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Here's just her information; she's rumored to have a sketchbook somewhere with all sorts of juicy information in it. . .

Pre-Island History

Before coming to the Island, Marylace (Or Mary, if she likes you and lets you call her that) lived a very wealthy lifestyle, in a big house, on a high hill away from the rest of the world. She lived there with her uncle who went a bit crazy after he and several others were viciously attacked by a former swords man in his LARP group of friends. The lawsuits were profitable, and allowed the man to live a crazy lifestyle alone, away from anyone who doesn't fit into his world.

Mary didn't fit in it, but after a freak camping accident, he had no choice but to take her in as his brother and sister-in-law were both maimed in an accident involving the zipper of their tent. There was only a catch, Mary had to pick a weapon, and be trained in it. This meant, she was to take a stick every evening, and beat up sacks of flour with it. She did this from the age of five until she was 23.

She never left the house, there was no need. Two mentors were payed to come and teach her the ways of the world. Oro taught her to ride horses, and take pride in being a woman. While Terelect taught her things a woman really didn't need to know. She can drink, cuss, and smoke like the rest of them--and with that, she holds no shame.

What's she look like?

Mary's looks can be defined as willowy. She's average in height, and has barely noticeable curves. She really doesn't have much to flaunt in the chest or rear either. Her hair is fiery red... a simpler color would just be orange. Bright, lively orange. It's long, thick, and straight. Most of the time, it's in front of her eyes. Not that she seems to notice.

Speaking of eyes, Mary's are deep emerald green. They shine with a lot of anxiety and weariness. Another noticeable feature are her freckles. Mary has tons of these spotted all over her pale skin, and it's best not to count them. Her lips are thick and pouty. If she isn't trying to scam you, or if you're not someone she knows very well; any smile she gives you will look much like a sneer. It's something she's working on.

Mary has lots of clothes, she does not like to wear the same clothes everyday. Sometimes it is jeans and a t-shirt. Other days it's a black leather dress with thigh-high boots. She's most comfortable in her underwear and slippers though.

But really, Who is she?

Mary can also be a bit of a bitch sometimes. It's not that she doesn't like you... Mary just isn't a very social person. She's worried about what people will do to her, but people really should be worried about what she'll do to them.

Island History

Arriving on the Island, Mary was scared. She didn't like it here. . . and she needed a smoke. Popping a few buttons on her blouse, she bummed a cigarette off a man named Flare. She couldn't get rid of him after that. She and this man ended up dating, and now they live together over a bookstore and print shop that they run in the town of Si Rios. You can find it at (19,8). The home above the apartment holds a lot of their crap.

Over the fireplace on the mantle, for example, is a blue statue of a raven-headed monkey. Mary one this by dancing to save the world.

The home is also shared with two pets. A white little pooch named Horatio1), and a robotic cat that glows purple named Ophelia.

1) named from Hamlet
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