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M*A*S*H 404

The Place

Somehow, some-crazy-how the whole of the GERM Clan (then CDAG) were caught up in a mass-hysteric episode where they took over Cyber City 404 and turned it into M*A*S*H 404, a Korean-war-era front-line party hospital.

It was something to do with achieving 1000 drive kills as a UNIT, SOLDIER.1)

Now get down and give me 20 cigs.

M*A*S*H Staff

- Major Frank Bernard
- Major Margaret 'Hot Lips' Herbalhan
- Lt Father Merlcahy
- Capt Hawkeye SinkOrSwim
- Cpl 'Radar' O'Twitchy
- Nurse Zahnnie
- Nurse Kellye Akitsu


The M*A*S*H 404 Boxing Tournament

The first event in a series of events5) marking the GERM occupation of M*A*S*H 404. Sign-up was initially in the Clan Hall, then the tournament was opened up to all-comers with an overwhelming turnout.
Bouts were judged on artistry & creativity, damage to your opponent and destruction of the surrounding area, except in the case where a specific stipulation was applied.


- Major Frank Bernard - Sessine - Capt Hawkeye SinkOrSwim - Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen - KK Victoria -


Victors highlighted in bold
1) Major Frank Bernard vs. Nurse Zahnnie
2) Hawkeye SinkOrSwim vs. 'Hot Lips' Herbalhan (Weapons: Fire extinguisher, land mine, thong)
3) Father Merlcahy vs. Paul Lo's Creation (Outside assistance: God, Sammich)
4) KK Victoria vs. Nurse Zahnnie (Weapons: Explosive Wardrobe Malfunction, Fire; Outside assistance: Midget minions)
5) Third Sicpuess vs Giuseppe Lorenzo (Weapons: Spiderball, Ice, Teleporter)
6) The Soloist Zolotisty vs. Jon Bishop (Interference by 80's mullet)
7) Gorbert Vanhousserhoffen vs Jonathan Maps (Stipulation: Queensbury rules)
8) Giuseppe Lorenzo vs KK Victoria - Double Disqualification (continuing after the bell)6)7)8)9)
9) Tor NaGoth vs Jade XXIV (Stipulation: Ring-out win)

1) Jeez, Frank. Calm down willya? You nearly made me spill my Martini! - Hawkeye
2) Mmmm. . . Nurses. . .
3) Down, boy. You're drooling all over my equipment! And I just had it sterilized, too!
4) Demonic needle torturers...
5) well duh. . .
6) So worth getting DQ'd. Um, ahem.
7) Nono, it's true, that fight should have lasted longer, actually. Most of us were having fun watching it.
8) Beg to differ, that war'n't going NOWHERE!
9) I disagree. The fight was just getting good.
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