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During the pilot, as far as we know, no one fell in love, got married1), or otherwise was romantically involved because of Improbable Island.2) This was likely a good thing, as it meant we couldn't be blamed as homewreckers or anything.

With the advent of Season One, marriage was made possible on the Island, much to the fury of Seth and Emily, who had up until now been the only eligible types on the Island. It was promptly examined by Count of Saint Germain and Epaphus, who christened the marriage system3) by proving that the Island's minister at the Bluerock Chapel in Kittania does not discriminate by gender4), although some few threw the required tantrums in the streets over it. They got divorced a short time later, having siphoned all the charm out of each other, and - when the world flickered and ceased to exist for a brief moment when a Reset struck - all trace of this marriage vanished from the collective consciousness. During Season One proper, Kassil and Haley were next up at the altar,5) also curious about the effects, but show no signs of getting a divorce as quickly as CSG and Epaphus did.6) More Resets struck, leaving everyone on the Island once again unwed; Kassil and Haley, however, have laid claim to being the first once again, for reasons known only to themselves.

Whether this added function will result in chaos7), panic8), anarchy9), or joy10), peace, and prosperity remains to be seen.

Marriage Pros

  • Getting married is rumored to provide a defense buff of +60 during the first day or two due to 'excitement.'
  • Thereafter, staying married provides a lower, but still substantial, buff of about +40.
  • You can marry someone other than Emily or Seth.
  • Taking desperate contestants off the romantic playing field gives Emily and Seth more time to focus on the remaining contestants.

Marriage Cons

  • In order to get married, the contestant who will be proposing has to go to Kittania's Bluerock Chapel and buy a wedding ring, reported to cost about 100,000 requisition coins.11)
  • Everyone will know you're married.12)
  • Now you can't bugger all else.

The list of Registered Couples!13)

*Kassil and Haley - As of July 2 July 4, after the Reset Spree.

*Arouette and Daychilde - As of July 3 July 6, after the Reset Spree

1) Probably because this is widely known on the Island to be a bad idea.
2) We had suspicions about that one pair that kept posting Shakespearean lines in the pub, but we couldn't prove anything.
3) Reportedly for platonic reasons only.
4) Both were male at the time.
5) You'll notice that the place where you get married has the same name as the place where sacrifices are offered to the dark gods. This is rumored to be just a coincidence. Honest.
6) Leaving them as the first couple listed in the Registry in the Common Ground.
7) A good thing.
8) Less so.
9) Like the Island isn't already?
10) Flowers for all!
11) A hefty sum, but who can put a price tag on love? Well, other than the Squat hookers in the Squat Hole brothel - but that's not quite the same thing.
12) You poor sod.
13) It should be noted that this list is pretty useless, given the list of Newly Weds in the Common Ground, that actually lists all online married contestants.
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