2009-12-29 09:46:57: <DICE> Binjali's wallaby would like to note this wasn't her idea, and tried several times to get Binjali to go home, but she wouldn't listen. Thief is finally starting to fall asleep now that Binjali's still.

2009-12-29 09:48:50: <DICE> Binjali won't meet Eben's eyes. "I was looking for Pinche. He's. . .he's late."

2009-12-29 09:51:11: <DICE> Ebenezer sits straight down where he's standing, across from Binjali. "What? Late? Late-late for what?"

2009-12-29 09:56:15: <DICE> Binjali is too tired to fidget properly, but she taps her fingers a little. "Well, he sent me a letter about a month and three weeks ago, telling me he was going away for a month."

2009-12-29 09:58:44: <DICE> Ebenezer is never too tired to fidget properly. He touches the edge of his spectacles, frowning. "Did-did he say a month exactly? Erm. Three weeks, though. That. That is a good deal late."

2009-12-29 10:00:56: <DICE> Binjali says, "Yeah. It is. I've been getting worried. Today- well, yesterday, I suppose- I decided to check all of the hospitals." He'd done that once, when she'd gone missing. She tries to swallow.

2009-12-29 10:03:48: <DICE> Ebenezer squirms uncomfortably, anticipating an unhappy conclusion. "Did-didn't find anything, I suppose. Erm. He can't have gone far?" He does not put it past Pinche to go very far. He winces.

2009-12-29 10:08:24: <DICE> Binjali watches Ebenezer's knees move. "No, of course not. He might have gotten paranoid and be depending on med and ration packs." Her tone isn't very convincing.

2009-12-29 10:11:53: <DICE> Ebenezer says, "He'll turn up. I'm-I'm-I'm sure." After a pause, he adds, "Someone will know where he's gone. There-there're cameras everywhere."

2009-12-29 10:17:37: <DICE> Binjali says, "Yes. I have to keep looking. It's not like he's- he's just missing. Happens all the time. I'm sure it's nothing. He- he'll laugh at me when he finds out how much I've run around."

2009-12-29 10:20:40: <DICE> Ebenezer chews his lip and nods his head a few times. "Look. Erm. You-you should probably get some sleep, I think? That. Erm. Most-most important thing."

2009-12-29 10:24:42: <DICE> Binjali lets out a long sigh as her head falls back against the cushioned back of her chair. "You're probably right. I can't keep two thoughts in my head to rub together right now." Sounded wrong? Hm.

2009-12-29 10:27:16: <DICE> Ebenezer clambers to his feet and mumbles, "I'm going to-" He points a thumb back towards mainland. Hesitantly, he puts a hand on Binjali's shoulder, "Goodnight. Take-take care, yes?"

2009-12-29 10:29:58: <DICE> Binjali finally manages to look at Ebenezer's face when he touches her. Her smile is a bit small, but she does manage one. She reaches up and touches his hand where it's on her shoulder. "I'll do my best."

2009-12-29 10:33:22: <DICE> Ebenezer blinks and nods to Binjali again. "Goodnight," he repeats. He takes a step back, turns on his heel, and heads out.

2009-12-29 10:36:25: <DICE> Binjali says, "Goodnight," in return, then shifts, getting comfortable. Maybe just a little nap. Then she'd get going. She's unconscious in moments.

DICE Clan Hall

2009-12-29 23:00:04: <DICE> Binjali walks silently from the elevator, through the kitchen, to her room. It's been a damnably long few days, without the result she really wanted.

2009-12-29 23:20:06: <DICE> Binjali allows herself to mutter furiously after the door's closed behind her, "Only a month? I'll see you soon?" She paces back and forth, tired, but unable to rest until she calms down.

2009-12-29 23:21:24: <DICE> Binjali continues, "Ought to get him a watch and a calendar for Christmas, then maybe he'd show up for holidays on time." Doesn't matter that she didn't know it was Christmas, he should have known!

2009-12-29 23:23:06: <DICE> Binjali sighs as she realizes she's getting irrational. She curls up in her bed. After a moment, she mutters tiredly into her pillow, "Just come back already," before settling into her nap.

Week Six


2010-01-02 01:53:40: <DICE> Binjali shakes off the hands of the Failors pushing her onto deck and drops into her deck chair with a sigh. "Ah, my home away from home," she mutters to herself.

2010-01-02 02:10:42: <QQQ> plus 1 to attack talkydoor lands on deck, surrounded by fluttering pieces of paper. She moans, "Noooo. . .. My tactics!" and sets about gathering them up again.

2010-01-02 02:14:20: <DICE> Binjali pops up and starts grabbing pages before they blow overboard. "Here." She hands them back with a smile.

2010-01-02 02:15:22: <QQQ> plus 1 to attack talkydoor is shoving pages in all her pockets. She takes some off of Binjali with an absent-minded, "thanks," then doubletakes. "Oh! Hello."

2010-01-02 02:19:59: <DICE> Binjali tilts her head. "Um. It's talkydoor, right?" She smiles again. "Long time no see."

2010-01-02 02:21:22: <QQQ> plus 1 to attack talkydoor nods and tries to concentrate on the here-and-now. "Yeah. . . Um. . ." She rubs her forehead, looking at a page for inspiration. "Binjali! It has been a while."

2010-01-02 02:26:25: <DICE> Binjali looks a little concerned. "Are you alright? You seem a little. . .preoccupied."

2010-01-02 02:28:49: <QQQ> plus 1 to attack talkydoor frowns at the page. It seems to have a drawing of a giant water-squirting flower on it. "Nah. I mean yeah, I'm okay. Just a bit stressed, I suppose. What with. . ." She gestures around.

2010-01-02 02:29:58: <QQQ> plus 1 to attack talkydoor suddenly realises where she is. "What the. . ." She turns in place for a minute, then shrugs and faces Binjali again. "The thingummy. You know."

2010-01-02 02:34:38: <DICE> Binjali looks a bit more concerned, her brows scrunched together. "The. . .thingummy." She pauses for a moment, trying to figure out what thingummy she could possibly be referring to.

2010-01-02 02:39:58: <DICE> Binjali says, "Do you mean the thingummy where we're fortifying the Outposts, because the smart monsters aren't going to be fended off by the Watcher running around killing them forever?"

2010-01-02 02:42:40: <QQQ> plus 1 to attack talkydoor shudders slightly. "Yeah. . . That thingummy. We're doing well, actually. The clan, I mean." She picks up the last leaf of paper, cramming it into a full backpack, and cricks her neck.

2010-01-02 02:50:25: <DICE> Binjali winces as talky shudders. "Well, that's good. I've been doing what I can to help my clan's preparations. . .I don't know how much good I'll be in a fight, comparatively." She frowns.

2010-01-02 02:53:53: Rookie Alec is nearly finished carving his name into a wooden surface. "I ain't a scared of no critters."

2010-01-02 02:54:22: <DICE> Binjali shakes her head. "Do you want some tea or something?" She moves over to Tyr's cocoa booth, ducking under the counter. She starts the kettle, then investigates the cabinets.

2010-01-02 02:57:15: <QQQ> plus 1 to attack talkydoor stretches her arms out in front of her and yawns. "Ah, yes, that sounds lovely. And tea solves everything." She heads over to the booth. "And for the record, I reckon you could hold your own."

2010-01-02 02:57:52: <QQQ> plus 1 to attack talkydoor looks Binjali up and down, appraisingly. "How are you doing, though? It's been so long."

2010-01-02 02:59:03: <DICE> Binjali stops clattering cabinets to look over at the new face digging his knife into wood. "Good for you. There's really no point in being scared. It just. . .slows you down. Would you like a drink?"

2010-01-02 03:02:37: Rookie Alec thought about it for a moment. "I have time to kill. " He starts on the 'was here' part. "Any of them punks come at me and I'll bruise them with my sheer awesomeness."

2010-01-02 03:02:55: <DICE> Binjali shoots a smile at talky. "Thanks for the vote of confidence. I'm not worried about the normal monsters. It's these new models that have got me. . .slightly concerned." She readies the teapot.

2010-01-02 03:06:37: <DICE> Binjali blinks. Was that a yes? Perhaps it was. "Do you want tea, or should I start something else?" The corner of her mouth twitches, but she doesn't comment on his second statement.

2010-01-02 03:08:01: <QQQ> plus 1 to attack talkydoor watches the tea-making preparations with shining eyes. "You'll be alright. Clan looks after clan. And. . . other clans, too." She frowns. That sounded a lot better in her head.

2010-01-02 03:10:11: <QQQ> plus 1 to attack talkydoor nods a lazy hello at the rookie. "Yep, you do indeed have rookie awesomeness. I think that'll protect you, if nothing else."

2010-01-02 03:14:30: <DICE> Binjali snatches the whistling kettle off the eye and fills the teapot. "Yeah. We're all Islanders, here." She refils the kettle from the large water jug, and puts it back on the eye, low temperature.

2010-01-02 03:16:21: Rookie Alec shook himself back to alertness from apparent daydreaming that had been going on. "Tea's fine. Anything drunkenin'?"

2010-01-02 03:18:13: <QQQ> plus 1 to attack talkydoor nods. "I'm feeling confident. The amount of rallying together is pretty amazing." Even the thought of tea is cheering her up.

2010-01-02 03:18:19: <DICE> Binjali's eyebrow twitches upwards as she interprets his speech. "Hmm. I honestly don't know, it's not my booth. I'll take a look around. . ." She starts investigating cabinets again. Any secrets, Tyr?

2010-01-02 03:21:34: <QQQ> plus 1 to attack talkydoor squints at the exchange. "Really? There might be booze here, and I haven't even found it?" She pushes in besides Binjali, and rummages.

2010-01-02 03:22:40: <QQQ> plus 1 to attack talkydoor finds a bottle of something dark and viscous. "Hmm. How did you say you were doing, again? Buffy's been asking after you. Thought maybe something was up."

2010-01-02 03:24:16: <DICE> Binjali takes the bottle and shoos talky back out of the booth so she has enough room to make up mugs. "Buffy?" she says, bewildered. "I don't know a Buffy. Why was she asking about me?"

2010-01-02 03:27:01: <DICE> Binjali pours three mugs of tea, then puts a dollop of the alcohol in one. Leaving the two undoctored ones on the counter, she walks over to the Rookie. "Here you are. I'm Binjali. Nice to meet you."

2010-01-02 03:29:00: <QQQ> plus 1 to attack talkydoor steals herself a tea and breathes in deeply. She yells over at Binjy, "Buffy? She's a clanmate of mine. Said she'd seen you getting all angry and upset a while back. With the medics?"

2010-01-02 03:29:28: Rookie Alec nodded briefly in thanks for the drink more than anything. "Alec, professional force of chaos." It was just something he said. He'd sip his drink and shrug off the small amount of the creature.

2010-01-02 03:37:20: <DICE> Binjali says, "Nice to meet you, Alec." Talky's shouted comment makes her stiffen as her smile disappears. With a nod to Alec, she walks slowly back to the booth, her face strangely blank.

2010-01-02 03:38:09: <QQQ> plus 1 to attack talkydoor frowns at Binjali's change of expression. "Hey. . . What's up? Something's wrong, isn't it."

2010-01-02 03:42:39: <DICE> Binjali ducks back under the counter, into the booth, and fusses with tea boxes and mugs. Her back to talky, she says, "There might be something wrong." Her voice is carefully calm.

2010-01-02 03:43:45: <QQQ> plus 1 to attack talkydoor lowers her mug of tea and assumes a worried expression. "Um. . . This doesn't have anything to do with. . .? Well, you know." She mumbles a word that sounds a bit like inch.

2010-01-02 03:48:49: <QQQ> plus 1 to attack talkydoor scowls, and thumps her mug on the booth, leaving a tea mug ring. "Binjali, what's going on? You need to tell me. I deserve to know!"

2010-01-02 03:51:29: <DICE> Binjali grits her teeth, then leans toward talky and says quietly and with venom, "Pinche is missing." She stares at the tea ring. She'll clean it up in a moment.

2010-01-02 03:53:00: <QQQ> plus 1 to attack talkydoor looks down at the tea ring as well. "Um. . . Well, he did say he was going away for a bit, actually. I meant to tell you. . ." Her voice trails off.

2010-01-02 03:55:06: <DICE> Binjali says, "He told me he was going away. He also told me to expect him back in a month." Unable to hold still, she snatches a dishcloth and wipes at the ring. "He's a month and a half overdue."

2010-01-02 03:56:32: <QQQ> plus 1 to attack talkydoor moves her mug, so tea doesn't spill, and scowls. "Seriously? I hadn't realise it had been that long."

2010-01-02 03:57:20: <QQQ> plus 1 to attack talkydoor mumbles into her drink, "Went off and left us, jus' when we needed him. . ." and avoids Binjali's eyes.

2010-01-02 04:00:10: <DICE> Binjali says crisply, with barely concealed rage, "Yes. He did. When I find him, I am going to kick his far-too-attractive behind from Cyber City to NewHome."

2010-01-02 04:02:27: <QQQ> plus 1 to attack talkydoor shrugs angrily. "What do you mean, find him? Where'd he go?!" She gulps down the last of her tea and thumps the mug down again.

2010-01-02 04:05:30: <DICE> Binjali eyes the Failors working their way through resistant contestants at the other end of the deck and gulps her tea, then snatches talky's mug and rinses it along with hers.

2010-01-02 04:07:46: <DICE> Binjali says, "The letter said somewhere near CC 404. But I really wouldn't put it past him to mislead everyone and go somewhere else, the paranoid bastard." She blinks rapidly, her color rising.

2010-01-02 04:11:21: <QQQ> plus 1 to attack talkydoor sends a distraught look at Binjali. "But. . ." She cuts off as a Failor grabs her arms from behind. "No, wait. . ."

2010-01-02 04:12:35: <QQQ> plus 1 to attack talkydoor is thrown unceremoniously onto a rowboat. She can be heard arguing volubly for some time.

2010-01-02 04:15:18: <DICE> Binjali dodges out of the booth and runs for a rowboat. She sits and scrubs her face with her hands, ignoring the glare of the Failor that eventually catches up and sits across from her.

2010-01-02 04:15:47: <DICE> Binjali keeps her hands on her face as she's lost from sight.

Week Ten


[01/07 02:36pm] <DICE> Binjali comes on board and immediately disappears belowdecks. Her habitual smile has gone missing somewhere.

[01/07 02:37pm] <DICE> Binjali waits her turn to talk to the Watcher, staring at nothing in particular. Her stripes are obfuscated entirely by rust colored stains.

[01/07 02:38pm] <DICE> Binjali walks into the Watcher's office and sits down. "Good afternoon." "Yes, what do you want?" "There is a contestant missing. I need to find him." "I don't see what that has to do with me."

[01/07 02:39pm] <DICE> Binjali says, "Please let me look at the tapes." The Watcher looks up from her paperwork. Binjali meets her eyes calmly. The Watcher holds her gaze for a moment, then shakes her head. "No."

[01/07 02:41pm] <DICE> Binjali says, "Please let me look at the tapes. I don't need all of them. Just the ones from right before to shortly after he disappeared." "No. I'm not your fairy godmother."

[01/07 02:41pm] <DICE> Binjali sounds like a recorded message, pleasant and removed. Her expression is only blank detachment. "Please let me look at the tapes. I am willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement."

[01/07 02:45pm] "Absolutely not. I'm not going to risk my neck for some sentiment of yours." The Watcher stands, indicating that the meeting is at an end.

[01/07 02:45pm] <DICE> Binjali only tilts her head back to keep looking her in the eye. "Please let me look at the tapes. I need to find him. He has an excellent DK record. He would be very useful in holding back the monsters."

[01/07 02:46pm] The Watcher drops back in her seat and scoffs. "One contestant isn't going to make a difference."

[01/07 02:46pm] "The Network has upped recruitment quotas, if you've somehow missed the mobs of confused people wandering around. Twenty Rookies are worth any one Bloody Showoff."

[01/07 02:47pm] The Watcher looks over her glasses at Binjali. "Especially one that obviously doesn't want to fight."

[01/07 02:47pm] <DICE> Binjali says, "He would want to fight. He just doesn't know what's going on. Please let me look at the tapes. I need to find him."

[01/07 02:54pm] "Look. I don't have time to argue with you. I have a teleconference with the Network in an hour, I haven't had lunch- "

[01/07 02:54pm] "-and there's a long line of you idiot Failures down the hall who all want something from me. Get out of my sight."

[01/07 02:55pm] <DICE> Binjali finally stands. "I should have known better than to try to convince you. Your mind, as always, is made up without outside input." She nods to her and walks back up to the deck, still eerily serene.

[01/07 02:57pm] <DICE> Binjali pulls out a chronosphere and holds it in one hand, claws of the other tinking against it contemplatively as she stares off across the ocean.

[01/07 03:02pm] <DICE> Binjali murmurs, "I'll have to find him myself." She changes her grip to pierce the Chronosphere, and is gone in a swirl of purple smoke.

Week Fourteen

DICE Clan Hall

2010-01-12 02:52:20: <DICE> Carpen Tyr slips into the kitchen to make coffee. As it perks, he checks the status of the fridge and cabinets.

2010-01-12 02:53:45: <DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly clip-clops through the halls pensively, munching on the corner of a rat pack.

2010-01-12 02:55:05: <DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly frowns in disgust at the chunk of brown nutition, then goes back to teething it as she walks through the lounge. It would crumble on the carpet, but it seems to have fossilized.

2010-01-12 02:56:09: <DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly's stomach growls as she heads into the kitchen. She watches Tyr as he pokes around in the fridge. Food. He's a Foodperson. "Food?"

2010-01-12 02:56:54: <DICE> Carpen Tyr takes down the biggest mug they have, and fills it to the brim. Yes, he could just get refills. Why do you ask?

2010-01-12 02:58:18: <DICE> Carpen Tyr grins at Marly. "Is that a statement, or a request? The reluctant cannibal assures me that I am not delicious."

2010-01-12 03:00:33: <DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly tilts her head. She is a carnivorous sheep-person, but eating family is Bad. "Food," she repeats, nodding, then clears her throat. "Ahm. Request?"

2010-01-12 03:01:42: <DICE> Carpen Tyr gulps down half of the coffee. No time for savoring. "All right. What would you like?"

2010-01-12 03:04:42: <DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly straightens her head and sits at the island, instantly in negotiations mode. "What have you got to offer?"

2010-01-12 03:08:37: <DICE> Carpen Tyr gestures to the kitchen. "One meal, cooked with the equipment available, using some combination of. . ." he checks the fridge again, "Eggs, milk, cheddar, carrots, panthzer roast, bacon. . ."

2010-01-12 03:10:45: <DICE> Carpen Tyr continues, "green onions, regular onions, pie, bread, what I hope is yogurt, butter, and the regular staples of flour, sugar, salt, spices, etc. And whatever's left in the fruit bowl."

2010-01-12 03:11:42: <DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly drools. It lands on the rat pack and burbles. Glancing down at it, she quickly says, "Trade you for this. Deal. Let's eat." and puts the thing on the table. PLONK.

2010-01-12 03:13:45: <DICE> Carpen Tyr rolls his eyes. "No deal. I cook in exchange for you telling me what you want. Fair?"

2010-01-12 03:17:01: <DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly narrows her eyes. ". . .tsss. Fine. But you drive a hard bargain." It is very hard to say 'everything.' "How about. . . an omlette. With bacon. and stuff in it."

2010-01-12 03:17:27: <DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly thinks that sould do for now.

2010-01-12 03:18:07: <DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly looks over her shoulder, then back. "And a sammich for the gremlin."

2010-01-12 03:18:30: <DICE> Gladsome Beeker walks slowly in through the barn. He heads for the elevator. Shoom!

2010-01-12 03:19:30: <DICE> Gladsome Beeker arrives in the lounge, sits by the pond dragon's pond, and takes out his brush.

2010-01-12 03:19:50: <DICE> Gladsome Beeker carefully brushes the tangles of the day out of his fur. It has been a busy day! Brush. Brush brush.

2010-01-12 03:19:53: <DICE> Carpen Tyr nods solemnly. "Deal." He pulls out the eggs, butter, bacon, cheddar and green onions. He puts the bacon in a pan, then goes hunting. He finds potatoes in the cabinet, and apples in the bowl.

2010-01-12 03:21:38: <DICE> Gladsome Beeker sniffsniffs. Is that. . . bacon?

2010-01-12 03:22:44: <DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly watches curiosly with the gremlin. Is it an apple-potato sammich? She looks at the potato with a sudden interest, an idea lighting up her eyes. "Is there an extra potato in there?"

2010-01-12 03:22:58: <DICE> Carpen Tyr cores and quarters apples and throws them in a saucepan with some water, sugar, and cinnamon. He grates the potatoes, then gets out an onion and grates it too.

2010-01-12 03:25:06: <DICE> Gladsome Beeker needs to finish his brushing before he can follow the bacon smell! He removes the braids from his mane, setting the beads on the edge of the fountain, and brushes them out.

2010-01-12 03:25:36: <DICE> Carpen Tyr hands Marly a spare potato. He cracks and beats one of the eggs, and adds it to the onion and potato, then adds salt and pepper. He forms the mix into patties, and starts them in a pan.

2010-01-12 03:26:05: <DICE> Gladsome Beeker braids them again and puts the beads back in. With a few more brushes at his mane, he is looking much more presentable! Putting away his brush, he follows the delicious smells to the kitchen.

2010-01-12 03:26:48: <DICE> Gladsome Beeker sniffsniffs his way into the kitchen. "Oh! Uh, hullo, Marly, hullo, Tyr!"

2010-01-12 03:27:44: <DICE> Carpen Tyr takes the finished bacon, and sets it aside to cool a bit. He chops green onion, and grates cheddar. Then he crumbles the now cooled bacon, and beats half a dozen eggs.

2010-01-12 03:27:55: <DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly takes the potato and slides off the stool to scrounge around in cupboards and the fridge. She returns to her seat laden with small objects.

2010-01-12 03:28:42: <DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly waves a small object at Beeker. "Hello!" The small object is a toothpick, which she sticks into a cheese cube.

2010-01-12 03:29:07: <DICE> Gladsome Beeker is being followed by an antecedent gremlin. "Huh," he says, as he turns and catches a glimpse of it as it scurries behind a chair.

2010-01-12 03:29:48: <DICE> Carpen Tyr smiles at Beeker. "Hello! Care for some omlette?" He melts some butter into a pan, then adds the eggs.

2010-01-12 03:30:07: <DICE> Gladsome Beeker floomphs down on a kitchen stool.

2010-01-12 03:31:01: <DICE> Gladsome Beeker's tummy rumbles. Beeker translates, "Oh, uh! That sounds great, thanks!"

2010-01-12 03:31:07: <DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly sticks the toothpicked cheese cube into the potato, then spears a couple of olives above it. She shows it to Beeker.

2010-01-12 03:34:30: <DICE> Carpen Tyr flips the latkes, then scootches the omlette around in the pan, letting the runny egg slip underneath. He adds the cheese, bacon, and onions, and closes it up. He mashes apples while cheese melts.

2010-01-12 03:35:36: <DICE> Gladsome Beeker nodnods admiringly at the mini-kebab.

2010-01-12 03:35:47: <DICE> Carpen Tyr divides the omlette in three, and hands two plates to Marly and Beeker. He stakes latkes on a plate, and puts them and a bowl of the applesauce on the table.

2010-01-12 03:37:20: <DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly shifts a bit in her seat, eager at the smell. She continues to fuss with her Mr. Potatohead, though, sticking a few leaves of spinnach on his head ir a comb-over. He still needs a mouth.

2010-01-12 03:37:29: <DICE> Gladsome Beeker mmmmmms admiringly. "Thanks, Tyr!" He munches on his omelette.

2010-01-12 03:40:52: <DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly lets Mr. Potatohead the Corporate Informant from Marketing roll about on the table as she takes her omlette and picks it up. Munch munch, grateful noises.

2010-01-12 03:42:52: <DICE> Carpen Tyr makes two tiny bacon sandwiches, and puts them on a plate for the gremlins. He sits with his own plate. "How's it going, Beeker?"

2010-01-12 03:43:43: <DICE> Gladsome Beeker says, "Oh! Uh, I'm all right. Uh, have you seen the Sheriff today?"

2010-01-12 03:47:35: <DICE> Carpen Tyr shakes his head. "Not since the log-death saw incident."

2010-01-12 03:48:30: <DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly grins around a mouthful. That ride was fun. She swallows. "Did she go on it yet?"

2010-01-12 03:48:30: <DICE> Gladsome Beeker nodnods. "Uh huh, oh, uh, I saw some monsters in Cyber City I had never seen before, uh, different kinds. I guess the Drive is, uh, creating different monsters now?"

2010-01-12 03:50:22: <DICE> Gladsome Beeker shakes his head to Marly's question. "Oh, uh, I don't think so!"

2010-01-12 03:53:34: <DICE> Carpen Tyr's eyes widen. "New monsters? Like what?" He spoons applessauce onto a latke.

2010-01-12 03:55:53: <DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly tilts her head, taking another bite. New monsters?

2010-01-12 03:57:41: <DICE> Gladsome Beeker says, "Oh! Uh. I was attacked by a giant tree! And a giant, uh, shark. . . thing!"

2010-01-12 03:58:26: <DICE> Gladsome Beeker says, "And some other things that I hadn't ever seen before, but they, uh, they were trying to kill me at the time, so I didn't get a close look at them!"

2010-01-12 04:00:41: <DICE> Gladsome Beeker says, "Uh, did you see anything funny in Cyber City? Or were they all attacking me? Uh, a whole bunch came at me at once."

2010-01-12 04:01:06: <DICE> Carpen Tyr barks out a laugh. "Fair enough!"

2010-01-12 04:01:46: <DICE> Carpen Tyr shakes his head. "I wasn't there when it was overrun. The walls were extremely shaky, but there."

2010-01-12 04:03:08: <DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly grimaces, mouth full. "Wann't der."

2010-01-12 04:04:13: <DICE> Gladsome Beeker nodnods. He takes a latke and smothers it in applesauce.

2010-01-12 04:08:06: <DICE> Gladsome Beeker munches on his latke. "Uh, and how are you two?"

2010-01-12 04:08:31: <DICE> Carpen Tyr pulls out his notepad, and starts jotting down a list. "We need to restock."

2010-01-12 04:09:21: <DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly , now finished with her omlette, reaches for a latke. "Hungry. Tired."

2010-01-12 04:10:14: <DICE> Carpen Tyr looks up. "I'm alive. I am fed. I have slept and showered recently. So. I am fine." He fiddles with his pen. "Have either of you seen Binjali lately?"

2010-01-12 04:12:23: <DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly shakes her head. "No, nor her little friend, either."

2010-01-12 04:15:06: <DICE> Gladsome Beeker shakes his head. "Sometimes I don't see her for a while, but it has been a few days. Uh. You haven't seen her, either?"

2010-01-12 04:16:54: <DICE> Carpen Tyr shakes his head slowly. "Not since the monsters started attacking." Fidget. fidget. "I'm sure if something was wrong, Z would know. And tell us."

2010-01-12 04:19:04: <DICE> Gladsome Beeker thinkthinks, then nods. "Uh huh, I haven't seen her since then, either."

2010-01-12 04:20:51: <DICE> Carpen Tyr stands abruptly. "I should probably get back out there." He dumps the dishes in the sink, promising to take care of them later.

2010-01-12 04:22:49: <DICE> Gladsome Beeker says, "Oh. . . uh, I guess we all should." He pats his tummy, now full of tasty omelette, and shoulders his bag, and heads out.

2010-01-12 04:24:25: <DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly trots after him, concerned about the outposts.

Week Fifteen

DICE Clan Hall

2010-01-14 00:54:11: <DICE> Binjali slips into the Barn and pauses. How best to go about this? She gets into the elevator, but doesn't press the button, instead holding her breath and closing her eyes, listening.

2010-01-14 00:56:04: <DICE> Binjali doesn't hear anything. Perhaps she's lucked out. Her fingertips hover over the button that will take her to the kitchen before pressing the Library level button instead. Less risk.

2010-01-14 00:58:52: <DICE> Binjali waits again as the elevator opens, ears twitching to catch any sound. Nothing but the clock and the fire and the water. Good. She places each foot carefully and quietly as she goes down the hall.

2010-01-14 01:00:37: <DICE> Binjali is nearly to her room when she is slammed into the floor by a well-aimed leap-kick to the kidneys. She can't help the yelp that comes out of her mouth as she hits the floor. That hurt! What-

2010-01-14 01:02:47: <DICE> Binjali's wallaby jumps on her kidneys again as Binjali tries to get up or roll over. She huffs, annoyed. She knows what's going on now. Thief expresses her displeasure with several more hits to her organs.

2010-01-14 01:06:19: <DICE> Binjali takes the abuse for a minute, then flips and snatches Thief. "Stop," she grits out. Thief struggles, and she drops her. Thief immediately leaps out of her lap.

2010-01-14 01:08:40: <DICE> Binjali just watches Thief. The wallaby communicates to her through body language and actions, usually. "Hopping mad" might be a good description here. She does not smile at the thought.

2010-01-14 01:10:21: <DICE> Binjali's wallaby hops from one side to the other of the hall and back again, ending by smacking one foot against their bedroom door, whamwhamwham! Binjali snatches her. "Quiet!" she hisses.

2010-01-14 01:12:23: <DICE> Binjali's wallaby hangs in her hands this time, tired. The look she gives Binjali could be interpreted as, What the hell do you think you're doing? Binjali glares back, lips pursed.

2010-01-14 01:14:56: <DICE> Binjali should have known she couldn't visit the Hall without running into anyone. She shakes her head at Thief, then turns and unlocks their room. She opens the window immediately. Musty in here.

2010-01-14 01:26:56: <DICE> Binjali finds a rock threaded with silver and puts it next to the doorframe so the door won't shut. She looks through her room. Ah, there. She pulls out some grenades. Thief is watching her.

2010-01-14 01:28:58: <DICE> Binjali opens the door, then looks over her shoulder at Thief. They stare at each other for a long moment before Binjali shakes her head again and leaves.

2010-01-14 01:30:38: <DICE> Binjali listens on the stairs and doesn't hear any movement, so she sneaks into the kitchen. She swiftly fills her backpack with food. A touch of wistfulness that she can't stay makes her pause.

2010-01-14 01:32:07: <DICE> Binjali caresses a few cabinets, the counter. She can come home soon. Just as soon as she finds Pinche. He's got to be on the island somewhere, and she has to find him, because no one else will. Almost done.

2010-01-14 01:34:03: <DICE> Binjali knows the last place left to look is the mountains. She's searched everywhere else. He has to be in the mountains. Soon. She'll find him soon.

2010-01-14 01:34:26: <DICE> Binjali ghosts out again.

2010-01-14 21:59:40: <DICE> Binjali's wallaby is hungry. She pushes into Binjali's room to fetch out her favorite Christmas present: a stick just the right length, with an incredibly useful hook on the end.

2010-01-14 22:02:44: <DICE> Binjali's wallaby drags the stick to the kitchen, where she uses it to open drawers and fetch down things from high shelves. She's making a racket! It's far too quiet in here.

2010-01-14 22:05:14: <DICE> Carpen Tyr comes in from 404. If he's going to face the Drive, he wants a snack first. Hearing the clattering in the kitchen, he goes to greet whatever clanmate is there. He is not expecting a wallaby.

2010-01-14 22:08:32: <DICE> Carpen Tyr says, "Oh! Hello, Thief! How are you? Need help with anything?" He stops. Realiztion dawns. "Thief! Where have you been? Is Binjali here?" He croutches down next to her.

2010-01-14 22:23:04: <DICE> Binjali's wallaby nods hello to Tyr-who-gave-her-the-mighty-stick and stops what she's doing to pay attention to him. She answers the most important question first, shaking her head. No, she's not here.

2010-01-14 22:23:22: <DICE> Binjali's wallaby hops to the edge of the counter and reaches out a paw to pat Tyr's nose consolingly. Nice to see that someone else is as worried about her as she is.

2010-01-14 22:24:21: <DICE> Carpen Tyr's face falls. "Do you know where she is? Have you seen her? It's been weeks. . ."

2010-01-14 22:29:49: <DICE> Binjali's wallaby shakes her head to the first question, then hesitates. Oh, she saw her. Not that it did much good. She shrugs and hops off the counter and makes for the bedrooms, trusting he'll follow.

2010-01-14 22:31:54: <DICE> Carpen Tyr frowns, and follows her to the second floor. "Thief?"

2010-01-14 22:40:03: <DICE> Binjali's wallaby stops across the hall from Binjali's room and looks pointedly at the large rock holding the door open. The rock that's far too large for her to move easily. She sighs.

2010-01-14 22:41:44: <DICE> Carpen Tyr looks from wallaby to rock and back. "Her door hasn't been propped open all this time, has it?"

2010-01-14 22:44:48: <DICE> Binjali's wallaby shakes her head. No. She watches him.

2010-01-14 22:46:04: <DICE> Carpen Tyr takes a deep breath. "She's been here? Recently?"

2010-01-14 22:50:04: <DICE> Binjali's wallaby nods.

2010-01-14 22:52:07: <DICE> Carpen Tyr lets the breath out. She's alive, at least. But. . ."Did she leave a note? Talk to anyone?"

2010-01-14 22:55:27: <DICE> Binjali's wallaby pauses for a second, then shakes her head. As far as she knows, Binjali slowly stopped talking, then disappeared, leaving Thief behind. She didn't seem in the mood to communicate with anyone at all.

2010-01-14 23:03:44: <DICE> Carpen Tyr punches the wall next to the door. "Dammit, Binjali!" He hits the wall twice more, then paces, his breathing gradually slowing.

2010-01-14 23:13:35: <DICE> Binjali's wallaby jumps at the sudden violent movement and squashes the natural wallabish urge to run from possible danger, as usual. She does back up a bit, though, as he paces. She's alert now.

2010-01-14 23:18:14: <DICE> Carpen Tyr turns back to the wallaby. "Sorry, Thief. I just don't understand why she couldn't take two seconds to let us know she's all right." He slumps against the wall.

2010-01-14 23:18:49: <DICE> Carpen Tyr says, "If you see her again, if she comes back, can you please let someone know?"

2010-01-14 23:34:31: <DICE> Binjali's wallaby nods, then hops closer. Is there, perhaps, a lap to sit in now? Not that she's been lonely, of course not, she is a strong, independent wallaby. But she wouldn't say no, if it was offered.

2010-01-14 23:35:28: <DICE> Carpen Tyr is used to wallaby snuggling. He pats his knee with his right hand, cradling the left to his chest.

2010-01-14 23:36:56: <DICE> Binjali's wallaby hops up and huddles close. Okay, maybe a little lonely.

2010-01-14 23:40:13: <DICE> Carpen Tyr pets her gently. They sit quietly together for some time.

Week Sixteen

Cyber City 404

2010-01-13 06:28:45: <DICE> Binjali stops, for the first time in possibly days. She stares at the leafy section of wall in front of her, uncomprehending for a moment.

2010-01-13 06:29:07: <DICE> Binjali looks into the branches interwoven over her head. This is the wall, yes, but. . .trees? A small smile, a true smile, wanders its way onto her face. Jokers and their tricks. . .

2010-01-13 06:30:33: <DICE> Binjali looks up at the green leaves for a long moment, then leap!scramblescrambles her way into the lower branches. If the monsters get to the walls, she'll hear them right away.

2010-01-13 06:31:14: <DICE> Binjali thinks that as a bonus, she'll be able to get the drop on them. She thoroughly approves of this section of the wall! She settles in for a little nap.

2010-01-15 00:59:23: <DICE> Binjali wakes with a start. Where! What! Tree. Tree in 404, wall monsters war Pinche. Her claws slowly retract from the branch she slept on. Time to get going again. She drops to the ground.

2010-01-15 01:00:14: <QQQ> plus 1 to attack talkydoor smirks into her ratpack as she hears a fellow quest-inflicted contestant. She nods a greeting, then chokes a little as a Binjali appears.

2010-01-15 01:01:44: <DICE> Binjali trots for the heavily fortified gate. Gotta go, gotta go, ground still not covered, search isn't over. Sleep doesn't matter. Food doesn't matter. Gotta keep going.

2010-01-15 01:03:41: <QQQ> plus 1 to attack talkydoor swallows her food, fast, and pulls herself upright. "Hey! Binjali!"

2010-01-15 01:07:07: <DICE> Binjali stops and turns to look at whomever called her. Oh. Talky. She waits.

2010-01-15 01:08:27: <QQQ> plus 1 to attack talkydoor staggers a few steps, and looks at Binjali. "Er, hi. Last time I saw you, um. . . Are you doing okay?" She frowns. "Have you been eating alright?"

2010-01-15 01:10:04: <DICE> Binjali shrugs, then turns away, starting towards the gates again. No time to talk.

2010-01-15 01:11:07: <QQQ> plus 1 to attack talkydoor scowls and steps after her friend, reaching for her shoulder. "Hey, you can't just leave like that! I haven't even seen you in ages. Where have you even been?"

2010-01-15 01:15:38: <DICE> Binjali turns again, dislodging the shoulder, and stops. Obviously talky is not going to let her leave until she gets the information she wants. "Around."

2010-01-15 01:17:49: <QQQ> plus 1 to attack talkydoor shakes her head. "That's not good enough. I've been around, too, and I haven't bumped into you. Where did you go?"

2010-01-15 01:19:41: <DICE> Binjali sighs. "All over. All over the island." She shifts her stance into something more comfortable and pretends to have patience.

2010-01-15 01:21:52: <QQQ> plus 1 to attack talkydoor tries to speak. "Buh, wha?" She shakes her head and tries again. "All over? You've been searching all over?"

2010-01-15 01:23:32: <DICE> Binjali says, "I couldn't trust the letter. Pinche is paranoid. He could have been anywhere. So I searched anywhere." Obviously. It was the only course of action that made sense.

2010-01-15 01:26:20: <QQQ> plus 1 to attack talkydoor looks away for a moment, then scowls back over. "But, you have looked there, right? I mean, you have checked where he said he was going."

2010-01-15 01:29:18: <DICE> Binjali hesitates. She's gone. . .everywhere but there, actually. She shakes her head.

2010-01-15 01:31:11: <QQQ> plus 1 to attack talkydoor starts laughing. She leans against the outpost wall and just breathes.

2010-01-15 01:32:30: <QQQ> plus 1 to attack talkydoor shakes her head, slowly. "I can't believe. . . He told you!" She shuts her eyes and takes a few more deep breaths. "Tell me."

2010-01-15 01:36:38: <DICE> Binjali frowns. It made sense to scour the rest of the island first! But she has no energy to argue. Instead she simply says, "Northeast from the head of the river. Only place with a recent landslide."

2010-01-15 01:38:28: <QQQ> plus 1 to attack talkydoor clenches her teeth, and nods, reaching decisively for Binjali's arm. "Right then, that's where we're going. I need to know. You. . . yeah."

2010-01-15 01:46:13: <DICE> Binjali is still trying to think of some place she hasn't checked yet to go to instead as talky drags her out of the gate.


[01/14 05:24pm] A recent landslide has revealed the mouth of a cave. The cave goes back fifty feet, where further progress is blocked by great stones and rubble that have fallen from the cave's ceiling.

[01/14 05:53pm] <DICE> Binjali scrambles up the side of the mountain, talky close behind. This is it. The only cave with the remains of a recent landslide below it. "Here."

[01/14 05:54pm] <QQQ> plus 1 to attack talkydoor breathlessly clambers up beside Binjali. "Oh. . ."

[01/14 05:56pm] <DICE> Binjali grimly and cautiously moves into the cave. Can't turn back now. This is it. This, by process of elimination, is where Pinche is.

[01/14 05:57pm] <QQQ> plus 1 to attack talkydoor looks around at the snow-covered mountain, then sighs and follows her friend in, ducking under a low overhang.

[01/14 06:04pm] <DICE> Binjali can see fairly well in the dark, a bit better than a human would, so she manages to halt before she hits the wall. She looks up. It goes all the way to the ceiling. End of the line. "Stop."

[01/14 06:05pm] <QQQ> plus 1 to attack talkydoor can see absolutely nothing, and consequently blunders into Binjali in the dark. "Huh?"

[01/14 06:09pm] <DICE> Binjali says again, "Stop. There's a wall in the way." She takes a step back to look again, pushing talky away gently. Yes, definitely a wall, definitely not a surmountable obstacle.

[01/14 06:11pm] <QQQ> plus 1 to attack talkydoor is pushed, and stumbles backwards slightly. "A wall? Well, huh. . ." She gropes out to find a rock to navigate from, having lost touch with the kitty.

[01/14 06:14pm] <DICE> Binjali meanwhile, is looking closely, trying to find clues. Finding none, she closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. Cold, wet stone, unwashed midget, soil- wait. What was that? She smells again.

[01/14 06:17pm] <DICE> Binjali falls suddenly to her knees and pats around. Where is it where is it- her hand lands on something soft. Cloth. She snatches it up and puts her nose to it. "Pinche," she breathes.

[01/14 06:18pm] <QQQ> plus 1 to attack talkydoor squints into the darkness, and vaguely makes out a Binjali shape. She fumbles her way towards it. "What did you say? You haven't found. . ."

[01/14 06:21pm] <DICE> Binjali says, "No. It's his backpack. He was here." And now he isn't. She tries to stop the train of thought, but she can't get the door to the engine open and the wind is rushing by so fast-

[01/14 06:23pm] <DICE> Binjali thinks, If his backpack is here, then he was here. This area is obviously geographically unstable. The letter said this cave was much longer, that he went back it a whole mile.

[01/14 06:27pm] <DICE> Binjali stares at the tracks whizzing by as her mind inexorably continues, This must be a new rockslide. He is nowhere else on the island. Therefore he is under or beyond this wall. Pinche is gone.

[01/14 06:29pm] <QQQ> plus 1 to attack talkydoor stumbles towards where she last heard Binjali. "Don't go quiet. You've found his backpack? Um. . . That's good, right?"

[01/14 06:30pm] <QQQ> plus 1 to attack talkydoor bumps into the kittymorph and kneels beside her, fumbling around on the floor in the hope of finding another Clue.

[01/14 06:37pm] <DICE> Binjali manages to say, "No." She stares at the rocks in front of her as she grips the backpack, cradling it to herself like a child would a stuffed animal. No tears yet. Good. Now is not the time.

[01/14 06:39pm] <QQQ> plus 1 to attack talkydoor sits back on her heels, frustrated. "So, what, just a backpack? No trail, no clues, nothing?"

[01/14 06:45pm] <DICE> Binjali says, still outwardly calm, "Yes. This is it. This is the end." She slows down her breathing again. She notes distantly that her hands, ears, and tail are cold. That her feet are getting numb.

[01/14 06:47pm] <QQQ> plus 1 to attack talkydoor pulls herself to her feet and goes to press an ear against the wall. Nothing. She pushes away again. "But. . . he can't do this! I mean. . ."

[01/14 06:48pm] <QQQ> plus 1 to attack talkydoor faces back towards where Binjali probably is. "He really cared about you, you know." She shakes her head and slumps to the ground again.

[01/14 06:51pm] <DICE> Binjali says, "Yes. I know." She has to leave. She has to get out. She cannot stay here and have this conversation. She stands and locks her knees when they try to give. She starts for the exit.

[01/14 06:53pm] <QQQ> plus 1 to attack talkydoor hears movement and heads toward it, one arm in front and one above to prevent injury. "What're you going to do now?"

[01/14 06:57pm] <DICE> Binjali keeps walking for a minute. She swings Pinche's backpack onto her back and adjusts the straps. "I don't know," she says, thready with suppressed despair.

[01/14 06:59pm] <QQQ> plus 1 to attack talkydoor walks with firmer steps in the wintry light coming into the cave. "Well. . . Just, don't go anywhere, yeah? There're people here who care about you."

[01/14 07:05pm] <DICE> Binjali pauses for a moment as talky comes up next to her at the mouth of the cave. She nods, blinking as she readjusts to the light. She can't talk. Her voice will wobble. Not good. Not good at all.

[01/14 07:11pm] <DICE> Binjali isn't really acknowledging anything but that talky spoke. Her thoughts are entirely taken up with not falling to pieces. She waves to talky and picks a direction,walking faster than midget top speed.

[01/14 07:12pm] <QQQ> plus 1 to attack talkydoor sees Binjali leave and opens her mouth to call after, but slumps and sighs instead. She looks around at the desolate mountainside, nods, and walks slowly south.


2010-01-15 04:32:36: <DICE> Binjali is dropped on deck and manages to crawl over to her deck chair. There is blood matted in her fur- could be hers, the way she's moving. She's too thin, hipbones jutting. She stares at the sky. Tired.

2010-01-15 04:35:33: <DICE> Carpen Tyr hauls himself over the railing, a hugely full backpack on his back. His left hand is bandaged, and hangs at his side. He moves towards the booth, glancing around the deck. He freezes. "Binjali?"

2010-01-15 04:39:43: <DICE> Binjali starts a little. She had fallen asleep, of course. She struggles to sit up and look around and sees- Tyr? Oh, shit.

2010-01-15 04:44:06: <DICE> Carpen Tyr rushes over to gather her in a huge hug. "Binjali! Where have you been? I've been worried sick!" He pulls back. "You disappear for weeks, without a word! And with monsters attacking. . ."

2010-01-15 04:45:13: <DICE> Carpen Tyr stops, and really looks at her. Too tired and too thin. "Where have you been? What's going on? What's wrong?"

2010-01-15 04:49:29: <DICE> Binjali makes a tiny oof noise as she's hugged and refuses to meet Tyr's eyes, staring at his shoulder instead. She swallows, then says carefully, "Around." there is a short, struggling pause.

2010-01-15 04:52:04: <DICE> Carpen Tyr tries to catch her eye. "Really? So have I. And yet, I haven't seen you. Something is wrong, Binjali. Am I your friend, or not? Talk to me. Please."

2010-01-15 04:55:48: <DICE> Binjali grits her teeth. This would be why she has avoided every clan member, every person who might call her friend. She can't. She can't not. Fuck. "Yes. Something is wrong. Pinche is-"

2010-01-15 04:58:52: <DICE> Binjali's claws dig into the cushions of her chair. "Dead," she growls, finally, teeth bared, fur standing on end. Her body trembles. She's staring at the deck railing.

2010-01-15 05:01:24: <DICE> Carpen Tyr looks at her in disbelief. "Dead? He can't be, there must be some mistake!" He searches her face. There's no lie there. No doubt. "What happened?"

2010-01-15 05:09:42: <DICE> Binjali says angrily, ears flat, "He got one of his insane ideas and went exploring and got caught in a rockslide, as far as I can tell." Her teeth are grinding together, an on-edge squeaking noise.

2010-01-15 05:13:11: <DICE> Carpen Tyr sits back on his heels. Pinche. Pinche is gone. He shakes himself - he can think about that later. He hugs her tight again. "Oh Binjali, I'm so sorry." There's a slight hitch in his voice.

2010-01-15 05:16:25: <DICE> Binjali is rigid in his arms and shaking. She doesn't say anything, just stares over his shoulder. She doesn't want to think about it, but she can't stop. Gone gone gone never coming back gone gone gone

2010-01-15 05:19:05: <DICE> Carpen Tyr grimaces. She's so thin. . ."Wait. You went out and searched for him, for weeks, all by yourself?"

2010-01-15 05:21:50: <DICE> Binjali says, "Yes?" It's so cold on this damn boat. A little warmer with Tyr nearby, but she still feels frozen. Her ears twitch as she tries to stop listening to the gone! wailing in her mind.

2010-01-15 05:25:46: <DICE> Carpen Tyr stares at her, exasperated. "You idiot! What were you thinking? You've got 18 people willing to help you! Z could have listened for him! I would have searched! He's my friend, too!"

2010-01-15 05:28:27: <DICE> Carpen Tyr grabs her hands, heedless of his injured left. 'You could have asked! You should have, rather than running yourself into the ground!"

2010-01-15 05:32:51: <DICE> Binjali flinches and her ear go flat again. She turns her head away. She has yet to even look at his face. She doesn't have the heart to pull her hands away. She's exhausted. Can't filter anymore.

2010-01-15 05:34:18: <DICE> Binjali says in a small voice, "Didn't think." She blinks fast, but the tears start falling anyway.

2010-01-15 05:36:39: <DICE> Carpen Tyr lets the anger flow out of him. This isn't important right now. He stands, still holding her hands. "Come on. We're going home."

2010-01-15 05:42:11: <DICE> Binjali says wistfully, "Home." She allows herself to be pulled up, and ambles, zombielike, toward the rowboats.

2010-01-15 05:44:12: <DICE> Carpen Tyr pauses to slip off his backpack and stash it behind the booth. Then he slips a Failor a pack of cigs, and follows her to a boat.

DICE Clan Hall

2010-01-15 05:58:56: <DICE> Carpen Tyr comes up from the beach, half supporting Binjali. They take the elevator up to the second floor, then walk to her room. He stops outside the door.

2010-01-15 06:02:05: <DICE> Carpen Tyr tells her, "Here's what we'll do. You should shower. I think you'll feel better for it. I'll go make tea, then meet you in the lounge, where I'll build a roaring fire. Does that sound all right?"

2010-01-15 06:04:44: <DICE> Binjali says, "Okay." She'd managed to stop crying at some point after they got on the boat, but the tracks through her fur are still wet. She leans into him until he starts to move away.

2010-01-15 06:05:26: <DICE> Binjali goes down the hall, slowly, to the bathroom. She can't remember the last time she was in here. She runs the water very hot.

2010-01-15 06:07:13: <DICE> Carpen Tyr moves quickly down the the kitchen. He fills the kettle, then finds a tray, two cups and saucers, and a teapot. He considers. Who knows when she last ate?

2010-01-15 06:12:22: <DICE> Carpen Tyr slices bread, then scrambles a couple of eggs. He puts the plate on the tray, followed by a tall stack of toast, a pot of jam, and some butter. He pauses, then adds a few Stan cookies.

2010-01-15 06:13:51: <DICE> Carpen Tyr fills the tea pot, then carries the tray up to the lounge. He leaves it on a table as he builds a fire. Once it catches, he steals all the throws in the room and stacks them by the fireplace.

2010-01-15 06:17:58: <DICE> Binjali steps out of the shower, finally. The sickness in her gut and the shivering were not fixed by the water. Pity. She dries herself off thoroughly, then heads for the lounge.

2010-01-15 06:21:48: <DICE> Binjali pauses as she takes in the setup, and manages a small smile at the stack of blankets. She moves to sit next to them, in front of the fire, and leans into them, pillowing her head on her arms on top.

2010-01-15 06:25:12: <DICE> Carpen Tyr retrieves the tray and sets it in front of her. "Ah. . .do you want me to stay?" The question is casual, but the second cup is perhaps a suggestion.

2010-01-15 06:29:38: <DICE> Binjali says "Yes." Of course she wants him to stay. The reasons she had for wanting to be alone were wrong, as it turned out. She's not sure what to think of that, that she could be so. . .illogical.

2010-01-15 06:31:37: <DICE> Carpen Tyr considers, then sits next to her, legs crossed, hands in his lap. He waits, quietly.

2010-01-15 06:34:24: <DICE> Binjali looks at the tray, then at Tyr, out of the corner of her eye. Then back at the tray. She selects a toast slice and nibbles at it. She wonders if it'll stay down, for a moment, but the feeling passes.

2010-01-15 06:37:53: <DICE> Carpen Tyr watches her, then reaches out and pours tea into the two cups. He offers one to her. "It'll help warm you up. And," he gives her a shrewd look, "it'll help settle your stomach."

2010-01-15 06:42:25: <DICE> Binjali looks rueful. "That obvious, huh?" she accepts the tea. "I don't remember the last time I ate. The last several things I ate were rat packs, because I was too tired to catch dinner."

2010-01-15 06:45:42: <DICE> Binjali continues,"Even if I could have caught it, I probably wouldn't have gotten a chance at more than a mouthful because of these attacking monsters."The relief of being really home makes her chatter.

2010-01-15 06:49:43: <DICE> Carpen Tyr motions at the tray. "Is this okay? Would something else be better? More appetizing?"

2010-01-15 06:51:53: <DICE> Binjali says, "Oh, no. This is fine. I can't think of anything less offensive than scrambled eggs, other than toast and tea." She manages a smile again. Things are normal, really. Really they are.

2010-01-15 06:56:21: <DICE> Carpen Tyr nods, then picks up his own cup, nudging the tray closer.

2010-01-15 07:01:12: <DICE> Binjali manages to eat, slowly, through the eggs and part of the toast. Then she nudges the tray away again and holds her mug in both hands.

2010-01-15 07:03:36: <DICE> Carpen Tyr watches her eat in silence for a while. Then he offers, "Marly is a sheep."

2010-01-15 07:06:54: <DICE> Binjali chokes on her tea. "What! She's what!" That gets her to look at his face, finally, to try to figure out if he's lying. No immediate tells. "The Drive?"

2010-01-15 07:11:45: <DICE> Carpen Tyr shrugs. "Don't know. And not so much a sheep as. . .sheep-ish." Not that he's ever seen Marly sheepish. "She's got horns, and hooves, and her hair is a bit wooly. And Z chased her."

2010-01-15 07:15:50: <DICE> Binjali huffs a breath, almost a laugh. "Herding instinct?" She claps a paw to her mouth and looks at Tyr with wide eyes. Shouldn't say things like that.

2010-01-15 07:19:48: <DICE> Carpen Tyr's mouth twitches. "I think you'd be forgiven." Considering the circumstances. "So they played tag, and Z pretended to be a tree, and then there was something with a log and a giant saw."

2010-01-15 07:24:32: <DICE> Carpen Tyr continues, "And Stan baked a lot of pies-and some, ah, cobblers-and Ary put up a sign up sheet for Sardines. Do you know Sardines?" He pauses. "And did you know Ary joined DICE?"

2010-01-15 07:31:30: <DICE> Binjali nods at all of the information, then blinks. "Ary? You mean, that nice archeologist? Lovely!" She smiles again, focused on the now. Just can't let her attention stray from this.

2010-01-15 07:34:14: <DICE> Carpen Tyr wracks his brain. What else what else what else? "I made a tree. By accident."

2010-01-15 07:37:11: <DICE> Binjali looks bemused. "Made? By accident? Tell." She refils her mug. Her throat's getting raw. It's been far too long. She feels a pang of guilt for running, then brushes the thought away.

2010-01-15 07:42:22: <DICE> Carpen Tyr rubs his neck. "Well. . .I was in 404, and Marly suggested I try to make the walls stronger. With improbability. Cause I'm, you know, good with wood. And there were all those boards. . ."

2010-01-15 07:44:57: <DICE> Carpen Tyr shrugs. "So I asked the wall to become stronger, and it sort of. . .became tree-ish. With branches and leaves and I think roots. It was. . .unexpected." He grins. "Funny, that."

2010-01-15 07:48:29: <DICE> Binjali says, "Oh! I was wondering who did that. I like that wall. I, ah, slept there sometimes," she falters, then continues, "while I was, um. Not coming home." She looks into her mug.

2010-01-15 07:53:06: <DICE> Binjali says quietly, "I'm sorry. I didn't realize I'd worry anyone." Her shoulders are slumped, but she leans into him a bit, seeking comfort.

2010-01-15 07:57:43: <DICE> Carpen Tyr shakes his head, but puts an arm around her. "Silly. Of course we worried. You're family. And the next time you have a. . .a problem, tell someone about it! We'll help!"

2010-01-15 08:01:17: <DICE> Carpen Tyr says softly, "You don't have to do everything alone. What else is a clan for?"

2010-01-15 08:11:31: <DICE> Binjali sighs, "Okay. . ." She doesn't want to look too closely at why she didn't ask for help. She looks into the fire, instead. "Thanks."

2010-01-15 08:14:44: <DICE> Carpen Tyr replies, "You're welcome. That is what friends are for." He pokes a cold slice of toast. "Are you fed?"

2010-01-15 08:17:51: <DICE> Binjali surveys the decimated landscape of the plate, then snatches the cookies. "Yes." She eats half of the first one in one bite.

2010-01-15 08:19:51: <DICE> Carpen Tyr snrks. "Well, that's a good sign. Think you could handle some sleep? And I know there's a wallaby around somewhere that's been worried about you, too."

2010-01-15 08:25:04: <DICE> Binjali swallows and says, "Yes. Yes. Oh, Thief. I need to apologize to her, too." She shifts gently out from under Tyr's arm to stand. "Haven't been a nice person lately," she says, realizing.

2010-01-15 08:31:40: <DICE> Carpen Tyr smiles gently. "I think we'll forgive you. And Thief can probably be bribed." He collects the tea tray, and stands himself.

2010-01-15 08:36:33: <DICE> Binjali smiles a little back. "Ribbons. Yes." She shifts from foot to foot, then says, "Thank you." She pauses again, then says, "Goodnight, Tyr."

2010-01-15 08:40:24: <DICE> Carpen Tyr says, "Good night, Binjali. If you need anything, come get me. Promise?"

2010-01-15 08:43:55: <DICE> Binjali says a little creakily, "Okay. I will." She blinks a few times. Gotta keep the eyes lubricated. She turns and goes out, calling softly, "Thief? Little Thief. . ."

2010-01-15 08:47:49: <DICE> Carpen Tyr sets the tray down, then picks up the blankets and restores them to their proper locations. He damp the fire, then heads to the kitchen to do the dishes.

2010-01-15 08:48:37: <DICE> Carpen Tyr wants to go to bed, but his backpack is still on the Failboat. Plus he should return the rowboat. . .He sighs, and heads for the beach.

2010-01-15 09:02:05: <DICE> Carpen Tyr returns with his pack and heads straight for his room.

Week Eighteen

2010-01-16 06:48:44: <DICE> Binjali shuffles out of her room. She has a blanket around her shoulders, a mug clutched in her hands, and a wallaby in a sling. Need more tea. She shuffles to the kitchen and just blinks for a bit. What?

2010-01-16 06:50:16: <DICE> Gladsome Beeker points to Binjali and the wallaby. "They need, uh, they need wedding guests."

2010-01-16 06:50:18: <DICE> Lady Lelila was ticking off a list to herself: veil, cake, priest, groom. . . when she spots the Binjali in their midst. She smiles warmly at her. "Evening, my dear."

2010-01-16 06:50:39: <DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly almost tumbles into Binjali. "Oh, hello, Binjali. I missed you, and then I missed running into you!" She squirms and puts her friend between her and a persuing raptor.

2010-01-16 06:50:41: <DICE> Ebenezer's tiny little dinosaur critter is getting quite a workout! This is a long run for such a small raptor. He follows kitchenward and peeps a truly terrifying little peep.

2010-01-16 06:51:14: <DICE> Zolotisty grins lopsidedly. "Hullo Binjali."

2010-01-16 06:51:36: <DICE> Gladsome Beeker says, "Hullo, Binjali, hullo, Thief." He walks over and scritchies the wallaby's ears a little.

2010-01-16 06:52:36: <DICE> Binjali smiles a little at everyone. "Hello. I was going to get tea. What's this about a wedding?"

2010-01-16 06:53:10: <DICE> Binjali's wallaby is gratified to get skritches. She pokes her nose into Beeker's hand.

2010-01-16 06:54:19: <DICE> High Lady Escemfer comes scampering into the Hall, tugging Ebenezer by the hand. Wedding guests? Certainly not! She's just intent on picnic supplies!

2010-01-16 06:54:32: <DICE> Zolotisty is disconcertingly -- or perhaps predictably -- matter-of-fact. "We are marrying Paperzilla to Squiggles to prove that the people of Toaster and Teakettle can cohabitat amiably." ..Tate.

2010-01-16 06:54:34: <DICE> Gladsome Beeker provides more scritchies in response.

2010-01-16 06:55:11: <DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly is not a happy Marly, she is getting peeped at! She sticks her tounge out at Squiggles and dances around Binjali.

2010-01-16 06:55:21: <DICE> Lady Lelila's smile widens as Esc enters. "Hello, darling!"

2010-01-16 06:55:53: <DICE> Lady Lelila gestures toward the teapot. "There's Earl Gray, if anyone's interested in some tea."

2010-01-16 06:56:18: <DICE> Zolotisty leaves Paperzilla in Lelila's care and goes to scoop up Squiggles. If there are things left to do, they must wait! Z senses disaster from the groom's father! "Hello Squiggles, come with me."

2010-01-16 06:56:33: <DICE> Ebenezer enghs as he's tugged along. Picnic? Well, alright. When isn't a good time for a picnic?

2010-01-16 06:56:48: <DICE> Zolotisty totes the microraptor over to the priest and his thiefly assistant. "Lila, can you, ahmn, herd.."

2010-01-16 06:57:02: <DICE> Gladsome Beeker waves to Ebenezer and Escemfer.

2010-01-16 06:57:23: <DICE> Binjali nods as if this explanation makes sense. "Right." She turns her mug in her hands, looking around at everyone.

2010-01-16 06:57:43: <DICE> Ebenezer's microraptor darts to and fro, trying to get around Binjali. It's the Marlybaa he's after!

2010-01-16 06:58:01: <DICE> Lady Lelila seems entirely unsure what to do for a moment. A deft movement, and much leading-onwards with crackers, and she has a paperzilla rawring at her outside the box.

2010-01-16 06:58:06: <DICE> Zolotisty deposits Squiggles at the altar! She rummages a marble out of her pocket to keep him distracted.

2010-01-16 06:58:19: <DICE> High Lady Escemfer beams and waves to everyone. "Hi, guys! Watcha doin'?" She spies a little dinosaur and a paper dinosaur. Whatever it is, it's probably fun!

2010-01-16 06:58:34: <DICE> Ebenezer's microraptor is then snatched and toted, of course. He chirps.

2010-01-16 06:58:46: <DICE> Binjali seems to be a little overwhelmed by the amount of noise and people and microraptors she's surrounded by.

2010-01-16 06:58:51: <DICE> Lady Lelila creats a cronch-worthy trail of cracker, leading the little paperzilla toward Father Beeker.

2010-01-16 06:58:55: <DICE> Zolotisty blinks. Squiggles is already distracted! This is trickier than she anticipated. String, string, who has.. string. Z has string. She sorts it from one of her pockets.

2010-01-16 06:59:16: <DICE> Gladsome Beeker opens his book.

2010-01-16 06:59:25: <DICE> Zolotisty calls to Escemfer, "Marrying! Also making a manacle." There!.

2010-01-16 07:00:03: <DICE> Caprinae Ovis Marly sits down at the table with a yawn. Too much excitement! She rests her head on the table, watching. She's just resting for a moment, honest!

2010-01-16 07:00:04: <DICE> Zolotisty snares Squiggles' tiny foot and geeently reels him back toward the altar.

2010-01-16 07:01:43: <DICE> High Lady Escemfer asks, "A manacle? How come?" She peers at the dinosaurs. "Who's marrying?"

2010-01-16 07:02:47: <DICE> Zolotisty looks grave. "He wants to eat Marly." She hushes expectantly, then begins humming.

2010-01-16 07:03:27: <DICE> Gladsome Beeker turns towards the lounge, and says, "DICE lounge, where we gather together to play and chase and throw balls, where we have pillows for comfort."

2010-01-16 07:03:57: <DICE> Ebenezer is dismally confused. "What?" Perhaps "why" would have been a better question. He snaps at Zolotisty, "Car-careful with him!" Squiggles is unhurt, of course.

2010-01-16 07:04:14: <DICE> Lady Lelila joins in Z's hum, clasping her hands behind her back reverently.

2010-01-16 07:04:27: <DICE> Gladsome Beeker says, "May this marriage have times of play and times of comfort." He turns in the direction of the library.

2010-01-16 07:04:41: Paperzilla is rapidly running out of cracker aisle to destroy.

2010-01-16 07:05:12: <DICE> Binjali looks uncertain, but starts harmonizing as best she can with Zolotisty.

2010-01-16 07:05:46: <DICE> Gladsome Beeker says, "DICE library, where we have a clock to show us the stars, and books to help us find what is in the world."

2010-01-16 07:05:48: <DICE> Lady Lelila is still reverent as she drops two more crackers in front of the bride.

2010-01-16 07:06:25: <DICE> Gladsome Beeker says, "May this marriage lead you both to learn things about yourselves, one another, and everything around you."

2010-01-16 07:07:04: CRRRRONCH CRONCH CRONCH.

2010-01-16 07:07:28: <DICE> Gladsome Beeker turns towards his clanmates. He says. "DICE clan, who gather together in friendship and love and enjoyment of one another."

2010-01-16 07:07:31: <DICE> Ebenezer squints and glances around. Marriage. Bride? Groom? Wait. . .

2010-01-16 07:08:01: <DICE> Zolotisty hummms!

2010-01-16 07:08:25: <DICE> Gladsome Beeker says, "May this marriage bring you as much joy as we all have in one another. I now pronounce you, uh. Dinosaur and. . . dinosaur."

2010-01-16 07:09:00: <DICE> Gladsome Beeker pulls out a handful of confetti from his bandolier (he is married to Skidge, after all), and sprinkles it over the dinosaurs.

2010-01-16 07:09:10: <DICE> Lady Lelila bursts into applause for the happy couple!

2010-01-16 07:09:26: <DICE> Binjali is starting to smile wider as she follows the procession, humming at a proper volume now.

2010-01-16 07:09:39: <DICE> High Lady Escemfer suddenly says, "Oh! You're marrying Squiggles?"

2010-01-16 07:09:56: "ROOOAR." "..tchp?"

2010-01-16 07:10:13: <DICE> Zolotisty also applauds!

2010-01-16 07:11:21: <DICE> Ebenezer blurts, "What! No. That!" He points at bridezilla. "No-no-no-no. That? No!" And that's what he has to say about that!

2010-01-16 07:11:37: <DICE> Binjali tries to clap but is stopped by her empty mug. She skritches Thief instead.

2010-01-16 07:12:53: <DICE> Gladsome Beeker thinks that the Ceremonies A to Z book is remarkably complete!

2010-01-16 07:13:38: <DICE> High Lady Escemfer picks up Squiggles and looks him square in the eye. "Squiggles," she says sternly, "you didn't get that dinosaur pregnant, did you?"

2010-01-16 07:16:12: <DICE> Zolotisty says, because she has talked to Elrod Gulch for more than thirty seconds (god knows why), "Now they're honest." She claps Beeker on the shoulder and presents the happy couple with cake.

2010-01-16 07:17:36: <DICE> Ebenezer lets his arm drop back to his side. He mumbles to himself, "But-but-but Squiggles is only a baby. And-and Beeker isn't licensed to preform marriage ceremonies, is he?"

2010-01-16 07:22:29: <DICE> Gladsome Beeker removes the scarf from around his neck. He kisses it and sets it on the kitchen counter.

2010-01-16 07:23:12: <DICE> Gladsome Beeker yawns hugely, showing big teeth. "Goodnight, everybody," he says, giving Thief one last little scritch.

2010-01-16 07:23:18: <DICE> Zolotisty says, watching the scarf, "Not anymore." He took it off!

2010-01-16 07:23:29: <DICE> Zolotisty nods to Beeker. "Good night."

2010-01-16 07:24:02: <DICE> Lady Lelila waves after the good father. "Night, dear!"

2010-01-16 07:24:14: <DICE> Gladsome Beeker toddles off towards Skidge's room. To guard it, of course, and keep it warm for when she gets back. Yeah.

2010-01-16 07:25:31: <DICE> Binjali smiles at Beeker when he comes for the last skritch. "Goodnight."

2010-01-16 07:26:12: <DICE> Lady Lelila barely stifles a yawn. "I think I ought to be off, as well."

2010-01-16 07:27:15: <DICE> High Lady Escemfer waves. "Bye, Beeker." She looks consideringly at Squiggles, then at Ebenezer.

2010-01-16 07:28:13: <DICE> Ebenezer insists, "The wedding doesn't count. There-there are no papers. It doesn't count." He tells Escemfer, "It doesn't count." Saying so makes him feel better. He nods, very sure.

2010-01-16 07:28:43: <DICE> Binjali says, "Goodnight, Lelila."

2010-01-16 07:29:02: <DICE> Zolotisty says, "Night, Lila." She pauses, watching Paperzilla linger near the cake-of-lemon-squares. He looks wistful, in a flat sort of way. Squiggles looks hungry. Then she glances to the other woman.

2010-01-16 07:29:14: <DICE> High Lady Escemfer remembers, "We had to sign papers. Squiggles, did you sign any papers?" He peeps ambiguously.

2010-01-16 07:29:15: <DICE> Zolotisty says, "Thank you," and means it.

2010-01-16 07:29:39: <DICE> High Lady Escemfer says, "Goodnight, Lelila."

2010-01-16 07:30:43: <DICE> Lady Lelila catches Z's hand, just a brief squeeze and a warm smile. "Of course, dear," she answers, soft. A bit louder, "Goodnight, my loves!" She makes her way back up to her room, humming a bit.

2010-01-16 07:30:53: <DICE> Ebenezer says, "He's too small to hold a pen. He couldn't sign any papers." And isn't that a fine argument? He nods a goodnight to those who are leaving for bed.

2010-01-16 07:36:36: <DICE> Binjali hesitates, tugging the blanket almost closed again. Tea. She fills the kettle and sets it to heat.

2010-01-16 07:37:08: <DICE> Zolotisty says, cheerful, "When I didn't know letters made words, once someone made me sign a paper by stamping my hand. Hullo Binjali, I am glad you are back."

2010-01-16 07:40:33: <DICE> High Lady Escemfer pats Ebenezer's hand soothingly. "We should get our picnic food."

2010-01-16 07:41:22: <DICE> Binjali turns away from the stove. "Ah. Hello." She turns her empty mug around and around.

2010-01-16 07:42:40: <DICE> Ebenezer grimaces at Z's story before looking over to Esc. "Oh. Erm. Yes. May-maybe Squiggles should come with us?" So he doesn't get into trouble again!

2010-01-16 07:43:43: <DICE> Zolotisty adds, "Also hullo Thief I am sorry I did not say hullo to you at the same time also."

2010-01-16 07:44:50: <DICE> High Lady Escemfer nods and smiles! "Yes. He can eat the ants."

2010-01-16 07:45:01: <DICE> Binjali's wallaby blinks, then nods, since Zolotisty was polite enough to apologize.

2010-01-16 07:46:13: <DICE> Ebenezer gives a very small grin and nods his head. "Yes. Yes, that. Exactly." He puts a hand on Esc's back to lead her to the kitchen. They have a basket to pack.

2010-01-16 07:51:46: <DICE> High Lady Escemfer puts Squiggles on Ebenezer's shoulder and rummages for sandwich goods.

2010-01-16 07:53:53: <DICE> Zolotisty is not sure what to do with Paperzilla, who has run out of things to cronch or destroy and seems equally aimless. Z searches Paperzilla, then Binji, looking for inspiration.

2010-01-16 07:55:09: <DICE> Binjali does not look particularly inspiring at the moment, all covered in blanket and fidgeting with her mug, which is apparently incredibly interesting.

2010-01-16 07:55:32: <DICE> Zolotisty announces, "Paperzilla needs a job."

2010-01-16 07:56:30: <DICE> High Lady Escemfer asks, as she sandwiches, "Is that Squiggles's wife?"

2010-01-16 07:58:08: <DICE> Zolotisty says, "Ahmn, yes. Husband. Wife. ..Paperzilla."

2010-01-16 07:58:39: <DICE> Ebenezer moves carefully, lest the little dinosaur should fall. As he prepares a salad, he glances to Z, "Erm. What are her skills? His?" Does folded paper have a gender? He furrows his brow.

2010-01-16 08:00:42: <DICE> Zolotisty considers. "Wilderness survival. Destruction. Roaring."

2010-01-16 08:02:23: <DICE> Binjali moves around to grab a tea bag, not bothering to pick any flavor in particular, then pours water from the whistling kettle. She pokes at the tea bag with her spoon.

2010-01-16 08:02:28: <DICE> Ebenezer considers. "Demolition?" That seems an obvious answer. He thinks a bit harder. "Human resources?"

2010-01-16 08:02:35: <DICE> High Lady Escemfer nods agreeably. "Roaring is good. It's scary."

2010-01-16 08:03:23: <DICE> Zolotisty frowns. "..I think cadye is good at human resources, actually? ..not Paperzilla."

2010-01-16 08:08:38: <DICE> Binjali murmurs, "Survival. . .roaring. . .Corporal Punishment?"

2010-01-16 08:09:19: <DICE> Ebenezer pulls a face. "Ah. Yes. Erm. Of-of course not. Erm. Guarding. . .something?" He's thinking of noisy, chompy junkyard dogs. A paperzilla could do that!

2010-01-16 08:11:29: <DICE> Zolotisty cocks her eyebrow at Binjali. "..yessss." Z straightens slowly. "Booot caaamp." Zolotisty has been, it was wonderful. She got to steal so many of the Corporal's boots. He yelled; Z didn't mind.

2010-01-16 08:12:38: <DICE> High Lady Escemfer packs sandwiches in a basket. "That guy is mean!"

2010-01-16 08:18:53: <DICE> Ebenezer packs the salad into a bowl and the bowl into the basket. He chews on his fingernails and narrows his eyes, glancing between the ladies. He mumbles to Esc, "Ready?"

2010-01-16 08:19:05: <DICE> Binjali asks, "Would Corporal Punishment like an asisstant?" Her mouth twitches for a moment, imagining his response to being offered a tiny paper doppleganger.

2010-01-16 08:19:42: <DICE> Zolotisty gingerly nudges Paperzilla toward Binjali. He looks increasingly forlorn, and manages a mighty, if confused, roar. "Will you adopt him and then boot camp him. He needs to learn to be people."

2010-01-16 08:22:56: <DICE> Binjali frowns. "Boot camp? People?" She clutches at her mug.

2010-01-16 08:24:03: <DICE> High Lady Escemfer nods and takes the basket. She beams at Ebenezer. "Yes. Bye, guys!"

2010-01-16 08:24:34: <DICE> Zolotisty says, "..or just to be people. Look, he doesn't have a home." She nudges Paperzilla with her pinky. He roooars and tries to stomp it. "He has been in Improbable Central."

2010-01-16 08:24:50: <DICE> Zolotisty turns, "G'night."

2010-01-16 08:26:00: <DICE> Ebenezer moves Squiggles from his shoulder to his breast pocket for safer travel. He takes Escemfer's hand and nods to Z and Binjali, echoing, "Bye."

2010-01-16 08:28:27: <DICE> High Lady Escemfer heads off with Ebenezer, swinging her basket cheerfully. Hopefully, the lid is secure.

2010-01-16 08:31:58: <DICE> Zolotisty lifts her eyebrows at Binjali.

2010-01-16 08:33:43: <DICE> Binjali says absently, "Goodnight." She still looks doubtful, but says, "I suppose. . ."

2010-01-16 08:34:43: <DICE> Zolotisty says, "Thief can maybe help?" She looks enquiringly at the wallaby.

2010-01-16 08:36:36: <DICE> Binjali's wallaby thinks that just as long as the paperzilla learns to follow the Rules, there shouldn't be any problem. She struggles until Binjali lifts her out of the sling, onto the counter.

2010-01-16 08:40:24: <DICE> Zolotisty nods. "So, then."

2010-01-16 08:42:32: <DICE> Binjali's wallaby enjoys herself for a minute, giving the poor confused lizard a lecture on Rules One through Five, which starts with No Stealing From Thief and ends with No Roaring While Thief Is Sleeping.

2010-01-16 08:43:55: <DICE> Binjali watches bemusedly as Paperzilla signifies his acceptance of the terms by trying to stomp on Thief's tail. "Well."

2010-01-16 08:45:39: <DICE> Zolotisty looks cheerful. "It is settled." She rises, patting Binjali's shoulder. "You should watch your door. Good night." Then she goes padding out of the kitchen.

2010-01-16 08:53:04: <DICE> Binjali says, "Goodnight." Door? She's distracted from asking by having to rescue a five-inch-long lizard from the wrath of a twenty-inch-long wallaby and sighs. "You'll have to deal," she says.

2010-01-16 08:54:29: <DICE> Binjali isn't clear who she's talking to- Thief, the Paperzilla, or herself. She shakes the Paperzilla's toothy grip off her finger and puts him back on the counter, to instead grab Thief and pouch her.

2010-01-16 08:56:40: <DICE> Binjali sighs, snatches at Paperzilla carefully with one hand, her mug with the other, and makes her way back to her room, exhausted. Time to sleep again.


2010-01-17 04:32:59: <DICE> Carpen Tyr is showered. He heads for the lounge, and flops down on a couch.

2010-01-17 04:36:01: <DICE> Gladsome Beeker comes back inside. The puppy is sleeping is his arms.

2010-01-17 04:36:15: <DICE> Zolotisty is asleep in the library. Her minions, eleven of them, are efficiently constructing a wall of books around her.

2010-01-17 04:37:42: <DICE> Sessine comes in and heads straight for the showers. Ohh, that hot water feels good!

2010-01-17 04:37:50: <DICE> Gladsome Beeker is walking quietly so as not to wake the puppy. He needn't worry, she is deeply asleep. She sighs and snuggles her nose into the crook of his arm.

2010-01-17 04:38:25: <DICE> Ary hears movement! She pokes her head over the balcony. "Ah, Tyr, Beeker!" Their names were on the list. "Up for the game?" She gestures to the sheet. "I'm looking for the others now."

2010-01-17 04:40:46: <DICE> Gladsome Beeker nodnods. "Oh, uh huh!"

2010-01-17 04:41:33: <DICE> Carpen Tyr nods. "Sounds good to me." He frowns. "Is Binjali on the list?"

2010-01-17 04:41:34: <DICE> Zolotisty's minions are trying to figure out an arch of books. They are understandably worried about the keystone-book.

2010-01-17 04:42:47: <DICE> Ary smiles at Beeker, then shifts, trying to remember. "I. . .don't know. But we should ask her if she's around."

2010-01-17 04:44:35: <DICE> Gladsome Beeker settles down on the floor next to Tyr's couch, and cradles the sleeping puppy.

2010-01-17 04:44:50: <DICE> Ary then pokes her head into the library, watching the minions work on the book-fort. "I'm not sure that's going to hold," she offers. "Use something not heavy, in case it falls?"

2010-01-17 04:45:15: <DICE> Carpen Tyr hmms. Then he gets up, and heads for the second floor. He tap tap tap on her door. "Binjali?"

2010-01-17 04:45:22: <DICE> Sessine is tousled and damp now, and wearing his pyjamas. He isn't quite ready to sleep yet, so he heads to the lounge to relax for a bit.

2010-01-17 04:47:11: <DICE> Binjali stirs from the blanket-nest she ended up making on the floor. She blinks slowly. Someone's at the door? She stands, bringing the top blanket with her, and shuffles to the door.

2010-01-17 04:47:17: Twenty-two bright blue eyes fix on Ary as the minions turn en masse to look at her. Then they look at the books and at their ramparts and dictionary buttresses.

2010-01-17 04:48:56: <DICE> Ary is slightly unsettled by the sudden attention. "I mean, it's very impressive. But it would probably hurt if it tumbled down?"

2010-01-17 04:48:59: <DICE> Binjali says through the door, "What?" She sounds like she's still half asleep.

2010-01-17 04:50:36: <DICE> Carpen Tyr says, "It's Tyr. We're going to play Sardines. You should come!"

2010-01-17 04:51:49: <DICE> KK Victoria is clomping about. It takes a moment to really tell, but apparently he's not even in the library yet. He cracks open the door from the stairwell, ducking slightly beneath the frame.

2010-01-17 04:52:14: <DICE> Zolotisty takes these chances, clearly! One minion turns in place to consider Ary. The others reluctantly assess the strength of their fort by assembling themselves into a pyramid. The top minion pokes.

2010-01-17 04:52:56: The arch teeters. It totters. The pyramid scatters suddenly as the minions attempt to thwart gravity, and then there is a thumpity-papery-clatter.

2010-01-17 04:53:28: <DICE> Ary shifts, wondering if she should leave the library. "Um. But you know best, I'm sure." She winces at the poke, as if afraid it would collapse.

2010-01-17 04:54:11: <DICE> Binjali frowns. She doesn't feel like playing. "No." She pauses for a moment, then says, "Thank you," irritably. She starts to shuffle away from the door again.

2010-01-17 04:54:49: <DICE> KK Victoria is quiet. He growls at this new one in the library. "Step back." He orders, hand hovering over a knife on his belt. She is near Z, in the Hall. Problem. Big problem.

2010-01-17 04:54:57: <DICE> Zolotisty drowsily pokes her head out of the books. It is also dizzily head poking. "Hullo," she says vaguely, shaking a book off of her head.

2010-01-17 04:55:32: <DICE> Carpen Tyr knocks again, slightly louder. "C'mon. It'll be fun." He decides to cheat. "Beeker has a puppy."

2010-01-17 04:55:41: <DICE> Ary was going to step forward to try and dig Z out of the pile, but takes a step back instead. Several steps, in fact. "U-um. . ."

2010-01-17 04:55:43: <DICE> Zolotisty's ears tilt forward as she blinks at KK with a Knife and Ary with, well, nothing at all, really, except a suddenly alarmed expression. Minions apologetically collect books and pat Z.

2010-01-17 04:56:01: <DICE> KK Victoria approaches the intruder. Silver slides from the leather holster. "How did get in."

2010-01-17 04:57:20: <DICE> KK Victoria's claws grace the side of the blade, it lets out a metallic note. Both are razor sharp.

2010-01-17 04:57:48: <DICE> Zolotisty sits up. Thump thump thump go several more books. "Ahmn, Kai -- she's alright, she's supposed to --" ..be heere..

2010-01-17 04:57:54: <DICE> Ary is really hoping that she's backing towards the door and not towards a dead end. "The. . .elevator?"

2010-01-17 04:58:44: <DICE> Binjali shuffles back to the door. Can't go back to sleep until he goes away. Maybe if she pretends to consider coming out. ". . .Puppy?"

2010-01-17 04:59:01: <DICE> KK Victoria growls at Z. "Stay down." He orders, baring his teeth. He doesn't take intruders with any hospitality. Though, they may be hospitalized. Or killed.

2010-01-17 04:59:32: <DICE> Zolotisty obediently stays still, but she does protest, "She's clan!"

2010-01-17 04:59:32: <DICE> Gladsome Beeker indeed, has a puppy. She is the cutest puppy. Look how furry. Also, she is sleeping.

2010-01-17 05:00:12: <DICE> KK Victoria doesn't hear her properly. He knows she's in the clan! She's standing right there!

2010-01-17 05:00:47: <DICE> Sessine clears his throat. "Kai, she's one of ours."

2010-01-17 05:00:55: <DICE> Carpen Tyr replies, "Yes, a puppy! I did not get a good look but he or she seems to be exceptionally cute."

2010-01-17 05:01:03: <DICE> KK Victoria crouches, predatory, now close to Ary. The blades shine in the light, and his eyes flash red. "Do not run." He commands. "Will break legs, if try."

2010-01-17 05:01:29: <DICE> KK Victoria snaps, "What."

2010-01-17 05:01:32: <DICE> Ary is trying to decide whether she's more afraid of the knife or the claws. It's a rather tough competition. And then there's the teeth, which just complicates things.

2010-01-17 05:01:52: <DICE> Zolotisty says, "Show him your badge."

2010-01-17 05:02:04: <DICE> Sessine speaks louder. "KK, stand down. SHE IS OURS."

2010-01-17 05:03:03: <DICE> KK Victoria immediately hides the knife. "Why no one tell Kai important thing!" He shouts back at Sessine.

2010-01-17 05:03:40: <DICE> Ary stops. Okay, no running. Her eyes flick to Z, and then she slowly raises her hand to pull at her vest a little. A badge is pinned there.

2010-01-17 05:03:49: <DICE> Binjali says, "That's nice. 'M gonna go back to bed." She starts to shuffle away again.

2010-01-17 05:04:05: <DICE> Zolotisty gets to her feet, shaking off.

2010-01-17 05:05:22: <DICE> Sessine doesn't mind KK shouting at him, except that the volume's making Z wince. He grins. "You could try paying more attention to the clan roster."

2010-01-17 05:05:40: <DICE> KK Victoria hides his slowly retracting claws in his pockets. He kicks at the floor. "Kai is not loop." He growls, quietly.

2010-01-17 05:06:14: <DICE> KK Victoria has never been told where the roster is. Nor that he has to check it every day. Why is a memo so difficult!

2010-01-17 05:06:15: <DICE> Zolotisty says, "Atch, leave him, Sessine. Good to see you, Kai -- Ary, ah, this is KK, KK, that's.. Ary." She pads closer.

2010-01-17 05:06:38: <DICE> Carpen Tyr bam bam bams on the door. "Binjali, if you do not get out here I will take this door off its hinges and I will not help you put it back on!"

2010-01-17 05:07:21: <DICE> KK Victoria turns. He blinks. Smiles, then realizes that he's showing his sharpened teeth again. He extends a hand, then frowns. No, still claws. He bows instead. "Hallo. Kai Victoria." He says simply.

2010-01-17 05:07:21: <DICE> Ary is still very tense. She might just stand here for a while. Be a new decoration for a while. "Um, hi KK. You were, uh, my captain? Cakebowling?"

2010-01-17 05:08:39: <DICE> KK Victoria doesn't remember cakebowling. His silly quota was filled halfway through. There is no memory. No. No, definitely not acting like a fool in the shame of his family name. Of course not.

2010-01-17 05:10:41: <DICE> Ary lets out a slow breath when that doesn't get a reaction. At least it didn't make him angry again. "Ary Cooper," she answers instead.

2010-01-17 05:11:03: <DICE> Binjali pauses. Oh damn. Oh drat. He'd actually do that. Oh dear. She comes back and opens the door wide enough to look at him. "Um. Hi, Tyr." She rubs at her face with the hand not holding the handle.

2010-01-17 05:11:49: <DICE> KK Victoria keeps his smile in check to not show teeth. "Is pleasure."

2010-01-17 05:12:57: <DICE> Zolotisty's minions finish shelving books (they are HIGHLY EFFICIENT) and decidedly become mountaineers, swarming the active volcano Mt. Kai. Z tilts her head at Ary. "It's alright," she says quietly.

2010-01-17 05:13:00: <DICE> Carpen Tyr smiles at her, grabbing the edge of the door and wedging his foot against the bottom. "Hello! We're going to go play a game with our clanmates. Are you ready?"

2010-01-17 05:13:11: <DICE> Zolotisty adds, brighter, "How are you!"

2010-01-17 05:13:45: <DICE> KK Victoria is entirely oblivious to being climbed. Z does it often enough and he doesn't notice often. They're much smaller. They are much less noticed.

2010-01-17 05:14:23: <DICE> Lady Lelila's sewing machine has been humming away, but it comes to a pause a few minutes before Lelila herself comes out from her room. She hears people! A bit of wandering lands her in the library.

2010-01-17 05:14:32: <DICE> Ary looks over to Z, then nods to KK. "Ah, we're going to play Sardines? If you'd like to join?"

2010-01-17 05:14:39: <DICE> Lady Lelila smiles warmly at those there. "Good evening, my dears!"

2010-01-17 05:14:54: <DICE> KK Victoria's eyes look to a Z before becoming obscured by a minion. Of all the places. "Am blind."

2010-01-17 05:15:05: <DICE> Binjali stalls. "Oh, no, you know, I'm very busy." She smiles unconvincingly.

2010-01-17 05:16:28: <DICE> Zolotisty says, "Aye! I've never played -- hullo Lila, sorry Kai,'scuse me, hullo moe schast'e."

2010-01-17 05:16:32: <DICE> KK Victoria nods, before turning his attention to the direction of her. He smiles, wide with teeth forgotten.

2010-01-17 05:16:40: <DICE> Gladsome Beeker's puppy's ears swivel in different directions. All these interesting noises! She sneezes awake.

2010-01-17 05:17:45: <DICE> Ary smiles at the new arrival, though she's still clearly nervous from before. "Ah, hi. You want to play?" That's not very clear, she realizes. "Sardines? With everyone?"

2010-01-17 05:18:36: <DICE> Carpen Tyr shows all his teeth. It's not as intimidating as a Kai smile, but he's not trying to scare her back into her room. "Indeed you are! Playing Sardines. With your friends." Foot & Tyr don't budge.

2010-01-17 05:19:37: <DICE> Lady Lelila brightens. "Of course! I do love games." She pauses a moment. "You know, dear, I'm not sure we've met. I'm Lelila," she says with a smile and a little curtseykindofbob.

2010-01-17 05:21:16: <DICE> Gladsome Beeker sets Localnews down on the floor so she can explore. She promptly ranges all around the room, periodically checking back in with Beeker to make sure he's still there.

2010-01-17 05:21:29: <DICE> Ary does a jerky little bow in Lelila's direction. "Ary. Nice to meet you."

2010-01-17 05:22:14: <DICE> KK Victoria very suddenly sweeps up Lelila around the waist, picking her up and arching his back backwards. He nuzzles into her neck, giving her an affectionate squeeze. "Makamae. Hallo."

2010-01-17 05:22:59: <DICE> KK Victoria growls some other few rumbles into her ear before spinning her about twice and setting her down again. Though, his arms are still around her, and his scruffy chin is planted on her head.

2010-01-17 05:24:09: <DICE> Lady Lelila most assuredly SQUEAKS before dissolving into a fit of giggles. She clears her throat a bit as she's set back down, still laughing. "It's. . . it's very nice to meet you, dear!" she finishes.

2010-01-17 05:24:09: <DICE> Binjali blinks at Tyr for a moment. She can't recall ever seeing him look like this. "Uh."

2010-01-17 05:28:14: <DICE> Ary smiles a bit more genuinely, some of her nerves eased and the adrenaline fading. Still. . . "I'm going to go see how the others are doing," she says, heading for the door.

2010-01-17 05:28:25: <DICE> KK Victoria kisses the top of her head. Yes, he can transition from violence to affection rather quickly.

2010-01-17 05:29:22: <DICE> Lady Lelila grins, reaching up to scruffle KK's hair.

2010-01-17 05:29:31: <DICE> Gladsome Beeker pulls out his brush as Localnews clambers up into his lap. She flops over, and he brushes her tummy.

2010-01-17 05:31:33: <DICE> KK Victoria smiles at the scruffle.

2010-01-17 05:33:11: <DICE> Lady Lelila tugs at Kai's hand. "Come on, let's go downstairs to wait for the others, hm?"

2010-01-17 05:33:14: <DICE> Carpen Tyr raises an eyebrow.

2010-01-17 05:34:25: <DICE> KK Victoria leans on Lelila. He is a backpack, though not enough to break her spine. He lets up, picks her up, and begins off, laughing and throwing her over his shoulder, mock-marching.

2010-01-17 05:34:32: <DICE> Binjali nods before she can think too hard about it.

2010-01-17 05:34:38: <DICE> Zolotisty steals Sessine's wrist as she goes trailing toward the stairs. Lounge, ho.

2010-01-17 05:35:36: <DICE> Cadye Willfan drifts in from AceHigh and listens. Things sound active.

2010-01-17 05:35:45: <DICE> Ary has found her way back to the lounge, curling up with a blanket she found. Just another moment, and she should be okay.

2010-01-17 05:35:50: <DICE> Lady Lelila squeaks severely once again, before putting up a fairly decent mockfight against her captor as they descend. She slips from his shoulder as they reach the lounge, still giggling.

2010-01-17 05:36:13: <DICE> Carpen Tyr grins. "Wonderful!" He yanks the door open a little wider, and sweeps a deep bow in her direction. "After you."

2010-01-17 05:37:31: <DICE> Lady Lelila has spotted the puppy! She oohs before skipping over to take a seat next to Beeker. "Ooh, how adorable! I love puppies!"

2010-01-17 05:37:49: <DICE> KK Victoria frowns when she slips off of his shoulder. Damn.

2010-01-17 05:38:11: <DICE> Binjali tosses the blanket into the room behind her and trots out of the room. She is followed by a short procession: Thief, followed by Paperzilla, who is trying to stomp Thief's tail.

2010-01-17 05:39:12: <DICE> Ary sticks an arm out of her blanket to wave to Cadye.

2010-01-17 05:39:23: <DICE> Cadye Willfan spies people, and hesitates, bowing to all assembled before finding a chair in the lounge. Curious!

2010-01-17 05:39:39: <DICE> Cadye Willfan returns the wave, smiling.

2010-01-17 05:41:24: <DICE> Lady Lelila smiles warmly at Cadye. "Good evening, my dear!"

2010-01-17 05:41:38: <DICE> Carpen Tyr greets Thief, blinks a bit at the tiny paper dinosaur, but shuts the door tighly then follows after. "Lounge!" he tells her.

2010-01-17 05:41:51: <DICE> Gladsome Beeker grins at Lelila. "Oh, uh huh!" Localnews stretches out her neck, still flopped on her side, and sniffs at the new arrival curiously.

2010-01-17 05:42:06: <DICE> KK Victoria returns a bow to Cadye as well. It is good to see her.

2010-01-17 05:42:17: <DICE> Zolotisty's voice is warm. "Hullo, Cadye." She regards Localnews cautiously. What.

2010-01-17 05:43:42: <DICE> Sessine smiles at Cadye as Z hauls him into the lounge. He hasn't seen her for far too long. Somehow in their comings and goings they've managed to miss meeting each other.

2010-01-17 05:43:59: <DICE> Lady Lelila holds out her hand toward Puppy, beaming down at the fluffy little being. "Hello there, little dear!"

2010-01-17 05:44:29: <DICE> Binjali bends down to fetch the tiny dinosaur, who roars and stomps in place on her palm. "Alright," she murmurs, heading in that direction. She rubs the back of its head, trying to calm it.

2010-01-17 05:44:40: <DICE> Gladsome Beeker continues brushing Localnews's tummy. The puppy's ears swivel as each new person comes in. She continues to sniff Lelila, then sneezes.

2010-01-17 05:45:04: <DICE> Cadye Willfan stands and bows. "Hello, Laoshi, Xian Sheng, my lady Lelila!" She blinks at the puppy. It's not a zombie, that's good.

2010-01-17 05:49:50: <DICE> Gladsome Beeker says, "Hullo, everybody!" Localnews butts her nose into his paw, and he obligingly scritchies her ears.

2010-01-17 05:50:44: <DICE> Binjali's wallaby gets to the lounge first. She bounces forward to see who Beeker's friend is.

2010-01-17 05:54:34: Localnews wriggles out of Beeker's lap and goes to investigate the wallaby. Sniffsniffsniff! She dashes back to Beeker, to Thief again, and back.

2010-01-17 05:55:29: <DICE> Binjali comes padding in after and idles near the door, trying not to be overwhelmed by the number of people in the room.

2010-01-17 05:55:54: <DICE> Lady Lelila grins, watching the puppy. She bounces her heels against the edge of the couch a bit. Games!

2010-01-17 05:56:24: <DICE> Carpen Tyr follows politely after. Making sure she doesn't bolt? Maybe. "Hello, everyone!"

2010-01-17 05:57:26: <DICE> Binjali's wallaby thinks that maybe this is a chasing game! She follows Localnews as she runs back and forth, leaping to miss the puppy as necessary.

2010-01-17 05:58:02: <DICE> Ary sheds her blanket and stands when Binjali and Tyr arrive. Looks like everyone to her! "Ah," she hesitates then speaks up, "shall we play? I can explain the rules."

2010-01-17 05:58:32: <DICE> Lady Lelila gives an enthusiastic wave toward Tyr and Binjali. "Games!" she enthuses at them.

2010-01-17 05:59:16: <DICE> Zolotisty's attention snaps to Ary as she says the word play.

2010-01-17 05:59:43: <DICE> Lady Lelila's attention is quickly rivited to Ary.

2010-01-17 06:03:36: <DICE> Ary says, "Someone will hide, and everyone else will look for him. You hide with the person in the same place when you find them. Game ends when everyone's together again."

2010-01-17 06:04:26: <DICE> Cadye Willfan looks around. Everyone is together now.

2010-01-17 06:04:39: <DICE> Skidge thinks perhaps this place is a good place and wow what's that and hey there are people what who hey wow.

2010-01-17 06:06:04: <DICE> Stanlygirl has heard noises. She goes to investigate. Has somebody scheduled a Clan gathering?

2010-01-17 06:07:51: Localnews crouches her nose down to her forepaws. Her stubby tail wags furiously, and she leaps to one side, then stops and crouches again, eyeing Thief.

2010-01-17 06:07:55: <DICE> KK Victoria is pulled next to Lelila when he approaches her. He was going there anyway! But a little nudge in her direction is always appreciated.

2010-01-17 06:09:20: <DICE> Zolotisty points silently at Binjali.

2010-01-17 06:10:52: <DICE> Binjali is pointed at! Her face shows alarm. "What?"

2010-01-17 06:10:55: <DICE> Lady Lelila nuzzles down against her Kaipillow.

2010-01-17 06:11:34: <DICE> Zolotisty points for a moment more, then touches her nose. "Notit."

2010-01-17 06:12:03: <DICE> Gladsome Beeker sees Kittyskidge. He waves a little.

2010-01-17 06:12:04: <DICE> Lady Lelila follows suit almost immediately, fingertip to nose.

2010-01-17 06:12:21: <DICE> Cadye Willfan touches her nose. She doesn't fully get sardines but she knows notit.

2010-01-17 06:13:06: <DICE> Gladsome Beeker thinks finger-to-nose is part of the game, so he puts his finger on his nose.

2010-01-17 06:13:24: <DICE> Binjali's wallaby eyes the puppy back, waiting, ready to spring away.

2010-01-17 06:13:38: <DICE> Skidge is excited that there are so many people and they all smell so nice. Tailflick, sit and staaare. That one said notit so she says notit, too. "NOTIT." Oh, what a fun game!

2010-01-17 06:14:13: <DICE> Lady Lelila's finger is still to her nose as she raises her opposite hand. "What are the bounds?"

2010-01-17 06:14:14: One of Z's minions claps a paw over Kai's nose, helpfully.

2010-01-17 06:14:16: <DICE> Ary touches her nose quickly. Notit!

2010-01-17 06:14:35: <DICE> Skidge puts her paddypaws over her nose and peeks. Then skitters around the group because she did it right!

2010-01-17 06:14:39: <DICE> Carpen Tyr applies his finger to his nose.

2010-01-17 06:15:17: <DICE> Ary also keeps her finger on her nose as she turns to Lelila. "Just inside the hall, unless someone objects."

2010-01-17 06:17:54: Localnews jumps forward. But wait! It's a feint! She lowers her nose down to her forepaws again and her tail wagwagwags.

2010-01-17 06:17:54: <DICE> Stanlygirl is completely lost. Why does everybody's nose itch all of a sudden. She has bathed recently, honest.

2010-01-17 06:18:27: <DICE> Skidge's fish has no hands or, for that matter, a nose, and furthermore he would not have put his finger on his nose in time, but he is always NotIt by the nature of being Fish.

2010-01-17 06:21:08: Finn wakes up from where she has been sleeping by the fireplace. There is a Thief and lots of people and something that is small and fluffy and wriggly. She hops over.

2010-01-17 06:21:49: <DICE> Sessine slowly gets the idea, and says, also, "Notit." Touching his nose.

2010-01-17 06:21:55: <DICE> Cadye Willfan sees Fish and sits straighter. Fish!

2010-01-17 06:23:31: <DICE> Skidge's fish lets off of hovering above her head, providing neat distraction, just long enough to swoop around her, bumping her hand with his fins.

2010-01-17 06:25:03: Localnews has more wallabies to play with! Her entire body wags. She lifts her head up, hops forward, and puts her head down by her forepaws again. She wriggles.

2010-01-17 06:25:27: <DICE> Lady Lelila wriggles, finger still on nose. "Who's it!"

2010-01-17 06:27:09: <DICE> Binjali's wallaby bounces over to touch nose hello with Finn. She explains she was playing chase with the fluffy wriggly thing, then leaps away again to play some more.

2010-01-17 06:28:13: <DICE> Ary looks around. "I think Binjali's it?"

2010-01-17 06:28:18: Finn blinks sleepily at the energetic puppy. She looks to Thief for help.

2010-01-17 06:28:48: <DICE> Binjali blinks. She missed something. She missed something? She puts her finger on her nose uncertainly.

2010-01-17 06:29:19: Finn has been helped! She waits for the puppy to chase after Thief, then chases after her.

2010-01-17 06:30:17: <DICE> Skidge's fish swoops away again to chase her away from the wallaby/puppy fluffy wriggly who-is-cuter competition, because he is unsure if she is going to join in or attempt to eat them. "Awh."

2010-01-17 06:33:08: <DICE> Carpen Tyr shakes his head. "Too late. Go hide." He pauses. "And not in your room!"

2010-01-17 06:33:09: <DICE> Ary shakes her head at Binjali. "Too late. You'll have to be the one that hides."

2010-01-17 06:33:28: <DICE> Stanlygirl watches the cute animals frolic. We have a puppy living here now. She misses a lot when she's asleep.

2010-01-17 06:34:04: <DICE> Lady Lelila queries, "Do we all close our eyes?"

2010-01-17 06:35:36: <DICE> Zolotisty contemplates. How is she supposed to not cheat. Mmmn.. Z makes knuckles of her fingers and gingerly presses at the bases of her ears. ..It does not help, though her ears do angle unexpectedly.

2010-01-17 06:36:02: <DICE> Skidge hides her head under her paws and peeks! Because she is a cheater plus also what's that.

2010-01-17 06:37:06: <DICE> Ary nods. "Close our eyes, give Binjali a count of. . .two hundred? Seem fair?" That last question is to Binjali.

2010-01-17 06:38:31: <DICE> Carpen Tyr closes and covers his eyes.

2010-01-17 06:38:48: <DICE> Skidge is hiding early, it would seem. Behind that curtain over there. "No, you're not supposed to hide, you're supposed to. . .oh, never mind." Her eyes are screwed tight shut and she is still.

2010-01-17 06:39:23: <DICE> Binjali says, "Oh. Um. . ." She pauses for a moment, thinking. Ah! She knows where to hide. She smiles a little. "Yes, that's fine."

2010-01-17 06:39:27: <DICE> Skidge's fish believes that is the first time such a thing has happened all day. He is not one to look a gift horse in the mouth.

2010-01-17 06:39:39: <DICE> Lady Lelila squeezes her eyes shut as well, burying her face against the Kai-shoulder at her side.

2010-01-17 06:40:19: <DICE> Ary nods, then closes her eyes, covering them with her hands for good measure.

2010-01-17 06:40:25: <DICE> Sessine is, if he is going to stand with his eyes closed for the count of two hundred, going to do it next to Zolotisty. With his arm around her. Because, well, it's just better that way. That's why.

2010-01-17 06:40:38: <DICE> Cadye Willfan watches the wave of temporary blindness, and also closes her eyes.

2010-01-17 06:41:00: <DICE> Stanlygirl smiles. Oh, they're playing a game. She walks out of the Hall quietly, so as not to interrupt.

2010-01-17 06:42:23: <DICE> Ary begins to count in a loud, clear voice so that everyone's on the same page. "One, two, three. . ."

2010-01-17 06:42:35: <DICE> Zolotisty hides her face against Sessine and contemplates how best not to cheat. It is impossible.

2010-01-17 06:43:05: <DICE> Gladsome Beeker covers his eyes with his hands. He keeps listening for Localnews, just to make sure she's all right.

2010-01-17 06:44:19: <DICE> Binjali ghosts out of the lounge, then pauses in the hall. Now, she had that idea, but which place to choose? Hmmm. . . She doesn't notice at first the wee Paperzilla determinedly marching after her.

2010-01-17 06:44:26: <DICE> Sessine whispers, "Think about Idlewild. The stream."

2010-01-17 06:45:19: <DICE> KK Victoria closes his eyes, leaning his head over to rest on Lelila's.

2010-01-17 06:45:49: <DICE> Ary continues to count. "Eighty-seven, eighty-eight, eighty-nine. . ."

2010-01-17 06:46:10: <DICE> Zolotisty obliges, except to think about that is to think about Sessine hearing strange, aggressive voices there. Hn.

2010-01-17 06:47:43: <DICE> Sessine whispers again, "Harmony, wood and stone, and running water. . . we'll make a home."

2010-01-17 06:48:53: <DICE> Sessine says, "There will be light slanting through the trees, and a blue misty distance to the north."

2010-01-17 06:50:16: <DICE> Binjali jumps a little at the tiny, papery ROAR! and snatches Paperzilla up. "Shhh!" She starts petting him, panicked. He settles down a little, but insists on gnawing on her finger.

2010-01-17 06:51:09: <DICE> Zolotisty's ear twitches.

2010-01-17 06:52:30: <DICE> Ary says, "141, 142, 143. . ."

2010-01-17 06:53:05: <DICE> Skidge is breathing evenly now, paws twitching. Her dreams are filled with things to climb and small soft things that go squieeick when you catch them.

2010-01-17 06:54:58: <DICE> Binjali can hear Ary counting.Too close, too close! She runs to the second-furthest door in the residential wing's first floor. She swings the door open and shuts it quietly behind her.

2010-01-17 06:55:14: <DICE> Skidge's fish nudges her to ensure asleepishness, then flitters a quiet goodnight around the group and vanishes with her.

2010-01-17 06:57:01: <DICE> Binjali is in a small, plain room- for study or just quiet away from things. There is a desk and a chair against the right wall, and a couch against the back wall. She scoots into the space behind the couch.

2010-01-17 06:57:41: <DICE> Gladsome Beeker has, apparently, fallen asleep while counting.

2010-01-17 06:57:53: <DICE> Ary calls out, "Two hundred!" and opens her eyes, looking around.

2010-01-17 06:58:14: <DICE> Zolotisty shakes her head, ears flicking.

2010-01-17 06:59:47: <DICE> Lady Lelila blinks her eyes open, grinning.

2010-01-17 07:00:35: <DICE> KK Victoria looks up, he then gets up, begins to look around. Immediately heads for the kitchen.

2010-01-17 07:01:38: <DICE> Carpen Tyr sprints for the Barn. Cause that's where he'd hide.

2010-01-17 07:02:36: <DICE> Lady Lelila heads toward the library! She begins a process of checking beneath couches and behind things.

2010-01-17 07:03:10: <DICE> Ary thinks for a moment, then heads toward the greenhouse. Seems like there are good places there.

2010-01-17 07:04:29: <DICE> Zolotisty turns in a circle.

2010-01-17 07:06:41: <DICE> Carpen Tyr clambers up into the rafters for a birdseye view. Not up here. And not anywhere obvious. He swings down, and starts hunting under and behind.

2010-01-17 07:11:12: <DICE> Lady Lelila considers the library thoroughly scoured. No Binjali. Hmn.

2010-01-17 07:12:10: <DICE> Zolotisty scavenges the lounge, then pads out into the Dome.

2010-01-17 07:12:14: <DICE> Ary checks up trees and behind them and crawls through some low plants. No Binjalis spotted so far.

2010-01-17 07:12:21: <DICE> KK Victoria is thoroughly examining the refridgerator.

2010-01-17 07:13:43: <DICE> Sessine heads for the greenhouse spiral horns, the left one first. That would be a good place to hide, he thinks.

2010-01-17 07:14:24: <DICE> Carpen Tyr looks under Stan's loom. No Binjali. Hm. He does a circuit of the room.

2010-01-17 07:15:15: <DICE> KK Victoria has found a steak. No, no binjali. Alright, snacktime.

2010-01-17 07:16:07: <DICE> Zolotisty goes back into the kitchen to check KK's coat.

2010-01-17 07:16:25: <DICE> KK Victoria is still wearing that!

2010-01-17 07:17:16: <DICE> KK Victoria however, doesn't notice when Z climbs on him. Who's to say Binjali didn't smuggle herself into his coat while he wasn't looking?

2010-01-17 07:17:18: <DICE> Sessine sees that Ary has had the same idea. He checks behind benches and scuffles through a pillow- mound left by someone -- Escemfer, most likely. No Binjali.

2010-01-17 07:18:43: <DICE> Carpen Tyr decides to try somewhere else. He gives into suspicion, and heads for her room.

2010-01-17 07:18:59: <DICE> Ary shrugs in Sessine's direction. She's pretty sure that's not cheating, especially since he's right there. She continues to search!

2010-01-17 07:19:28: <DICE> Zolotisty pats KK's shoulders enquiringly. Binjali Binjali? No Binjali. She shifts around to peer seriously into KK's ear, then the other. Minions, still clinging to KK, transfer to Z.

2010-01-17 07:20:37: <DICE> Carpen Tyr presses his ear against the door. Nothing. He knocks - no scuffling, no creaking of chairs or whuffing of blankets. Good.

2010-01-17 07:21:22: <DICE> Binjali might possibly be napping. Paperzilla stomps back and forth on her side. She drowsily pats him whenever he gets too enthusiastic and gives a roar!

2010-01-17 07:21:31: <DICE> KK Victoria stands, eyes fading into unfocused. He is chewing steak. It is delicious. He is oblivious to the searching.

2010-01-17 07:23:11: <DICE> Lady Lelila's heels click as she stands overlooking the dome-room below. Hmmn.

2010-01-17 07:23:14: <DICE> Zolotisty sucks in a breath sharply.

2010-01-17 07:23:33: <DICE> Zolotisty leans around to peer at KK's mouth!

2010-01-17 07:25:00: <DICE> KK Victoria's eyes move to the side to meet Z's. "Lose idea." He states after swallowing a chunk of steak.

2010-01-17 07:25:07: <DICE> Lady Lelila takes to stalking the upper-floor hallways.

2010-01-17 07:26:30: <DICE> Zolotisty says, defensively, "Well she would fit."

2010-01-17 07:27:05: <DICE> KK Victoria doesn't believe that to be a valid argument. He is defensive as well, "So would Z!" He shoos her off of him.

2010-01-17 07:27:23: <DICE> KK Victoria doesn't actually'shoo' anything, or anyone. More of a pick-up, drop-off.

2010-01-17 07:28:39: <DICE> Zolotisty flumphs to the floor. Her tone is thoughtful. "It's true."

2010-01-17 07:29:34: <DICE> KK Victoria knows it is true. He has eaten a lot in his life. Bear is delicious.

2010-01-17 07:33:39: <DICE> Carpen Tyr heads down to the library. No sign.

2010-01-17 07:33:47: <DICE> Ary completes a circuit of the greenhouse, deciding Binjali is not there unless she can fit in much smaller spaces than expected. She tries to decide where to check next.

2010-01-17 07:34:28: <DICE> Zolotisty scoonches into the lounge to look for her mechanic's creeper, which is under the couch. She rolls off on her belly, searching!

2010-01-17 07:36:20: <DICE> KK Victoria finishes his steak, then sniffs the air. He is getting sleepy. He pads out of the kitchen, following that very familiar, pacifying smell.

2010-01-17 07:38:00: <DICE> KK Victoria finds a Lelila, fallen asleep on the sofa. He smiles, pushing a curl out of her face. He contemplates joining her on the sofa. His calculations conclude, "No. You would fall off, lug."

2010-01-17 07:38:51: <DICE> Carpen Tyr swivels. The big rooms have probably been checked - but what does that matter, when everyone is hiding together? He heads for the kitchen, figuring the lounge is safe.

2010-01-17 07:38:53: <DICE> KK Victoria picks her up, carefully this time, so as not to wake her, before heading up to her bedroom. He closes the door with his foot. A fire is started, and a warm bed made.

2010-01-17 07:40:07: <DICE> Zolotisty scoots down the hallway, humming quietly under her breath.

2010-01-17 07:45:28: <DICE> Sessine has an idea! He goes to the headwaters of the stream, and peers into the pond dragon's dim grotto. Oh. No Binji. And that would've been such a clever hiding place, too. Hm. Where else could she be?

2010-01-17 07:45:37: <DICE> Zolotisty's ear turns at a sleepy roaawr. She brakes with her toes and almost runs over her tail as she awkwardly backs up, using her palms. She contemplates the door.

2010-01-17 07:46:01: <DICE> Zolotisty refuses to get off of her stomach because that is cheating, but the door is shut. Hmn.

2010-01-17 07:47:11: <DICE> Ary sits in the unlit fireplace, peering upwards to see if Binjali climbed up there. Doesn't seem to be. And now that she thinks of it, would be very uncomfortable for a lot of people.

2010-01-17 07:47:47: <DICE> Binjali is far enough asleep now that the Paperzilla cannot be placated. He slowly stomps out into the rest of the room to find something to crush, roar!ing as he goes.

2010-01-17 07:48:15: <DICE> Zolotisty scritches at the door.

2010-01-17 07:48:33: <DICE> Zolotisty thinks. She glances down the hallway.

2010-01-17 07:50:24: <DICE> Carpen Tyr has found nothing in the kitchen. He pauses at a sqweeka sqweeka sqweeka sound. Curious. But first, he has a closet full of surfboards to investigate.

2010-01-17 07:52:57: <DICE> Carpen Tyr's memory isn't so good, apparently. So far he's found a storage closet full of pillows, and one full of tiki torches.

2010-01-17 07:53:12: <DICE> Sessine stifles a yawn. Where . . . oh. If she went into one of the rooms . . . contemplates a long search, and closed doors, and. . . maybe he'll just sit down here in the lounge before he begins that.

2010-01-17 07:53:24: <DICE> Zolotisty's minions helpfully form a tower! But, alas. They cannot reach. One abandons the tower to scuttle up the doorframe, clinging onto the knob. Another snags its tail and tugs.. but. No purchase.

2010-01-17 07:53:58: <DICE> Zolotisty clicks her tongue, disappointed, and turns by ponderous degrees.

2010-01-17 07:56:41: <DICE> Carpen Tyr gives up, and decides to investigate the curious sqweaking. Down this hallway and. . . "Ah, hallo, Z."

2010-01-17 07:58:29: <DICE> Sessine knuckles his eyes. He mustn't fall asleep in the middle of the game. Those pillows are far too tempting. He shakes his head to clear it and stands up. Upper or lower floor, first?

2010-01-17 07:58:48: <DICE> Ary is pretty sure that other people have checked the library, but she'll investigate it too. After all, she's not sure she's seen the people who headed for the library since.

2010-01-17 08:00:07: <DICE> Zolotisty tilts her head up. "Tyr! ..come with me." She thinks about turning again, then simply backs up. Without looking, even. Bad Zolotisty! You'll get a ticket and lose your creeper license!

2010-01-17 08:00:50: <DICE> Zolotisty is fortunately not in possession of a Creeper License, which is not voluntary but bequeathed unto you by the emotionally unsettled.

2010-01-17 08:01:38: <DICE> Carpen Tyr follows carefully. "Do you need help? A push, or something?" He does not question. Questions beget answers. Answers beget headaches.

2010-01-17 08:03:02: <DICE> Zolotisty says, "Ahmn, no thank you that is alright." She continues oonching backward, frowning thoughtfully at Tyr's shoes, until they draw even with the minions, who are still trying to jigger the door.

2010-01-17 08:03:15: <DICE> Zolotisty says, "Maybe you can open this though?"

2010-01-17 08:05:32: <DICE> Ary pauses, listening to the soothing sound of the clock. She skirts around the section where KK confronted her earlier, then takes off her shoes to climb up a bookcase.

2010-01-17 08:05:37: <DICE> Carpen Tyr raises an eyebrow. "I didn't even know there was a door here - oh. Yes, of course. Excuse me, please," he asks the minions.

2010-01-17 08:06:19: <DICE> Zolotisty's minions make way!

2010-01-17 08:07:02: <DICE> Sessine has decided to try the first floor first. Down this hallway. . . oh, there is a Tyr! And a Creeper!

2010-01-17 08:07:48: <DICE> Zolotisty waits expectantly for the door to open.

2010-01-17 08:08:35: <DICE> Carpen Tyr waves to Sessine with one hand as he tries the door with the other. The handle gives, and he opens it slowly to avoid thwonking the Z.

2010-01-17 08:10:31: <DICE> Zolotisty scoots in, which is just as well, because she suddenly has a faceful of paperzilla. Zolotisty ebens expressively. "Maugh!"

2010-01-17 08:11:17: <DICE> Sessine considers the wave an invitation to join the two at the now-open door.

2010-01-17 08:16:13: <DICE> Carpen Tyr grins. "Aha," he says softly. "Uhm. . .do you need help?"

2010-01-17 08:17:27: <DICE> Ary sees nothing from her perch and climbs down again. She steps into her shoes and considers as she walks back into the lounge.

2010-01-17 08:17:29: <DICE> Binjali snores very quietly as Paperzilla Rooooars! and attempts to stomp on Zolotisty's nose.

2010-01-17 08:18:04: <DICE> Cadye Willfan smiles at Ary as she goes past.

2010-01-17 08:19:31: <DICE> Zolotisty battles! She hackles and wrestles and snarls as she is decreepered by the beast, and freezes when Tyr asks if she needs help. Z peers at him, on her back, Paperzilla poised to destroy a nose.

2010-01-17 08:20:09: <DICE> Ary stops to smile at Cadye, shrugging. "Dunno where to look next! How're you doing?"

2010-01-17 08:20:12: <DICE> Zolotisty says, "No." Stomp! "Mfh." She peers at Paperzilla and resumes the fight, careful to keep him from any a crunkle!

2010-01-17 08:21:23: <DICE> Cadye Willfan says, "Fine thank you!" Indeed, she looks content.

2010-01-17 08:22:50: <DICE> Carpen Tyr shrugs. "If you say so." He steps carefully over the Z to sit by the snoozing kitty.

2010-01-17 08:24:44: <DICE> Sessine is not going to interfere with Z's epic battle. He steps past and sees what might be a Binjali-foot peeping from behind the couch. He peeks -- yes, it is.

2010-01-17 08:26:32: <DICE> Binjali wakes and blinks up at Tyr. "Oh. Hello. Found me?"

2010-01-17 08:26:48: <DICE> Ary nods, flopping down onto the floor and looking up as she contemplates hiding spots. "That's good! Glad to hear it."

2010-01-17 08:27:14: <DICE> Sessine considers the problem of hiding in the'same place'. If she were awake. . . but she isn't. He solves it by sitting on the couch. The'same room' will have to do.

2010-01-17 08:27:23: <DICE> Carpen Tyr shakes his head solemnly. "Nope. Go back to sleep."

2010-01-17 08:28:02: <DICE> Sessine gets a grin. Ah. Awake now. Well, that's different!

2010-01-17 08:30:18: <DICE> Sessine thinks that the game is called Sardine for a reason! Time for a pile-on. "Well, I've found you. Make room!"

2010-01-17 08:30:46: <DICE> Zolotisty raarrgrghs in the background.

2010-01-17 08:32:00: <DICE> Binjali cranes her head up. "I am too found!" she scootches to make room for Sessine and mock-scowls at Tyr. She's still half asleep.

2010-01-17 08:32:09: <DICE> Cadye Willfan smiles sleepily at Ary. "Thank you for the game." Cadye does not quite get games, but she enjoys the randomness.

2010-01-17 08:34:23: <DICE> Ary looks over at Cadye. "My pleasure. There was so much going on, I thought we might need a break. We've all been all over the island."

2010-01-17 08:35:39: <DICE> Carpen Tyr grins. "I never said you weren't found. I said I hadn't." He glances over to the epic battle. Z couldn't possibly be losing, could she?

2010-01-17 08:35:58: <DICE> Cadye Willfan nods, flushing slightly as she thinks over the last few days. She's pensive. ". . .yes."

2010-01-17 08:37:54: <DICE> Zolotisty is tiring Paperzilla out, that is what she is doing. But to the casual observer, it would indeed look as though Zolotisty has been vanquished. Paperzilla roars his mighty triumph.

2010-01-17 08:38:17: On the table, the list of names glows faintly. Binjali's name is crossed out, Tyr's stamped RETURN TO SENDER, Z's grows little ears, and Sessine's fights Albert.

2010-01-17 08:41:02: <DICE> Ary looks over at Cadye, wondering if she shouldn't have brought it up. She hums a response, uncertain.

2010-01-17 08:42:23: <DICE> Binjali reaches up to wave a hand in front of Tyr's nose. "Found me yet?"

2010-01-17 08:46:39: <DICE> Carpen Tyr chuckles softly. "Oh, there you are. Yes, I suppose so." He does not say "Yes, several days ago. Do not do that again."

2010-01-17 08:48:12: <DICE> Zolotisty holds Paperzilla above her face, arms straight stretched. His tiny legs mill, he ROOARS.. and then he stops pedaling his invisible tricycle with quite so much verve.

2010-01-17 08:48:57: <DICE> Zolotisty lets him down to the floor, rolling onto her belly as she watches him stomp! stomp! stomp! sleepily back toward the couch.

2010-01-17 08:49:28: <DICE> Zolotisty's ears perk suddenly. She scrabbles to her feet and goes.

2010-01-17 08:51:00: <DICE> Cadye Willfan blinks at Ary. "Wait. You can find things. You couldn't find Binjali?"

2010-01-17 08:51:06: <DICE> Binjali , now apparently satisfied, lets her hand fall as she says, "Good." Her eyes slip shut again as she drowses.

2010-01-17 08:54:11: <DICE> Ary shakes her head. "That'd be cheating," she says. "I might be able to, but what's the fun of that?"

2010-01-17 08:55:23: <DICE> Carpen Tyr laughs, and nabs a pillow from the couch. "Goodnight, Binjali. Goodnight, Sessine. Goodnight-"Hm. No Z. Ah well.

2010-01-17 08:59:57: <DICE> Cadye Willfan blinks. "Oh. All right." She was right about not understanding the rules, since no one said that one.

2010-01-17 09:03:05: <DICE> Sessine lifts his head when Zolotisty vanishes. A faint frown crosses his face. He hopes it's only -- well. If she needs him she knows how to call him. His head goes down again, but he doesn't relax.

2010-01-17 09:10:36: <DICE> Ary pats her pockets until she finds a coin. "Okay, heads I do one last check before sleep, tails I just close my eyes right now." She sits up and flips the coin, catching it neatly. Heads.

2010-01-17 09:10:51: <DICE> Cadye Willfan waves sleepily.

2010-01-17 09:12:33: <DICE> Ary tips her hat to Cadye before hauling herself to her feet. She pokes her head into the kitchen, then down to the pond, then into a hallway.

2010-01-17 09:16:07: <DICE> Ary rubs her eyes instead of paying attention, and walks into a door. Thankfully slowly. And an open door, so she's not entirely to blame- An open door?

2010-01-17 09:18:27: <DICE> Ary walks inside, dulled senses completely not registering where she is. She kneels on the couch that is suspiciously away from the wall and peers behind it. Ah. A tangle of clansibs.

2010-01-17 09:20:32: <DICE> Carpen Tyr waves at Ary when she comes in, then makes a shushing motion before curling up himself.

2010-01-17 09:20:47: <DICE> Ary thinks slowly, then gets up and closes the door before joining the group. On the list in the lounge, her name is obscured by a jam stain.

2010-01-17 09:30:55: <DICE> Sessine takes a deep breath. Z knows what she's about. He forces himself to go limp. Eyes closed. Breathing even. Though he's sure he won't be able to sleep, fatigue steals upon him, and he drifts.

2010-01-17 09:36:07: <DICE> Zolotisty takes the stairs two at a time with a thoughtful sideways step when she comes back. She pauses in the lounge when she finds Cadye asleep, scoops, relocates her to her room with the sleepery alce.

2010-01-17 09:37:17: <DICE> Zolotisty makes sure the door is latched behind her and goes to find Sessine. He's asleep too, but she doesn't scoop him. Instead, she gingerly settles on top of him, sighing deeply.

2010-01-17 09:37:49: <DICE> Zolotisty is awake for a while, listening. Sleep catches her eventually.


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