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Under Progress, Might fall through holes left open, not that any are left on purpose.


~Scanning~ ~Defraging~ ~Loading OS system; Derp~

Starting originally towards the ending of season one, he's been around along time. Just hasn't been around till more recently.
His real name is (* * * * * *), but he adopted the name McDerp for his new life on the Island. Not even the Watcher knows his real name.
Being kidnapped from his former life was quite a shock, but he got over it. Had to if wanted any chance of living.
After his first taste of killing the drive, he knew even then that to continue playing that cycle is the definition of insanity,
even if he still continues to try. Like most of the other contestants, he started out as a human being;
Though through successful drive kill's, Horatio has seen fit to morph his body around to suit it's whims.
He has taken the forms of; Zombie, Kittymorph, Squat, Mutant, Synthetic Wolf, and is currently a Robot.
Out of all the races so far, he prefers the bot's. If only because each day that passes he learns more about them,
through self experimentation and weapon modding. A long scar is across his chest from a Giant Tattoo Mutant.
He now, thanks to Contestant Molh; Has land located on 7,37; first plot. He is usually loneing it in the Jungles,
but here lately he's been making friends with some of the other's; like contestants,
Absinthe, Mr.Bishop, Wintergreen, Mr.Deltoid, Moxie, Shtim, Twitski, Svess, Praco, Clint, Jackie Boy, Zane, Sadie, Digiko,
the list could go on. He's still looking for part's to build a weapon that is strong enough to finish off the improbability drive
once and for all, his journey continues. Moxie will forever hold a place in his heart for bringing together the
whole Brevity and Silliness of the entire Island together, even if he still believes she makes a better leader then him.
He misses Shtim alot, it was him, Twitski and McDerp that formed the idea that B.A.S.E. should have there own HQ; Shtim being
the master builder that he was, designed and built most of H.Q. himself.

After befriending Absinthe, he managed to procure her a modified one shot teleporter, which let her return to her ship.
Which after many moons, she crash landed back on the Island; Patching her up, he carried her to an inn to recover, has not seen her since.
About a week later they meet again and one thing leads to another and now there married.
He met WinterGreen after Absinthe disappeared, she helped him understand a few things and even shown him her home world;
After a wile the drive decided to ambush him and transorm him into a synthetic wolf.
He objected at first but seemed to ease into it with Absinthe's approval.
He has begun to draw up plans for an island wide race, complete with challenges and puzzles!
He enjoyed his marriage until things between them became clear that it woud be better for them to go there separate ways.
During that time he found reassurance in Clint that things would be better, that there were some things worth staying for.
He now wish's to be free from his wolf form and in doing so has enlisted the help of John.
Which all he wants in return is knowledge about materia. Derp has also agreed to forge John a set of wedding rings.
In his attempts to help John, he enlist's the aid of Carrion but it cost's him his left eye, his voice and a piece off his heart.
Though John kept his word and changed him back and even replaced his eye for his help; Derp feels like something is off.
He received a pad and pen from Quikkitt after a run in with her in his newer form, He'll never forget Quikkitt.

McDerp's Residence

(It's getting there, I'll work on it some more later.)



~`nA better picture of his Avi; (http://tinyurl.com/zt9dwvv )`n~`nHe once had a sorta normal life, kinda like life on the Island now, minus the killing and the monsters and the whole improbability thing.`nHe can remember bit's of it every now and then, and even a face that haunts his dreams at night. `nHis previous life of tearing apart broken pre war machinery and engineering it into useful objects doesn't seem like such a bad life now that he thinks back on it.`n He was making things that help people live and grow, now all it seems he does when he's not killing monsters for req, is either looking for that dammed drive, `nlooking for ciggys to continue his efforts in supporting his clan or supply crate hunting to help feed his hide and seek addiction.`n ..It seems he is searching for something more meaningful.. or perhaps someone? `nNo it's can't be, just look how he shines so prettly as he throws that improbability bomb at that Magpie, the only thing he's looking to do is blow himself up. ..Oooo look a `Gciggy!`~ `n After being transmorphed into a zombie, a kittymorph, a midget, human, mutant and now a robot, McDerps starting to wonder about the drive's mind. `nTho he wonders what his friend Rohort would say to see him as a robot. I bet his circuits would fry, his to probably if he ever cared to think about it.`n Speaking of, he's learned quite a few things about robots, maybe this will help him seal `GHoratio`~ away for good. `nHe has finally perfected a working prototype of an improbability absorber, weather it will work on the drive or not is his next test. `n~ `n He now has two wooden swords from the first Camp CRAP event.`n`GGreen note's`~ follow him around now, ever since he visited the Order of the Bard, he wonders why. `nAfter a particular nasty fight with a Giant Tattoo Mutant, he is left with a long scar across his chest. `nA cute little scar shows it's self on his nose if you look right, along with a bigger looking scar near his heart;`nBoth are from Absinthe. Along with a scar over his heart, though that was given to him by Persia.`n He now has a plot of land thanks to the kindness of Contestant Molh, who donated him a land stake; `nHe has now begun building and it's starting to shape u rather nicely, one should plan to stop by when it's done.`n~`n After running into and befriending a FoxGirl from Space named Absinthe, he has promised to help her find a way`n to break the barrier around the Island so she can return to her ship. She seems to have grown on him. `nThe barrier is still there but thanks to a OST device he gave Absinthe, she was able to return to her ship.`n He hasn't seen her for awile, until he travles down the beach to discover Absinthe's ship falling from space. `nHe gathered her from the weckage and patched her up. Haven't seen her since, ran into her a week later and one thing led to another and now there married! He couldn't be happier. `nHe's run into another contestant named WinterGreen, she seems to be a spirit who is a combination of five other contestants.`n Who know's where this meeting might lead? A cracked planet encircled by a ring; a home.`n A lifetime away, a glimpse was had, though it left him with questions and a chance to meet again.`nAfter having his reg stolen again, he chased down this warrior bunny female and confronted her about it.`nIn the end he patched her up and let her go, maybe he made another friend? He forgot to get her name. `n~`nSomewhere, someway, he lost a piece of himself.. Not a physical piece mind you but something inside of him.`n He can't put a finger on what excatly went missing but he's defiantly not the same exact person he was before.`n All he knows is he sure doesn't feel right anymore, maybe he realized he was living `nwithout this thing all along, maybe he's not the person he thinks he is, maybe he's just tired of the Island.. `nHe `*has`~ found someone though; someone who has seemed to change everything he once thought he knew. `nSomeone who has reminded him of the finer things in life, and who has reminded him just what he's missing.`n~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A regular joe, with purple hair, an automaton under a human like skin.`n`GGreen note's`~ follow him around with a `5purple, glowing,`~ sphere, which is a prototype improbability absorber. `nNow has land at; 7,37. `nQuesting:PV.`n`QBoot's`L for`G Hire.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A regular joe now an automaton under a human like skin, wearing his camp CRAP bandanna proudly.`GGreen note's`~ follow him around with a purple, glowing, sphere

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