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McDerp's Residency: Blueprint's

"What does the visitor see, hear, feel, smell, or learn about my place?"

Ideas:1) Secret tunnels?, Absinthe's room, Master bedroom, Swimming pool, Backyard, Hot-Springs, Training Area, Alter?,

~~~~~~ Outside the Inside Gate:

You walk in from the Jungles to find a small ten foot by ten foot area.
Towering hedges act as an impermeable barrier on all sides save for tall iron gate opposite the main gate.
Other then a small fruit tree in the middle acting as a shade and a bench underneath, this area is empty.
You sure didn't see this from the outside, but it's got a nice quaint touch to it all.

-Examine the Tree? 2)
You run your fingers across the smooth reddish brown bark on the tree and look up.
Blinking your eyes you spot at least six different fruits on this tree.
Peaches, Mangos, Plums, Apples, Pomegranates and are those..Coconuts?
Looking back down your fingers run across a heart etched into the tree, encircling the names "Absinthe & McDerp".

-Enter the Front yard? 3)
-Back to the Map?


McDerp's Residency: Outside Gate.

Through the gates you spot a spacious, luscious, green yard, neatly trimmed and maintained.
A stately home sit's in the middle with a stone walkway leading up to it.
From the gates one see's some scaffolding glinting in the sun off to the right,
where one could could make out a large metal structure.
It seems that from here there are small objects floating back and forth,near the metal structure,
bright lights flashing on and off occasionally.
You can't see much more then that, do you dare trespass to find out more?

-Enter McDerp's Residency?


McDerp's Residency: Front yard.

Stepping inside the gate you seem to notice the distinct lack of cameras, can the watcher even see this part of the Island?
A variety of fruit and shade trees abound around the spacious property.
A fountain sits regally where the path's from the house and structure split off.
A bench, sits in front of the fountain looking common by comparison, though it's painted a bright purple.
Looking further you find the front yard, bigger then thought, enough room to hold Roman sized events or more.
The stone walkways look to be made out of green marble.
The path to the house is in front of you, A path to the large metal structure is to your right.
A third path, unseen from the road branches from the first and makes it's way around the house.

-Examine the Fountain?

The fountain on closer inspection has its big circular water bowl sitting on a triangle shaped pedestal.
A pillar rises out of the middle of the water bowl and is topped with a sphere that has had a piece broken off it.
The water continues it's flow from the top of the sphere down the pillar and back into the bowl.
Over all the fountain sits about six feet tall and is about the same wide.

-Follow the path to the House?4)
-Explore the path to the Metal Structure?5)
-Take the third path?6)
-Back to Map?


McDerp's Residency: Front Porch.

The stones look like they were laid by a skilled hand, almost no gap between them and looks like no mortar was used.
The path is adorned7) with trees providing a shade as one walks up to the front porch that's at least big enough to hold a small crowd comfortably.
Another fountain sits to the left of the path near the house as you approach, a shaded two person swing sit's near.
Chairs and tables included with old world style lanterns adorn the front providing light when needed.
A lone rocking chair sit's near the door, "McDerp" is engraved in head stock of the chair, it look's worn but loved. 8)
A small table with drawer set's beside the rocker.
Beside the door is a Bronze Plaque that list's the name's of the fellow contestants that have donated time,effort,and/or supplies to help build this place.

-Examine the Fountain?
-Examine the Swing?
-Examine the Bronze Plaqe?

You decide to take a look and the Bronze Plaque, surprised at the number of people coming together to build a place like this.
The list reads off as such;

  • Contestant Molh: She made all this possible, with the donation of a land stake.
  • Contestant Absinthe: She's the inspiration behind most of this.
  • Contestant Widdershins: His insight into writing techniques proved very helpful indeed!

-Go through the Living Room?9)10)

-Examine the Rocking Chair?11)

You sit down in the rocker and rock a few times, even the squeaks sound old and yet comforting.
You could easily fall asleep here if given the chance.

-Sit in the Rocking Chair? 12)

-Examine the Small Table?

You look to discover the table is crafted from local jungle woods and is stained a dark red,
with a white knob in the middle of the drawer.

-Open Drawer?

You open the drawer out of curiosity to find it empty save for a pack of "Green Dot" cigs with a lighter,
and two clean and empty shot glasses, upside down. A sticky note next to it reads;"You can enjoy a cig on me
but the pack will never leave this drawer, the lighter if taken will return here at midnight."

-Smoke a Cig?

You feel like taking the note up on the offer and light a cig up, inhaling your first puff you realize this isn't normal tobacco.
That's you're first thought, your second doesn't arrive for some time due to the restorative powerz of this strange cig.
You look at the pack for any clues to tell you something, but find nothing. You blink, you feel like your walking on air.

-Back to Front yard?
-Back To Map?


McDerp's Residency: Path to Metal Structure.

The path leading to the big metal structure is paved in the same green, close spaced, marble stone as the other walkways.
As you walk down the path you take in more of the metal structure and the launch pad being built.
You notice that the flash's of light seem to be maintenance robots continuing there work on the metal building that you can clearly see is a hanger, but for what?
The launch pad next to it looks like something you might see set up for a bigger then normal heliocopter like object;
Robots hover around the area, working here and there, finishing details that remain undone.


-Examine the Hanger?
-Continue to the Hanger? 14)
-Examine Launch Pad further?
-Back to Inside Gate?
-Back to Map?


McDerp's Residence: Hanger.

Upon traveling down the path towards the strange metal structure, one notices debris piles and organized boxes of nuts and bolts and duct tape.
The metal structure stands before you, housing an odd looking starship.
Automatic turrets, about the size of golf clubs follow your every move.
The ship is supported by a metal rocket dock which is made of metal girders and looks very much like the skeleton of a skyscraper.
Surrounding it, the boxes and debris act as a makeshift wall, making the area very fortress esque.
A large tent connects the wall to the dock, acting as the base of operations, complete with plans and a war table and portable auto turrets to protect the information.
No pictures please.

-Examine Starship?

About the size of the NASA Shuttle, the starship is crafted of dark orange, purple, and silver metal pieces, looking like they all came from a scrapyard.
The name, "Scudo" is printed along a bow shielding piece alongside the emblem of the United Imperium, Absinthe's homeworld.
The way into the ship is locked by a very sophisticated mechanism. There is no possible way in without Absinthe present.

-Enter Starship?15)16)
-Back to the Path?
-Back to the Map?


McDerp's Residence: Starship.

Entering the ship, one finds themselves in a very large open space. THE ENTIRE SHIP IS LIKE ONE GIGANTIC ROOM.
Spaces for containers and other such storage places are connected along the sides of the ship,
very much like the vertebrae of a spinal cord or other such bone structure.
One gets around via ladders and platforms, the platforms seem to move to remain standable when the ship is in flight.
The Bridge is near the front of the ship, the more room- like part of the space vessel.
A clear platform acts as a door, separating the bridge and the bow and folds upward as one enters the bridge section.
The Bridge is very roomy, the Captain's Chair sits in the middle on an elevated platform and is surrounded by control panels.
Passenger seats sit in front, in a semi circle esque design. The whole ship is surprisingly very clean and proper.

-Examine Captain's Chair?
-Examine a few Storage Bins?
-Back to Hanger?
-Back to Map?


McDerp's Residency: Path to BackYard.

The path to the BackYard is paved in the same close fitting, marble stone that the other pathways are made from but from where it splits from the main path it switches to a blue hue.
Two life size statues on either side of the path are placed just at the point where someone walking into the back would not be seen.
The statue on the left is made to resemble a dragon as it would be rising from the depths; The one on the right's only difference is the dragon is descending instead.

-Continue to Backyard?- 17)
-Back to Front yard?
-Back to Map?


McDerp's Residency: Living Room.

Stepping through the door you find a multi-armed trash can of a robot hovering near enough to be of assistance yet not crowding the entry way.
It beep's at you as you enter, acknowledging your presence. The room seems to feel like you've stepped into a place you once called home.
Looking around you notice shelves of books lining the back wall. The well worn books look like they've been well read.
A quality black couch with silver buttons and stitching sit's in the middle of a deep blue, square rug with gold trim.
An oaken door sits near the back on the western wall. A plaque above it reads; "The BASEment".
Theres a plan looking door in the middle of the northern wall. It's plaque reads; "Hallway".
The spiral staircase in the back right corner of the room extends up into the next floor.
A red door with a white knob is set into the eastern wall, The plaque reading; "Dining room".

-Examine Robot?

Taking a closer look at the robot you notice it's really just a sphere with a cylinder jutting out from the bottom of the sphere.
The top of the sphere has a few antennas with little spheres on top of them. A black shiny band surrounds the middle of it's "head".
One can only assume that band is how it sees. It has four arm attachments extending from the middle of the "body".
On each of the arms is a different tool; Small circular saw blade, A needle like injector, A grasping mechanism,
and a unidentifiable attachment that you feel like it's better left unclear about what it is.

-Talk to Robot? 18)
-Continue to Dining Room?
-Continue to Hallway?
-Continue to The BASEment? 19)
-Continue up the Spiral Stairs?
-Back the Front Porch?
-Back to the Map?


McDerp's Residence: The BASEment

Opening the door to The BASEment you find it takes you into a futuristic style meeting room.
A round table sits in the middle with enough room around it to hold twenty people, a plush leather office chair in each spot.
Every clanner has a personalized spot at the table. A large black board sit's on the wall opposite the door.
The left wall contains a very large display screen; It nearly covers the whole wall. You can only imagine the resolution.
The right wall has a clear glass door in the center. One can see all sorts of green plant life and plenty of sun from the glass ceiling.

-Go into the Green Room? 20)
-Examine the Table?
-Turn on the Display?
-Back to Living Room?
-Back to Map?


McDerp's Residence: Dining Room

You open the door to the dining room to find it much bigger then you anticipated,
in fact it looks like it could hold a feast for a hundred people or more!
On the southern wall of the room a bar has been built with shelves of every liquor you
could ever ask for and some you've probably never heard of before; A holographic bartender stands behind the bar.
Barstools made with purple leather and gold stitching, line the outside of the bar every two feet.
An ornately adorned fireplace sits in the middle of the east wall;
With a tapestry hanging above the fireplace depicting a view of the Island as if seen from space.
A plush purple rug sits by the fireplace, four padded chairs of the same color sit round the rug;
with a small ebony table beside each chair. The wall's are adorned with artwork collected from around the Island;
Antique bronze lanterns on each wall lights up the room when needed.
The plaque above the door on the north wall reads Kitchen.
A darkly colored, wooden table large enough to seat a hundred takes up most of the remaining space in the middle of the room.

-Examine Bartender?21)
-Go into Kitchen?
-Back to Living Room?
-Back to the Map?


McDerp's Residence: Hallway

The Hallway is pretty much an undecorated elongated room.
The northern door's Plaque reads; "Master Bed Room."
The western door is made out of glass and metal allowing you to see lot's of green plant life growing.
It's plaque reads;"Green Room." The door on the eastern side of the rooms plaque reads; "Kitchen."

-Enter Master Bed Room?
-Enter Green Room?
-Enter Kitchen?
-Back to Living Room?
-Back to Map?


McDerp's Residence: Up the Stairs


McDerp's Residence: Kitchen.

Walking into the Kitchen you can't help but to notice that everything shines, you feel like you could eat off of anything in here.
The pots and pans are lined up on racks above a three foot by three foot island in the middle of the room.
A multifunctional stove sits on the checkerboard tile floor on the northern side of the wall, in the middle; A two sided sink sits to the left of the stove.
The stove can cook, bake, broil, toast, grill, sear, steam, dehydrate, and anything else you could ever need from a stove, it even has a built in microwave!
A tea kettle full of hot, fresh, clean water is always on the stove ready for anyone who might want some tea.
Theres a walk-in freezer built into the wall on the right of the stove.
A walk in pantry is built into the wall on the far left of the sink.
The plaque above the plane door on the west wall reads; "Hallway".
Cabinets line the top and bottom of the eastern wall holding all sorts of ingredients and things for cooking.

-Open Cabinets? 23)
-Walk in Freezer?24)
-Walk in Pantry?25)
-Examine Island?
-Enter Hallway?
-Back to Dining Room?
-Back to Map?


McDerp's Residence: Green Room.


McDerp's Residence: McDerp's Room.

Wallking into McDerp's room you first notice the distinct smell of what the locals would refer to as a skunks rear end.
Though all you can see is some kind of bushy looking trees under growing lights, about twenty of the plants fill the room.
Your not sure because you can't fully see the back wall through all the foliage.
Looking away from the plant's you notice the wall's are lined in a reflective surface and a vent system is installed in the ceiling.
You see a plaque above the top of the plants on the eastern wall that reads; "Master Bedroom."
A plaque on the southern wall reads; "Green Room."

-Examine a Plant?
-Enter the Master Bedroom?
-Enter the Green Room?
-Back to Map?


McDerp's Residence: Absinthe's Room.


McDerp's Residence: Master Bedroom.


McDerp's Residence: Second story Hall.


1) Tea!
2) Page, not room. Maybe? Might be a secret entrance? Gasp!
3) , 4) , 5) , 6) , 17) , 20) Locked
7) Thanks Widdershins
8) Swing maybe?
9) See McDerp's Residency: Living Room.
10) Locked for Now*
11) Use as a couch?
12) Go to Sleep,Ect..
13) Space for details from Absinthe on how it might look to outsiders and such, how to proceed from the path to the inner workings of the ship ect..
14) Which can expand in different ways,depending on how complex you want your designs and layouts.
15) Locked with-out Absinthes presence
16) How am I going to make that work?
18) Unless this is done first all other options go back to "The robot eyes you as you think about your next decision."
19) Locked for non-members
21) Which after clicking will also bring up a menu
22) Maybe other things to do at a later date?
23) , 24) , 25) Page, not Room
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