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Quick Tips

  • person doesn't bite! Partly because he doesn't have teeth, but mostly because he loves attention.
  • Feel free to pick him up! He loves attention, just don't pet his underbelly1), he doesn't like it.
  • He's surprisingly quick for a clump of hair...
  • He steals food. And eats2) it. He doesn't have any digestive organs though, so it just kind of stays inside of him. You can get it back though, not saying how though.
  • ON THAT NOTE: DO NOT reach into him for any reason. He's normally thick and luscious enough to keep petting hands from penetrating him, but if you go in past the wrist, you're asking for one less hand.

History: the abridged series

meareaperson was a normal person, as his name would suggest, until a horrible accident involving 300 kg of Improbability Bombs turned him into a flying giant purple superhero!3)4)5)6)7) He actually got turned into one of the most adorable8) creatures on the Island.

Now, he's traded in9) his bad grammar for effective linguistic mutism10)11). He's also the puffiest, fluffiest, and sweetest thing you could see this side of the Island12)13)14). Even monsters can't keep up with how cute he is. They just sort of explode around him.


Current Events


  • Percy, because there are too many people with names similar to other nicknames meareaperson could have.
  • Me. Quite possibly the most confusing one.
  • Meare; not to be confused with Meara, another player.
  • Reaper; again, not to be confused with Reaper.15)
  • Person; the other rational one, most likely to get a response.

Your Section(yes, you, at the computer.)

  • YOUR section to write. Don't be too vulgar. Express yourself.
1) er... or equivalent
2) or equivalent
3) Except for being giant.
4) And Flying..
5) And he's not purple...
6) He's like the opposite of a superhero too........
8) hideous
9) been forced to give up
10) Goodness, large words.
12) except Eggbert,
13) meareaperson's fluffier & puffier
14) and everyone else.
15) Good luck with that
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