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It's fairly obvious from the outward appearance of this hall that knowledge is a priority, if only from the fact that their clan hall looks to be a library, from the Roman columns adorning the front of the building to the pair of huge brass lion statues guarding the front steps. The building itself seems to be solid marble, about the height of a two story building, with a pair of huge solid oak double doors, each carefully painted with the clan's crest, a green book on a black field, crossed by two chainsaws. In the stone over the doors is engraved "MEETING OF ABERRANT ACADEMICS AND TRICKSTERS", or it would be, the E in aberrant has been carved out, leaving an unfinished gap in the word, next to which is spraypainted "HORATIO WAS HERE". Through the huge windows you can see that the lower floor appears to be a functional library, with rows of bookshelves and lots of sitting areas, although the open upper floor appears to be empty from where you're standing. The doors are locked to non-members, but next to them is a small stand with a stack of flyers advertising the clan, with the application on the back.

The flyer reads "Like knowing more than people? Like cutting up things with sometimes sharp objects? Considering conquering a nation or two, because those fools just didn't understand? Consider joining MEETING OF ABERRANT ACADEMICS AND TRICKSTERS! Our motto is 'Machina improba! Vel mihi ede potum vel mihi redde nummos meos!' and we mean it!

We prefer the semi-literate and relatively drama-free, and will remove members who can't sustain these qualities. Most offenses will merit warning, but we reserve the right to refuse membership to anyone*."

At the very bottom in a size so small you can barely read it, it continues, "*sometimes with pointy sticks."

If you'd like to apply for our clan, PLEASE go to http://maatclan.webs.com/apply.htm and fill out an application. If you only apply to the clan through the Island, or the members page on the site, we'll send you that link and ask you to fill it out. From there we'll invite you to join the site, and you can apply on the Island and we'll approve it next time Amerithe or Alternatecash is on. I know it take a little longer to fill out, but it's easier than personally questioning each applicant. Oh, and please fill out your bio on the Island. It helps us get to know you.

Clan Founder: Alternatecash Clan Leader: Amerithe Regular Clan Members: Jay Chaos, Saberclaw, RainShower, Nessa, Keigo, Soubi, Davina, Brelen

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