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Max Dougwell was a self-described "island-exploring, clothes-wearing, Kittybike-riding machine." Originally just another unfortunate contestant, he soon became possessed by a being called "The Announcer" whose goals seemed to consist of proving himself an "evil genius". 1) Both of them were seen for the last time towards the end of Season One, setting out to locate and destroy the MurphySkidge.


Max, like most contestants, started out life as a newbie. Unwillingly dragged onto a boat (planes being in short supply at the time) and dumped on The Island, he quickly2) developed the skills necessary to take down the Drive. During this time he also misplaced his pants.
After attacking the Drive, things started getting confusing. The Drive, he claims, killed him. The only thing he remembered about the rest of that day was waking up a (temporary) hero.3) It was at this point he also discovered he was a member of the walking dead. He spent the next few days testing out this newfound immortality which, for some reason, eventually gave him the ability to teleport.4) It was during this time of teleportational madness that he obtained a new pair of pants5) and managed to overcome his natural distrust of things with a different number of dimensions from him, leading to his strong friendship with Triple-S.
During the theft of the Chaos Drive by the <CIA>, the first hints of The Announcer began to show themselves as Max found himself babbling in a red voice. He simultaneously suffered a bout of spacial instability, during which he somehow obtained his Guitana.6) To help recover from this incident, he went on a two week exchange in stonehenge, and returned from the trip with the Kalandar - A HORRORSCOPE. A large grimmerie containing cryptic descriptions of the future.7) Mere days after returning, he awoke to find his soft fur replaced with cold steel. This form, which at first proved neigh indestructible, was found to come with its own flaws when a mysterious core corruption (baring a remarkable resemblance to the red voice he had started channeling on occasion) seized control of 47.9% of his programming before the Kernel could be partitioned and the corrupted section be disabled.
After much slaughter he was reborn 8) as a mutant, with eight arms, one noodley appendage and two heads. The new head had red eyes, could see while blindfolded, rarely spoke, and could kill things with its brain. 9) As the Announcer gained total dominance their shared body underwent one final change, revealed at a Halloween party as a Joker with The Announcer's signature red eyes.
The Announcer (despite his near-constant proclamations of World-Domination) proved unwilling to attempt any large-scale evil. His only real achievements during his time in control were the cyberization of the Spornets and his part as Narrator for the Weathervane Players. After an odd encounter with fish, his position of control was lost. The Announcer and Max Dougwell struggled against one another for days before coming to the horrible realization that neither of them could regain complete control. While trying to determine the reason for this, they learned of the approach of the MurphySkidge and the threat she posed. Both 10) determined to stop her from destroying the Island, and set out to lay a trap for her. They have not been seen since.


No longer known.

Personal Details

He is of average height and average build with plain black hair. He is also rather pale.

He wears (over whatever armor he currently has on) a pair of Jordace Jeans he found11) held up by a belt of stripped wires.

He is known for his mastery12) of the Guitana, which he plays with grace and skill. He has yet to find out how to use it as a weapon, or even remember how he got it.

He is good friends with the technologically gifted Triple-S, one of multiple stick figures that were originally created by Skidge to help build doomsday devices. Triple-S's ability to manipulate Improbable technology is impressive.13)

Triple-S is also the constructor of The Shower, Max's first abode. Located in Acehigh, it was the Islands only known form of cleansing.14)

Max has an odd fear of invisible zombie cats, ever since he reasoned them into existence.

Max was also owner of The Weathervane Retreat, a cozy cottage where the actors could escape from their devoted fans.

The Announcer had the only working remote configured to control the spornets, so they've mostly been left alone in the ifridge.

1) He failed.
2) Slowly.
3) and a hazy make-out session with The Watcher.
4) This ability was soon impaired by the destruction of his flaming triangle.
5) Jordace Jeans
6) Ancient Japanese War-instrument.
7) And the present.
8) He suspected that's what's happening.
9) Or possibly its eyes.
10) for differing reasons
11) It cannot be confirmed that they were misplaced by Lana. Max claims they were always his. . .even before he stole them.
12) Or lack thereof.
13) Eg, He fashioned his arm into a Skirling Compass.
14) Physical anyway. It wasn't the only spiritual cleanser.
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