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Marylace's Notes

It seems to be a popular fad to have a notebook to keep in observations, drawings and sketches. Mary isn't really one to keep up with such trends, but since she has a sketchbook that was made for her by Flare, why should she not use it? It's bound in fine blade leather, with hardy wood to keep it sturdy. On the edge is a small loop to hold a pen or pencil 1).

First Page

First on the page is a riddle, thought up by Mary, and written down by Ivy Tai 2). The question is written as : Thick or fluffy, shouldn't ever be crunchy, much like a pillow, but for your tummy? Thankfully, Ivy Tai has nice hand writing so it can be read! The answer is written under the riddle : Cake!

Maybe not the best riddle in the world, but it sure has made Mary proud.

Written under the riddle and answer are a bunch of numbers, with little reason behind them. Lines connect the numbers to other numbers, and some of them have little triangles and squares next to them. Just by looking at it, it's impossible to tell the reasons for these numbers. Mary would kindly tell you if asked that they're there to help work out an inefficiency issue in a technical manual in an engineering book.

Second Page

On the back of the prior page is a square. It takes up the top half of the page. Inside of it are 6 rows, each one has seven circles. Under the drawing are two circles; one is colored in black, while the other is white. Next to them is = 42. Under all of this are smaller sketches of the above grid, but in more dimensional detail. Each of these have size to scale ratios. . . or that is what you assume they are. Mary knows numbers, but not in a way she can share her math with anyone unless she's there to explain it to them.

Inside the Back Cover

In a very pretty hand written script (couldn't have been from a manly-man, could it?) is written: Property of Mary Anderson. May it serve you better than a ring, and remind you that you're loved whenever you use it. Love always, F D B."

Oddities and Loose Pages

Sometimes, not everything in a book is on the pages.

Note # 1

Tucked between the first page and the front cover is a note to Mary from Flare. She overslept one morning, so he left it for her to find out where he was, it reads :Dear Mary, Gone to New Pitts and NewHome. Will check into Common Grounds hourly. Hope you had a good sleep. Love Always, Flare

Note # 2

Next to the first note is another note, this time to Flare, from Flare. Left to Carlynne to give to Flare after he fought the Improbability Drive. When Mary found out about the letter, she requested it. To keep an archive or just for the sake of hording things, it's unclear. It reads :

Dear Flare,

(Yes, you, Francis Darwin Black of Leichester, England.)

A lot of shit happened before I got to this island, but frankly, it's all just as well off forgotten. What's important is this: Marylace Anderson. You have never met, and likely never will, meet a woman like her again in your life. Find her! Meet her all over again if you have to! But don't you dare lose her or I swear I'll come back from wherever I've gone and throttle you! She can explain most of what's come and gone from there.

Now, Carlynne, Queen of the Pirates and the only woman on the whole of the Island attractive and wonderful enough for you to consider being competition for Mary's affection, is the person who is giving you this letter. You owe her a moose. A big moose. And potatoes, and carrots, and cake. You are going to cook for her. Don't give me lip about no knowing how to cook, you'll do it and you'll like it. That's just how it is. Now, go on and get to it! You have a life to get back to.



Note # 3

Another note sets on the front cover. Written after Flare snuck out of bed to head off and finish Dan's Quest. A zombie at this time, Flare really just wants to get it over with. It reads : Dear Mary, Gone to New Pitts to try and finish the Job Dan gave me. I'll check into the commons, like usual, if you don't want to meet me there. Love Always, Flare.

Note # 4

Gone to New Home. Back Soon. Love, Flare

Note # 5

To Marylace Anderson,

First, Good job on defeating the Drive! Of course, it will come back again, and your victory means nothing. Second, you wrote this letter before facing the Drive. How?. . . Well some proof; Before coming to the Island, you had a horse named Shorty. Your second most used word is "Fuck." You also fucking love apples. They are a most yummy food.

Now, your brain is probably reeling right now, but don't worry. There's this guy you're engaged to. His name's Flare. He's a bastard, but he's your bastard. . . and you love him. The plot gets thicker. You own a bookstore with him, and a puppy, and a cat. They're your family.

Now, this should be enough to spark your noggin.

See you on the flip side,


Note # 6

Dear Flare,

Here we go again. Another time through the grinder. Odds are you're remembering a bit more each time through now, so this is really just a formality, I suppose. You have your fiancee now, Mary, who I'm sure you've already figured out you're madly in love with. If you haven't, look the woman in the eyes already. Go on. Do it, I'll still be here when you're done. . . . Right. So, you live at 19,8 Si Rios, where you co-own and operate the Book Emporium with Mary. You've got a life here, and really, it's better than anything you had back home.

Now, just in case you think I'm full of shit, here's a few things that'll snap you back to reality. You are Francis Darwin Black of Leichester, England. You love a proper roast beef almost as much as you love leather. I know what happened with Geoffrey Smythe and Big Ben. Don't beleive me? Dublin, Ireland. That is all. Now, be a good lad and remember above all else this: Mary is the single best thing to ever happen to you. If you do anything to harm her, I'll find some way to make your life a living hell. Have a nice day.

With Love,

F.D. Black

1) or a spork
2) since Mary has horrible hand writing, nothing to do with her being unable to write
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